Top 15 Korean Dramas To Binge-Watch On Disney+

Korean Dramas constitute a wide variety of genres, such as romance dramas, historical dramas, legal dramas, medical dramas, and even horror rom-com series.

The inclusion of romance and deeply emotional themes makes Korean dramas the most interesting.

Some Korean dramas do not shy away from outright serious and even tragic themes.

The romance-filled plotlines can melt the hearts and allow us to experience a myriad of emotions.

Binge-watching Korean dramas with your lover or friends is a staple nowadays, and we are here to present to you our list of best Korean Dramas that you can binge-watch over a weekend on disney+. 

May It Please The Court

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May It Please The Court is a beautiful south Korean mystery drama series.

The plot wheels around the life of a lawyer who is excellent at her job. She has one of the highest winning scores, and he soon becomes the public defender of Jeongha.

She soon becomes involved with another public defender, and together they take on a serial murder case.

If you are into the Law drama series, you might thoroughly enjoy May It Please The Court.

Both the leads of this Drama are excellent, and the plot has a fantastic twist waiting to be watched by you.

The mysterious plot twist takes the audience on a different path, making “May It Please The Court” an exciting and compelling watch for fans of Korean Dramas.

With an IMDb of 7.5 and MyDramaList score of 8.2, “May It Please The Court” tells an exciting mystery you can enjoy on Disney+ right now.

Kiss Sixth Sense

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Kiss Sixth Sense is a 2022 supernatural Korean comedy-drama series. The plot follows a beautiful girl named Hong Ye-Sool, played by Seo Ji-Hye.

She is endowed with a remarkable ability to tell people’s futures. The catch is that she only gets premonitions when her lips touch someone else.

Then she gets a glimpse of the future of the person she just kissed. Another catch is that she can’t tell if this predetermined event will happen tomorrow, the next week, or years later.

One fine day her lips accidentally touched her boss’s lips, and she received a premonition. The premonition is that they will end up in bed together. But when?

This Korean Drama is romantic and has a moral message that it wants to impart to its audience.

The message is that we should not worry about the future and live the present moment to the best of our capabilities.

Kiss Sixth Sense is a fantastic K-Drama that deserves a spot in your favorite Korean drama series. This Drama has 12 episodes, each 1 hour and 10 minutes long.

With an IMDb of 7.3 and MyDramaList score of 8.1, Kiss Sixth Sense is a new and exciting love tale.

Don’t forget to check out Kiss Sixth Sense on Disney+ for some lighthearted fun.

Soundtrack #1

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Our two main characters have been best friends for almost 20 years. Soon they find themselves falling for each other as they start living together.

Park Hyung-Sik ( Han Seon-Woo) is an aspiring photographer, and Han So-Hee (Lee Eunsu) is a Lyricist.

They began to live together for two weeks in the same house, and the spark of Love between them was ignited. They collaborate and start making music together.

If you are in the spirit of some feel-good Korean Drama, Soundtrack #1 might be perfect for you.

With a heartfelt storyline and a fantastic cast, Soundtrack #1 proves to be a simple yet enjoyable watch.

The music of this K-Drama brings an atmosphere that perfectly suits the series’ theme.

Soundtrack #1 is a relatively light and small Drama with only four episodes with a runtime of 45 minutes each.

The shorter length of this masterpiece might be the only downside to this show. Soundtrack #1 leaves you wanting more, which might not be such a bad thing.

With an IMDb score of 7.8 and 8.4 MyDramaList score, Soundtrack #1 is a fun, lighthearted Korean Drama that everyone needs to watch at least once.

Bloody Heart

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Bloody Heart is an interesting Korean Romance Drama set in the Joseon Dynasty. The story follows the life of a King named Lee Tae.

To survive, the King has to leave the only woman that he loves-Yoo Jeong.

In this blood-filled romance drama, we see the characters draw their swords against each other amid a political conflict.

The characters have layers, and their motives are well fleshed out, which makes bloody Heart an intriguing thriller drama.

The bloody Heart has an exciting story that it wants to tell with the help of its cast’s outstanding performances.

With an IMDb score of 7.3 and 8.2 MyDramaList scores, Bloody Heart is a fantastic time for Korean drama fans.

With each episode running at around 1 hour and 10 minutes long, Bloody Heart has 16 episodes filled with Drama in its arsenal.

If you want to watch an excellent historical Korean drama, then Bloddy heart might be your cup of tea.

Love All Play

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Love All Play is an interesting Korean sports drama series with an IMDb score of 7.8 and 8.4 on MyDramaList.

The Drama depicts a hot romance between individuals on the badminton business team. Love All Play is about chasing your dreams and passion. It also depicts the emotion of forgiveness, Love, and compassion well.

The leads are non-toxic, and that is always welcomed in a romance drama series. The protagonists form a mixed doubles team together as their romance is also soaring on the side.

This Korean drama series has a relaxed vibe, and it sure makes you laugh and cry with the characters.

