Top 15 Movies About Natural Disasters

We’ve been suffering very in the last year and a half. It’s lovely to sit around and monitor others dealing with a consequential crisis.

Streaming an old-school disaster movie is the most enjoyable and safest way to accomplish that if you believe it.

Few things offer the actual powers of movie magic than natural disaster films. After all, these movies are the only way to watch a giant wave or a dormant volcano erupt at home.

Fortunately, we can watch these types of movies for two hours without stressing about how to rebuild different Cities or civilizations from the root level.


Director: Jan de Bont

Casting: Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton, Cary Elwes, 

Year: 1996

Genre: action 

Running time: 1h 54m

Currently available on Prime Video, VUDU, Hulu, and Apple TV.

During the path of the most powerful tornado in decades, university professor Dr. Jo Harding (Helen Hunt) and his underfunded team of students ready the prototype for “Dorothy”- a device for tornado’s data-gathering designed by her ex-husband Bill (Bill Paxton).

 After rival Dr. Jonas Miller steals, Dorothy’s idea (Cary Elwes) builds his own. Bill rejoins the crew for one final mission. This mission brings an ex-couple back together, and they need to use Dorothy before the competitor does. 

Dante’s Peak

Director: Roger Donaldson

Casting: Pierce Brosnan, Linda Hamilton, Charles Hallahan, Grant Heslov

Year: 1997

Genre: Action, Adventure, Mystery & Thriller

Running time: 1h 48m

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Volcanologists Harry Dalton (Pierce Brosnan) and Dante Peak Mayor Rachel Wando (Linda Hamilton) recognize that the most eminent volcanic eruption on record is about to occur, bringing a destructive strength equivalent to a pack of atomic bombs. 

When getting the population to vacate, Wando’s kids are gone missing on a rescue mission. So Dalton and Linda search for their kids while the world explodes around them.

This film is a good movie with a terrific screenplay and visual effects.

Deep Impact 

Director: Mimi Leder

Casting: Robert Duvall, Téa Leoni, Elijah Wood, Vanessa Redgrave

Year: 1998

Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi

Running time: 2h 0m

Currently available on Prime Video, VUDU, HBOmax, Apple TV

The Earth is on the threshold of standing wiped out by a comet on a collision pathway with a globe, and this could imply the extinction of all humankind. To destroy the comet, under the strong command of the president of the United States (Morgan Freeman), “Fish” Tanner (Robert Duvall) and his crew will land on the specific comet to destroy it.

 In other words, it’s the identical story of Armageddon, which was released a month later. Released.


Director: Michael Bay

Casting: Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler, Billy Bob Thornton

Year: 1998

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure

Running time: 2h 30m

Currently available on Prime Video, VUDU, HBOmax

In the possibility of an asteroid’s direct clash with Earth, the planet would experience a dying event.

 The only option is blasting nuclear weapons, which might explode the asteroid by landing on it, but someone has to drill down into it and shoot it. Someone has to take responsibility. World-renowned drilling specialist Harry Stamper (Bruce Willis) and his crew arrives at the solution.

 If you have seen Michael Bay’s Armageddon, then you know it will be epic.

The Core

Director: Jon Amiel

Casting: Aaron Eckhart, Hilary Swank, Delroy Lindo, Stanley Tucci

Year: 2003

Genre: Action, Sci-Fi

Running time: 2h 16m

Currently available on Prime Video, VUDU, HBOmax, Apple TV

 A geophysicist, Dr. Josh Keyes (Aaron Eckhart), is a scientist who has discovered something new that imperils humankind’s presence on the planet. Because the Earth’s inner core no longer spins, which damages our atmosphere as Earth’s magnetic field drains.

 If Keyes and other crew scientists can drill to the core and explode a nuclear bomb, that will be enough to restart the Earth’s core. 

This movie is undoubtedly remarkable, and the star cast gives justice to the film’s plot.

The Day After Tomorrow 

Director: Roland Emmerich

Casting: Dennis Quaid, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ian Holm, Emmy Rossum

Year: 2004

Genre: Action, Adventure

Running time: 2h 3m

Currently available on Prime Video, VUDU, HBOmax, Apple TV

In The Day After Tomorrow, the director( Roland Emmerich)delivered a shot before he released the apocalypse in 2012. 

To confirm that, these cataclysmic films are formulaic in their stories with Dennis Quaid’s Jack Hall’s ignorance by administrators when he tries to prove a possible impending danger, and that is, a superstorm makes disasters over the globe.

But the story starts when Jack discovers his kid trapped in New York City, and he has to get there as fast as possible.

Deepwater Horizon 

Director: Peter Berg

Casting: Mark Wahlberg, Kurt Russell, Douglas M. Griffin, James DuMont

Year: 2016

Genre: Mystery & Thriller, Action, Drama

Running time: 1h 47m

Currently available on Prime Video, VUDU, HBOmax, Apple TV

Mike Williams (Mark Wahlberg) and his crew are noticed in the middle of a massive fireball when the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig blasts into the Gulf of Mexico and kills a few crew members.

