‘Wakanda Forever’ Is A Love Letter To Chadwick Boseman : Shuri Actor Letitia Wright

The Guyanese actor Letita Wright, known for playing the character of Shuri in Marvel Cinematic Universe appeared recently on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

After the recent Black Panther 2 trailer drops, the actress talks about this film to be a love letter to late actor Chadwick Boseman. 

She also shared how Chadwick Boseman influenced the upcoming sequel Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. 

Chadwick played the title role in the original Black Panther movie released back in 2018, however he first appeared in MCU in Captain America: Civil War

The actor has been a great inspiration after giving great performances in the movie and film receiving great appreciation from critics as well as the fans. 

Unfortunately, the actor passed away two years ago, lost the battle to cancer at just 43 years of age. 

Letita Wright, the actress playing Shuri, T’Challa’s sister in the film, talked about Boseman’s legacy on the Jimmy Fallon Show. 

She said “I feel for me it’s a beautiful contribution to Chadwick’s legacy.”. 

The actress was also asked about her injury while shooting the film, on which here’s what she explained : 

“It was an unfortunate situation that happened. It took me out for three months so I went home, I got my mind back together, I got my healing back together and then I went back and finished strong.”

On asking about Chadwick Boseman, she said : 

“I feel like it’s a love letter to him. Every day on set I focused my energy on each scene to dedicate to him.”

Jimmy Fallon also asked her the big question, about who will be the new Black Panther, something that all MCU fans are eager to know. But she denied to spill any beans, saying that she is sworn to secrecy by the spies in Marvel. 

She said something more to Chadwick Boseman, that she hope to make him proud by dedicating this work, saying “I wanted to dedicate excellence to this film so that he can be proud.” 

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Just recently, the actor Winston Duke who played M’Baku in the Black Panther 2018 film, and later reprised his role in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame shared how much he is excited for the sequel. 

M’Baku is the character we know much about from the first Black Panther film, and after that we still need to catch up what’s going on with this character. 

There are some very quick moments in which we can see him in the first trailer of Black Panther sequel Black Panther: Wakanda Forevever, but more details are yet to be discovered. 

Here’s what the actor has to say about his character and change in the sequel : 

“[M’Baku] is no longer the insular leader, he’s learning how to move forward. So he has a very large, wide, macro lens as to what’s happening and I think we get to see more of that, and see how much that impacts him. What I’m most excited for fans to see is how much more Wakanda there is. There’s just so much more than the first movie, and that’s exciting.”

It seem that characters like Shuri, Okoye and M’Baku are going to get more screentime, and sub-plots to explore them. 

He already described T’Challa’s absence as “gaping hole” on the movie sets back in August, here’s what he exactly shared with CinemaBlend during San Diego Comic-Con : 

“The first week (on) set was really jarring. Not having Chadwick there, personally, was incredibly profound and very potent. He’s one of those people that never needed a lot of attention. So when he’s very present, he doesn’t ever take up a lot of space. But his entire gravitas had no border. You know what I mean? It was everywhere. So not to have that person there, physically, was a gaping hole, and we had a lot of grief on set, to be honest with you.”

It is going to be interesting, nonetheless, to see how the absence of T’challa will be dealt with, in the sequel movie. 

So far, we know that this film is going to mourn T’challa character indirectly mourning the actor Chadwick Boseman himself. So, it is going to explain his character’s death in the movie somehow and then lead the story from there. 

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever , is directed by Ryan Cooler and going to hit the theatres on November 11, 2022. 

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