Love All Play takes you on a beautiful journey that will leave you with a lot of questions and a few important realizations about life.

Love All Play has recently gained a substantial cult-like following and fans love the chemistry between the leads.

Each episode is approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes long, and Love And Play offer 16 expertly crafted episodes that you will love for sure.


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Grid is a 2022 Sci-Fi Korean drama series that tells a story about a group of perplexing ghost soul hunters.

This team of elite individuals is known as The Ghost. On a mission to save humanity from collapsing, The Ghost has been active since 1997.

The Ghost suddenly disappears and suddenly reappears after 24 years. The Grid might appear a little puzzling and confusing in the first few episodes, but everything slowly starts making sense as the story slowly unfolds.

Avoiding the same old mystery drama cliche, Grid tells a new story that feels interesting and highly unique in its execution.

The Grid has an exciting plot that is accompanied by a great cast and engaging choreography.

The story starts becoming interesting from the 3rd episode, so make sure you stick to the end for the uncovering of an exciting mystery.

Grid is a ten-episode-long series, each episode being approximately 1 hour long.

With an IMDb of 6.4 and MyDramaList score of 7.5, “Grid” will keep you glued to the end with a perplexing and enjoyable plot.

Crazy Love

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Crazy Love is yet another fantastic South Korean drama series that you can watch on Disney+. It stars Kim Jae Wook, Krystal Jung, and Ha Jun.

Crazy Love was initially released at the start of 2022, and it revolves around the life of a math professor.

Our protagonist pretends that he has amnesia after he starts receiving death threats from an unknown source.

His secretary pretends to be her fiance, knowing that he has amnesia.

Crazy Love explores the relationship between people of different personalities and how they are slowly learning to work in tandem with each other’s values and beliefs.

The comedy aspect of Crazy Love is quite a bit higher than other Korean romance dramas, and the actors’ delivery can sometimes feel like a parody.

Adored by fans, Crazy Love takes a different route in telling the classic tale of a love affair between people with other characteristics.

The female lead in Crazy Love is also very entertaining to watch, and the whole cast alleviates the beauty of this drama series.

Crazy Love is witty, charming, humorous, and intelligent in its execution of the storyline.

Each episode of this drama series is approximately 1 hour and 5 minutes long, and it has 16 episodes in total.

With an IMDb score of 7.5, Crazy Love is up there with some of the best romantic Korean dramas on disney+.

Rookie Cops

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Rookie Cops is a coming-of-age Korean drama series that follows the life of two ambitious students at the National Korean Police University.

Together they go through the ups and downs of life and experience life’s tragedies as cops.

Following the Buddy cop formula, Rookie Cops still manages to feel fresh and brings a lot of unique concepts to the table. Rookie Cops has everything from an excellent story to relatable and well-fleshed-out characters.

This Drama will make you feel the thrill, excitement, romance, and comedy all at once as you explore the life of these cops.

Rookie Cops is divided into 16 episodes so that the characters and the story gets ample time to shine. It has a MyDramaList score of 8.3 and a 7.6 IMDb score.

Everything in this expertly crafted Korean Drama is very detailed and captivating from start to end.

The script is funny and allows the two leads to play off each other.

 If you want to watch an inspirational, enthusiastic story filled with Love and emotions, Rookie cops have you covered.

You can watch this fantastic buddy cop rom-com on Disney plus right now!

Link: Eat, Love, Kill

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Link: Eat, Kill, Love is a 2022 Korean Drama series that follows a former chef- Gye-Hoon. He opens his restaurant in the old town where is grew up in.

Years ago, in this same hometown, our protagonist’s sister was suddenly abducted by someone.

The first two episodes of Link: Eat, Love, Kill are comparatively low-key compared to other series on this list, but if you stick to the end, it’ll be worth it.

The story starts to pick up from episode 3, taking a U-Turn and becoming like a well-written thriller novel.

Each episode is goosebumps-inducing as the mysterious plot becomes more and more convoluted.

The OSTs of Link: Eat, Love, Kill is to die for, and the acting is also phenomenal. The humor is subtle and well-timed, giving this series its flavors.

The plot is tight, with relatively very few filler arcs. The mystery is unfolded perfectly, and the story is tight.

This makes Link: Eat, Kill, Love a consistent psychological thriller Korean drama that you can enjoy on Disney+ right now. 

Link: Eat, Kill, Love has 16 episodes with a runtime of 1 hour and 10 minutes each.

With an IMDb score of 7.3, Link: Eat, Kill, Love is a surprising Korean thriller drama that is sure to give you goosebumps.

Doctor Lawyer

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If you are in the mood for some great Korean Legal Drama, Doctor Lawyer might be just what you need.

Doctor Lawyer is a fantastic ride that is definitely worth your time. It is a 2022 Korean Legal drama series that follows a medical surgeon.

After surgical malpractice, we see our protagonist changing his carrier to become a lawyer. Doctor Lawyer is well made Korean Drama that feels like it has high production value.

