15 Best Movies of 2001

There were numerous excellent additions to the film industry in 2001. This year gave us several classic movies that can be rewatched with the same satisfaction time and time again, including the debut of massive Oscar-winning franchises and kid-friendly DreamWorks favorites. 

To bring peace to his swamp, an ogre sets out on a quest to rescue a princess from a castle guarded by a fire-breathing dragon in the beloved classic Shrek; The story attempts to incorporate the well-known and memorable elements of fairy tales.

Monsters Inc. is a Disney and Pixar classic for kids.

 On a $120 million budget, the movie grossed over 700 dollar million worldwide. Monsters University, the 2013 sequel, was similarly broadly well-liked by the original’s audience.

Donnie Darko 

Genre –  science fiction, psychological thriller

Director- Richard Kelly 

Where to watch – Hulu

Donnie Darko does not get along with his family, professors, or classmates; nevertheless, he does find a compassionate friend in Gretchen, who agrees to date him. He has a sympathetic psychiatrist who learns that hypnosis can be used to reveal impenetrable secrets. He may not have a faithful ally in his other companion. Frank is a giant bunny that only Donnie can see. 

Frank is Donnie’s pal. Donnie is not there when a plane’s engine crashes into his bedroom and obliterates it. 

The incident and Donnie’s escape appear to have been brought on by paranormal occurrences.

Due to its lack of objectivity, this movie is fascinating. 

It is impossible to infer the plot and interpret it constrainedly. 

Everything is debatable and arbitrary. 

The film makes you feel like you’re going insane, as Donnie does throughout the plot. It’s highly suspenseful and causes you to wonder “why?” a lot. 

Everyone should see this movie at least once because it puts everything in perspective. Donnie Darko is a true masterpiece that should be passed down through generations.

Vanilla Sky

Genre – science fiction, romance

Director- Cameron Crowe 

Where to watch – Netflix

Tom Journey plays David Ames, a womanizing jerk who finds genuine salvation when he succumbs to his dearest companion’s sweetheart Sofia. 

Yet, before that can occur, David is tempted into a vehicle by an ex-darling, Julie, who ends up being self-destruction.

A magnum opus! One of the most intriguing, profound, and hauntingly pedantic motion pictures.

 It contacts you at a highly profound level if you let it. 

The film can be deciphered in many ways, yet anyway, you take a gander at it, numerous stories can be drawn. 

The film is about outcomes, unrestrained choice, the short idea of genuine romance, and the issue of needing an overdose of something that is otherwise good, a fantasy-like world maybe. 

At the point when we just dream and do not live in a reality which is loaded up with both joy and torment, our make-conviction world, in the long run, pops up and gives us a rude awakening, which is precisely exact thing David goes through in his twisted clear dream.

A Beautiful Mind

Genre –  Biographical drama

Director-  Ron Howard

Where to watch – Hulu

John Forbes Nash, Jr. saw it all, from the heights of celebrity to the depths of depravity. He was a computational prodigy who made an important discovery early in his profession and was on the verge of world renown.

Crowe conveys an Oscar-commendable execution in this splendidly recounted story. Everyone wishes crowds could encounter this film without earlier information on the account to see the value in its effect.

Chief Ron Howard recounts the true story of a man who Nobel Prize in Financial Sciences in 1994 for his “spearheading examination of equilibria in the hypothesis of non-helpful games.” Howard deftly joins humor, mind, show, interest, and stunning reality. 

The crowd can see Nash’s numerical brain working thanks to fascinating camera points, enhanced visualizations, and long-range focal points.

Math was rarely my most grounded subject, yet Howard makes it fascinating. The film likewise recounts a couple that endures serious mental tempests.


Genre – Romantic comedy

Director- Jean-Pierre Jeunet 

Where to watch – Disney plus

Amélie is a young girl in Paris who is innocent, naive, and has a strong sense of fairness. She decides to lend a hand to others around her and finds love.

Amélie’s persona is captivating since she continually believes she should give a valiant effort for others’ prosperity and has a mystery longing to make things ideal for others.

When we consider an empathetic, lonely young lady understanding her crush, It is considered ‘Amélie’ from Chungking Express. 

Both were endlessly charming, intelligent, unmistakable characters in their singular style and plot. Assuming you appreciated Chungking Express, you will, without a doubt, enjoy Amelie.

