Tobin Bell Is Officially Announced To Return As Jigsaw Killer In Saw 10

Horror icon Tobin Bell who is popularly known for playing John Kramer aka Jigsaw Killer in one of the biggest horror franchise Saw is going is making his return. 

The actor is officially announced to be reprising his role as Jigsaw Killer in the next Saw film produced from Twisted Pictures and Lionsgate. 

Jigsaw 10 is said to be going into the production and filming later this month. Saw franachises has been a horrfying set of movies featuring the manic Jigsaw Killer in perhaps the most gruesome and torturing methods. 

So, not just we are finally going to get more of those highly-disturbing, trap-setting and blood-gushing killing sequence ( not technically though!) but also right from the main killer John Kramer aka Jigsaw killer himself who we saw died in earlier movies. 

Even though the movie will go into production just later this month, we wil get to see the movie releasing on October 27, 2023, next year. 

The director Kevin Greutert who also made 2009 released Saw VI and also 2010 released Saw: The Final Chapter will be coming back to continue this horror slasher franchise. 

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The franchise producers Mark Burg and Oren Koules talked about they are thrilled to collaborate once again with Tobin and how it was the magic of his performance that made the franchise phenomenal. 

Here’s what Mark Burg and Oren Kouels said in their statement made to Entertainment Weekly : 

“What a thrill to be reuniting with Tobin.His performance as John Kramer is part of the magic that made this franchise a phenomenon, and his character is an active part of this film.”

Tobin played Jigsaw killer for the first time in the 2004 released original Saw movie directed by James Wan and written by Leigh Whannell. 

Leigh Whannel also played a important role in the movie. He was the one of the two strangers, the other one played by Cary Elwes who found themselves trapped in a basement with orchestrated tormentation, later revealed to be by Kramer. 

So, Tobin Bell’s character actually died in the 2006’s released Saw III but the character continued to create the same torture and havoc in much later series through other ways.  

His connection was in all of the Saw movies in the franchise whether he is in it or not except the latest entry, that is 2021 reboot movie Spiral featuring Chris Rock and Max Minghella. 

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So, one question might arise! That what it means to be Jigsaw Killer coming back to the Saw franchise? How it will play out when he is shown to be dead?

Well, they can clearly make a prequel that explores the psyche or let’s say even origin of this deranged killer. 

And John Kramer is more than a usual killer and within his twisted logic, he never killed anyone. 

He has a tragic motivation to do those monstrous things to people which arguably is worse than killing, and certainly not humane. 

But the point is, he is not the typical killing spree kind of killer and he has a method to his madness. So the prequel movie can be a lot about that! 

Or this is indeed going to serve as a proper Saw sequel and not a reboot or something where we are going to see the primary characters from the original franchise including the Jigsaw Killer. 

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