Top 15 feel-good movies that will make your heart warm  

Whenever you are feeling down or not up to the mark, certain movies can make your heart warm and moist!

These feel good movies are not just for entertainment but also lighten your mood and brighten you day.

And there are lot of such movies which can do that for you. It doesn’t have to a philosophical or inspirational movie. It can be about love, life, fantasy or some great characters exploring their life.

Here we are sharing some of these all-time feel-good movies.

La la land 

Release Year- 2016

Running time- 2 hours 8 mins

Genre – musical and romance

Director -Damien Chazelle

Cast-; Ryan Gosling · Sebastian ; Emma Stone · Mia ; Rosemarie DeWitt · Laura ; J.K. Simmons · Bill ; Amiee Conn · Famous Actress

Where to watch – prime videos, apple TV, youtube and google play

While looking to build a career in Los Angeles, an actress falls in love with a pianist. Mia and Sebastian are drawn together because they desire to do what they like.

But as success mounts, they have to make decisions that affect their love affair and the dream they worked so hard for.

Mamma mia 

Release Year- 2008

Running time- 1 hour and 48 mins 


Genre -musical and romance 

Director -Phyllida Lloyd

Cast- Meryl Streep · Pierce Brosnan · Colin Firth · Stellan Skarsgård · Julie Walters · Dominic Cooper · Amanda Seyfried · Christine Baranski.

Where to watch – prime videos 

Donna is an independent hotelier on an island in greek. She was preparing for her daughter’s wedding with her two old friends. All this happens while Sophie, her daughter, invites three men from her mother’s past to her wedding secretly. Hoping one of them would be her father. He would walk her down the aisle on her big day.

Good will hunting 

Release Year-1997

Running time-2 hours 6 mins 


Genre – drama and romance

Director -Gus Van Sant

Cast- Robin Williams · Sean; Matt Damon · Will; Ben Affleck · Chuckie; Stellan Skarsgård · Lambeau; John Mighton · Tom.

Where to watch – prime videos 

Will hunting has a very high level of IQ. However, she chooses to work as a janitor at MIT. His intelligence was discovered by professor Gerald Lambeau when he solved a very difficult graduate-level maths problem. This professor helps this misguided youth to reach his potential.

When Will was arrested for attacking a police officer, the professor made a deal that if he received treatment from a therapist, the professor would get bail for him. 

Field of dreams 

Release Year- 1989 

Running time-1hour 47 mins 


Genre -drama and fantasy

Director -Phil Alden Robinson

Cast- Kevin Costner · Amy Madigan · Gaby Hoffmann · Ray Liotta · Timothy Busfield · James Earl Jones · Burt Lancaster · Frank Whaley.

Where to watch – prime videos 

One night a farmer, Ray, hears a mysterious voice coming from his cornfield. The voice said that if he built it, they would come. He gets the feeling that he needs to act. 

Deprived of receiving truths, he builds a baseball diamond on his field with the help of his wife.

Later, ghosts of great players come to the field to play ball, and they all emerge from the field .later, ray learns that this field of dreams is much more than just ghosts playing balls. 

Legally Blonde

Release Year- 2001

Running time- 1 hour 36 mins 


Genre – comedy and romance

Director -Robert Luketic

Cast-Reese Witherspoon. Elle Woods; Luke Wilson. Emmett Richmond; Selma Blair. Vivian Kensington; Matthew Davis. Warner Huntington III; Victor Garber.

Where to watch – apple tv 

Elle woods has everything she wants and wants nothing more than Mrs Warner Huntington III. however, one thing is stopping her from getting proposed – she is way too blond.

After getting rejected, she gathers all her allies and enters Harvard to win him back.

Forrest Gump

Release Year- 1994

Running time- 2 hours 22 mins 


Genre – drama and romance

Director -Robert Zemeckis

Cast- om Hanks (Forrest Gump) · Sally Field (Mrs Gump) · Robin Wright (Jenny) · Mykelti Williamson (Bubba Blue) · Gary Sinise (Lieutenant Dan) 

Where to watch – prime videos, youtube and google play

Forrest Gump is slow-witted but never thinks this way because of his supportive mother.

Therefore he leads an unrestricted life, whether dominating on the gridiron as a football star or fighting as a soldier in Vietnam. He always inspired people with his childlike behaviour. However, there is one person Forrest truly cares about – his childhood love – very sweet but troubled Jenny.  

Sister act

Release Year- 1992

Running time- 1 hour 40 mins

Genre – comedy and crime

Director -Emile Ardolino

Cast-Whoopi Goldberg · Maggie Smith · Kathy Najimy · Wendy Makkena · Mary Wickes · Harvey Keitel · Bill Nunn · Robert Miranda.

Where to watch – youtube and google play

When a lively singer sees her mobster beau committing murder, she relocates herself for her protection.

She becomes a nun in a convent in California. Deloris proceeds to live a quiet life as a sister.

All this to keep herself out of trouble.

The convent becomes part of a choir, and soon she becomes a vibrant and soulful act that gains attention.