The screenplay was very point-by-point and sensational. It seemed, by all accounts, to be inventive and elegantly composed. 

Audrey Tautou gave a rare presentation. The story improvement and character advancement were significant. Furthermore, the acting was phenomenal.

Training Day 

Genre –  Crime thriller 

Director-  Antoine Fuqua

Where to watch – Netflix, HBO Max, ROW8

A questionable criminal investigator spends the freshman official’s initial experience at work as a Los Angeles cocaine official with him. 

The people who have vowed to implement the law are separating them to clean the roads in Los Angeles, a city where street pharmacists are overwhelmed. 

Alonzo Harris, an accomplished L.A.P.D. specialist who upholds the law in sketchy, if not wrong, ways, is depicted by Denzel Washington. In “Training Day,” Harris shows youngster Jake Hoyt throughout a solitary day.

Despite all the praise this movie has received, it is still underestimated.

Locations for story writing and acting casting Premise Everything is flawless besides having Gay DrDre and Weak Calvin Snoop Dogg, except having Gay DrDre and Weak Calvin Snoop Dogg. 

The plot engrosses you to the point where you feel you are living it. You can jump back and forth between the two characters and observe everything from both perspectives. It is true escapism. 

Even though the ending was satisfying, all would have rather see Denzel Washington’s character live to fight another day.


Genre –  Computer-animated comedy 

Director- Andrew Adamson, Vicky Jenson

Where to watch – Peacock

A cruel lord exiles fairytale characters to the swamp of a sour ogre, who must embark on a mission and save a princess for the ruler to reclaim his country. 

A green ogre named Shrek learns that the cunning Lord Farquaad has “swamped” his swamp with various fairytale creatures. 

Determined to “persuade” Farquaad to return his swamp to Shrek, Shrek sets out with a very loud donkey by his side.

Semi-modern sixties is a very original and intriguing idea. 

Catchy music and an all-around memorable soundtrack, especially “All-Star” by Smash Mouth, are so well-known that they could almost pass for Shrek’s primary theme. 

Given that Shrek’s breathing fire would be far too frightful for younger viewers, the adaptation’s understanding of the original material for small children is respectable. 

The movie and its sequels also acquired a great and unforgettable Latin-American Mexican dub, to the point where the Spanish version of the picture is more enjoyable than the English one.

Ocean’s Eleven 

Genre –  Heist Comedy 

Director- Steven Soderbergh

Where to watch – Netflix

Together with their ten accomplices, Danny Ocean intends to simultaneously heist three Las Vegas casinos. 

The largest heist in history is what Danny Ocean hopes to pull off. He assembles an eleven-person team that includes Linus Caldwell, Frank Catton, and Rusty Ryan. 

The Bellagio, the Mirage, and the M.G.M. Grand were their targets. Terry Benedict is the owner of every casino.

It has evolved into the standard for heist flicks. It has drawn inspiration from numerous masterpieces and served as an example for many people.

The strange thing about Ocean’s Eleven is that there isn’t anything particularly remarkable or mind-blowing about any aspect of the film. 

But everything is assembled flawlessly. 

A delightful film that can be seen over and over; it doesn’t need an excess of concentration at some random point. However, all aspects of the film expect that you focus on it. A genuine bite film.

Monsters, Inc.

Genre – Computer-animated monster comedy

Director- Pete Docter, David Silverman, Lee Unkrich

Where to watch – Disney 

Monsters must frighten youngsters into screaming to run the city. 

The monsters find the kids toxic, and after one of the kids makes it through, the two monsters question their assumptions. 

Monstropolis, a city of creatures without any humans, is centered around its power provider, Monsters, Inc. James P. Sullivan, better known as Sulley, is a charming, self-assured, fierce, giant blue monster with fur. 

Mike Wazowski, his witty best friend, is a short, green cyclops monster.

It was enthralled by every one of the vibrant monsters in the fantastic monster kingdom known as Monstropolis, yet among all the monsters. Sulley is undoubtedly the audience’s favorite character in this movie. 

This is one of every one’s all-time favorite movies from childhood. 

It teaches important lessons about friendship, father figures, the power of optimism over negativity, and the importance of values over money.

Enemy at the Gates

Genre – Historical Fiction

Director- Jean-Jacques Annaud

Where to watch – Hulu

The defeat of Stalingrad in World War Two destroyed the nation. Every block is being fought for by the Germans and Russians, leaving nothing but rubble in their wake. 

