Top 10 Movies That Are Banned In India

The things we are not allowed to do, we humans intend to do the same thing. And when it comes to movies that are banned for some reason, it develops a curiosity about why it is banned. 

You must want to know why, and there are many banned movies you have never heard about it.

So here we have brought you some movies banned in India as it opposes the rules in India and could hurt the sentiments of normal citizens.

Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love (1996)

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Director: Mira Nair

Genre: Crime, Drama, Romance 

Where to watch: Vudu, Google Play, and Amazon Instant Video

Helen Kriel and Mira Nair write this movie storyline. Kama Sutra is an amazing movie made for Toronto International Film Festival. 

One of the movie characters is an inspiration for many women at that time, and few still can relate to the character now.

So the movie’s plot starts in 16th century India, where two friends from different backgrounds are shown and how they turn into enemies because of a simple misunderstanding.

Princess Tara and her maid Maya are raised together. Their enmity starts when Princess Tara gets engaged to King Raj Singh, but meanwhile, Tara sleeps with Raj Singh on the day of their marriage with Tara, and she does all this to take revenge on Tara as she treats Maya poorly.

 Later she is expelled from the palace but continues her sexual relationship with the king and destroys his kingdom. Due to the boldness and nudity shown in this movie, it is banned in India.

Bandit Queen (1994)

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Director: Shekhar Kapur

Genre: Drama and Political Drama

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

This movie is an adaptation of India’s Bandit Queen. Mala Sen writes the movie storyline, you might not have heard about this movie, but surely once in a life, you have heard the name ‘Phoolan Devi.’ 

This movie is based on her tragedy and shows the dark side of the society of that time. So the movie plot starts with the movie’s main character, Phoolan Devi, who is portrayed as a criminal in society and later turns into a politician. 

She faced many hardships in her youth because she was a woman from a lower caste. She was sexually abused numerous times throughout her life; she later fell in love with Vikram Mallah, one of the gang leaders of the Dacoits. 

After the death of her lover, she made her gang kill all her culprits and shoot them in front of the village members.

This movie is banned in India due to extreme violence and nudity. Even one of the completely nude scenes is portrayed here. To know more about the movie, you must watch this splendid movie.

Water (2005)

Image Source: MUBI

Director: Deepa Mehta

Genre: Romance and Drama

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

This plot is set in the 19s when widows are very ill-treated in society, and they are outcasted from society like they were some virus or disease; if they allow them to live in society, then their bad luck can get transferred to them. 

They do not have the liberty to live like normal people. So Deepa Mehta’s drama movie shows the status of widows in the late 1930s in India. He showed that women are forced into poverty after their husbands’ death. 

But one of the women refuses to accept this outcast system, breaks society’s norms, and chooses her happiness above all things.

She tries to establish an unlike relationship with one of Mahatma Gandhi’s followers. So just because of all these reasons, this movie is banned in India. 

Fire (1996)

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Director: Deepa Mehta

Genre: Romance and Drama

Where to watch: Starz Amazon Channel and Crave Starz

This movie has a different concept than any other movie, where the life of woman women is represented in such a way that many of you can connect to the movie’s characters. 

So the movie plot starts with two women named Radha and Sita, stuck in loveless marriages. Sita is stuck or trapped in an arranged marriage, and her husband, Jatin, is cruel and unfaithful towards her. 

On the other hand, Radha carried his brother named Ashok. He is a religious zealot, and he believes in suppressing his desires for others. 

And these two ladies realize that they both are dealing with similar situations, which brings them a bit closer, and their relationship goes far more than normal. They also never anticipated this situation. 

Unfreedom (2014)

Image Source: Youngisthan

Director: Raj Amit Kumar

Genre: Romance and Drama

Where to watch: Vudu

This movie is based on sensitive topics like terrorism, intolerance, and the Muslim community. Damon J. Taylor and Raj Amit Kuma write the storyline. 

So the film starts with the storyline where a Muslim terrorist tries to kidnap a young woman who is a liberal Muslim Scholar.

