Top 15 horror series that will haunt you at night

Everyone loves to watch series and has a different taste for series. Nowadays, web series are part of our life, and we can connect with them. 

When it comes to horror web series, it gives goosebumps with excitement as we all are very indulged in watching horror movies or series, knowing that this is not real, we will be scared.

Sometimes after watching horror series, many face terrifying nightmares because they keep thinking of those characters in mind.

So we have short-listed some of the excellent horror series that will haunt you at night for ghost lovers.

The Vampire Diaries (2009-2017)

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No. Of episodes: 171

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

The Vampire Diaries is a supernatural television show. It has incredible twists and turns, surprises, extreme fear, horror, and everything to make you feel fear. Honestly, this is the most fantastic series that you will ever see.

This series deals with a young teen girl stuck between two vampire brothers. After this meeting, her life gets changes.

She is no longer a simple girl; even the people around her in Mystic Falls are changed. There is a blood shade, murder, horror, werewolves, everything that would not let you sleep. To know more, must watch the series.

Ratched (2020- Present)

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No of episodes: 8

Where to watch: Netflix

This series is a perfect match of psychological and horror. Evan Romansky created this series. It deals with a woman who turns into a monster. She grows into a dark human who enjoys other sufferings.

Mildred Ratched is a young nurse who starts working in a mental institution. She does all the cruelty to her patients due to her childhood trauma.

But the thing is not normal, and she turns into a full-fledged monster toward her patients. Ratched is a story of acceptance, love, and childhood trauma.

Behind Her Eyes (2021- Present)

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No of episodes: 6

Where to watch: Netflix

Behind Her Eyes is a British supernatural series. Steve Lightfoot created it. This series’ plot deals with a single mother’s horrifying life.

 This series entangled the lives of Louise and a single mother who entered the world of the psychic game full of mind twists.

She begins to have an affair with her boss, a psychiatrist, and she also continues to be friends with his wife. The end plot shows that the characters are different from what we thought all the time.

You (2018- Present)

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No of episodes: 30

Where to watch: Netflix and Lifetime

You might have seen someone taking extreme steps for their love, but what happens if this unnecessary step turns into a psychic act? It seems scary, right?

So this web series shows how anyone who loves someone turns mad and ends up hurting their love.

You are a psychological thriller mystery series that shows a charming, brilliant male bookstore manager who loves a female writer.

He takes extreme measures to insert himself into the writer’s life. She becomes his obsession. He uses every medium to get close to her and removes every obstacle on his path, including people.

The Strain (2014-2017)

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No of episodes: 46

Where to watch: FX

The Strain is a horror drama web series based on the novel ‘The Strain’ by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan. This series’ plot deals with the vampire thing, which is again scary for ordinary people.

This series is about a viral outbreak in New York City that turns everyone into vampires. There is a team who investigates a mysterious viral outbreak and why everyone is turning into vampires, and there is an evil strain everywhere. To know more, you must watch the series.

Bates Motel (2013-2017)

Image Source: DML

No of episodes: 50

Where to watch: Netflix

Bates Motel is a horror psychological drama web series adapted from Psycho. This series’ plot deals with a man suffering from mental health. 

Norma Bates loses control of his life when his mental health deteriorates. Norma, his mother, tries to help her son and protect her shy teenage son from the people around him.

She later moves with her son to another town for a fresh start. To know more, must watch the series.

American Horror Story: Murder House (2011)

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No of episodes: 12

Where to watch: FX

This American Horror Story: Murder House is a series that centers on the Harmon family, including Dr. Ben Harmon, Vivien, and their daughters Violet.

They move from Boston to Los Angles because of Vivien’s miscarriage. Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk created this series.

They used an authentic mansion to film this series, and its name is Rosenheim Mansion, located in Los Angeles, California.

This murder was built in 1922 by one a surgeon named Charles Montgomery. To know more, you must watch the series.

