The Time When James Olsen Almost Killed Supergirl

Supergirl and Manchester Black teamed up to follow the lead on Children of Liberty while James Olsen infiltrates Agent Liberty’s crusade.

Also, Lena moves forward with the experiment on human trials struggling with morality due to the death risk it persists on Adam. Supergirl and J’onn came to know the truth about Manchester Black who traded Supergirl to Children of Liberty in exchange for a meeting with Agent Liberty. 

In this episode, Supergirl and J’onn exposed to the truth about Manchester Black that how much he is consumed in vengeance.

They witness how far he is willing to go to serve his vendetta. He almost gets Supergirl killed in this episode and that is by hands of none other than James Olsen who infiltrate Children of Liberty.

Lena Luthor has gone for her first human trial in order to make human invincible after she felt her love James Olsen to be endangered and vulnerable in the world of aliens.

She tried to seclude herself from knowing the subject but somehow get attached to the human subject, the young guy named Adam.

Supergirl was almost killed as trapped in a tower which was about to unknowingly bombed by James Olsen.

Manchester traded supergirl to Children of Liberty to get Agent Liberty but it didn’t go with the plan apparently as he met the wrong fake Agent Liberty. 

So, What Happened In ‘Supergirl’?

Previously, In Supergirl, Children of Libert who are blind followers of Agent Liberty against the aliens started a crusade to resist against aliens inhabitant on earth.

Supergirl and Manchester Black found out some masked ‘Children of Liberty’ guys harassing an alien in a park.

They also found out the flyers calling out people, humans to join Children of Liberty, using human’s vulnerability, insecurity and their fear as well. 

There was get-together where Lena, Kara, Kara’s mother, Manchester, James, J’onn and others were there. Lena confronted with the fact that humans are vulnerable and that makes them insecure and fear.

According to her, this inferiority makes them join these hate groups. She suggested that if they can level the field, then it can be balanced. 

Lena found out that the experiment she was doing to cure human diseases, somehow made a heart invincible which means she if her experiment gets successful on a human subject, she will be able to make humans invincible.

Well, that is quite convenient for the character she was just talking about levelling the field which means making humans to the level of aliens, so they won’t feel inferior.

Also, she was worried earlier about James putting his life on the line all time when he knows that is not Supergirl.

It seems that Lena might try to convince James to have that powers so he can be safe. She also said to her assistant that they will be needing a human test subject to proceed.

Manchester Black whose love was brutally murdered by Agent of Liberty is consumed by anger and revenge that he crossed his lines. He decided to do things his way to get his revenge.

He is putting people to rest, killing children of liberty to reach Agent of Liberty. Supergirl and J’onn are still unaware of his dark side and somewhere feel sorry for the loss and blinded by the trust. This episode will be a revelation to both about Manchester Black but at what cost?

James Olsen meets Tom from Children of Liberty who offered James aka The Guardian to support humans against aliens and become their face for media to inspire others in their mission.

James told Lena about infiltrating the Children of Liberty to find about the leader. James got picked up by masked children of liberty guys to the supposed place of action. 

How It All Started?

Manchest Black seem to infiltrate the Children of Liberty and fighting against them where they were trying to capture the fission rods for some reason.

Supergirl heard the fight and came to rescue, she saved Manchester Black from the bullet. Both saved the day and hostages stuck in the factory.

They further tried to investigate about their motives and get the truth out of one of the caught Children of Liberty. Manchester tried to convince Supergirl to work together. 

It seems to Supergirl how Manchester Black is a bit out of line to get information from the children of liberty guy. Also made her reluctant to work with him.

However, Manchesters’ request and putting his sad story of losing her love, slaughtered by Agent Liberty gave some confidence on him. Well, we have all seen him murdering children of liberty guys in cold blood. It was obvious how this episode will be all about Supergirl vs Manchester Black towards the end. 

James Olsen Meets Agent Liberty

Agent Liberty and his followers seem to found what they were looking for which are fission rods.

James Olsen who submitted himself to children of liberty with the mission of infiltrating their ill crusade is not about to meet the leader behind all.

He met Agent Liberty. It is clear that these people are planning something big which obviously includes Supergirl and James Olsen aka The Guardian.

Agent Liberty who believe in ‘The Guardian’ to be only hope left as symbolism for human strength proposes James Olsen to represent them. 

James Olsen said, Agent Liberty, that he has come to him with his own accord to comply and hear his side of the story.

He tries to talk out of him about what happened to him in the first place which made him into this anti-alien mission.

James Olsen seems to have a plan which includes gaining as much intel on the motive and identity of the person behind ‘Agent Liberty’.