 Based on an actual happening, they are forced to assume their way out of the smoke and flames to protect their lives. 

This movie will keep in tight in their seat, and it provides an excellent story to all the viewers.

Into the Storm 

Director: Steven Quale

Casting: Richard Armitage, Sarah Wayne Callies, Matt Walsh

Year: 2014

Genre: Action, Mystery & Thriller

Running time:1h 29m

Currently available on Prime Video, VUDU, HBOmax, Apple TV

When a sequence of rapidly growing tornadoes hit Silverton and more on the way, it is challenging to understand whether to pay attention to the storm-chasers who would not be able to go into the storm to learn more or the residents. 

There is plenty of hand-held video and individuals talking straight to the camera in this film, which is comprehended as the “found footage” configuration.


Director: Steven Soderbergh

Casting: Marion Cotillard, Matt Damon, Laurence Fishburne

Year: 2011

Genre: Mystery & Thriller, Drama

Running time: 1h 46m

Currently available on Prime Video, VUDU, Apple TV

When Beth Emhoff (Gwyneth Paltrow) suspiciously dies, the doctor cannot recognize the reason for her death, told to her husband, Mitch (Matt Damon), 

When others die similarly, it’s figured out that a virus has been freed, and it is ethnicity to specify and control it while scientists or doctors develop a vaccine. 

In between, the film peeks at the influence on civilizations pandemic has—which is a little knowledgeable now.

The Impossible 

Director: J. A. Bayona

Casting: Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor, Tom Holland

Year: 2012

Genre: Drama

Running time: 1h 54m

Currently available on Prime Video, VUDU, HBOmax, and Apple TV.

This movie is not inspiriting the audience with excellent visual effects; instead, it’s a gritty, naturalistic true story about the consequence of the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 between the vacationing family and the locals and how people try to pick up the pieces and reach out to each other in times of despair.

The filmmakers presented the horror aspect of the Tsunami to the viewers surprisingly, which enabled the audience to feel the fear of the unknown.


Director: Dean Devlin

Casting: Gerard Butler, Jim Sturgess, Abbie Cornish

Year: 2017

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Running time: 1h 49m

Currently available on Prime Video, VUDU, HBOmax, Apple TV

The story of the movie is, Following several spiking natural catastrophes, different countries collaborate to develop a satellite system that can control and prevent the environment across the world. After that, something moves seriously sinful, and those satellites trigger different countries like missiles to attack the planet.

All indications lead to the “Geostorm” satellite that will wipe out humankind. Satellite developer Jake Lawson (Gerard Butler) finds the truth behind it and turns it into a race against time.


Director: Ric Roman Waugh

Casting: Gerard Butler, Morena Baccarin, Roger Dale Floyd

Year: 2021

Genre: Action, Mystery & Thriller

Running time: 1h 59m

Currently available on Prime Video, VUDU, HBOmax, Apple TV

The focus here isn’t so much on philosophy as it is on a family (led by Gerard Butler) trying to survive a comet hurtling toward Earth, bringing enough mass to trigger an apocalyptic event.

Along the way, they experience the positive and negative sides of individuals who want to reach out to each other and are only concerned with their survival.

The director portrays this survival journey against natural calamities very well and successfully creates enough tension in viewers’ lives.

Cold Zone 

Director: John MacCarthy

Casting: Martin Cummins, Nick Purcha, Sarah Desjardins

Year: 2016

Genre: Action, Adventure

Running time: 1h 30m

Currently available on Prime Video, VUDU, HBOmax, Apple TV

When scientist Roger Summers (played by Martin Cummins) finds frozen animal remains in Alaska, he locates an environmentalist who warned the scientific society of a world-terrifying global freezing. But he was ignored.

As is usual such things are overlooked as the delirium of a madman, but it worked out precisely as predicted. Now the Summers have to find a solution before we all turn into popsicles. 

San Andreas 

Director: Brad Peyton

Casting: Dwayne Johnson, Carla Gugino, Alexandra Daddario

Year: 2015

Genre: Action, Adventure, Mystery & Thriller

Running time: 1h 54m

Currently available on Prime Video, VUDU, HBOmax, Apple TV

If you want to throw something at a scale-Nine Earthquake, then it might as well be Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

 This movie is about the San Andreas Fault, which was knocked by the largest earthquakes in history and caused devastating destruction. Ray Gaines(Dwayne Johnson) works as an LAFD search-and-rescue helicopter pilot who is stubborn to return his estranged daughter and wife to safety.


Director: Roland Emmerich

Casting: John Cusack, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Amanda Peet

Year: 2009

Genre: Action, Mystery & Thriller, Drama

Running time: 2h 38m

Currently available on Prime Video. VUDU, Apple TV

2012 movie about starts with Earth’s core being warmed by a massive solar burst. As an impact, soon, the world will be swayed by tumultuous events in the form of the most significant tsunamis and earthquakes ever encountered. 

John Cusack plays a sci-fi writer who is stubborn about saving his kids while attempting to reach multi-design arks that have been developed for humankind’s survival. Will they complete it? Of course, they succeed, But not before running one unlikely scenario after another with the world crumbling around them.

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