The Vampire Diaries Creators Almost Went For A Third Spin-Off Show 

After running successfully for four seasons, The CW cancelled The Vampire Diaries second spin-off series Legacies, it is now known that there were plans for another TVD spin-off series that time. 

Julie Plec, the creator of the show shared about this in the Top 5 Podcast from The Hollywood Reporter. 

Legacies was the second spin-off from the TVD universe where the creators behind the show were aware of the situation regarding the renewal of the show from The CW.

Julie shared on this podcast after the show cancellation that CW handled the cancellation situation in the most classy way possible. 

Here’s what she exaclty said in the podcast :

 “In my opinion, The CW handled [the cancelation] in the most classy way you can handle a situation like this.When they saw the writing on the wall about the impending sale and started recognizing that they may not have complete control over all their pickups, they called us all, any of us they weren’t 100% sure about, and said, ‘Hey listen. You might not make the cut due to circumstances out of our control. So we’re letting you know this so that you can create a series finale that feels respectful to and honors the fans.”

Well, it is undeniable that the TVD or Legacies fan got the best ending of the show or the wrap up they deserve or can possible. 

Plec further talked about the CW’s decision to cancel the show and how the show ended, also she said it’s wans’t the network rather they even got the warning.  

“We took them at their word and we went for it.It wasn’t like being on a show where you’re in the middle of a cliffhanger and suddenly turn out the lights.We did have a warning… Certainly I don’t think it was The CW’s decision not to keep a Vampire Diaries show on the air…”

What’s good for the TVD fans is Plec being quite vocal about the fact that the TVD franchise is far from over, there will be more to see. 

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In fact, there was a third spin-off or say the fourth show from TVD universe in talks to bring a new addition to the franchise. 

Plec talked about this potential third TVD spin-off which was only incepted in the writer’s room and never went to see the light of the day, however studios knew about the idea. Here’s what exactly she shared : 

 “We had already been sort of talking about [another spinoff] very quietly inside the walls of our own little writer’s room.We had an idea, prepping is a loose term… The studio knew that we were pitching on an idea.The network knew, it was not in any kind of like, they hadn’t heard a peep about it.”

The creator of the show further talked about how the co-creators of the show Brett Matthews and Kevin Williams along with her were ready to go with the idea.

She shared how they were only going for the third spin-off when the cancellation happened out of nowhere. 

Here’s what the creator Plec quoted : 

“They didn’t know what it was, but yeah, we had an idea. Brett [Matthews] and Kevin [Williamson] and I were ready to go with it as soon as we carved out a window of time to do it. [The cancellation] kind of popped that balloon, I think, for now.”  Given that we literally have not pitched it to anybody, but I think Brett‘s spouse, but no, sorry [I can’t share it],It’s not yet formed enough to be shared.”

When asked about the idea for this third spin-off, Plec refused to share the idea as menitoned that it wasn’t out there at all, not pitched to anyone yet and she cannot share the idea as well.

She basically said it wasn’t formed properly enough to be told, they still need some work to do.

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But what to note here is this idea certainly involves Matthews who worked on the show Legacies and also includes Williamson who was co-creator with Plec for The Vampire Diaries. So this tells you, that chances are, whatever this new idea was, it was something to do with both of these shows.

Perhaps an idea that involves characters from The Vampire Diaries as well as from Legacies together in a series.

It could be a sequel-ish blend of both worlds against some threat or it could have been completely different spin-off based on a character or few in a different setting.

Overall it is quite exciting news for The Vampire Diaries fans or Legacies fans for that matter that there is a possibility of third spin-off from this universe.

Recently, we came to know that The Vampire Diaries left Netflix to now stream on Peacock and HBO. 

Source: THR's Top 5 Podcast
Featured Image Source: TVline
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