Top 10 Scariest Korean Dramas that have Ever Made

Most people are aware of the vast acceptance of South Korea as well as all things K. Korean movies are top-rated. Nowadays, Korean pop-up music and dramas are trendy in the town. Romantic Korean movies are famous for their attractive pictures of love. 

Also, there are so many horror movies in Korea that people can not ignore the thrilling sequence and gripping storylines of the film that keep an audience on the border of their chairs.

Besides the scary appearance in Korean films from this category, they also add basic themes of psychological mysteries, survival, and also suspense that make the movie much more interesting to people.

 Bedeviled or The Call are a few examples of horror films with a complete package and all elements for those who love to watch movies of this category. 

That’s why people should upgrade their watchlist by watching these incredible movies that fall into this category and are unforgettable and incredibly entertaining. Some of the films in this category are as follows. 

The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion

This story is about a girl named Ja-Yoon, who lived in a small town with her parents; her parents loved her very much. She lived a perfect life. She read in high school, had a witty best friend, and wanted to become a singer.

 Her life was dramatically changed after she gave an audition for the national competition of singing. But her result was less favorable than she thought. She has a secret past about some stranger things. There was a personal government project through which children got superpowers;

 That project, Ja-Yoon, the girl, was a part of. Dr. Baek charged the cunning Nobleman for finding the girl because he had wanted her for an extended period. After that, it got gory when it turned out that super children would grow up quite vengeful.

Top cast: Kim Da-Mi, Choi Woo-sik, Min-soo Jo, Go Min-Si, Hee-soon Park

Director: Park Hoon-jung

Strangers From Hell

An ambitious crime fiction writer named Yoon Jong-woo expects to assemble it in a big city and move to a dormitory in Seoul. It was rented for 190,000, including Eden Residence. 

There was a small bed with a dull studio, a desk with a bathroom, a kitchen, and some strange roommates. The manager provided lovely eggs, but the eggs were always rotten every time she tried to feed everyone.

 It was an adamant time for Jong-woo, unfortunately. He already had a difficult life at his home. In addition, he was also an intern who was trying to land a continuous position in the challenging job economy of South Korea.

He was stuck living in a scary home unit with difficult roommates until he could afford to go to any other place.

 After the charming Seo Moon-jo was there to live next door, everything turned to the worst. After that, they both got stuck with the mystery of that complex named ominous apartment. 

Top cast: Lee Dong-Wook, Kim Ji Eun, I’m Si-wan, Lee Hyun-Wook, Ahn Eun-jin

Director: Lee Chang-Hee 

Sweet Home

This movie falls in the category of the monster-horror series. But it sets itself separate from having entertainment with its monster, whether otherworldly or human.

 Some tenants in a run-down building were trying to band together for their living in the changing existence after humans got changed into strange creatures after the attack of a mysterious disease. 

Lonely, selfish, and deranged, these rejected communities had to discover their feeling of humanity and sympathy to make it. This job was quite difficult because, according to news reports, a powerful desire caused the disease.

 Such as, if anybody wanted to be yoked, they could be turned into a Protein Monster. The entire cast, including Song Kang of Love Alarm, showed a much separate himself from this role, from appearance to performance. 

Top cast: Song Kang, Lee Eun Hyuk , Cha Hyun Soo, Lee Jin Wook, Lee Si Young, Lee Do Hyun,  

Director:  Lee Eung Bok


When zombie shows were taking place in the present time, Kingdom took place back earlier to around the 1600s at the time of the Joseon dynasty.

 This show was about the unlawful son of the king whose throne was threatened. He had a very loyal bodyguard and an assistant of a physician who made the team discover the mystery of a disease spreading all over the Kingdom. 

Because of the political interest ferment in the background, all the characters were trying to understand the explosion simultaneously, also trying to outstrip hordes of zombies.

 If we compare it with the regular action-packed zombie flick, it was a slow burn, but there was enough suspense in these shows, and historical fiction also was there that weaved to keep articles interesting.