The surgical scenes have some significant visual effects, and the direction and acting are superb.

The series explores the classic tale of good vs. evil, but it does so with style.

The plot of Doctor lawyer is the best thing about this show, and if you are interested in an intriguing story that keeps you on the edge of your seat, Doctor Lawyer will deliver just that.

Doctor Lawyer has an IMDb score of 7.3 and a MyDramaList of 7.9, although after watching it, you might say that it deserved even better ratings.

Watch Doctor Lawyer for the thrill of a fantastic plot filled that is dense with intrigue and mystery.


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A murder happened approximately 22 years ago, and two brothers are on a quest to uncover the truth behind this mystery.

Their Father is accused of the murder, so they are driven to clear his name by figuring out the missing pieces of the puzzle.

A death penalty date is set up for their biological Father, so our protagonists are on a tight timeline, and this creates a compelling plot.

The beginning of Adamas might be a little slow, but it gets more interesting with each episode.

Adamas is a slow burner, but each character is very well fleshed out and plays a vital role in significant events.

The story is not entirely dependent on the lead characters, and this gives the supporting cast of Adamas to also shine.

Without getting into spoilers about Adamas, the story has an intriguing mystery, and the reveal might come as a surprise.

Adamas has an IMDb score of 7.2 and a MyDramaList score of 7.7, and like many other Korean dramas, it has 16 episodes.

Each episode is around 1 hour and 5 minutes long, which gives ample time for the cast of Adamas to shine.

The Golden Spoon

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The Golden Spoon, also known as Geumsujeo, is a 2022 psychological fantasy Korean drama.

It explores the concept of desire and consequences. Should a person trade his poor yet loving family for a life filled with riches?

This is the question that The Golden Spoon wants us to ponder over and what will be the consequences of this.

Would such a person find happiness in the riches? The Golden Spoon is an interesting character study that uses magical metaphorical objects to portray a profound truth.

The selling point of this Drama is a mystical golden spoon that gives its user the power to switch life with others.

The premise of The Golden Spoon is in itself interesting enough to give it a watch, but the actors and the plot elevate the magic of this Drama even more.

The Golden Spoon has 16 episodes in total, each with a runtime of approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes.

With a MyDramaList score of 8.1 and an IMDb of 7.8, The Golden Spoon is an exciting watch for all the fans of Korean Drama.

One Dollar Lawyer

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One Dollar Lawyer is yet another fantastic Legal Korean Drama series that deserves its spot on this list.

The plot follows an unusually styled lawyer. Our protagonist charges only 1 Dollar (1,000 won) for his services, yet he is known as one of the most skilled lawyers around.

Watch him as he fights against the most expensive lawyers along with their high-paying clients.

These other Lawers maybe be rich than our protagonist, but they are shallow from the Heart, and that makes our lead more relatable.

He is on a mission to stop the rich people from getting away after committing crimes.

The comedy elements in One Dollar Lawyer are genuinely funny, and the storyline is impeccable.

The backstory of our protagonist also has a lot of depth, and all the supporting cast are equally fun to watch.

With a runtime of 1 hour and 10 minutes each, One Dollar Lawyer provides us with 12 episodes of excellent plot development.

One Dollar Lawyer has an IMDb score of 7.9 and an 8.5 MyDramaList score.

Big Mouth

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Big Mouth is a Noir crime thriller Korean Drama series involving an incompetent lawyer who is a convict in a murder case.

He has a success rate of less than 10% as a lawyer, and he is relatively outspoken. Due to his exhaustive personality, he has been pegged with the name Swinder, Big Mouth.

The protagonist is accused of a crime he didn’t commit and thus is on a mission to clear his name and prove his innocence.

This fantastic Korean Drama has 16 episodes with a runtime of approximately 1 hour and 11 minutes each.

The script of Big Mouth is impressive, and the storyline is filled with intrigue.

The cast of Big Mouth brings their A-game to this mystery law drama, and Lee Jong-Suk is excellent as the protagonist.

The romance arc is subtle yet powerful, and the mysteries provide us with a powerful climax.

Big Mouth is a must-watch for every K-Drama lover.


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Snowdrop is a 2021 South Korean Drama Series with an IMDb of 8.2 and a MyDramaList score of 8.5.

It was set up in the November of 1987 and followed Lim Soo-Ho, who plays a graduate student.

A University student hides her in a dorm room to protect him from the government officials when he is found covered in blood.

What is the truth about this university student? Is he what he appears to be? Between this mystery, their romantic relationship is also explored very well in the show.

Snowdrop does feel slow at times, and the pacing of the show is decent, but it does build up to a climactic end.

Snowdrop is excellent for binge-watching as the story slowly becomes more interesting. The episodes are interesting, and the chemistry between the protagonists is delightful.

With 16 episodes of approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes each, the snowdrop is a must-watch political romance Korean drama.

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