30 Best Sports Movies That Motivate You For Life

You may need help to define the difference between a game of basketball or football that you grew up playing. But you have to acknowledge that there is something breathtaking situation about a sports movie.

Maybe it’s the drama, or maybe watching people combat for their goals or overcome hardship, but whatever the explanation is, there is no doubt that sports movies are genuinely captivating. It does not matter if you do not want to see a sports movie, but these movies can tight you in your seat. 

And Netflix is one of the best ways to spend time, have fun, and still enjoy the best sports documentaries that cover sports such as tennis, golf, basketball, etc.

High Flying Bird 

This movie, released in 2019 on the Netflix platform, focuses on a different spectacular side of sports. It is not about the athletes but the men behind the athlete’s success, the agent.

This film was shot on an iPhone. 

It is about a sports agent who proposes a business opportunity that is very controversial to a rookie young basketball player when his company is on lockout.

He races against time by pulling off his plan within 72 hours.

Pele: The Birth Of A Legend 

This is one of the most inspiring and exciting football movies ever. It will make you feel a sense of motivation and determination to accomplish anything you want.

It was released in 2016 and lasted 1 hour 47 mins. It is about the rise of Pele to the center stage of the world from the slums of Brazil.

This movie entertains its audience by showing beautiful ball juggling and football skills. Even real Pele makes a cameo appearance in the film.

The Natural 

It is a 1984 film about disappointments, love, manipulation, and talents.

It is based on a novel called the natural, where a very naturally talented baseball player loses his opportunity to play in the major league because of an obsessed star, chase, who later becomes a murderer.

Later in his life, he again gets a chance, but a dubious love interest and an envious team owner come in his way of success, making this film enjoyable till the end.

The Waterbody 

This 1998 film is a sport-based movie that will crack you up.

It is about Bobby, who is treated as a man-child because of his stuttering.

He works as a waterbody but gets fired subsequently.

He also faces bullying in his second job. After he is encouraged to stand up for himself, his tackling skill comes to their coach’s attention, which leads to the beginning of his outstanding and inspiring football career.


 It is a documentary about the life of the retired NBA player- Allen Iverson. 

The documentary tells us about his life, and he grew up in a poor background that led him to serve 15 years of jail, which the governor of Virginia cemented. 

This documentary summarises Iverson’s life.

This biography gives us more insight into his life than any other documentary.


It is a thriller documentary, and this movie talks about the doping scandal in Russia that shocked the entire world in 2017.

This documentary shows how Russia engaged in doping practices and switched the urine sample to cover up. 

This documentary also shows the death threat received by the men behind the revelation.

If you are not convinced, hearing from the man who spearheaded this operation will likely convenience you. So go ahead and watch it.


This 2-hour 45 mins movie, released in 2001, shows Ali’s controversial behaviors, such as Islam conversion, and his decisions, such as not fighting in the Vietnam war.

In this film, Smith perfectly shows us the real life of boxing legend Mohammed Ali.

Last Chance 

The college football program is widely known to people outside the US. However, junior college football is not very well known.

It is a 4-season program that shows us the challenges and complexities that are experienced faced by players in this less recognized program.

The Fighter 

A well-scripted movie about two brothers, one who is an ex-boxer, but he is now addicted to crack, and the other brother is used as a stepping stone by other boxers trying to earn a reputation for themselves.

The first brother gets sober after being in prison. This movie shows how this cracked brother helps his brother to fulfill his dream. 

This film ends on a good note as both the brother become successful.

The 4th Company  

It is a crime drama, and even though it is about sports, it focuses more on crime and corruption in the prison system. This film shows how sports can be used to win against crime, highlighting the core values taught by sports.

Little Miss Sumo 

This movie shows how sports are not a peaceful engagement for everyone.

This movie talks about a sumo wrestler who has battled sexism to become the best in the world.

This movie has boosted all its viewers’ egos to confront those who doubt you.


This 2008 documentary shows the life of Mike Tyson, from his years as a juvenile when he was very involved in crime to his journey to the central stage of the boxing world.

This documentary also shows boxers’ failings, struggles, and events hugely affecting their careers and finances. 

This movie sheds light on the inside life of boxers and is some of the best documentaries ever.

The Redeem Team 

This basketball documentary shows us some unprecedented Olympic footage and some interesting behind-the-scenes footage of the Beijing Olympic games that were held in 2008. It also shows the journey of the USA men’s basketball team.

NBA legends such as LeBron James and Dwayne Wade are listed as producers on this project, making it very popular on Netflix.

Fifa Uncovered 

Netflix is releasing this documentary based on the controversial history of FIFA, the most prominent football governing body. It is a series.

The date of release is November 9th, 2022. Other details still need to be released.

Heart Of Invictus 

This documentary is about the 2022 Invictus games that are taking place in the Netherlands. This will be the first game attended by prince harry and MegDuchesse duchess of Sussex after leaving their royal duties.

