30+ Best Spy Action And Adventure Movies Of All Times

Spy films are some of the most thrilling, edge-of-your-seat tales. Some of the biggest dramas, thrillers and action pictures in cinema are now structured around the theme of espionage. 

Silent spy movies served as the foundation for the espionage genre, which is as old as the motion picture. 

Great spy thrillers often employ the genre’s appealing cliches — fast vehicles, strong cocktails, double-crosses, and so on — but they do so while sketching unique portraits of the multifaceted characters. 

So, be ready to note down the best spy action thrillers to binge on the weekend-

Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017)

Director- Matthew Vaughn

Where To Watch- Apple T.V.

Storyline- The world is held captive, and an allied spy network in the U.S. is discovered after the Kingsman headquarters are shattered by a lunatic crook named Poppy Adams (Julianne Moore). 

The surviving spies make their way to “Statesman,” an allied covert society with a base in Kentucky.

In order to preserve the world and destroy the so-called “Golden Circle,” the two agencies must now cooperate. 

These two specialized spy services must act together to confront a mutual enemy.

Enemy of the State (1998)

Director- Tony Scott

Where To Watch- Apple T.V.

Storyline- Will Smith plays the mild-mannered attorney Robert Clayton Dean, who practices law in Washington, D.C. 

He is investigating Paulie Pintero, a drug lord. Jon Voight’s character, Thomas Brian Reynolds, is negotiating with Representative Phillip Hammersley about a spy satellite surveillance system. 

Hammersley refuses, so Reynolds has him killed; nevertheless, the murder is caught on video, and Reynolds’ squad of N.S.A. operatives are now hunting after the taper. 

The man plants the tape on Dean because he needs to throw it away. 

The N.S.A. chooses to investigate Dean’s life at that point. When his wife and work both disappeared, Dean’s life started to crumble all around him. 

American Sniper (2014)

Director- Clint Eastwood

Where To Watch- Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Google Play Movies & T.V., Apple T.V.

Storyline- Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) was just a regular Texas man who wanted to be a cowboy. 

However, he realized in his thirties that maybe his life needed something special, where he could express his actual skill and something that could benefit America in its counterterrorism.

 To become a sharpshooter, he, therefore, joined the S.E.A.L.s. Kyle and the rest of the crew are asked to serve in Iraq for the first time after Kyle marries Taya (Sienna Miller). 

Kyle’s issue is not with his missions but with his correlation with the horror of war and, once home, how he learns to deal with it with his urban life, his woman, and his children.

The White Raven (2022)

Director- Marian Bushan

Where To Watch- Amazon Prime Video

Storyline- Mykola is a quirky humanitarian who wants to help people. When the Donbas war starts, Mykola’s peaceful existence goes crashing down as the militants assassinate his expectant wife and set fire to his property. 

After recovering, he makes a significant decision and joins a sniper company. 

After meeting his wife’s killers, he undergoes an epic meltdown and sets up “sniper terror” for the enemies. His instructor, who suffers a fatal injury himself, saves him from an avoidable death. 

Mykola is willing to give his life in order to wipe the “scar” left by a friend’s death.

Sniper (1993)

Director- Luis Llosa

Where To Watch- Amazon Prime Video

Storyline- In the Panamanian jungles, a veteran US Marine sniper and a newbie sniper working as his lookouts kill a politician and a rebel leader. 

US Marine Thomas Beckett is a tough guy who works in the jungle of Panama. 

It’s his duty to use his sniper expertise to discover and execute rebels. On such operations, Beckett is infamous for losing his partners. 

Richard Miller, a brilliant marksman but more of an office guy, is with him this time.

Together, they have a strategy to track down a key rebel leader while dodging a rogue sniper that occasionally roams this section of the jungle.

Men in Black 3 (2012)

Director- Barry Sonnenfeld

Where To Watch- YouTube, Google Play Movies & T.V., Amazon Prime Video, Apple T.V.

Storyline- Jemaine Clement’s character, Boris the Animal, escapes from LunarMax, a high-security facility located on the moon, and makes the decision to kill Agent K, the agent who caught him. 

Agent J (Will Smith) follows suit after realizing that the timeline has been manipulated and returns to July 15, 1969, a day before Agent K is murdered. 