The Haunting of The Hill House (2018-2020)

Image Source: IMDb

No of episodes: 19

Where to watch: Netflix

The Haunting of The Hill House is an anthology of supernatural fiction, and Mike Flanagan created horror drama. It is the most incredible scary series you will ever watch. After watching this series, you will not be able to get this out of your head for a while.

So the series’ plot revolves around siblings who spent their childhood in a famous haunted house in the country. Their past haunts them, and some revisit that haunted house and face some evil consequences. To know more, give me a watch.

Twin Peaks (1990-1991)

Image Source: Variety

No of episodes: 30

Where to watch: Voot

This fantastic series is an American mystery serial drama series created by David Lynch and Mark Frost. 

This series plot deals with Dale Cooper, an FBI agent. He was assigned to investigate one murder case in Twin Peaks of a seventeen years old schoolgirl Laura Palmer.

Twin Peaks is a laboratory for an Artist; from them, it was never expected to make a hit. To know more must watch the series.

Dark (2017-2020)

Image Source: IMDb

No of episodes: 26

Where to watch: Netflix

Dark is a German science fiction thriller supernatural television series created by Baran bo Odar. This series plot deals with two young children’s disappearance.

In a small German town, two kids go missing. Fou families search for these kids and their sinful past. They are living double lives and have a fractured relationship. Later this story includes supernatural elements that develop their relationship.

Hannibal (2013)

Image source: Variety

No of episodes: 39

Where to watch: NBC and Amazon Prime Video

Hannibal is a psychological thriller horror television series created by Bryan Fuller. Hannibal series is based on the novel Red Dragon. It is an incredible series with a unique concept.

This series plot deals with the disappearance of college students, and the FBI investigates this case.

The twist is that a forensic psychiatrist named Hannibal Lecter, unknowingly or secretly, is the cannibalistic serial killer. A criminal profile has been recruited.

The X-Files (1993-2018)

Image Source: IMDb

No of episodes: 218

Where to watch: Fox

The X-Files is a science fiction supernatural noir drama created by Chris Carter. This series plot also revolves around FBI special agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, assigned to investigate X-Files.

The X-Files contains unsolved paranormal cases, which will haunt you at night. They were assigned to watchdog over a fellow agent but indulged in supernatural things that changed their life. To know more, watch this series.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (2018-2020)

Image Source: J14

No of episodes: 36

Where to watch: Netflix

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a supernatural horror adolescence, dark fantasy television created by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa.

This movie has a different concept than we all have heard about witches, and it is so common to hear about witches’ story may be from her grandparents. So here, this series tries to represent this concept but in a unique state.

This series is an adaption of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, a tale where Sabrina is a half-witch and half-mortal, and here she is different from other witches.

She is against the evil forces who threaten her and her family, including her aunts named, Hilda and Zelda. To know more, give watch this excellent series.

Slasher (2016)

Image Source: WN

No of episodes: 32

Where to watch: Netflix

Slasher is a horror drama television series created by Aaron Martin. This series is the worst nightmare anyone can ever have where a serial killer story is narrated.

The series’ plot is about a girl named Sarah Bennett, whose parents were murdered by a serial killer called The Executioner.

The serial killer who murdered Sarah’s parents was done thirty years back, and now she has to return to the quiet community of Waterbury. 

But the twist is, again, someone named The Executioner started murdering the people around Sarah, and even her husband Dylan was killed.

She started suspecting everyone around her, whether they could be victims or the natural kil. Now it is up to Sarah to find the genuine killer.

The Haunting of Bly Manor (2020)

Image Source: TVLine

No of episodes: 9

Where to watch: Netflix

The Haunting of Bly Manor is a gothic romance supernatural fictional drama created by Mike Flanagan. This series holds a loop concept but in a threatening manner.

The protagonist here visits this manor to take care of two kids as their nanny, but she notices some unusual activity around her.

So whoever dies in the villa, their souls are trapped here forever, and a few times later, they start losing their memory. 

The protagonist sacrifices herself to save those kids and free every soul trapped in this curse manor.

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