The Time When Peter Dinklage Believed That Game Of Thrones Got Cancelled Putting Him Out Of Work

Peter Dinklage got his immense popularity after playing the most likeable character in Game of Thrones, one of the most successful TV shows ever. 

He also broke the internet with his motivational speech after then sharing his struggle to rise up in the world and succeed after so many failures. 

The actor played Tyrion Lannister in the show giving one of the best TV performances ever, so much that he also won four Emmy awards for supporting roles. 

The way Dinklage carries himself off-screen and the conviction he brings to the character on-screen both shows how much he really enjoys playing this character. 

Surprisingly, Peter Dinklage himself, off-screen does give quite the ‘Tyrion Lannister’ vibe as his personality does bring all the dark and dry humor, wit and intelligence from the character. 

Not just is it great to see him perform but also speak in speeches or interviews as well. And the actor shares a lot of stories behind the scenes of Game of Thrones. 

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One of them was about the prank that Game of Thrones screewriters played on him. 

In the interview with Vanity Fair, creators of the show, David Benioff and D.B Weiss shared this incident where the screenwriters called Peter to tell them that the Game of Thrones series has been cancelled, and he’s out of job. 

He was crushed due to his news for almost six hours before he knew the truth that it was only the prank. 

David Benioff shared “ I think it was when the pilot was picked up. I was with Tom McCarthy and we called him from a Yankees game.

Peter Dinklage also shared later on about how he like to do this morbid prank of his cast and crew members where he pretend that he’s dead. 

He told this on Jimmy Kimmel Live! show , sharing” I like to pretend I’m dead. It’s always fun.For whoever, the wardrobe person or the producers. Just my legs sprawled out in the trailer. You got to get really smushed into the floor in a very awkward position…I’ll wait hours. We have a lot of time on set.”

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Well, it seems Peter Dinklage might be even more of a fun guy than his character Tyrion Lanniser or it might be him taking a few pages from Lannister after playing this character so well and for so long. 

In the same interview, David Benioff also talked about Tyrion’s character to put him through the battle where he gets knocked out at the early part of the battle itself. And as we woke up, the battle was over, and only smoke was everywhere. 

He talked about how they were about to shoot the whole battle from Tyrion’s perspective but ran out of money at the end : 

“That was one of those things like, “God, I hope this works.” It’s really so much because of Peter and his performance and Alan Taylor, who directed this, who did such an amazing job with it. We actually really wanted that battle. We chose to shoot that battle. We had this whole idea of shooting it from Tyrion’s perspective, where you go into the battle at his head height and you’re wading into the carnage, and we had mapped it out with the director, and we were very excited—and then just completely ran out of money.”

Source: Vanity Fair | Time
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