Top 10 Movies To Get You Away From Reality!

Get ready to dip your fangs into the supernatural world. Fantasy movies allow you to explore your fantasies and imaginations and feel things you wouldn’t think in the real world to escape reality.

Here you’re going to get magical movies to refresh your mind from the hustle and bustle of daily life. These fantastical journeys and magical adventures will keep you on the hook to the very end. This journey would include everything from Vampires to Warlocks to fantastic sci-fi.

These movies often originate from a scientific mistake or a curse, putting the world in danger. But, the thrilling journey starts when the heroes of the stories show their supernatural abilities to save the world from evil leading to—things you could not have imagined about.

So, prepare yourself to this fantastic journey to the supernatural world. Do not take your eyes off the screen and grab your favorite snacks and beverages, whether it be a hot cup of cocoa or a Butterbeer.

Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone (2001)

Image Source: HP Wiki

Director Name-Chris Columbus

Genre– Fantasy

Where to watch-Amazon Prime Video

Taken from the immensely popular novel JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone, the movie has been a hit among children and adults. The tune itself is something that brings in goosebumps and creates a surrounding of mystery and magic.

The story revolves around an orphan boy, harry, living with his uncle and aunt in “the Cupboard under the stairs.” Everything is about to change when he gets his destination invited from Hogwarts school, where he will find himself unique. The houses make the movie more exciting. See how the famous Harry Potter unravels the mystery of the sorcerer’s stone with his friends Ron and Hermione.

The movie is quite gripping and is followed by more exciting sequels. If you haven’t watched the film yet, you are missing out on the best series, where Harry fights the greatest evil.

Twilight (2008)

Image Source: IMDb

Director Name-Catherine Hardwicke

Genre-Romantic Fantasy

Where to watch-Netflix

If you love Vampires, this movie is the perfect material. The film is about a teenage boy (Edward) who craves a girl (Bella) so much! Why? Because she smells so yummy.

The driving force for the movie is genuine desire, ecstatic love, and the fear of rejection. 

Both Bella and Edward are beautiful teenagers, but Edward is afraid that he will sting his fangs into her and won’t stop. The looks they exchange are breathtaking. You can fall in love with the dark blue rainy vibes the movie gives.

Twilight is beautiful, and the actors have done an absolute job by doing complete justice. The movie involves more supernatural than one and has excellent sequels.

Chronicles Of Narnia (2005)

Image Source: DM

Director Name-Andrew Adamson

Genre-Fantasy Adventure

Where to Watch-Disney+ Hotstar 

The movie is a fantastic fantasy literature involving The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. The film revolves around four children and how they solve the mysteries of Narnia. 

Narnia is an imaginary land ruled by a tyrannical white witch who had made it. Magically the door opens through one of the wardrobes in the big country house where the children are left by their guardians to be safe during the war. 

See how little Lucy, with her siblings Peter, Susan, and Edmund enter the Narnian world surrounded by mythical beasts, magic, and talking animals and discover the secrets of Narnia. The movie is followed by four sequels, making the journey exciting and the most famous among children.

Night Teeth (2021)

Image Source: IMDb

Director Name– Adam Randall

Genre– Vampire Thriller

Where to watch– Netflix

What makes this movie unique is the splattered blood, neon lights, and especially the goofy dialogue, which perfectly explains the characteristics of these night bloodsuckers.

‘Vampires’ are treated as one of the many clichés in this underwhelming horror-action-comedy that has little charisma of its own.

The movie is staged well in a nightclub sequence, making the audience feel the surging excitement.

The human character played by Jorge Lendeborg adds humor to the show. His soulful eyes, when in danger, are responsible for the cliché.

But, his world turns upside down when, unfortunately, he becomes the chauffeur for the two beautiful Vampire ladies, Blaire and Zoe, who are out on a killing spree that night. All you can see are fangs tearing into throats from one nightclub to another. 

Things get worst when the truce between the humans and the vampires starts to fall apart, leading to plans to kill a network of bosses.

The ready-to-drink, alive-and-breathing human stash is creepy and can fill you with a glum sensation. “Night Teeth” can burn you inside out with its staking drama and thrill.

Stardust (2007)

Image Source: IMdb

Director Name-Matthew Vaughn


Where to Watch-Netflix

The movie is very different from the other fictional movies we explore. “Stardust,” the word in itself, says a lot about the movie. The plot starts to build when a boy named Tristan, who lives in the kingdom of storm held by a wall, sees a falling shooting star and promises to retrieve it for her beloved Victoria. 