J is able to convince young K after surpassing their initial feelings. They locate Boris with the help of Griffin, a being with the ability to view all timelines, played by Michael Stuhlbarg. 

J also discovers a truth that old Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) had never revealed to him.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018)

Director- Christopher McQuarrie

Where To Watch- Amazon Prime

Storyline- The members of the Syndicate have united to form a new group named the Apostles two years after Ethan Hunt was successful in arresting Solomon Lane. 

The team intends to acquire three plutonium cores and is headed by an enigmatic fundamentalist, John Lark. 

When the Apostles flee with the plutonium while Ethan saves Luther, the operation to intercept them with his squad in Berlin becomes fruitless. 

Ethan and his allies now have to locate the plutonium cores immediately.

Salt (2010)

Director- Phillip Noyce

Where To Watch-  Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Google Play Movies & T.V., Apple T.V., ZEE5

Storyline- All colleagues, including her superior, Ted Winter, regard Evelyn Salt with high respect as a C.I.A. agent. 

Unexpectedly, a Russian spy enters their offices and reveals critical information: the Russian president will be killed while traveling to New York City to mourn the death of the recently departed American. Vice President. 

Evelyn Salt was the assassin’s name. She flees because she is worried about her husband’s safety but is unable to reach him. 

However, Winter’s actions start to cast doubt on her denial that she is a double agent or mole.

Zero Dark Thirty (2012)

Director- Kathryn Bigelow

Where To Watch-  MX Player, Amazon Prime Video

Storyline- After the 9/11 attacks by Al Qaeda against the United States, Maya, a C.I.A. agent, had her first experience questioning captives. 

She is a hesitant participant in the severe harassment used on the prisoners, but she thinks that this is the only way to get the truth. 

She has been relentlessly searching for information on Osama Bin Laden’s movements for several years. 

Her efforts finally seemed to be paying off in 2011, as a U.S. Navy SEAL squad was dispatched to assassinate or arrest Bin Laden. 

However, only Maya knows that Bin Laden is where she claims he is.

Killer Elite (2011)

Director- Gary McKendry

Where To Watch-  Amazon Prime Video, Apple T.V.

Storyline- Killer Elite, which is partially based on an actual event, focuses on two of the most skilled assassinations in the world—Danny, a brutal assassin-for-hire (Jason Statham), and Hunter, his lifelong mentor (Robert De Niro)—against the ingenious commander of a secret organization run by former Special Air Service assassins (Clive Owen). 

Danny and Hunter are thrown into a deadly game of payback and deception that transcends borders from Australia to Paris, England, and the Middle East—where things seem not quite as they seem.

6 Underground (2019)

Director- Michael Bay

Where To Watch- Netflix

Storyline- What’s the best thing about dying? It’s the strength to confront the evil that lurks in our existence. 

The anonymous persons in “6 Underground” have chosen to alter the course of the future. 

Six people, each the finest in the world at what they do, were picked for their talent and a singular goal to erase their pasts to manipulate the present. 

An enigmatic figure leads the crew with the code name “One,” whose only goal is to ensure that his and his teammates’ deeds are celebrated eternally. 

The Gray Man (2022)

Director- Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

Where To Watch-  Netflix

Storyline- The CIA’s top murder dealer is Six, a highly experienced assassin who works for the deep-cover Sierra program. 

However, after a mission goes wrong, Six is now on the run from the C.I.A., with sociopathic former officer Lloyd Hansen following on his feet. 

Six needs to be at his most cruel to dodge Hansen, who will do anything to bring Six down, with the help of operative Dani Miranda and manager Donald Fitzroy.

London Has Fallen (2016)

Director- Babak Najafi

Where To Watch- Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Google Play Movies & T.V., Apple T.V., MX Player

Storyline- All Western foreign leaders are asked to attend the cremation of the British Prime Minister after his death in inexplicable circumstances. 

A terrible plot to assassinate the most prominent people in the world and the revealing of a terrifying precognition unfolds during the event. 

The only people who hope to prevent it are the US president, his stern secret service director, and a British MI-6 agent who really doesn’t trust anyone.

Eagle Eye (2008)

Director- D.J. Caruso

Where To Watch- Amazon Prime Video

Storyline- Jerry Shaw is a friendly slacker who has an overachieving twin brother. 

