Top 10 Movies About The Depression That Shakes People From The Inside

Nowadays, Mental health is a critical topic in which many people are eventually getting better comfortableness than Depression.

Depression is an unusual issue that millions of people in almost the world deal with, and it might be you who will also face some depression issues yourself. 

Few classic movies talk about severe Depression in very heart-touching and exciting patterns. Here we tried to describe ten movies about Depression to watch how they illustrate mental health. 

It could help you to achieve a great fondness for people’s daily battles, and these movies are also very entertaining to watch.

World’s Greatest Dad (2009)

Image Source: IMDb

Director: Bobcat Goldthwait

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Where to watch:  Prime Video, Hulu, VUDU, Apple TV

People might not always deal with someone suffering from Depression with kindness due to the stigma referring to mental illness.

This movie, his movie stars Robin Williams, a motivational author, and father who experiences Depression. 

Lance Clayton, a failing novelist and poetry teacher at a high school, is the protagonist of the movie World’s Greatest Dad. 

He sees a woman who does not want to acknowledge their relationship in front of everyone. And his son plays an unambitious character and is addicted to pornographic content.

However, in actuality, Clayton is dealing with Depression and mental illness. He was competent in writing a stimulating suicide note attributable to his pessimistic Depression.

This film portrays how everyone near a depressed person shows up and how they act after the person finishes himself.

Melancholia (2011)

Image Source: BBC

Director: Lars von Trier

Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi

Where to watch:  Prime Video, HBOmax, VUDU, Apple TV

Melancholia stars Lars von Trier and Kirsten Dunst in a science fantasy drama. The entire plot of this movie is that a planet named Melancholia is moving toward Earth and about to collide with the Earth. All humankind knows about it, and they know that it will destroy very soon.

 It seems this is a psychological suspense or drama movie, but in reality, a sense of deep Depression works as what people are dealing with because of what is occurring.

Melancholia is considered a profound sort of sadness where everyone feels wholly discouraged. This movie explores mental health problems as it is a science vision movie.

 It didn’t make any sensational approach when released in 2011, but it is yet to be worth observing if you believe the idea is sound enough. Everyone may not like it, but it is a remarkable exploration of in-depth Depression.

Cake (2014)

Image Source: RT

Director: Daniel Barnz

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Where to watch: Netflix, Apple TV

The Cake is one of the best movies about Depression that portrays what depression movies might be. The Cake is the best movie to watch when you feel depressed and are trying to be knowledgeable about your life. 

Renowned actress Jennifer Aniston is The star of this movie. In the film, She loses her son and feels so much Depression that she starts symptoms of undergoing chronic pain.

This movie is exciting because it reveals how much Depression or sadness can transform your life. 

Depression is not just anything that will influence your mood; sometimes, It can also generate severe physical problems. And Depression can make it much more challenging to get through life. 

All we can say, this film will force you to think about what standing depressed means.

 Anomalisa (2015)

Image Source: YT

Director: Charlie Kaufman, Duke Johnson

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Animation

Where to watch: Prime Video, VUDU, Apple TV

Sometimes you see people you expect to be happy with, but in reality, they are depressed. 

Anomalisa is the movie that describes the story of Michael Stone, the author of motivational books about achieving customer aid and corporate efficiency.

Stone is actually in a depression. He hates himself and sometimes feels unknown by the outside world. Despite being a professional himself, he is in helping people live more pleasing and happier lives. 

The film illustrates a viewpoint where Stone sees everyone as nearly identical. This movie demonstrates the existential complications of living with Depression.

Numb (2007)

Image Source: TFF

Director: Harris Goldberg

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Where to watch: Prime Video, Apple TV

Numb is not considered a groundbreaking film, but this movie is enjoyable to observe. If you’re exploring depression movies that help you experience more hope of getting through a challenging time, then this romantic humor will seem significant.

 This movie is about a screenwriter acted by Matthew Perry, who suffers from Depression. Then He gets connected with his love of life and tries to endeavor to divert things around in this movie.

It is not a film that creates a transformative story, but as far as depression films run, this movie will be very purifying. 

