Top 15 Dystopian Movies About Mankind’s Tragic Future

Dystopian films have become a genre of their own and speak to our concerns about the future.

As tyrannical powers worldwide divert to technology to maintain their people—and we can see our governments shutting up children in cells and annihilating the privacy we have long accepted for granted—we witness the terrifying prospects of where we might proceed. It is realistic for us to analyze those scenarios in movies.

That still leaves a vast range of movies to consider, from sci-fi looks into the distant future to cautioning stories of a more considerable world in our now or maybe in the past.

It may not be escapism, but as the growing numeral of dystopian films and TV series attest, we are fascinated by stories of a society gone wrong and individuals’ struggles to overwhelm.

 Dystopian films encircle such a prosperous and wide divagation of themes that choosing the top 15 is impossible.

Planet of the Apes

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Director: Franklin J. Schaffner

Casting: Charlton Heston, Roddy McDowall

Year: 1968

Genre: Sci-Fi, Adventure

Running time: 1h 52m

Planet of the Apes is a science imagination movie directed by Franklin J in 1968. Schaffner is based on the French novel “La Planète des Singes” by Pierre Boulle.

In this film, an astronaut’s team is based on a mysterious planet in a faraway destiny. Although this planet seems lonely, the world’s most unnoticed animal monkeys have acted as the role of dominant species, and people act as muted creatures of animal skin.

Blade Runner 2049 

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Director: Denis Villeneuve

Casting: Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling

Year: 2017

Genre: Sci-Fi, Mystery & Thriller

Running time: 2h 44m

Blade Runner 2049, a science fiction movie, was released in 2017. K(played by Gosling)is a blade runner of Nexus-9 replicant who exposes the secret to society.

Blade Runner 2049 has won many honors like Best Sound Mixing, Best Sound Edition, and Best Production Design.

The film received the award for Best Visual Effects and Best Cinematography at the 90th Academy Awards. This movie won eight Best Director nominations at the 71st British Academy Film Awards.

12 Monkeys 

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Director: Terry Gilliam

Casting: Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis, Madeleine Stowe

Year: 1995

Genre: Mystery & Thriller, Sci-Fi

Running time: 2h 11m

The 1995 Science fiction movie 12 Monkeys is inspired by Chris Marker’s La Jetée book of 1962.

The movie was primarily shot in Baltimore and Philadelphia. Filmmakers acquired funding from Universal Pictures, only $29.5 million for filming, which prevailed from February to May 1995.

The film’s story is about James Cole, a convict who decides to work on a mission. This mission is about learning about the virulent holiday outbreaks’ main reason.

The Terminator 

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Director: James Cameron

Casting: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton

Year: 1984

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Mystery & Thriller

Running time: 1h 48m

In 1984, a science fiction film, The Terminator, is about an ( Arnold Schwarzenegger)humanoid sent back between 2029 and 1984 as the Terminator.

He would save humankind from extinction by a malicious artificial intelligence from the post-apocalyptic future. He is a dignitary of the cyborg murderers who was sent out to rescue Sarah from her enemy in time,

Within two weeks, The Terminator was at the top of the US box office, and It helped to boost Cameron’s career as a film director and Schwarzenegger as a lead actor.


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Director: James Mangold,

Casting: Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart

Year: 2017

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Running time: 2h 17m

Logan is the supposed character of an American superhero film, and it is The 10th film of the X-Men series and the third and last part of the Wolverine Trilogy with Hugh Jackman.

An elderly Wolverine and an excessively ill Charles Xavier tried to defend a young mutant, Laura, from the disgraceful rivals following this movie.

This movie is based on motivation from “Old Man Logan” made by Steve McNiven, island Mark Millar in an uncomfortable future.


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Director: Andrew Niccol

Casting: Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman, Jude Law

Year: 1997

Genre: Sci-Fi

Running time: 1h 52m

Gattaca is a story of a future where children are genetically contrived from birth, and society is gripped with genetic compatibility is not entirely far-fetched.

Normal-born children are not allowed to do menial jobs and are rigorously monitored.

The film maintains an aesthetic mode that matches the strict authority of human life with an underlying hope of pretending to be legitimate.

Jude Law did an outstanding performance as a crippled who lends his DNA to the driven Ethan Hawke.


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Director: Katsuhiro Ohtomo

Casting: Mitsuo Iwata, Nozomu Sasaki

Year: 1988

Genre: Sci-Fi, Anime

Running time: 2h 4m

In this groundbreaking anime, Set in post-WWIII Japan, Akira’s role of psychically facilitated Government guinea pigs in a terrible crime.

