Top 10 Witch Movies That Can Burst You With Fear

Now, witches are something that attracts everyone. For some, they might seem scary, but at the same time, some may find them interesting.

It primarily acts like a magnet that attracts audiences of different ages.

Here viewers are treated by a fantastic spell, a concept of witches. Many are interested in watching movies with supernatural power, like dark magic or based on reality. 

If you are too involved in protecting the dark sides of a world movie, witches attract you a lot. Then here we have shortlisted some great witches movies for you that you would want to watch and avoid enjoying fear.

Sleepy Hollow (1999)

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Directed: Tim Burton

Genre: Fantasy and Horror

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

This fantastic movie plot deals with Ichabod Crane. This police constable arrives to investigate a series of murders in the tiny hamlet of Sleepy Hollow in 1799.

Victims don’t have heads, and the people in residents blame all this on a supernatural specter that is a headless horseman, and Crane remains skeptical.

He does not believe in this magical stuff. He is still on the way to finding the reason with scientific reason.

Later Crane is forced to leave his scientific approach when more bodies appear to him, and humans cannot do this.

Someone in the village summons the deadly dark presence in the town. You must watch the movie to know more about all this thrill and horror.

Hocus Pocus (1993)

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Directed: Kenny Ortega

Genre: Comedy and Fantasy

Where to watch: Disney+

This movie has a different plot, fantastic storytelling, and word-building. So the movie plot starts in 1693 when three Sanderson sisters, who were just so obsessed with beauty, drain a little girl’s life and transfer her all youth to them in Salem.

In 1993 we can see that their house still stands, then a teenage boy visits that building to impress his crush, and the witches revive again, and we can see that the race is on.

The Sanderson sisters are on the way to steal the life force of a child before sunrise, and now it’s up to Max to find a way to stop all this powerful magic that influences the whole town. To know more, you must watch the movie.

The Love Witch (2016)

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Director: Anna Biller

Genre: Comedy and Horror

Where to watch: Peacock app

The Love Witch is a 2016-released horror film written, edited, directed, and produced by Anna Biller. It stars Samantha Robinson as Elaine, a modern-day witch who uses spells and magic to make men fall in love with her. 

The film follows Elaine as she moves to a small coastal town and begins to cast spells on the local men. She soon discovers that her magic is too powerful and causes more harm than good. The Love Witch is a unique film that blends horror, fantasy, and comedy elements to create a unique and entertaining experience. 

The film explores some influential themes of love, power, and the consequences of using magic to manipulate others. It is an exciting and fun film that is definitely worth watching. To know more about this fun ride, you must watch the movie.

Bewitched (2005)

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Director: Nora Ephron

Genre: Fantasy and Romance

Where to watch: Starz, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu and Google Play, and iTunes

Many have different love stories than ordinary ones. The movie plot deals with an actor named Jack Wyatt, and he somehow insists that an unknown woman play the role of Samantha, which is opposite him in the remake of Bewitched.

He tends to find the perfect female actor for the sequels. He then sees Isabel and realizes she will be the ideal match for Samantha’s role, but he does not know she is a real-life witch.

But all these incidents take hilarious turns when Isabel falls in love with Jack, and she decides to tell him the truth. This is a fantastic love story of a witch. To know more, you must watch the movie and entertain yourself.

Maleficent (2014)

Image Source: Variety

Directed: Robert Stromberg

Genre: Adventure and Fantasy

Where to watch: Disney+

Many are obsessed with fairytales so this movie will be the perfect choice for those movie lovers. It is a prequel to sleeping beauty. The spellbinding sleeping beauty is set in this movie.

The movie plot starts with the evil fairy named Maleficent (Jolie), who was in love with Stefan a long back, but Stefan betrays her to marry the king’s daughter so he can have the throne.

Now Maleficent seeks revenge, so she casts a spell on Stefan’s newborn princess Aurora who will fall into a deep sleep on her 16th birthday, but things turn pretty different as the fairy watches her grow. At that time, she regrets her decision and tries all attempts to save her from all the problems.