If you’re searching for those films which you want to watch when you feel depressed, then this movie is perfect for you. It has a nice story and many well-known actors and actresses; you are a tremendous fan.

It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

Image Source: LWL

Director: Frank Capra

Genre: Holiday, Comedy, Drama

Where to watch: Prime Video, Hulu, VUDU, Apple TV

It’s a Wonderful Life is an old-time classic movie that many people observe during the holidays.

The film stars actor James Stewart who plays a businessman role who lost his way of life, and He starts to feel depressed. He starts thinking that the Earth would be a better place if he had never lived in it.

Then the movie takes a turn when A helpful ghost contacts him to show him how the world would be if he were not there. 

It’s a great movie that displays to people that they have importance even when they feel depressed and believe that they don’t.

You may love this movie if you are OK with watching old-time black &white films. It maintains that old charm that many of you are fond of or if you would like to see its viewpoint on the topic of the Depression. This movie was released in 1946.

Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

Image Source: RF

Director: Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Faris

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Where to watch: Prime Video, HBOmax, VUDU, Apple TV

Little Miss Sunshine won a few awards when it was released in 2006. It stars actors Steve Carell, and it’s a beautiful illustration of a family that faces diverse mental health efforts.

You can say that almost everyone in this family is dealing with depression problems. They also encounter many other problems throughout the film, and witnessing how the family interconnects with each other while attempting to solve the issues is delightful.

This movie is a story of families struggling to bring their young daughters to the last round of a beauty pageant contest.

This daughter is likely the most mentally fit in the family, and she understands that her family requires her positive qualities and mental strength to stand. If you like dark comedies, then this movie is great to watch.

Helen (2009)

Image Source: MUBI

Director: Sandra Nettelbeck

Genre: Drama

Where to watch: Prime Video, VUDU, Apple TV

People believe that a disturbing childhood experience, a traumatic or crippling dose of stress, reasons Depression. Yet, Depression can happen on various grounds or have absolutely no reason.

The main character Helen suffers from Depression, and She hides her Depression from her family for years until it reaches too extreme to ignore.

Fortunately, her supportive husband and daughter take care of her and assist her in her recovery from Depression.

The movie portrays that if you enjoy your life with pleasure and triumph, you even do not understand when Depression may hit your life.

The most significant point is to maintain a healthy surrounding of people who love you and help you to heal.

Interiors (1978)

Image Source: TC

Director: Woody Allen

Genre: Drama

Where to watch: Prime Video, VUDU, Apple TV

Depression is a complicated condition that influences people’s lives in several ways, but those who undergo it must understand they are not the sole ones who mourn. It affects the entire family. When a loved one in the family has trouble from Depression, 

Interior is a movie about a family that breaks apart after the father divorces his wife because he feels exhausted from taking care of her as she is affected by dementia and high-functioning Depression. She responds by trying suicide. Then She spent a few years in a sanitorium undergoing therapy daily.

Joey, her daughter, is charged with supervising her. Joey ducts her frustrations on her mother. In this movie, Their connection demonstrates how Depression can generate bitterness throughout families.

 Prozac Nation (2001)

Image Source: SM

Director: Erik Skjoldbjærg

Genre: Drama

Where to watch:   Apple TV

Prozac is an anti-depressant medication used to treat a type of mental illness. Prozac Nation is established on Elizabeth Wurtzel’s memoirs, chronicling her struggle with atypical Depression. Yet, Many specialists feel this movie helped to boost mental health cognition. 

The film Prozac Nation is a story about this prescription and Lizzi, a journalism student at Harvard, who just started her academic career but is shortly diagnosed with acute Depression. 

She drops into a profound depression and engages in self-destructive conduct due to the pressures of success. She abuses drugs to alleviate the agony.

However, when she first notices the positive effects, she starts to feel that she has become dependent on the medicine, which is destroying her.

She plans to use the medication to relieve the distress, but it seems to have taken possession of her life rather than assisting her.

Most of these films were motivated by real-life meetings with Depression. Seeing these movie’s actor’s efforts and gaining success may provide you the motivation you must to keep moving.

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