The greatest snowman

Release Year- 2017

Running time- 1 hour 45 mins 


Genre – musical and drama 

Director -Michael Gracey

Cast- Hugh Jackman · Michelle Williams · Zac Efron · Zendaya · Rebecca Ferguson · Austyn Johnson · Cameron Seely · Keala Settle.

Where to watch -youtube, apple tv and google play

Growing up in the early 1800s, Barnum displayed a natural talent for publicity and promotion and sold lottery tickets by age 12.

After doing many jobs, he finally created the Barnum and Bailey circus, which features a lot of catchy musical numbers and exotic performances along with difficult stunts,

His magical circus becomes the greatest show in the world. 


Release Year- 1988

Running time- 1 hour 44 mins 


Genre – comedy and fantasy

Director -Penny Marshall

Cast-Tom Hanks · Josh; Elizabeth Perkins · Susan; Robert Loggia · MacMillan; John Heard · Paul; Jared Rushton · Billy.

Where to watch – apple tv

Josh Baskin finds a Zoltar machine and wishes that he was big. After wishing he was big, a teenage boy suddenly finds himself in an adult’s body. He had always wanted to be big to go out with his crush in Carnaval.

Going on 30

Release Year- 2004

Running time- 1 hour 38 mins 


Genre – romance and fantasy

Director -Gary Winick

Cast- Jennifer Garner as Jenna Rink. Christa B. · Mark Ruffalo as Matt Flamhaff. Sean Marquette as young Matt Flamhaff · Judy Greer as Lucy “Tom-Tom” Wyman.

Where to watch – Netflix 

The story begins with a girl who is sick of the social strictness of her junior high school and wishes to become an adult quickly .she does not have a boyfriend and always wonders about becoming a well-adjusted adult.

Her secret desire comes true when she suddenly transforms into a 30 years old woman. Still, she later realises that being an adult is not easy when facing the more complex challenges of adulthood.

A knight’s tale

Release Year- 2001

Running time- 132 mins 


Genre – adventure, romance and comedy

Director – Brian Helgeland

Cast-Heath Ledger · William Thatcher; Mark Addy · Roland; Rufus Sewell · Count Adhemar; Shannyn Sossamon · Jocelyn; Paul Bettany · Geoffrey Chaucer.

Where to watch – Netflix

The story is about a peasant born Willian Thatcher who wishes to change his star, win the heart of an exceedingly fair maiden and rule his medieval world.

With the bits of help of his friends, he faces many challenges of medieval gallantry and tries to figure out if he can become a legend. 

The birdcage

Release Year- 1996

Running time- 117 mins 


Genre – drama, family, drama and slapstick

Director – Mike Nichols

Cast- Heath Ledger · William Thatcher; Mark Addy · Roland; Rufus Sewell · Count Adhemar; Shannyn Sossamon · Jocelyn; Paul Bettany · Geoffrey Chaucer.

Where to watch – Netflix 

It is a remake of an old french movie called La Cage aux Folles. Where an engaged couple shakily introduces their future in law with each other, Val’s father, a gay drag club owner, hides his identity and pretends to be straight.


Release Year- 1978

Running time- 1 hour 50 mins 


Genre – musical and romance 

Director -Randal Kleiser

Cast-John Travolta · Olivia Newton-John · Stockard Channing · Jeff Conaway · Barry Pearl · Michael Tucci · Kelly Ward · Didi Conn.

Where to watch – apple TV, amazon prime video

The story is about a group of high school friends in the 1950s. It is one of the most successful musicals of all time. You can experience friendship, love and adventure like never before. An extroverted exchange student and a leather-clad meet, fall in love and have a summer romance.

Empire Records 

Release Year- 1995

Running time-1 hour 30 mins 


Genre – drama and comedy

Director -Allan Moyle

Cast- Anthony LaPaglia as Joe Reaves · Rory Cochrane as Lucas · Ethan Randall as Mark · Johnny Whitworth as A.J. · Robin Tunney as Debra 

Where to watch – youtube 

Joes owns an empire records independent Delaware store and employs a group of music-savvy youths. After herding that the shop will be sold to a big chain, they all panic. Lucas bets a part of the store’s money expecting good returns; however, his plans fail, and they get into serious trouble. They will have to deal with this money loss instantly, or much bigger issues will face them.

Ferris Bueller’s day off

Release Year- 1986

Running time- 1 hour 43 mins 


Genre – comedy and romance 

Director -John Hughes

Cast-Matthew Broderick. Ferris Bueller ; Mia Sara. Sloane Peterson; Alan Ruck. Cameron Frye; Jeffrey Jones. Ed Rooney; Jennifer Grey. Jeanie Bueller.

Where to watch – apple tv and amazon prime videos 

Ferris Bueller is a teenager with a skill at cutting class without getting caught. Wanting to make one last duck out before he graduates, Ferris calls in sick and borrows a Ferrari from his friend to go on a one-day journey in the streets of Chicago. On Ferris’s way, the high school principal lets to see him and is determined to catch him. Will his last duck-out be successful?

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