Top cast: Joo Ji Hoon, Ryu Seung Ryong, Bae Do Na, Kim Sung 

Director: Kim Sung Hoon


There was a gamer who was detached from his family at the time of the zombie explosion that threatened Seoul and was left some ramen, a water bottle, and his intelligence to survive. 

But when losing all hope and all runout, a fellow survivor named Kim Yoo-Bin becomes his saving grace. After that, they both went toward their comfort belt, and in the end, they met with their neighbors, but they possibly wished they had not.

 This neighbor will not give anybody a cup of sugar but will take many things from other people. People who love to watch this type of show may be curious about drones, new technology, selfie sticks, and hashtags used for zombie shows.

 After teaming up, whether the duo can get out of the heated zone #alive is to be seen.

Top cast: Yoo Ah-In, Lee Hyun-Wook, Park Shin-Hye, Jeon Bae-Soo, Oh Hye-Won

Director: II Cho 

The Closet

This horror story was about a relationship between a daughter and her father, following an architect who was very distressed because of his wife’s death and his daughter’s disappearance. 

After losing his wife, a father takes his daughter and tries to start a new home. But things take a turn when strange sounds come from the closet, and his daughter goes missing.

Things took a scary turn after he was told about the search for her by an unknown person in the closet. It is a frightening mystery story from South Korea.

 The plot of the story is built on elements people know about popular horror stories, but still, this movie feels fresh. It’s infrequent to find horror that’s both scary and genuinely moving, though The Closet draws it off with spirit and is all the more effective for its depth.

Top cast: Ha Jung Woo, Yool Heo, Kim Nam-Gil 

Director: Kim Keong Hoon

The Call

This story was about a woman who got a call from a different woman after visiting her older home, and another woman claimed she was tortured. 

When arriving at her old home where she lived with her mother, she received a phone call on their landline number from a panicked young woman who claimed that her mother was trying to set her on fire alive.

 Following the concept of an analogous universe, it was later disclosed that it was the same home from where that mysterious woman called, but twenty years before the present scenario.

 The supernatural thriller inspired this movie by the Puerto Rican, and British named The Caller, made in 2011. 

Top cast: Park Shin-Hye, Jeon Jong-Seo, Kim Sung-Ryoung 

Director: Chung-Hyun Lee

The Warth

This story was about a pregnant woman who heard about an evil soul who haunts her home. There was an officer with three sons who died under mysterious circumstances. A tragedy strikes a family and guides them to the finding of a spirit that torments their home.

This story was a supernatural thriller that dates back to the fourteenth century—revolving around an official who holds a very high rank in the Kingdom of Joseon. The woman got pregnant by one of the sons of the officer.

Top cast: Choi Hong-Il, Seo Yeong-Hie, Lee Kyu-Sung

Director: Yoo Young-Sun 

Gonjiam: Hunted Asylum

A scary web series team traveled to a deserted asylum for a broadcast that telecast lives. It was soon experienced more than expected. People who love to watch paranormal activity-filled horror movies accept this movie very happily.

 This story was about an asylum that was notorious for various paranormal activities. There was a team who made horror shows set out of that asylum. 

The team was expecting to make money by streaming the happened life unpaid to the earlier failed attempts by various people who luckily came out unhurt.

 However, there was something else that was held by reality for them. In this movie, the footage-style features got a different touch. 

Top cast: Wi Haa-Joon, Park Sung-Hoon, Lee Seung-Wook 

Director: Jung Bum-Shik 

The wailing

This story was about a village affected by a strange disease after coming to an unknown man. There was a policeman who was trying to discover how the outburst began.

 His partner transferred the gossip that a stranger who came from Japan and lived in a home in the mountains would be a wicked spirit that was responsible for the disease. 

The policeman was thought to meet that strange man with his colleague and also with a young bishop who could speak Japanese. It was a box-office hit movie reported extremely well and collected over USD fifty million.

 This movie has all types of ingredients that need for making a horror movie. This movie also has Korean culture as well as some comic elements. 

Top cast: Kwak Do-Won, Hwang Jung-Min, Jun Kunimura

Director: Na Hong-Jin     

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