Top-10 Movies To Watch If You Loved ‘Bridgerton’

If you are obsessed with Bridgeton, and you are looking for movies that can give you the same feel.

Here’s a list of movies that will for sure take you to another dimension with its Schemes, Balls, Soirees, Marriages, and Scandals, go nowhere. You have come to the right place.

From new to old, these movies may make you feel different, away from the world of social media and the internet to the world of Letters and Balls.

Perfect for getting away from today’s world, relaxing, and enjoying your favorite beverage choice.

Pride & Prejudice (2005)

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Director: Joe Wright

Genre: Romance/Drama

Where to watch: Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV, Amazon Prime Video

This wholesome story follows a young girl named Elizabeth Bennet (Keira Knightly) and her family set in England in the Regency era.

Adapted from Jane Austen’s beloved novel ‘Pride and Prejudice, this movie is like a warm and cozy sweater for your heart. It’ll make you tear up in sorrows and joys.

In Elizabeth’s world, marriage is treated like a business; romance seems urgent. This movie shows what happened in the old times of courtships and engagements.

Elizabeth came from a middle-class family who, along with her sisters, was out in the marriage market when a new wealthy bachelor arrived in town. Every young maiden in the city was delighted. 

The wealthy bachelor was Mr. Bingley, accompanied by another handsome and wealthy bachelor Mr. Darcy, who had a cunning and arrogant exterior but had a heart known and appreciated only by a few. 

The story deals with misconceptions and morality, following this story of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, which dealt with the consequences of Pride and Prejudices.

Emma (2020)

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Director: Autumn de Wilde

Genre: Romance/Drama

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

Another movie revolving around courtships, schemes, and marriage proposals, an adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel ‘Emma,’ is one of the many adaptations of the book. Viewers will love the movie, but the protagonist may not be so much.

This frenzy and comedic movie follow the story of a 20-year-old girl named Emma (Anya Taylor-Joy), who claims to be a matchmaker.

 After her self-proclaimed success in setting up her governess and a humble widowed farmer, she went on a new mission to set up her new friend Harriet Smith (Mia Goth), whose parentage was unknown, with a suitable gentleman. 

Emma’s work could be more promising and is noticed by Mr. Knightly (George Knightley). He is critical of her behavior and closely observes her.

In the series of obstacles that Emma faces, she must learn about herself and the misguided matches and romantic mistakes to finally see the love in front of her all along.

Enola Holmes (2020)

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Director: Harry Bradbeer

Genre: Mystery/Crime

Where to watch: Netflix

This movie, set in the old times of London, England, is fun and empowering. Suppose you like action, conspiracy theories, hidden mysteries, and the thrilling journey of unlocking them. In that case, this one is for you.

Based on a young adult novel by Nancy Springer, this movie finds Enola Holmes, the younger sister of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes.

She is on a mission to find her missing mother and uses her sleuthing skills to outplay her elder brothers.

 While also helping a handsome young lord whose life is in danger, Enola, whose name is just the reverse of the word alone, embarks on her journey to solve crimes and mysteries alone but ironically is often joined by a young lord. Viewers will spend their brain cells along with Enola in her journey.

Little Women (2019)

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Director: Greta Gerwig

Genre: Drama/Romance

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

This movie is an American coming-of-age period drama, a movie adaptation of the book by Louisa May Alcott of the same name. This movie has romance, family drama, heartbreak, and reunions, making your eyes water.

Jo March is a young girl who stays with her mother and sisters Meg, Amy, and Beth. They are alone while their father is away serving in the civil war and are left in poverty to fend for themselves.

Jo’s oldest sister Meg was married to a teacher, while the other sister Beth is dying from a chronic disease, which brings the whole family together. 

Years after the Civil war, Jo is living in New York, making her living from being a writer. Her wealthy aunt advises Jo to marry a rich as it will benefit her and her family. Still, Jo has the same plan and dreams of being independent. 

While her sister Amy is in Paris studying Painting in Paris, where she encounters her childhood crush Theodore, who previously had feelings for Jo, but his feelings for her were never reciprocated. 

Sense and Sensibility (1995)

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Director: Ang Lee

Genre: Romance/Drama

Where to Watch: Hulu

Another adaptation of Jane Austen’s Novel, if you are in love with Austen’s writing too, you are in for a treat. Lay back and enjoy this fulfilling story of the Dashwood sisters.

This story revolves around a wealthy English family who has suffered a significant loss after the death of their father, Elinor Dashwood, and Marianne Dashwood faces financial issues. 

They soon move to a cottage in Devonshire with their remaining family. This movie follows Elinor’s and Marianne’s experiences of romance, love, and heartbreaks. 

