Netflix Got Francis Lawrence To Direct Live-Action Adaptation Of Popular Video Game ‘BioShock’ 

One of the highly anticipated or awaiting feature film adaptations of popular video game franchises is now set in motion with this new update. 

According to Deadline, Netflix bagged Francis Lawrence, a well-known director popularly known for making movies like Hunger Games, Constantine and I Am Legend

Michael Green, on other hand, will adapt the script and write it into the screenplay for the ‘BioShock live-action film. 

Recently, Netflix shared that they will be partnering up with a video game holding company known as Take-Two Interactive and its subsidiary, 2K to produce this movie. 

They have been looking for top-notch A-listers in writing and direction for this project, people who can do justice to the scope and potential of this project. 

Netflix instils great faith in the director Francis Lawrence as he has proven himself more than once when adapting IP into cinematic blockbusters. 

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The best example could be him taking the mantle for the direction of The Hunger Games franchise when Gary Ross left after directing the first film in the series. 

Not just did the later movies become a success, but now he was again called upon to direct a prequel to the film named Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, which is currently in production and going to hit theatres in 2023. 

As Lawrence completes the production for that film, he can jump into the pre-production process of the BioShock adaptation script. 

BioShock video game has an exciting blend of sci-fi and horror with the backdrops of dystopia questioning societal and existential queries that shape the world now. 

The gameplay involves heart-skipping action and promotes strategizing, planning, plotting and sharpshooting. 

The game franchise has been a huge success since it was first introduced in 2007 by 2K selling more than 39 million copies worldwide. 

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There have been multiple title releases in the game franchise, such as BioShock, BioShock 2, and Bioshock Infinite, with various re-mastering and bundling of the collections. 

The producer of the film, Roy Lee, will be making this film with his studio Vertigo Entertainment along with the director himself, associating with 2K, the game production company and about blank as well. 

Cameron MacConomy and Strauss Zelnick will be executive producers behind their respective production houses about: blank and 2K. 

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