This documentary will cover the year’s game and follow Harry and Meghan throughout the event. 


This movie, released in 2004, summarizes the winter Olympics miracle in 1980 in the most inspiring way ever. 

It is about the US hockey team led by herbs brooks and how they won the gold medal for their country after defeating the soviets even though they were heavily favored.


This documentary movie talks about challenges that need to be accepted when you wish to fulfill your dream. This documentary talks about the life of three boxers at different stages of their career, giving their all to achieve their dream. That is winning the boxing championship.

This documentary also has commentary from retired boxers such as sugar ray Leonard.


When you are defeated, it hurts, but then it becomes routine, so don’t care about it anymore. This happened with the Memphis high school football team, which had never won a playoff game in over a decade.

But things seem to change as a new coach is appointed, and he plans on changing the defensive streak. Will his efforts bear fruit? Watch to know more.

The Short Game 

This sports documentary is a bit different from other documentaries. It focuses on the kids’ golf world championship .this 2013 movie tells about 7-year-olds who compete to win this championship.

This movie tells their audience about the challenges faced by young athletes, which is not very different from sports stars.

The Damned United 

This is a drama focusing on soccer .it is about brian clough, a former football manager, and his relationship struggles with his teammates. 

It also involves several disputes and negative sentiments, including clough’s dealing, where he was fired for 44 days. 

This allowed him to change his team and look for success with his new team.


This film released in 2015, revolves around the life of adonis johnson, played by Michael B Jordan; here, he resigns from his corporate job to pursue his dream of being a boxer against the desire of his stepmother, whose husband died thirty years ago because of boxing.

Adonis tries to relive his father’s legacy and establishes himself as a champion.

Hustle (2022)

Unlike Amateur, earlier on this list, Hustle tells the story of this guy Stanley Sugarman (Adam Sandler), who is a scout for the Philadelphia 76ers and dreams that he will become coach for the team.

He has an eye for talent and believes that acquiring an unsuspecting recruit, Bo Cruz (Juancho Hernangomez), is the ticket to making his dreams come true. He put all his chips on Cruz, training and coaching him to prepare for a career in the league.

Hustle is another exciting movie to watch, and though it is the newest entry to this list, It will probably go down in the basket of great basketball movies.

Under The Arctic Sky (2017)

A very nicely-edited film with stunning visuals and cinematography. This exquisite catch the Icelandic landscape while presenting the saga of six young surfers who tour the north coast of Iceland to feel the thrill of the adventure of a lifetime.

The film is about the most memorable journey of six fearless surfers surfing on a storm and gliding to make their way between the excellent unrealistic waves under the sky that relieve the Northern Lights in the best contrasting colors.

First Match (2018)

A Netflix original ‘First Match,’ revolves around the story of a young woman named Manik. Growing up in foster care without her father.

 Monique is a rigid kid who learns her way around. Her father was a champion wrestler. After some reason, she was able to earn her father’s love. 

The coach of his school’s wrestling team saw potential in her and asked her to train with the team. Although the only girl in the group, Monique soon proves to be the best.

Will she be able to accomplish what she has always dreamed of? 

Elvier Emmanuel is excellent in her skills, Monique, and her work in the film is completed by a great story and excellent direction by Olivia Newman.


The late Chadwick Boseman achieved his biggest hit yet when he accepted the role of Jackie Robinson(the first Black man to have a profession in Major League Baseball)

The film is a precise(if periodically dramatized) account of Robinson’s early years in the MLB, but Boseman’s performance is fascinating. 

Robinson endured racism and abuse when he entered a previously reserved for white men. Boseman takes the challenge of playing a black man who must maintain his composure under one of the brightest spotlights imaginable.

“baseball in the 1940s” makes for one of the gorgeous films, with muted uniforms, full of dusty, impeccably turned-out crowds, and bright sunshine. If you have already watched A League of Their Own countless, then 42 will beat the sweet spot.


 Watching Will Ferrell play an extraordinary character in every movie of him is always entertaining.

Ferrell plays Jackie Moon, who owns and coaches for a semi-professional basketball team, the Flint Tropics. When their league declares it’s immersed into the NBA, the Tropics must try their blood, sweat, tears, and puke into the bottom four to detour relegation.


Even if you do not believe you are a Formula One fan, Rush is a perfect heart-pounding drama that keeps you amused from start to end.

(Academy Award winner) Ron Howard directs rush, and this 2013 biopic is the life story of the famous rivalry between drivers Niki Lauda (played by Daniel Brühl) and James Hunt (played by Chris Hemsworth).

 The film was set during the 1976 season whenLauda’s and Hunt’s rivalry was arguably at its best. But we can say that the drama between these two men is fascinating, and the racing arrangements bring the film to another level.

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