Marianne is stuck between two men, a 20 year older man named Colonel Brandon and a handsome man named John Willoughby. At the same time, Elinor is getting attached and has romantic hopes for Edward Ferrars. 

Things are smooth for the Dashwood sisters until sudden revelations are made. Enjoy this story showing that while it is prudent to behave sensibly, it is also negligent or treacherous to give yourself to excess sensibility.

Atonement (2007)

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Director: Joe Wright

Genre: Romance/Drama

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video

Based on the book by Ian McEwan, this movie is set in 1930s England, covering the story of six decades of lies, crimes, their consequences, and their Atonement.

 So if you are in for some unique plot twists and impressive performances by the actor, take advantage of this one because it will give you many sweet and savory treats.

This movie follows the story of a young couple, Cecilia Tallis (Keira Knightley) and Robbie Turner (James McAvoy), who are separated. 

It is a consequence of a lie planted by Cecilia’s younger sister Briony (Saoirse Ronan), who had witnessed the two lovers and had read a letter from Robbie addressed to Cecilia. As a result, all three of them are affected. Robbie was sent to jail. 

The lovers have reunited and try to make up for the years they have missed away from each other. As Briony grows up, she realizes the damage she had caused the lover’s life and is now ready to make an atonement.

The Great Gatsby (2013)

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Director: Baz Luhrmann

Genre: Romance/Drama

Where to Watch: YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV, Amazon Prime Video

Based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel of the same name. This movie follows the story of Jay Gatsby and his neighbor Nick Carraway.

When Nick is in a Psychiatric hospital, he is advised by his doctor to write about Gatsby, who, according to Nick, is the most hopeful man he has ever met.

Seven Years prior, in 1922, Nick moved to New York in a cottage next to a lavish mansion whose owner was Jay Gatsby to host great parties frequently. 

Nick and Gatsby become excellent friends and help each other. Romance rekindles when old lovers are reunited however things start to fall apart when lies are threaded, and past revelations are made. 

This movie is exceptional, from the fantastic plots to the star-studded cast and phenomenal performances by DiCaprio and Maguire. So, it does not matter which genre you prefer.

A Little Chaos (2014)

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Director: Alan Rickman

Genre: Romance/Drama

Where to Watch: Netflix

A Little Chaos is a British period drama film released in 2014, based on the times of King Louis XIV of France, who assigned Le Notre a job to design and construct the Gardens of Versailles.

This movie is visually pleasing and will also please your soul with its beauty and captivating plot.

This movie follows the story of Le Notre and a famed builder tasked with building an otherworldly palace of great beauty for King Louis XIV. Le Notre hires Sabine de Barra to design and construct the outside ballroom. 

Soon, Le Notre and Sabine are getting attached. Le Notre is charmed by her beauty, while Sabine is equally charmed but is stressed by dealing with her past. 

Their story struggles from cast barriers and the past. It takes only a little chaos for nature to bloom and love to restore and kindle.

Belle (2013)

Image Source: IMDb

Director: Amma Asante

Genre: Drama/Romance

Where to Watch: HBO Max, Spectrum TV, Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV

More representation is always appreciated. This is a British period drama released in 2013, inspired by a painting from 1779, following the life of Dido Elizabeth. His story was set in the 18th century. Like ‘Bridgerton,’ we see people of color and their stories.

Dido Elizabeth Belle is the illegitimate daughter of a Royal Navy Captain. Her aristocratic great-uncle and his wife raise her. 

Inspired by the real story of Dido Elizabeth Belle, Dido faces much racial discrimination because of her mixed race.

She is even prevented from entering the marriage market because it can cause a scandal. The family’s name can be at stake. 

Dido inherits a great fortune after her father’s death and is advised to remain a spinster like her aunt.

Dido, along with Elizabeth, another niece of the aristocratic great uncle, becomes good friends and is both pursued by men when they begin courting suitors. A young lawyer catches Dido’s eyes and has his motives.

Mary Queen of Scots (2018)

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Director: Josie Rourke

Genre: Drama/History

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video

‘Mary Queen of Scots’, Just like Bridgerton showed the relationship between women in terms of sisters, friends, mothers, and daughters.

This movie follows the relationship between Mary the Queen of Scotland and her cousin Queen Elizabeth I.

This story is followed as Mary returns to Scotland to claim the throne. She plots to overthrow her cousin Queen Elizabeth I and take the throne. But she fails, leading her to years of imprisonment.

 Although there are many misconceptions about Mary and Elizabeth’s relationship, this movie is worth a watch because of the fantastic plot, the exceptional performance by the actors, and the memorable costumes and set designs.

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