Agent Liberty agrees on the fact that there is something wrong happened to him. He also mentioned that ‘The Guardian’ is someone his father believed in before died.

He clarified that they don’t want him to write some story in favour of him rather give an opportunity to represent the mission of their on live television. He was supposed to destroy a building which is the symbol for the alien-human accord. 

Lena Luthor Started Human Experiment to Make human Invincible

Lena Luthor and her assistant started their human trials after discovering that she somehow made the human heart invincible in order to find a cure for human diseases.

They found a guy named Adam who seems not caring about his life at all and even misunderstood Lena as a lab tech.

Lena also seems a bit reluctant and unsure about the experiment as it may endanger the human subject. She also tries to not know or communicate with the subject but that didn’t happen. 

Adam learne about the experiment and why he has been chosen as he was never been selected for anything in his life. As a result of Adam’s MCU before the experiments, Lena found that he doesn’t care for people.

The last thing she wants is a hero. Adam, very clearly mention that he lost his brother who has the true hero to him. Lena shared how she couldn’t do anything at her very childhood when his mother was attacked.

Adam also shared that he is very far from being the hero as his brother died on the operation table for him, giving his kidney to save him.

Adam asked that if the experiment gets successful, it is his chance to be part of something important. It can cure human disease and nobody will die as his brother died. Lena agreed and syringed the fluid as proceeded with the experiment where soon it will show the results. 

# Supergirl Was Blamed

Supergirl was blamed as among those aliens who exploit their powers to whatever they want. She was also framed for the missing ‘Children of Liberty’ people protesting against aliens on Thanksgiving day. 

#Supergirl and Manchester Black Investigates, dig deep

Manchester tipped a lead to Supergirl and they meet on the docks. Manchester cracked some shipment code where they found out some shipment label inside the container. Manchester lost his control and beat the man to make him speak.

Supergirl stopped him and left the place in dismissal. Later she comes back when J’onn tried to convince her that Manchester is a good man by heart, just consumed by the pain of loss. 

They found that the shipment is supposed to be landed on an island. It also comes to know from Brainy that the shipment label gives some compound in lab testing that it is explosive.

They are going for the shelly island to further look for fission rods and children of liberty. Manchester convinced Supergirl to not bring DEO onboard and sneak with their own. Supergirl showed the yellow sun grenade which will come handy there as the place might have power dampeners. Manchester secretly did something with the yellow sun grenade. 

James Olsen Tried To Escape With the help of Tom

Tom came to help James Olsen and both tried to escape from the island. They both wore the ‘Children of liberty’ masks but apparently the other people found out. Both run to escape the place but Tom got stuck in the place where Liberty’s men caught him. 

Agent Liberty and his men tried to kill Tom but James stopped them. He traded himself for saving his life and agreed to destroy the monument on live television. 


Manchester Tricked and Ditched Supergirl

Supergirl and Manchester came to Shelly island to further investigate but apparently, it was all trap by Manchester to capture Supergirl.

He traded Supergirl with Children of Liberty in order to meet their leader as Agent Liberty, so he can take his revenge.

As soon as both reached there, the power dampeners weakened her and Liberty’s men surrounded her. When she thew yellow sun grenade, it didn’t work as Manchester did something wrong with it. 

Supergirl was chained by Liberty’s men where she tries to get rid of it but fails due to the power dampeners.

Manchester connects to the men there to reach the leader Agent of Liberty as to hold their end of the bargain.

It has been clear that Manchester has planned everything out. He orchestrated the very early fight of the children of liberty and Manchester. He also planted all those leads to get Supergirl on the island. 


Supergirl Got Almost Killed By hands Of James Olsen, Mistakenly

James Olsen was convinced to destroy the significant monument on the live television. Tom asked him that if do this his reputation and everything in public eye will be diminished. James said that he chose to save him and do the right thing and doesn’t care about his reputation. 

Supergirl was trapped in the same monument which James Olsen is about to blow up. It was pretty close and she was at the window on the monument but due to power dampeners, she was unable to escape or even diffuse the bomb.

She was trying to reach out to James who was anytime going to click the push button. She was trying to lit her eye with laser and signal him. 

Manchester gets to meet the Agent of Liberty but apparently, he found out that he is some other Children of Liberty, not the leader.

So he came out where James saw the Supergirl in the monument. James Olsen fights back with children of liberty and stops their mission. Manchester destroyed the power dampeners to save the Supergirl who came out. She destroyed the bomb into the high air. 


Manchester Black didn’t get his revenge, so he ran away but he was stopped by J’onn who has trusted him so much. J’onn shows his disappointment into him and asked him to be better than that. But Manchester didn’t listen and ran away. 

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