Shazam 2 Director David F. Sandberg Debunks DCEU Movie’s Reshoot Rumors 

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In admist of all the controversy and chaos that’s going on with DC and Warner Bros right now, DCEU fans are trying to find relief in the fact that Shazam 2 is releasing soon. 

Shazam! Fury of the Gods is one of the highly awaited sequels in DC, but recently it was declared that the release date for the film will be moved from December 2022 to March 2023, next year. 

This decision apparently seems to be made to avoid the competition against this highly anticipated sequel in December, Avatar: The Way of Water

Now fans are hoping that even with his delay, at least, it must not impact the film somehow. And there is news regarding the film’s reshoots making this distrust even worse. 

However, Shazam! 2 director David F. Sandberg also directed Shazam! Debunks the rumors of movie reshoots. 

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The director took his Instagram to reveal that there won’t be any reshoots for the film and that everyone is happy with the film they’ve made. 

Somebody asked him about this question on Instagram stories “Are you guys really doing reshoots for Shazam or is it fake news?” 

On that, he replied on his Instagram story with a photo of his Shazam action figure, clarifying about the reshoot rumours:

“No, I’ve seen reports that Shazam is being “retooled” but it’s not true. The cut has been locked for quite some time and we’re doing final mix, color and vfx right now. Everyone is happy with the film and we’re not going to work longer on it just because of the release date shift. They figured Aquaman’s previous date was better for us and that’s the reason we moved. Definitely not shooting more.” 

David F. Sandberg broke out in the industry in the horror genre with his film Lights Out, which was adapted from his own short film with the same title. 

And then he later made Annabelle: Creation, through which he made his mark in the mainstream direction before he directed the Shazam

Shazam!, even though it was among the lower-grossing movies in DCEU but still able to bring up around $366 million, where the budget of the film was $100 million, also really loved by the audience and DC fans as well. 

Now, Sandberg is directing the sequel titled Shazam! Fury of the Gods will feature Hespera, played by Helen Mirren, and Kalypso, played by Lucy Liu, the daughters of Atlas, as antagonists of the film against Shazam and his super-powered family. 

The film features other cast members such as Zachary Levi, Asher Angel, Rachel Zegler, Jack Dyan Grazer, Grace Caroline Currey, Marta Millans, Adam Brody, Faithe Herman, Cooper Andrews, and more. 

In a recent interview with Collider, the producer of the film Peter Safran talks about how David Sandberg nailed the film’s tone and how much he loved the first film. 

He says, “I loved the first Shazam movie. I thought it was beautifully done. I thought that David Sandberg nailed that tone so incredibly well. The eye of the needle was so small to get it right, but he really did nail it. I feel like this second one has more emotion, and more humor, but it also has bigger action, bigger set pieces, and some great villains. I just feel like it’s everything that we loved in the first movie but really turned up to 11. So I love it.”

Shazam 2 producer further went on talking about the sequel  “I think the addition of some of these new characters with Rachel Zegler and Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu are fantastic editions. “I love that the kids are all a little bit older now so we get to have a little bit more fun in kind of an edgier fashion with them. Zach inhabits that character in such a beautiful fashion. So to have been able to make a second one of those, it’s a thrill.”

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