The city is loaded with corrupt officials, rioting citizens, and rampaging street gangs that tremble in anxiety over the name “Akira.”

The story maintains its impressive stability of purpose, and If you have money and time, try chasing down the various-volume manga, which bargains with the plot in far more segments.

Mad Max

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Director: George Miller

Casting: Mel Gibson, Joanne Samuel

Year: 1980

Genre: Action, Adventure

Running time: 1h 33m

It’s funny that the first Mad Max film was arranged before the apocalypse of the last two, but during a duration of societal failure, with mobs ruling the roadway.

It wasn’t till the later movies that the cities were crushed after an apocalyptic occurrence, and everyone began to wear a combination of fetishwear and football padding.

A desert was full of marauders and violent societies, and Without Mad Max, we wouldn’t have a ton of good video games like the Fallout series or Borderlands.

V for Vendetta 

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Director: James McTeigue

Casting: Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving

Year: 2006

Genre: Action, Mystery & Thriller

Running time: 2h 12m

V For Vendetta is a political action movie. The focus is on Five masked liberty fighters pushing to ignite a rebellion using intricate terrorism.

This film is in an alternative future, where the United Kingdom was subjected to neo-fascist and Nordic totalitarian control.

Since the film’s release in 2011, the film has been successful in selling Fox Mask products every year.

A Clockwork Orange 

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Director: Stanley Kubrick

Casting: Malcolm McDowell, Patrick Magee

Year: 1971

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Running time: 2h 17m

Clockwork Orange was a crime film based on Anthony Burgess’s novel. It uses disturbing, violent imagery in a dystopian close-future country to remark on psychiatry, juvenile crime, childhood gangs, and other economic, political, and social issues. Matters.

In this movie, Alex, a psychopathic lawbreaker, is arrested for rape and killing. He volunteers the government’s exploratory therapy to lessen his sentence.


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Director: Andrew Stanton

Casting: Ben Burtt, Elissa Knight

Year: 2008

Genre: Sci-Fi, Comedy, Animation

Running time: 1h 37m

WALL-E, by Pixar Animation Studios. WALL-E is a romantic comedy film animated. Wall-E has raised $223.8 million in Canada and the United States and $297.5 million in the outside world.

In this movie, a lonely robot cleans up waste in an uninhabitable futuristic wasteland. However, the robot is dwelled by a specimen sent by the starship Axiom, an EVE robot that he loves and travels across the galaxy.

4. The Matrix

Director: Lilly Wachowski, Lana Wachowski

Casting: Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss

Year: 2003

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action

Running time: 2h 10m

Currently available on Vudu, Prime Video, HBOmax

The first film in the trilogy explores the global mentality, including Gnosticism and mystical religious beliefs, and disturbing questions about the essence of validity. Also, it had kick-fight surroundings.

It seamlessly merged Hong Kong action with Philosophy 101, making it feel intellectual but with enough hunts and fights to plead to a broader public.

Children of Men

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Director: Alfonso Cuarón

Casting: Clive Owen, Julianne Moore, Michael Caine

Year: 2006

Genre: Sci-Fi, Mystery & Thriller

Running time: 1h 49m

The film is developed in a future where humanity has stopped having children for an unspecified cause. James, the main character, must defend an illegal settler who is the first to become pregnant in years.

The film is impressive in its lengthy and detailed action shots, Yet even arranged against a world of powerful government rule and cruelty, in a society invaded with violence and xenophobia, and it’s a story of expectancy.


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Director: Neil Burger

Casting: Shailene Woodley, Theo James

Year: 2014

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure

Running time:2h 20m

In this movie, by the age of 16, everyone gets disconnected from their family. They must finish a series of trials to meet their family, and if they fail, they confront exclusion from the community.

Divergent is part of the trilogy, where you enjoy existing science fiction stories for youthful people. The first part of the movie portrays a devastated Chicago.

Still, it will be afterward productions that it initiates to notice why civilization has arrived at that point of being afraid of the world or factional grounds.


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Director: Christopher Nolan

Casting: Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain

Year: 2014

Genre: Sci-Fi, Adventure, Action

Running time: 2h 45m

Earth’s tomorrow has been punctured with famines, disasters, and droughts. There is only one way to ensure humankind’s survival interstellar travel.

A newly found wormhole in the distant spaces of our solar system qualifies a crew of astronauts to proceed where no man has ever gone there before, and that is a planet that might have the proper environment to support human life.

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