15 Best Movies Of 1999

Bruce Willis got a vacation from mindless action movies thanks to The Sixth Sense, which demonstrated that goosebumps could be produced without special effects.

You can read Raftery’s “Eyes Wide Shut” chapter, which features a shocking revelation from Paul Thomas Anderson on Vulture.

Most of “Eyes Wide Shut“‘s filming occurred at Pinewood Studios in London. Anderson’s guest presence on site was highly uncommon because the production was tightly guarded, and only the cast and staff were allowed on set.

Whether you enjoy groundbreaking horror films, family-friendly animated fare, or blockbuster action movies, 1999 was a terrific year for cinema.

Here are 15 timeless works that have no trouble holding up many years later.

Fight Club 


Genre – Action crime

Director-David Fincher

Where to watch –  Disney+

A devil-may-care soap maker and an insomniac office worker found an underground combat club that develops into much more. 

Edward Norton, the first-person Narrator, participates in support groups to control his emotions and cure his insomnia. 

His life gets easier when he meets Marla, another fictitious support group participant. 

The Narrator is played by Edward Norton, who gives one of the best performances of his career. 

He successfully conveys the character’s sense of despair and paranoia. Like Tyler Durden, Brad Pitt is a cultural figure. 

He and Edward Norton have great chemistry because they can bounce off one another. Throughout the movie, he also says incredible things and never overstays his welcome.

 As Marla Singer, Helena Bonham Carter managed to charm the audience while supporting performers like Meat Loaf and Jared Leto, who did a wonderful job in their respective parts.

Overall, Fight Club is still discussed years after its premiere for a cause.

The Mummy 

Image Source: Syfy

Genre – Action-adventure 

Director- Stephen Sommers

Where to watch –TNT

Accidentally awakening a mummy while serving in the French Foreign Legion, an American starts to wreak havoc as he looks for the reincarnation of his long-lost love at an excavation site in the ancient city of Hamunaptra. 

Evelyn Carnahan, an English librarian, developed a keen interest in beginning excavation at the old city of Hamunaptra. 

After sparing Rick O’Connell from death, she enlists his assistance.

“The Mummy” is a wonderful, unlikely treasure of a film that has everything any film darling might care about a captivating and elating experience film set in old Egypt and a powerful class half-breed at that; it is a boisterous thriller, a romping experience, a charming dream film, an entertaining satire, and a laid back heartfelt story all moved into one. 

Stephen Sommers, the Chief/essayist, offered unruly delight beginning to end with fantastic craftsmanship throughout the film’s windy two-hour running. 

It has disrupted and prompted tension, a sharp feeling of timing, entertainment, accidental parody, and muscular activity.

American Pie

Image Source: Flicks

Genre – Sex comedy

Director- Paul Weitz, Chris Weitz

Where to watch – Netflix.

Four adolescent lads make a deal to lose their virginity by prom night. Jim, Oz, Finch, and Kevin are four buddies who vow to lose their virginity before graduating. 

The tricky part is figuring out how to get there by prom night. 

While Oz begins singing to attract attention and Kevin attempts to persuade his fiancée, Finch attempts to spread stories in any way possible, and Jim utterly fails.

This is a timeless piece. There is nothing wrong with this movie except for one thing: one of the main characters’ girlfriends is extremely annoying. 

She tries to be funny but comes across as cheesy and even odd, which she is supposed to be. 

And while this is supposed to be a comedy, it isn’t all that humorous; there are only a few funny moments in the film.

But when it becomes humorous, it gets funny. It contains some of the most memorable and hilarious scenes from the American Pie franchise.

American Beauty 

Image Source: ProgrammeTV

Genre – Satirical black comedy-drama

Director- Sam Mendes

Where to watch – Pluto TV, Prime Video

Without a doubt, one of my all-time favorite films is American Beauty. Kevin Spacey appears to have a murky personal life, but this isn’t about his real life-his acting in this film is fantastic. 

His approachable, witty, and intellectual style keeps you captivated by the screen from beginning to end. 

After falling in love with his daughter’s closest friend, a sexually unsatisfied suburban father experiences a mid-life crisis.

Sound effects such as a gunshot, rain, and a typewriter were also used as needed.

The sound employed throughout ‘American Beauty’ fit nicely in each scene, and the film did not end on a characteristically ‘happy conclusion.’

Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Image Source: StarWars

Genre – Action-adventure video game 

Director – George Lucas 

Where to watch – Disney+ Hotstar

The long-dormant Sith awaken to reclaim their former grandeur as two Jedi flee a hostile blockade in search of friends and stumble across a young kid who might restore the balance of the Force.