Jerry experiences bizarre phenomena at an alarming rate after his twin passes in an accident: wealth magically comes into his bank account, weaponry is brought to his residence, and a voice on his mobile phone warns him that the cops are on their way. 

When Jerry heeds the voice’s directions, he and an unknown lady are soon leaving the city, boarding a plane, and heading toward the Pentagon while being hunted by the F.B.I. 

She is a single mother named Rachel Holloman, and the voice has threatened to shoot her son if she doesn’t cooperate. 

The speaker gives off the impression that the person is all-knowing.

Quantum of Solace (2008)

Director- Marc Forster

Where To Watch-  Amazon Prime Video

Storyline- Is vengeance satisfying? Daniel Craig’s James Bond and Dame Judi Dench’s M discover a murky global network of corruption and abuse raking in billions. 

All signs point to Dominic Greene (Mathieu Amalric), a renowned inventor of green technology, as James Bond hunts for the criminals of an attack on M’s life. 

In exchange for assisting a strongman in staging a coup there, Greene, a horrible piece of work, wants to secure a bleak region of Bolivia. 

Only Bond, backed by a former agent and an enchanting woman, can stop Greene while the C.I.A. turns a blind eye. 

The Hunt for Red October (1990)

Director- John McTiernan

Where To Watch- Amazon Prime Video, Apple T.V., Netflix

Storyline- At the climax of the Cold War, in November 1984, the Soviet Union developed a new nuclear submarine that uses an ingenious driving system to operate discreetly. 

Former Marine and C.I.A. analyst Jack Ryan informed government officials about Red October and its threat. 

They conclude that Ramius is plotting a rogue nuclear strike after learning that the majority of the Soviet Marine corps is sent to the Atlantic to locate and destroy the submarine.  

To stop the Russians from launching a nuclear attack against the U.S., the Protagonist intends to bring it to America.

American Assassin (2017)

Director- Michael Cuesta

Where To Watch- Amazon Prime Video, Apple T.V., YouTube, Google Play Movies & T.V., Netflix

Storyline- At the age of fourteen, Mitch, now 23, tragically lost both of his parents in a car accident. Shortly after getting engaged, he also lost his fiancee in a terrorist assault. 

C.I.A. Deputy Director Irene Kennedy hires him as a black ops operative to seek vengeance.

 Then, Stan Hurley, a veteran of the Cold War, is given the task of training Mitch. Later, the two of them would work together to look into a string of arbitrary assaults on both army and civilian targets. 

After spotting a pattern in the acts of violence, they embark on a united mission to stop a mysterious agent trying to spark a global war in the Middle East. 

Jack Reacher (2012)

Director- Christopher McQuarrie

Where To Watch- Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Google Play Movies & T.V., Apple T.V., Netflix

Storyline- A skilled sniper kills five people in a peaceful heartland city. The cops easily arrest the offender and put together a solid case. 

Instead of surrendering, the accused man writes, “Get Jack Reacher,” and Reacher himself watches the news report and comes to town. The defense is delighted, but Reacher is there to bury the man. 

Reacher is shocked by the accuser’s request, so he verifies the accused’s guilt for himself. However, he finds more than he expected.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014)

Director- Kenneth Branagh

Where To Watch- Google Play Movies & T.V., YouTube, Apple T.V., Amazon Prime Video

Storyline- Jack Ryan, a student at the London School of Economics, becomes an American citizen following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. 

When Marine’s chopper is shot down while they are fighting in Afghanistan, their spine is critically injured. 

While recovering, he meets Thomas Harper, a C.I.A. official who recruits him, and Cathy Muller, a medical student who is training him how to walk once more. 

Ryan is now working for the C.I.A. undercover on Wall Street, searching for suspicious monetary transactions that might be evidence of terrorist activity ten years later.

 He finds out that Viktor Cherevin’s money, which Russian organizations held, has vanished along with trillions of dollars. 

Since Cherevin is a client of Ryan’s organization, he has a reason to go to Moscow and look into why some accounts are inaccessible to the auditor. 

He finds a conspiracy related to the 9/11 terrorist attacks while doing his investigation. 