She resists her father’s decision, who wants her to perform an arranged marriage without her concern; he is forcing his opinions on her. 

The characters are compelled to perform such an ugly act that might cause you to hate them. It is also that part of the society torn apart by religious, political, and sexual turmoil.

Raj Amit Kumar is a bold director who addresses intolerance and extremism. To know more, you must watch this splendid movie.

Sins (2005)

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Director: Vinod Pande

Genre: Drama and Romance

Where to watch: Hulu, Netflix, and Prime Video

We all have heard that a priest or father nun lives a pure life like they do not get married or ever have any relation with others.

Sins are based on a news story of a 1988 Kerala priest that Pande read, where this priest got a death sentence based on the allegation of sexual harassment and murder charges. 

Sinsis the story of a man who was not ready for a celibacy life. The movie plot narrates the story of two passionate lovers, Father William and Rosemary, who interact very innocently, but soon their innocence relation turns physical. 

They both fall in love with each other, and their forbidden passion is punctuated by jealousy, betrayal, and hatred. All these emotional rides make this movie a must-watch for every movie lover out there.

The Pink Mirror (2005)

Image Source: PI

Director: Sridhar Rangayan

Genre: Comedy and LGBTQ

Where to watch: MX Player

The Pink Mirror, also titled Gulabi Aaina in India, was written by Sridhar Rangayan. The Pink Mirror is the first Indian movie focusing on transsexuals, which is not so common in India.

The entire story revolves around two transsexual people, basically gay characters. So the movie plot deals with two Indian drag queens who try to compete with the Westernized gay teen to make the heart of a handsome man flutter. 

This award-winning movie gives a perfect tribute to the LGBTQ community and a clash between eastern and Western cultures.

Mushrooms (2011)

Image Source: News18

Director: Vimukthi Jayasundara

Genre: Drama

Where to watch: Hotstar, Netflix, Voot, and Jio Cinema

Mushrooms are an interesting movie directed by Sri Lankan that deals with an architect man story of Calcutta. Bengal is a center of art.

So the movie plot starts with a man named Rahul, an architect who went to Dubai to make his career over there. 

As an architect, he begins a vast construction site over there. He later gets reunited with his Bengali girlfriend named Paoli, and she has long waited for him to overcome his home again. She lived in Calcutta with her family members. 

Later they both go to the forest to find Rahul’s lost brother, who lives in a forest and sleeps on trees. He is mad. To know more about the movie, you must read this awesome movie.

Mohalla Assi (2015)

Image Source: NDTV

Director: Chandraprakash Dwivedi

Genre: Satire and Drama

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

This movie is a satirical religious drama starring Sunny Deol and Sakshi Tanwar, an adaption of ‘Kashi ka Assi.’ You might have seen or met some fake gurus at some point. Mostly you have seen them around the temples or on pilgrimage. 

Those fake gurus try to lure tourists or visitors, not the local people. Assi ghat is considered the most famous and historical place in Banaras (Varanasi). It is renowned for burning bodies at its site and is situated near the bank of the river Ganga. 

So this movie plot also deals with the concept of a Sanskrit priest who decides to take matters into his hand when the locals of the holy town Banaras tries to lure the tourists with their fake spiritual gurus. 

All the characters give outstanding performances even in this movie director perfectly showed the exploitation of religious sentiments, which the counterfeit gurus do.

Lipstick under my Burkha (2016)

Image Source: Mint

Director: Alankrita Shrivastava

Genre: Dark Comedy and Comedy

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

This fantastic movie is controversial because of its name. Many protests and court cases happened so that the film could not release. This movie shows four ordinary women stuck in toxic marriages and by societal norms. 

They later cheat, lie, and steal to live the life they want and deserve. They do all these things to gain freedom and break all odds and obstacles.

On the other hand, they are cheated by their husband, and even their husbands justify their awful deeds. Her red lipstick is a symbol of rebellion. 

Lipstick under my burkha is a women-oriented movie to make society understand that some thoughts need to change according to time.

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