From the opening sequence through the battle in Naboo, to the escape from Naboo, to the pod racing on Tatooine, and back again, The Phantom Menace is a beautiful adventure story with a fair lot of action. 

The entire group does a terrific job acting, and each character serves their function effectively, even JarJar’s light humor. It was skillfully done to introduce Darth Maul as a new villain who is both menacing and mysterious.

Duel Of Fates features one of the best lightsaber duels, breathtaking visual environments, and likely the best musical score in the entire saga.

The Green Mile 

Image Source: TSD

Genre – Fantasy drama

Director – Frank Darabont

Where to watch – Netflix

One of the prisoners on Death Row, a black guy accused of rape and child murder but with a peculiar gift, has an impact on the lives of the guards there. 

Based on the same-named 1996 novel by Stephen King. 

During the American Great Depression, Tom Hanks plays a death row correctional guard who encounters paranormal occurrences as an enigmatic prisoner.

After viewing such a fantastic movie with profound life lessons and aspirations, viewers became spellbound. 

The product is a very, very high-quality version of any fantasy social drama that has come to date, despite the kind of screenplay needed for this movie being somewhat risky to execute and preserving a minimal success guarantee commercially.

Eyes Wide Shut 

Image Source: Medium

Genre – Erotic mystery psychological drama

Director- Stanley Kubrick 

Where to watch – Netflix.

Following his wife’s admission of unmet desire, a Manhattan doctor sets out on an odd, all-night journey. 

William Harford begins a night of sexual exploration after his wife, Alice, confides in him about her sexual dreams.

The final movie directed by the renowned Stanley Kubrick, following Full Metal Jacket, is titled “Eyes Wide Shut.” 

The film’s main focus revolves around Tom Cruise, obsessed with the thought of his wife having an affair, and his intense desire to commit infidelity himself. 

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman play this wealthy and gorgeous marriage in the movie. One of the most intriguing and eerie movies is this one.

10 Things I Hate About You

Image Source: Vox

Genre – Teen romantic comedy

Director- Gil Junger

Where to watch – Hulu

Before a popular, attractive teenager may go on a date, her irritable older sister must. In the first scene of 10 Things, I Hate About You, Cameron, a new student at Padua High, is seated in the office of the eccentric guidance Counselor, Ms. Perky. 

The scene is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s play “The Taming of the Shrew.” The next step is for Michael, who will grow to be his best buddy, to show him around the campus.

Cameron James is the most charming and sweetest boy we have ever seen in a romantic comedy. Despite his awkwardness, he still tries to get the girl of his dreams. He even takes up French in her honor!

You’re right if you think Bianca Stratford appears to be one of the stereotypical popular girls. But as she realizes how much her sister cares about her, you’ll start to love her.

In this film, magic never truly fades.

The most well-known and influential Rom-Com ever created. The movie 10 Things I Hate About You, released in the late 1990s and early 2000s at the height of the Rom-Com/Teen Movie craze, encapsulates all those films tried to achieve. 

It is witty, hilarious, and moving, with humor that is both approachable and highbrow in its connections.

Sleepy Hollow 

Image Source: Geek Gals

Genre –  Gothic supernatural horror 

Director- Tim Burton

Where to watch – Hulu

Ichabod Crane is dispatched to Sluggish Empty to examine three beheadings, the culprit being the unique ghost known as The Headless Horseman. 

The Headless Horseman reviles the little local area of Drowsy Empty; the energetic Constable Ichabod Crane and his new world ways into the lowland of mysteries and murder, privileged insights once set to rest, best neglected and presently stirred. He also bears a dark secret of a past distant memory.

The scenario, which, as you may know, differs significantly from Washington Irving’s original story, is diabolically complicated and more akin to a mystery/thriller than horror. 

It reminded of Avram Davidson’s fiction, a well-known fantasist known for his complicated mystery narratives. 

The Matrix

Image Source: People

Genre – Cyberpunk subgenre of science fiction.

Director –: Lana Wachowski, Lilly Wachowski 

Where to watch – HBO Max

Neo, a computer hacker, is led to a dangerous underground by a stunning stranger, where he learns the horrifying truth: the life he has always known is an elaborate lie created by malicious cyber intelligence.

Most of humanity is blissfully oblivious that everyday reality is an illusion since the Matrix is skillfully designed. It is worth viewing for its stunning effects and captivating story about the future of man vs. machine.

This film is inconceivably unique and unmistakable based on what’s ordinarily made nowadays, and the significant impacts are simply Entrancing, considering they were made quite a while back. 

