Top Gun: Maverick Becomes Sixth Highest Grossing Movie Of All Time:  Box Office Success, Oscar & Sequel  

Tom Cruise starrer Top Gun: Maverick is on a rampage achieving milestones after milestones. And now, it just surpassed the Avengers: Infinity War box office collection. 

Just this week, it hit this benchmark set by Avengers: Infinity War to earn the sixth highest grosser movie of all time with a domestic collection of nearly $679 million, beating Marvel movie, which grossed $678 Million. 

IW has been holding this title for quite some years now, which finally got beaten by this classic sequel. 

Just a couple of weeks ago, it claimed another spot which was proudly owned by Titanic as the 7th highest grossing movie of all time. 

Apparently, now, Top: Gun Maverick is coming for the 5th highest grossing movie position, whereas another Marvel blockbuster Black Panther is sitting with about $700 million, so it is going to take more time than before to overthrow this one.

 Interestingly, this sequel to a classic film was released after three decades and became a huge success compared to franchises and big-event films. 

The film is currently at its 13th weekend, still ruling the US box office and globally excelling as well. On a global scale, however, the movie has generated a whopping $1.4 Billion without even getting screens in Russia and China. 

If you look at the top countries where Top Gun: Maverick is killing it apart from the U.S: the United Kingdom at $95 Million, Japan at $82 Million, and Korea at $62 Million. 

Becoming An Unexpected Sensation 

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This Skydance and Paramount-produced action movie bring back Tom Cruise to reprise his role as Lt. Maverick in the 1986’s Top Gun after 36 years. 

The film became this unexpected sensation breaking box office records and bringing audiences back to the theatres when Hollywood required a desperate win suffering from pandemic effect. 

The filmmaker behind this most successful movie of the year, Joseph Kosinski, being quite humble, couldn’t be more surprised by the film’s enormous success. 

He says, “ I don’t know if I’ve wrapped my head around it. I’m amazed every day that it continues to play,” he says.

He further added, “To be in the company of those massive films is pretty mind-blowing,” says Kosinski. “It’s certainly not what we set out to do. We set out to tell a great story.”

Tom Cruise Sharing The Behind-The-Scene Experience 

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Recently, Tom Cruise gave an interview to Screen Rant sharing his experience shooting the Top Gun sequel. 

He shared, “ The whole point of making films and the beauty of it is that you get to travel the world and see other cultures and be part of communities. To look and walk in someone else’s shoes and feel what they are feeling.” 

He also talked about how making movies help you constantly learn as an actor needs to become more competent in different fields for their roles. 

He added, “ Making movies; you’re constantly learning; you have to constantly work to become more and more competent in many different fields. And I want to tell them that’s the beauty of making movies. That’s why I’ve always pushed my films to go international, around the world, and in different communities. And to be part of that right from the beginning. It was my dream.”

Top Gun: Maverick Director Joseph Kosinski On Another Sequel 

There is no way to put a chatter on the possibility of another sequel under the rugs with such huge success and love from the audience. 

Tom Cruise hand-picked Joseph Kosinski to direct this 2022 sequel of the original film. Somewhat now expected is there must be a Top Gun cinematic universe, so is there any truth in that? 

Well, Joseph Kosinski put his point across, admitting to the fact that it is not known at this point “ Boy, I don’t know,” . He further added I approached [the sequel] as Maverick’s rite of passage being the fundamental core of the film. Who knows how it’ll be interpreted in the future.”

The original producer of the 1986 film who also produced this 2022 follow-up, Jerry Bruckheimer, shares similar notions as the director. 

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He is also reluctant to be sure about the idea of another sequel. He said, “ You have to wait and see if you get the right story … and if Tom wants to play this character again.”

However, he was pretty optimistic about his hopes for the Oscar for this film. Critics and Award pundits predicted how this film would come across as one of those rare blockbuster gems that is loved by critics as well as the audience.

Bruckheimer says, “I hope the Academy sees the same thing that an audience sees: This is a thrilling movie. It’s well told, well acted, well directed, and well written. It’s got Lady Gaga’s fantastic hit song,”

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The film will be available to get on rent or stream on the home entertainment on August 23 at a particular premium cost. 

Apart from the movie itself, there is a digital release of behind-the-scenes and Arial sequences of the film, along with a lot of coverage of Tom Cruise’s passion for stunts. It will cost you $19.99 to get your hands on the release. 

The director himself vouches for great content for audience sharing “For people who like to see the work that goes on behind the scenes, there’s 110 minutes of new content to dive into.”

Top Gun: Maverick features Tom Cruise, Miles Teller, Val Kilmer, Glen Powell, Jennifer Conelly, Ed Harris, and many more. 

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