These Batman Villains Could Have Been In Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight’ Trilogy

Before getting into Batman villain characters, you need to admit that Dark Knight Trilogy is undoubtedly one of the best Batman movies ever.

It was the best portrayals of batman villains in the most realistic subtlety. Christopher Nolan successfully adapted this epic legend vigilante from comics and adapted to a real gritty world.

Watching great villains such as Heath Ledger’s Joker and Tom Hardy’s Bane, it gives us this itch to see more of batman villains into Nolan’s world.

Even when there is no chance of getting back the Batman series for Nolan, there has been a lot of speculations of batman villains in the trilogy, never made an entrance.

On another hand, Nolan gave some hints of the villains in The Dark Knight trilogy that you might have missed. So here are all the batman villains that might have been in the trilogy or are there but never got extended or noticed.

Victor Zsasz

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If you are a true Batman fan, you surely know quite much about Victor Zasaz. He was a serial killer who carves tally marks on his skin every time he kills his victims.

It first appeared in 1992-released Shadow Of the Bat comics. You have also encountered in CW’s TV show ‘Gotham’, and even recently as a minion of Black Mask played by Ewan McGregor in Birds of Prey.

Christopher Nolan made sure to put him in the first Batman movie of The Dark Knight Trilogy. He was a vicious former mob enforcer who was transferred to Arkham Asylum by Dr. Crane, played by Cillian Murphy.

Later in the movie, Rachel played by Katie Holmes faces him at the time of her escape from the asylum. Batman arrives at the point and saves her from this killer.

Surely the characters had no lines in the movie but surely known to be consciously addressed as one of the Batman villains.  

He surely gets more screen time as for the batman villain suspected to get more in further installments but didn’t make it as we knew now.

The Riddler

Image Source: Reddit (William Gray)

The Riddler is the most recognizable Batman villains alongside Joker, Penguin, and Two-Face.

It was into the speculation that whether The Riddler will show up in Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy. Well, there was a bit of a hint that you surely have missed!

Remember that guy in Bruce Wayne’s office, at Wayne Enterprises by the name of Coleman Reese trying to reveal Batman’s secret identity.

Fox constantly refers to him as “Mr. Reese” which if said aloud sounds like “mysteries”. Now, The Riddler’s real name was ‘E. Nygma’ who was also a former employee in Wayne Enterprise.

So, Mr. Reese can be Nolan’s take on Riddler! Surely it was not intended to make him ‘The Riddler’ at some point but it was called back to Batman’s greatest villain.

Killer Croc

Image Source: WorldofBlackHeroes

Christopher Nolan wanted to provide suitably realistic antagonists in The Dark Knight Trilogy as he did with Bane and the League of Shadows.

If you remember that scene when Commissioner Gordon escapes from the Bane’s sewer hideout, John Blake aka Robin tried to convince his colleagues about Bane.

He told me about the response saying “They asked me if he saw any giant alligators”. Surely, it was a reference to the iconic Batman villain Killer Croc.

Since it was a tongue in cheek reference for that reptile-like Batman villains but it surely demonstrates the inception of the character in Nolan’s mind. You see, what I did here!


Image Source: HeroChan

Clayface was included in The Dark Knight Trilogy, indirectly and more like allusion for sure! Clayface’s origin story goes back to its reference from Batman: The Animated Series.

He was named Roland Daggett – CEO of the company that makes face cream. Apparently, he tested the cream on himself consuming the harmful chemicals that transform him into the Batman villain Clayface.

Now, in Nolan’s Batman universe, shapeshifting villains might not be realistic or suitable for the realism you see in the movie.

So, he put his own take on Clayface, Dagget to be precise. He was the CEO of a construction company and was a direct rival of Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises.


Image Source: DC Comics

Hush, was the batman villain rumored to be featured in The Dark Knight Trilogy. Hush appeared later in the comics, and also in the animated feature but has known to be leaving the last impression on fans.

Hush was the childhood friend of Bruce Wayne, named Tommy Elliot. He was said to the mirror reflection of Bruce Wayne.

However, instead of becoming a legend like Batman, he went on a dark path becoming Hush. He orchestrated a sophisticated master plan to destroy his old pal. Tom Hardy was rumored to play this villain at that point.

Hugo Strange

Image Source: Syfy

Hugo Strange was another popular choice from the Batman fans to be featured in The Dark Knight Trilogy. Even, there was a rumor that late Robin Williams was going to play this maniacal batman villain.

There are many versions of the Hugo Strange but the most prominent was the master psychologist who got so obsessed with Batman that he even started to dress up like him once.

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