Top 10 comedy films on Peacock that you can watch

Peacock has a library of comedy movies for you to devour. Whether you are looking for this weekend to have a great time with your family or with friends or just a quick watch before the end of your tiring day, nothing a good comedy cannot fix.

Or you are looking for some good laughs or just an entertaining fun movie and all you have is the Peacock subscription.

Well, nothing to worry about as we are listing the 10 best comedy movies that you can watch on Peacock to have a great time. Take your pick!

Despicable Me (2010)

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The movie is an animated comedy film that revolves around the story of this villainy guy named Gru.

He embraces three children to execute his grand plan of pulling off this greatest heist by involving the children as pawns in the play.

Be that as it may, Gru’s life takes a turn when one of these young ladies begins seeing him as a father figure. He likewise fosters a specific love toward the young lady.

The film focuses on the cherishing relationship between these girls and Gru, who is also trying to find his place in the world.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

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As the name says, the movie’s story is about failing to remember Sarah Marshall. It is a tale about a person named Peter who is attempting to forget his ex: Sarah and move on with his life.

This romantic comedy reveals an entertaining turn when Peter goes to Hawaii to escape his worries and stuff; however, he winds up finding Sarah again with another person.

The two of them remain at a similar retreat, making it even more difficult for him. The cast of this film features the How I Met Your Mother actor Jason Segel along with Russell Brand, Mila Kunis, and Paul Rudd.

The Blues Brothers (1980)

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It is one of the most outstanding comedy movies on Peacock to watch today.

The Blue Brothers featuring Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi is a film that tells the story of these two siblings, Jake Blues, who was just released from jail, and Elwood Blues.

Soon these brothers came to find out that their childhood orphanage was about to destroy.

Both decided to save the orphanage that once was their home. All they have to do is reunite their early days R & B Band so that they can raise funds.

Friday (1995)

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This movie is a good buddy comedy movie to watch on Peacock. That is about two stoner unemployed pals, Craig and Smokey, who wish their day was more fun and happening like others.

Well, they got their wish as they saw their new neighbor making their life much more interesting than they had ever thought.

Things become more complicated for them when they face a lot of troubles in their life after being indebted to a total of $200 to this local drug dealer.

The film was written by DJ Pooh and Ice Cube and directed by F. Gray Gray; released back in 1995 and later became the first film in the Friday Franchise as we know it today.

There were other movies in the franchise that were later released as Next Friday in 2000 and the again Friday After Next in 2002.

Slap Shot (1977)

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Slap Shot is a fun sports comedy film about the story of this ice hockey group that’s weak and failing yet made their last desperate attempt to regain fame by playing incredibly violent and brutal bringing three new violent players in.

The story is based in this small town of New England called Charlestown where a local mill is going to let go of their 10,000 workers.

Another great failure in the town has to be Charlestown Chiefs, a minor league hockey team of this town who is getting worse as well.

But as getting tired of being a failure for years, as a last resort, their coach Reggie Dunlop played by Paul Newman, and the players allowed Hanson Brothers to play the club’s latest acquisitions.

These brothers are known for playing violent and have a flair that excites and entertains the fans which further becomes the success potion for their team to win these games.

Liar Liar (1997)

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Liar Liar is a comedy film that features the story of this effective and charming legal counselor who has been a liar his entire profession.

Well, things take a crazy turn when he becomes completely unable to talk about anything for almost a day.

Jim Carrey causes havoc on people with his truth bombs and confrontations which is hilarious to watch on its own.

Later he finds out that all of this happening because his kid wishes on his birthday that his father doesn’t lie for a day and apparently his wish become true.

The cast of this film features Jim Carrey, Jennifer Tilly, Krista Allen, and Justin Cooper to give some examples.

Step Brothers (2008)

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Step Brothers is a comedy film that follows these two moronic and moderately aged men, Brennan and Dale who still live with their parents.

But they were forced to live together as a flatmate when their parents got hitched together making quite a tussle between these step-brothers.

Will Ferrell and John C. Relly are great in this goofy brotherly comedy movie that is streaming on Peacock for you to watch?

Love Actually (2003)

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Love Actually is a romantic comedy film featuring Hugh Award, Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, and Emma Thompson. The film collages the accounts of eight different couples in London.

As the story continues, the film shows how the occasions in two or three lives are interrelated. Set at the hour of Christmas month, this one is a must-watch.

The Jerk (1979)

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The Jerk is a comedy film featuring Steve Martin, Carl Reiner, and Bernadette Peters.

The film features the story of this simpleminded country boy who decided to leave his place, get out there in the world, big city to experience a new life.

Surely, his naiveties were tested in this big city which became a delightful watch. The film is directed by Carl Reiner and Michael Schultz.

The Hangover (2009)

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The Hangover is one of the popular buddy comedies that you can watch on Peacock.

The story of this film revolves around Four friends who hit up Vegas for a bacherlor party; however, they don’t seem to find the friend who is going to get married the next day.

Apparently, one of these guys wed a Vegas hooker; they have an unknown child in their apartment along with a tiger in the bathroom.

With this heavy hangover, they don’t remember anything happened last night, so they try to backtrack their steps and find out what happened, so they can find their lost friend and go back before his wedding needs to start.

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