top 10 Unique Korean Dramas To Watch Online

Well, change is essential. No matter whether we are talking about life or series.  There are so many things to watch.

However, if you are bored with watching the same thing or the same genre of series then you should switch to Korean dramas as they have something fresh and extraordinary for everyone, especially for those who love to watch romantic and comedy-drama.

Talking about Kdrama,  if you are confused about what to watch first then here we are listing the top must-watch Korean Drama series!

Switch to these streaming Korean dramas if you want to watch something different than your regular one.

The Legends  Of Blue Sea

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The drama is a perfect balance of everything. Here you will find, romance, comedy, thriller, and drama. Nothing can match the perfect blend of the transaction of time that you are going to watch here.

The legends of blue sea feature Lee Min-ho and Jun Ji-hun, the story revolves around a con man and a Mermaid.  Its one of the best streaming Korean drama that is highly recommended to watch for the first-timers.

Why to watch: Amazing plot, superfine story, and ultra smart actors, if you are looking for three things in one, then you should go for this.

Why not watch: Seriously?


My Love From Another Star

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My Love from another star is about a famous yet mindless actress and an alien who is looking for a way to go back his home. 

The drama is high when it comes to the emotional part yet it will make you laugh and make you go aww.

Why to watch:  A  beautiful love story with lots of ups and downs.  You should definitely not to ignore the drama if you got things for supernatural stuff.

Why not to watch: Well, for those who don’t like too much emotional stuff, then you should not watch this one.


Noble, My Love

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A light – comedy and super cute love story revolving around arrogant CEO and a sassy veterinary doctor. 

The story goes further when Cha Yoon Seo accidentally saves Lee Kang Hoon from an attack and her life turns upside down when the arrogant and self-absurd Ceo decides to pay her back.

Why to watch: It’s hard to ignore handsome and super hot actor Sung Hoon. Apart from this, it’s a great choice when you just want to enjoy a good time without worrying about too much drama.

Why not to watch: if you are looking for lots of sense and a super great story,  then this one is going to disappoint you a little bit.


Strong Women Do Bong

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Strong Women Do Bong is one of the highest online streaming Korean dramas. 

The story is about a struggling girl Do Bong who is gifted with superstrength power and had a crush on a policeman since her school days. But Things go south when she met An Min-Hyuk and gets hired as a bodyguard.

Why to watch: the Strong and confident character of the lead female, also the extremely adorable love relationship of Do Bong with Min Hyuk, are enough reasons to watch this drama.

Why not to watch: Well, there is no any specific reason here.

My Secret Romance

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My secret romance’s story revolves around Lee Yoon and Jin Wook who spend a night together without knowing each other’s real identity. 

However, next morning Lee Yoon disappeared leaving Jin Wook in a weird and embarrassing condition that make him angry as well as humiliated.

The story moves forward and after two years,  Lee Yoon gets a job in a firm as a personal nutritionist of the company’s boss without having any idea that she is going to meet her one-night stand Jin Wook one more time.

Why to watch: It’s a good refreshment and also if you didn’t get enough of Soon Jung, this drama is going to fulfil that

Why not to watch: well, if you are expecting some great story then try to avoid it, As the story of My secret romance is based on a typical love story. Also, there are various parts where the story is unnecessarily dragged.



Image Source: ROR

Apart from being one of the famous Kdrama, Heirs is about power, money, greed, politics, and how an innocent love survives in all this chaos. Every character of the drama holds power and its own effect.

Why to watch: The drama is the complete package of everything that you want to have.

Why not to watch: if you don’t like fragile and a little bit ‘ mother Teresa’ type of girl then think twice before you start watching this drama.


W: The two worlds

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Well, an extraordinary story with great twist and turns. W: The two worlds is a fantastic game changer. The story is about Surgeon  Oh Yeon who accidentally slipped into webtoon ‘ W’ where she met the lead character of the comic Kang Chul. 

The drama is ranked high when it comes to content. Currently, the series has become the most streamed Korean drama.

Why to watch: If you are looking for some mind-blowing content then you should definitely watch this

Why not to watch: The story has lots of loopholes which make the drama little bit boring at some point. Also, there are various parts that are left unexplained.


Suspicious Partner

Image Source: Soompi

Suspicious Partner is one of those dramas that you will easily find it in the list of streaming Korean drama.

The drama is about Prosecutor Noh Ji Wook whose life changed when he met his new prosecutor trainee Nam Ji Hyun who get arrested as a prime suspect of killing her ex-boyfriend. The drama focuses on various side of life and how both characters deal with it.

Why to watch: If you love the combination of romance and thriller together, then this drama is for you

Why not to watch: The drama is long, not just that it is also a little bit exaggerated.


While You Were Sleeping

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Based on Hollywood film, While You were sleeping is a Korean adaptation.  The story is about Hoon Joo who can see the future in her dream but cant’ do anything to make it stop.

The story gets interesting when she met a guy Jae Chan who also shared shame power.

Why to watch: New and exciting story with cute fights and love scenes.

Why not to watch: if you didn’t like the Hollywood version then don’t watch this as well.


My Introvert Boss

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My introverted boss’s story is about a company owner who is rich and wealthy but because of being too much timid, he is unable to deal with real life.

Because of that, he chooses to live as anonymous in his office until he met a girl whose sister died in his office.

Why to watch:  Apart from being the most streaming Korean drama, it will help you to understand the point of view of a person who is an introvert in real life. The whole journey is beautifully crafted and the acting by the lead actor is outstanding. Also, the drama is counted in the list of top-streaming Korean dramas.

Why not to watch:   the writer worked on the lead male character’s character, whereas there are some loose points in the acting of the female lead character which makes her a little bit irritating to watch.

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