All the Old Knives (2022)

Director- Janus Metz

Where To Watch- Amazon Prime Video

Storyline- Vick, Henry’s boss, asks him to wrap up an eight-year-old hijacking case that resulted in tragedy. 

Vick recently found out that a mole may have provided the criminals with details to thwart the victims’ efforts to be rescued. 

Vick cleats Henry, and he is ordered to meet with his old lover and colleague, Celia, who Vick thinks might be a suspect considering her quick leave from the C.I.A. the day after the abduction. 

After Henry contacts her and invites her to dinner, the now-married and retired Celia meets him in a cafe in California. 

Henry, Vick, and Celia are trying to uncover the truth about what happened that day using various viewpoints, timelines, and testimonies.

No Time to Die (2021)

Director- Cary Joji Fukunaga

Where To Watch-  Amazon Prime Video

Storyline- Bond is living a peaceful life in Jamaica after leaving the service. His peace ends when his old C.I.A. buddy Felix Leiter shows up and seeks help. 

Swann and James Bond fly to Matera after Blofeld’s imprisonment. 

She requests that Bond pay a visit to his ex-lover Vesper Lynd’s grave, where he survives an explosion planned by Spectre agents forces led by Primo, a henchman with a bionic eye. 

Swann is part of Bond’s escape, but he breaks up with her because he feels betrayed by her. The rescue operation for a kidnapped scientist turns out to be much more dangerous than expected, putting Bond on the trail of unexpected enemies with dangerous military technologies.

Tenet (2020)

Director- Christopher Nolan

Where To Watch- Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Google Play Movies & T.V., Apple T.V.

Storyline- An unidentified C.I.A. agent known as The Protagonist is chosen to take part in a global operation that takes place beyond the time chronology by a mysterious agency called Tenet in the mysterious area of global espionage. 

The Protagonist will soon master the technique of “time inversion” as a way of stopping the catastrophe that is to come. 

The task: prevent Andrei Sator, a rebellious Russian tycoon with prophetic visions and skills, from triggering World War III.

Bridge of Spies (2015)

Director- Steven Spielberg

Where To Watch- Sony Liv

Storyline- This is one of the most intriguing spy movies that have been nominated for 104 awards, won more than 30 awards, and been honored with legendary Oscar awards! 

James B. Donovan, a lawyer, is employed by the C.I.A. during the cold war and takes part in a difficult diplomatic operation to free and swap Francis G. Powers, a CIA U-2 spy plane pilot. 

The pilot was captured after the Soviet Union shot down his aircraft while it was on a mission, and he now lives with Rudolf Abel, a K.G.B. intelligence analyst who was imprisoned in the U.S. for spying.

Snowden (2016)

Director- Oliver Stone

Where To Watch- Netflix

Storyline- Prominent analyst Edward Snowden quit his position at the National Security Agency because he is upset with the intelligence agencies. 

Now that he is aware of it, a virtual mountain of information is being amassed to follow all digital communication, including that of everyday Americans as well as foreign states and terrorist organizations. 

When Snowden decides to release this sensitive information, he earns the labels of hero to some and traitor to others while becoming a wanted man.

Body of Lies (2008)

Director- Ridley Scott

Where To Watch- Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Google Play Movies & T.V., Apple T.V., Watch, Netflix

Storyline- In the Middle East, Roger Ferris operates for the C.I.A., while Ed Hoffman is his supervisor at Langley. 

The Americans are looking for a cleric who is in charge of an organization that is dropping explosives all over Europe, and Roger is dealing with Hani Salaam in Amman, Jordan’s security chief, whose only directive is “Don’t lie to me.” 

Roger and Ed come up with a strategy to bring the cleric to them after Ed’s demand that Jordan let the Americans utilize one of Jordan’s secret agents are refused by Hani. 

The fact that Hani doesn’t know about the plot and Roger’s interest in a local doctor make things difficult. 

The Red Sea Diving Resort (2019)

Director- Gideon Raff

Where To Watch- Netflix

Storyline- This amazing tale of a team of Mossad spies and valiant Ethiopians who, in the early 1980s, use a desolate tourist resort in Sudan as a front to transport thousands of refugees to Israel. 

