Top 10 best movies which are similar to ‘The Menu’

Starting from Fresh to Bodies Bodies Bodies, till now, there are plenty of horror films that focus on parties and gatherings, which are in demand by the fans of “The Menu.”

The movie went about Tyler and Margot attending a fancy dinner at an acclaimed restaurant paying a high price tag.

They experience something more horrifying than they prepared for by paying a high price tag. The movie digs into questions about privilege and luxury and consists of fascinating assumptions. The movie has obtained a lot of buzz.

So, here is a list of such movies for fans searching for horror movies about parties and gatherings that go wrong that also includes stories about the guests who are put into terrifying situations and get-togethers that become evil in an instant.

Fresh (2022)

Image Source: IMDb

Director Name: Mimi Cave

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Comedy & Comedy thriller

Where To Watch: Hulu

“Fresh” was a movie that came to the screens at the start of 2022 and was a hit. The movie is about a couple who cutely met in a grocery store; after some time, the woman grasps that the man is too menacing.

Noa is the same as the viewers watching the film; she is even exhausted by the thought of using dating apps repeatedly, tired of going on a dull date alone. Whereas Steve seems filled with positive energy, this is not the end; there’s more going on here. 

Fresh is the best horror movie on Hulu and is liked by many fans, “Fresh” is a movie for horror fans who don’t get surprised easily anymore by watching horror movies.

It is a must-watch for those fans because there are some shocking moments here. Noa is a riveting character to watch, as she is strong.

Ready Or Not (2019)

Image Source: MA

Director Name: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett

Genre: Horror, Thriller & Dark Comedy

Where To Watch: Fubo &  DirecTV

In the movie “Ready Or Not,” Grace Le Domas can tell you that sometimes marrying into a wealthy family can become a life risk and having to go through many obstacles.

Still, this thought never came into her mind that she could be forced to play an unexpected game after her reception gets over, a game of hide and seek where every family member would hunt her.

The movie also creates an atmosphere that is too confusing as Grace doesn’t know whether to trust her newly married husband.

This movie will primarily attract the fans of “The Menu” as both films showcase that the main characters are brought somewhere unusual by the person they love. In both cases, the dinner or wedding turns into something more horrible than they have ever expected.

Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022)

Image Source: IMDb

Director Name: Halina Reijn

Genre: Horror, Comedy, Slasher, Comedy Horror, Dark Comedy & Thriller

Where To Watch: Amazon Prime Video

It is a movie in which a group of wealthy friends (20-something) plans a party in a remote mansion in the countryside, “Bodies Bodies Bodies” is a comedy murder mystery that looks into the fact that whether this social group does like each other or not.

As one person dies, the rest try to figure out who did it by scrambling. All the people start insulting each other and share their innermost and darkest thoughts, which they usually keep to themselves.

Just as “The Menu” becomes a horrific disaster, similarly “Bodies Bodies Bodies” turns out to be a fight for survival at a regular friends party.

The two movies try to maintain a sense of humor and have many words for people with wealth and privilege.

The Feast (2021)

Image Source: IMDb

Director Name: Lee Haven Jones

Genre: Horror & Fantasy

Where To Watch: Hulu

This movie is known to be one of the best horror movies, which came in 2021 though it didn’t get as much attention from the audience as others. “The Feast” occurs at a gorgeous mansion located in Wales.

Two people are invited for dinner by a wealthy family, and before the main event happens, each family member starts acting strangely.

Like “The Menu,” “The Feast” is also a very surprising movie, and its ending is extremely dark as the characters are not the person they seem to be.

The movie, on its own, is portrayed in a very beautiful place, and after the audience finishes watching the movie, the characters can haunt them. Especially this movie will attract horror fans who want a film with an unexpected ending.

All The Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006)

Image Source: IMDb

Director: Jonathan Levine

Genre: Horror, Slasher, Mystery & Thriller

Where To Watch: RedBox

Plenty of slasher movies on parties, social politics, and popularity are present in high school. 