But, here lies the twist in the story because the shooting star falls on the other side of the wall where the fantasy world lies.

When Tristan crosses the border through a gap, he finds out that the star is, in fact, a girl with long blond hair named Yvonne.

She is exceptional, and eating her heart can provide you with eternal life, which everyone desires. After all, it’s a fantasy. 

The movie becomes more interesting with kings fighting for a throne and witches after her to eat her heart and cheat age. See how the two characters survive with the help of one another and how love empowers all.

The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones (2013)

Image Source: IMDb

Director Name-Harald Zwart


Where to Watch-Prime Video

The movie is very captivating and never has a dull moment. The movie’s main protagonist is Clary (Lilly Collins), a teenager who lives peacefully until she turns 18 and starts to see weird unexplainable things.

The show becomes more mysterious with the disappearance of her mother and herself finding out to be a Shadow Hunter. She is born to kill demons and save the mundane. 

The movie gets twisted by the appearance of another shadow hunter, Jace( Jamie Campbell Bower), along with his brother and sister. With his network’s help, Jace will help her find her mother.

The plot gets more convoluted when more oozy monsters get involved. Clary and Jace are falling in love with each other, while Clary’s best friend, Simon, is falling for her. The characters have done justice to the show, and the movie comes into a must-watch category.

Avatar (2009)

Image Source: TLJ

Director Name-James Cameron

Genre-Adventure/Fantasy/ Sci-fi

Where to Watch-You tube, Disney+ Hotstar

James Cameron has created a new world with different species and exquisite finesse.

He has paid attention to every single detail. In this futuristic world shown in the movie, the US Forces send humans to infiltrate the peaceful lives of the new species called as Navi people. But to enter their world, they have to disguise themselves as the Navi look-alikes.

Here, Jake Sully is framed by his boss to enter the world of Navi and discover their strengths and weaknesses. In return, he is promised his pair of legs if he agrees to betray the Pandora people.

The movie takes a sharp turn when Jake happens to fall in love with one of the avatars, Neytiri. Avatar’s use of technology looks hyper-realistic. 

The film is colorful, filled with fantastical creatures and geography, and feels out of the world. The alien creatures may not look photo-real, but they seem alive and expressive.

Divergent (2014)

Image Source: AMCT

Director Name-Neil Burger


Where to Watch-Zee 5

As we enter into a new world completely different from today. Where society has been divided into five other groups called the Factions names as Dauntless, Erudite, Amity, Candour, and Abnegation 

Teens of today’s world are supposed to undergo tests and choose the faction most suitable for them. Dauntless make up the military and the protectors, Erudite produces more scientists, Amity refers to farmers, Candour runs the court, and Abnegation runs the government. 

Each of them is also signified by different colors. The challenges kick in when the teens are put through tests of different levels, and the results determine which faction to join. The most problematic situations come when they are eligible for the faction other than their families and will never be able to see them again. The story is unique and gripping throughout.

Maleficent (2014)

Image Source: IMDb

Director Name-Robert Stromberg

Genre-Fantasy/ Adventure

Where to Watch– Disney+ Hotstar

Witches are always to be taken as the evil characters in a fantasy, but this is not the story of Maleficent.

Excellent acting by Angelina Jolie, who is entirely into motherhood and is the most powerful fairy in moors with the sole purpose of protecting moors from the human kingdoms.

Due to betrayal by the king, Maleficent cursed his firstborn Aurora (Sleeping beauty). To break the curse, aurora has to live with Maleficent, and in time they develop a relationship of a mother & daughter.

That eventually softens her heart and leads to an internal transformation. The movie is followed by a fantastic sequel, “MALEFICENT: Mistress of Evil,” and things become more interesting and exciting.

The little talking animals, the beautiful forest, and the fantastic acting made the movie a grand success. 

Avengers Endgame (2019) 

Image Source: IMDb

Director Name-Anthony Russo, Joe Russo


Where to Watch-Disney+ Hotstar

The storyline that started with Infinity War ended with the Avengers End game, the last of the Avengers movies. The movie continues with half of life being snapped away by Thanos (Josh Brolin) by using the infinity stones.

‘Avengers End Game’ has come up with new hopes and ideas to bring back the hero’s loss to infinity war by going back in time and stopping the misfortune from happening. The motive is to travel through time and retrieve the infinity stones before Thanos can find them in the first place. 

Topping the list of marvel fans, the movie is filled with twists and turns and shows your favorite heroes die or return to life. 

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