Astonishing true-life rescue missions inspire it. The flamboyant Ari Kidron and the fearless local Kabede Bimro are the team’s commanders as they go undercover to complete this mission.

Soon after the crew arrived in Sudan, an Islamic nation, actual tourists started visiting the resort as a result of the brochures they had printed. The crew runs the hotel as a normal business while concurrently evacuating refugees to a nearby Israeli ship off the coast.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2015)

Director- Guy Ritchie

Where To Watch- YouTube, Google Play Movies & T.V., Amazon Prime Video, Apple T.V., Netflix

Storyline- Napoleon Solo of the C.I.A. effectively helps Gaby Teller in escaping to West Germany in the 1960s during the Cold War despite the overwhelming resistance of K.G.B. operative Illya Kuryakin. 

Later, all three find themselves unanticipatedly cooperating on a quest to stop a secret crime syndicate from using Gaby’s dad’s scientific knowledge to make their own nuclear bomb. 

All three must act together for the sake of global peace, even as they each seek their individual goals.

Fair Game (2010)

Director- Doug Liman

Where To Watch- YouTube, Google Play Movies & T.V., Apple T.V., Amazon Prime Video

Storyline- White House officials allegedly tried to sabotage her husband after he published an opinion in the New York Times in 2003 alleging that the Bush administration had twisted intelligence regarding W.M.D.s to support the Iraq invasion exposing Plame’s status as a C.I.A. agent. 

Wilson submitted an op-ed letter to The New York Times stating that these reports were totally wrong after George W. Bush conducted military action and cited the uranium’s usage in the construction of W.M.D.s to excuse it in a 2003 State of the Union speech. 

But the story takes more twisting turns from now!

Spooks: The Greater Good (2015)

Director- Bharat Nalluri

Where To Watch- Amazon Prime Video

Storyline- MI5 agents are escorting the CIA’s most wanted terrorist through a traffic jam in London. 

They are on their way to a prearranged C.I.A. handover site. However, the captive is abruptly snatched by armed guys on motorcycles. 

The terrorist’s escape is allegedly Harry Pearce’s fault because he is MI5’s head of counterterrorism. 

To help discover Harry and bring him in, MI5 calls up an ex-agent and Harry’s student named Will Holloway. 

But Harry has vanished for a purpose. He asks Will, who is a little hesitant about helping him, about assisting him in finding the rat or rats in question since he is sure that there is a spy in a powerful position at MI5.

The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

Director- Lewis Gilbert

Where To Watch- Apple T.V., YouTube, Google Play Movies & T.V., Amazon Prime Video

Storyline- James Bond is back, and his new task is to figure out how a Royal Navy Polaris submarine carrying sixteen nuclear bombs disappeared while on tour. 

Bond teams up with Major Anya Amasova to take on Karl Stromberg, a villain with a flappy hand and his metal-toothed sidekick. 

Bond saves Amasova from Jaws while on the train to Stromberg’s base in Sardinia, which causes their previous cold rivalry to warm up. 

They go to Stromberg’s base under the guise of a marine biologist and learn that nine months earlier, Stromberg had launched a strange new supertanker called the Liparus. 

Before the warheads are launched, Bond needs to locate the missing submarine.

The Catcher Was a Spy (2018)

Director- Ben Lewin

Where To Watch- YouTube, Google Play Movies & T.V., Apple T.V., Amazon Prime Video

Storyline- This unbelievable real story of Moe Berg (Rudd), the professional baseball player who turns into a World War II spy, is brought to life in this spy thriller. 

The mysterious Berg, a multilingual, Jewish catcher for the Boston Red Sox with a Princeton education, was assigned by the U.S. government to infiltrate hostile territory and kill the Nazis’ top nuclear scientist before they could create an atomic weapon.

The Coldest Game (2019)

Director- Łukasz Kośmicki

Where To Watch- Netflix

Storyline- A lonely math genius finds himself chosen to play in a deadly game of espionage during the Cuban missile crisis in 1962. 

Josh Mansky, a talented but neglected former U.S. champion and alcoholic, is drawn into the realm of intelligence and conflict between the superpowers while competing in a major chess game in Warsaw against the Russian champion. 

The chess game takes incredible significance as the war situation worsens. 

The chess match and the battle for global dominance could end in tragedy for the Americans.

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