But her interference helps the curse to be fulfilled. To know more, you must watch the movie.

Dark Shadows (2012)

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Directed: Tim Burton

Genre: Comedy and Fantasy

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video and Youtube

This movie story deals with a witch whose love was rejected. Later she cursed Barnabas Collins during the 1700s. But her obsession with black magic destroys Barnabas’s family and wealth.

He was buried alive by the villagers when she turned into a vampire. Now movie plot shifts to the year 1970, and accidentally a construction crew frees Barnabas, and he enters the world.

But the strange thing is that Barnabas is still living, and he goes to his family, but the witch is still angry with Barnabas, and her curse on him is still relevant, and she threatens to him to destroy his family again. He is not able to change his destiny just because of the witch.

Practical Magic (1998)

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Director: Griffin Dunne

Genre: Fantasy and Romance

Where to watch: HBO Max

We all love someone so deeply that we can do anything for them. So this movie plot also somewhere deals with this concept. The story starts with a sister named Sally and Gillian Owens, and they have a family gift that they are real-life witches.

Their aunts taught them the craft of practical magic. But they also have a family curse that any man who falls in love with an Owens woman meets with ultimate death.

They were forced to kill a serial killer who kidnapped Gillian, and later they buried the body.

When an investigator named Gary arrives to investigate the case later, he grows feelings for Sally, and the curse again starts and seeks to take his life. To know more, must watch the movie.

The Lords Of Salem (2012)

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Director: Rob Zombie

Genre: Thriller and Horror

Where to watch: Prime Video, Roku device, Canela.TV, Vudu, Redbox, and Tubi – Free Movies & TV

We all must hear from our elders and never pick strange things from anywhere because you never know how that one thing can react in your life; sometimes, it works for you and sometimes against you. So this movie plot also deals with this concept.

Heidi, who works as a DJ at a local radio station in Salem, Massachusetts also recovering from her drug addiction. So one fine day, she discovers a box containing an album from strange groups called “The Lords.”

While at home, when she listens to the song, she starts experiencing something weird, like seeing demonic visions.

But she convinces herself that nothing is wrong and plays that album at her radio station, and unexpectedly, this music somewhere has a strange effect on the women who live in Salem.

Later a band arrives in the town, and a terrible curse still needs to unfold, and we discover that Heidi’s mother is the antichrist.

The Craft (1996)

Image Source: WCA

Director: Andrew Fleming

Genre: Fantasy and Horror

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video and Youtube

Sarah Bailey, a new student, arrives new high school that was never the same as she seems now. Later she discovers all those witches and searches for a fourth member. They all have a troubled background, and this interconnected them.

Now Chris Hooker, a popular boy in school, spreads a false rumor that he and Sarah have slept together. Sarah made three new friends who misfit with her. Directly Nancy, Bonnie, and Rochelle reveal that they are witches.

To avoid the humiliation Chris causes, Sarah joins those witches’ rituals, and they cast a spell to fix all the problems they are facing in life.

The magic shows incredible results, but later, Sarah discovers that the magic has terrible consequences. To know more, you must watch the movie.

The Blair Witch Project (1999)

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Director: Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez

Genre: Found Footage and Horror

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

If you are too daring and love to experiment with fear, this movie is meant for you. This movie plot deals with a group of young people who are almost like the people shown in other films, very excited to explore something dangerous.

So this group went in search of a legendary witch named Blair, who lived in the woods in North Burkittsville, Maryland.

There is a tale prevalent about the vanishing of people from the woods. So they were supposed to visit the place where these crimes took place.

But the things turn into evil when they are suddenly lost in those woods, and strange things start happening to them.

They all were speechless after witnessing those horrors until they, too, disappeared. To know more, you must watch the movie. Surely you will not regret watching this fantastic movie. 

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