‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 2 Ending Explained 

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 is one of the most awaited Netflix series this year! And it has been a while since it is out now. So if you have already seen the series, there must be a lot to process.

Time travel is getting more complicated in the series as we go on! But interestingly, there is a lot going on in the series in multiple subplots. Well, here is everything you need to know about.

Who is Lila?

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Lila is introduced as a fellow patient in the hospital where Diego is sent after he attempts to kill Lee Harvey Oswald and prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy. 

We have seen Lila helping Diego escape the hospital and gained his trust over time. But only to learn that she is a time traveler herself, and also the step-daughter of The Handler.  She was adopted when the commission killed her parents in 1993.

However, the backstory here gets more interesting when we come to know that Handler herself ordered the assassination of Lila’s parents. She already knew about Lila’s special abilities. Lila was born in October 1989 just like all of the Hargreeves siblings.

Remember the first season?  Lila and other Hargreeves siblings were surely among the 43 mysterious pregnancy births that we learned about at the beginning of the first season.

Hargreeves adopted seven of the babies to become The Umbrella Academy but the other 36 still remained a mystery until Lila. Just like other Hargreeves siblings, Lila has her own unique abilities; she can mimic someone else’s powers and use them against them.

She turns their own abilities against them like a weaponized mirror. Well, this explains why Handler wants to claim on her own.

The 1963 Apocalypse

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When the Hargreeves siblings arrive in the 1960s, they assumed that the world is safe until 2019 when Vanya blew up the moon to cause the annihilation of the earth.

However, these Five, once again witnessed the apocalypse happening before the time when he arrives in Dallas in 1963. He witnesses the very last moments of the war going on and ending the world. He saw his sibling’s last stand against the Soviet invasion. 

And just before he could die, he saw the arsenal of nuclear missiles wiping them all out, he travels back in time with the help of  Hazel.

So now Five supposed that somehow, his siblings had caused the apocalypse. Now he has 10 days to find all his siblings and figure out the reason behind the apocalypse and stop it.

Over the ten days leading up to the apocalypse day, November 25, 1963, five other Hargreeves siblings try to piece together the events that are leading to doomsday.

But eventually, it’s Diego who uncovers the mystery! He finds out the events that lead to the nuclear war. Apparently, it was an explosion at the FBI building in Dallas which was blamed on USSR. Then. U.S attack backs Cuba to a USSR to bomb Anchorage, Alaska, all leading to a nuclear war.

But it wasn’t the soviets that caused the explosion in the FBI building but Vanya. Vanya uses his powers in order to attempt an escape from FBI custody. She is interrogated in FBI custody as they mistook her for a Russian agent.

She was given shocks in the interrogation which causes overloaded her power. She then, sends a massive power surge wave killing all the FBI agents and causing an explosion eventually.

Harlan’s Powers

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When Vanya landed in 1963, the first thing she did is get hit by Sissy’s car. Sissy eventually brings Vanya to her house to recuperate. Vanya has amnesia but over time, she gradually discovers her powers.

She used her powers big way when Sissy’s son Harlon runs into a lake and sinks out of the sight. she then used her power to lift the water out of the lake floating in the air where she can now carry Harlan from the lake to safety.

She also unintendedly gave some of her powers to him while doing CPR. She didn’t notice anything by then but later his powers started resurfacing. He even stopped a bullet from harming him and rebound to his father.

Later in the series, he froze the whole farm. Vanya made contact with Harlan to transfer the powers back to her or so she thought she did. But we see at last Harlan, floating a toy in the air means he still has the powers within him.

the Sparrow Academy

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When Hargreeves Siblings finally arrived in 2019, she was initially relieved to see that they landed after the apocalypse and it hasn’t happened at all.

But only soon to find out that doomsday isn’t the only thing that changed, the umbrella academy changed too. 

Umbrella Academy is now Spparow academy. Their father and Ben both are still alive. They see a new group of siblings living in the mansions who don’t seem to be the original six.

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