Laurence Fishbourne, Carrie Ann Greenery, and Keanu Reeves were all superb contenders for these jobs and gave phenomenal exhibitions. 

A groundbreaking, enjoyable, revolutionary, and intellectual work of science fiction. 

A significant film in the history of science fiction is The Matrix. Its special effects were state-of-the-art, and its plot is simultaneously frightening, fascinating, intricate, and philosophical.

Notting Hill 

Image Source: MRF

Genre –  Romantic comedy

Director- Roger Michell 

Where to watch – Netflix

A humble bookshop owner’s life is altered when he sees the most well-known movie star in the world.

When Anna Scott, the most beautiful woman in the world and the most famous actress, enters his store, William Thacker, an unsuccessful proprietor of a bookstore in Notting Hill, realizes his every man’s fantasy.

A little while later, William bumps into her once more. He still cannot believe it.

This is the explanation why the plot quickly reverberated with the crowd, regardless of, in any case, being an imaginary one.

The roads of Notting Slope have been marvelously shot, catching the ways of life of the individuals who don’t care a lot about the uproar outside.

 Toward the film’s beginning, Hollywood is a wonderful spot. Yet, through Julia’s eyes, we discover that the genuine home of dreams was in Notting Slope, a local where individuals are allowed to be what their identity is.

The Sixth Sense

Image Source: US Weekly

Genre – a psychological thriller

Director –  M. Night Shyamalan

Where to watch – Hulu, Prime Video, Vudu

A sad child psychologist accepts the aid of a scared, reclusive boy from Philadelphia who speaks with spirits. 

A depressed former patient visits Malcolm Crowe, a child psychologist, the same night he receives an award. 

The Sixth Sense has a shocking conclusion; many movies will exploit this in the years to come. The decision is the icing, even if the story is highly intriguing. 

Many people who witnessed it for the first time questioned whether it was true. After watching it repeatedly, I know The plot is nearly impenetrable.

A terrifying horror movie that also touches your heart on an emotional level. 

Of course, the twist distinguishes this film and makes you want to see it often, making the characters much more enjoyable.

Office Space

Image Source: FED

Genre – A Black comedy

Director- Mike Judge 

Where to watch – Hulu

Three disgruntled employees of a firm decide to rebel against their greedy employer. In the Initech office, the arrogant Division Vice President Bill Lumbergh has just engaged two efficiency consultants to reduce the business, and the insecure Peter Gibbons despises his position. 

Michael Bolton, Samir Nagheenanajar, two software engineers who also hate Initech, and Lawrence, his nosy next-door neighbor, are his closest friends.

This film represents all corporate worker bees and conveys the annoyance and carelessness that people regularly experience while performing duties that they find unappealing and would, given the opportunity, want to evade. 

If it had been released now, with all the publicity and media attention, the story would be very different. Nevertheless, it is one of my all-time favorites and a huge Video smash. 

The characters are vivid and easy to relate to, and the plot has a surprising twist that you won’t see coming.

Galaxy Quest 

Image Source: THR

Genre –  Science fiction comedy

Director-  Dean Parisot 

Where to watch – Hulu

When an extraterrestrial race requires assistance, the former cast members of a space opera television series are forced to portray them as the actual thing. But they also need to protect Earth from a reptilian tyrant, as well as the alien race.

It is a splendid idea for outsiders to confound entertainers from a distant memory space sitcom for the real thing. From that point, you collect an eminent cast. 

Jason Nesmith entertainer Tim Allen is a characteristic in part. There, they got it precisely on. If the cast can’t work collectively, then they aren’t anything. Try not to worry. 

They are great. This film is a brilliant modernization of the exemplary good clashing with underhanded saying. 

There are a few motion pictures with unique ideas that you desire to cherish and not be let down.

Girl, Interrupted 

Image Source: TF

Genre – Drama

Director- James Mangold

Where to watch – Netflix, Vudu, Prime Video

Based on author Susanna Kaysen’s memoir of her 18-month stint in a mental institution in the late 1960s.

In 1967, Susanna Kaysen took vodka to counteract her headache and followed up with a bottle of aspirin. 

She was sent to Claymoore Mental Hospital as a result. Dr. Melvin Potts makes the following diagnosis of borderline personality disorder for her. 

Nurse Valerie Owens welcomed her and gave her a tour of the women’s ward when she first arrived at Claymoore.

The film fixates on a gathering of tricky young women who are confessed to a ladies’ mental office that is by all accounts more well-off and for-benefit than state-run. 

Image Source: Koimoi

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