While they can fuse, All The Boys Love Mandy Lane shows the main character as going to a pool party planned by a classmate, and it has a brilliant storyline that is difficult to predict.

In this movie, the characters don’t even know what is going on, and the movie also has an ending with a twist. It’s just like Margot in The Menu attending the meal in a fancy restaurant and doesn’t know what’s going on.

With plenty of slashers having a similar storyline and ending up similarly, it’s quite interesting to see a movie that takes a different approach.

Would You Rather (2012)

Image Source: IMDb

Director: David Guy Levy

Genre:  Horror & Thriller

Where To Watch: AMC+ & Tubi

In the film “Would You Rather,” the character Iris wants to pay for Raleigh’s (her brother’s) cancer treatment.

To earn money, she plays a fearful game by attending a gathering with the hopes of winning a lot of cash to help her brother. It is a breathtaking film, and other than any horror movie characters, Iris has even more at stake.

The movie is filled with plenty of tense moments, and it’s too difficult for the audience to assume whether Iris will be able to go through it, as the game is not for people with weak hearts, and it is much more horrible than she would have ever expected.

Secondly, “Would You Rather” is too much more emotional than “ The Menu,” and it’s horrific to watch what Iris is going to do.

Scream (2022)

Image Source: IGN

Director: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Slasher & Mystery

Where To Watch: Fubo & DirecTV

“Scream (2022)” portrays a huge party in the house of Amber Freeman, Which is the house of Stu Macher, and this is also the house where the first movie of the “Scream Series” took place. This movie is especially for horror fans looking for a movie with a gathering.

Just as the characters in “The Menu” are waiting for a good time to come, her friend group has no idea that actually what they are doing, and with high hopes in their heart, they all attend the party to be happy and cheer up, and all of them forget the fact that the people are getting killed.

You’re Next (2011)

Image Source: RT

Director: Adam Wingard

Genre: Horror, Science Fiction, Dark Comedy & Thriller

Where To Watch: AppleTV

In the movie “You’re Next”, the main character hopes that she will enjoy the gathering until the killers in masks appear, which turns the evening into a terrifying situation they have never expected.

Erin spends time with his boyfriend Crispin Davison’s family, and something unexpected happens, making it tough for her to survive.

The villain or the so-called slasher in the movie proves that a happy family gathering can turn into a horrible battle for survival in horror.

It’s one of the best movies for slasher fans, as it has everything they search for. It consists of a mask which makes it more realistic.

The Invitation (2022)

Image Source: IMDb

Director: Jessica M. Thompson

Genre: Horror & Mystery

Where To Watch: AppleTV

The Invitation is known to be one of the best horror movies released in 2022. The character Evie Jackson is invited to a marriage ceremony that is not an ordinary celebration.

Still, the ceremony offers her a chance to meet her family, which she didn’t know about. After that, she finds the truth about her relative, which is extremely dark.

Alike “The Menu,” “ The Invitation” portrays what a young woman will do when she finds herself in an extraordinary situation that is even more dangerous than she had ever expected. In both movies’ the main characters are tough and strong and make difficult choices to survive.

Silent Night (2021)

Image Source: IMDb

Director: Camille Griffin

Genre: Horror, Comedy, Drama, Dark Comedy & Thriller

Where To Watch: Fubo & AMC+

It’s a spellbinding horror film about a family gathering and a sadder which portrays a family celebrating Christmas. The movie “Silent Night” shows a world in the phase of ending, and thus the characters are ready to say goodbye to each other.

It shows that a deadly and poisonous gas is coming for the people living in England, which will lead to death, which makes the environment tense and chilling.

The situation in the movie makes clear that a horrific doom is hanging over everyone’s heads. In a situation like that, joyfully celebrating Christmas isn’t possible.

Still, it’s interesting to watch how the family enjoy themselves in the face of such a terrible situation which will take their lives.

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