The German soldiers’ morale suffers as Russian shooter Vassili Zaitsev hunts them and kills them one by one.

Excellent depiction of the horrors of war and the extent to which leaders of nations don’t put their people before the cause. 

The fighting on the ground was brutally graphic, much as those battles were fought. 

Aerial bombing scenes were relatively poor, with He111s delivering their bomb loads from extraordinarily low altitudes. 

A love theme wasn’t needed, but it did add a “will she make it” interest and did illustrate the women of the Soviet Union more than played their part in the war.

Mulholland Drive 

Genre – Neo-noir mystery

Director- David Lynch

Where to watch –  Prime Video, Vudu

A woman becomes amnesic following a vehicle accident on the winding Mulholland Drive. With a cheery Hollywood hopeful, she searches for clues and explanations throughout Los Angeles on a perilous journey beyond reality and dreams.

It’s the type of film that can’t be comprehended without reading post-viewing assessments, but when everything falls together- it’s mind-blowing.

Mulholland Drive is about people and their ability to fantasize about the life they want rather than the life they have. Order is fiction, everything is random, and no one has any control over anything. 

This film was undoubtedly influenced by Billy Wilder’s “Sunset Boulevard,” which portrays a plain story about the psychological impact that Hollywood exacts on actresses. 

The symbolism is charming, and the varieties are energetic. 

This is a fantastic show-stopper. It highlights interest, repulsiveness, humor, dynamite music, intriguing characters, a lot of activity, and excellent photography. Always remember what you’ve seen.

Black Hawk Down 

Genre – Action game

Director- Ridley Scott 

Where to watch – Hulu

The video centers on S.S.G. Eversmann, who led Ranger unit Chalk Four to the first crash site, Chief Warrant Officer Durant, who was caught after being the lone survivor of the second crash, and many others who were engaged.

This film features one of the finest casts; everyone performed their characters to complete the character arc. 

Then there’s the fantastic cinematography, which has you on the edge of your seat. 

The action sequence was so exciting and novel that it seemed like an adrenaline rush. Another thing that sticks with me is the soundtrack of this film. 

Hans Zimmer is a maestro of film scoring, as evidenced by his work in this picture. 

It’s fascinating to see what takes place in an urban counter-insurgency. You may watch this scene on YouTube.

Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India

Genre – Melodrama

Director- Jessie Nelson

Where to watch – Netflix.

The film follows the people of a village in Central India in 1893, during the late Victorian period of India’s colonial British Raj. 

Bhuvan and Gauri are soon married, and the region’s King comes to give his blessings. 

Despite that spectacular victory, Bhuvan’s name has been lost in the annals of time.

The film is unrivaled in prizes and plaudits and will always be included on any list of Hollywood classics. 

It is a struggle against colonialism, racism, and untouchability, just as its peer and colleague Oscar nominee Mother India.

The nationalist film presents Indian culture and customs, as well as superb music and dance, and it portrays the story of teamwork and good leadership. 

This picture felt more like watching a long, semi-boring sporting event in a field than a movie in a theatre.

The allure of this period piece faded off halfway into the film, and the only reoccurring thought was, ‘how much further is this dull picture going to last?’

I Am Sam 

Genre – Trial drama

Director- Jessie Nelson

Where to watch – Roku Channel, Prime Video, Vudu

While battling for the possession of his seven-year-old daughter, a mentally challenged guy teaches his heartless lawyer the importance of love and family. 

Sam Dawson is mentally equivalent to a seven-year-old. His daughter has been abandoned by her destitute mother. 

Sam’s problems worsen, and his kid is removed from him. Sam locates a lawyer who takes the case without payment.

This is more than simply a movie; it’s a story of how becoming a father can transform us and how challenging it may be for somebody with autism. 

Sam resembles the one who has autism. This could be how much the audience identifies with how the movie portrays Sam. 

It’s interesting how they portray him rather than as the immature man baby that many assume autistic people are-as a caring, gentle man who goes through many emotional upheavals and hardships to conceive their daughter once more.

A great movie with loveable characters that will touch your heart make you smile, and make you giggle along the way. 

Sean Penn gives an excellent performance. Excellent soundtrack & well-made film

The Man Who Wasn’t There 

Genre – French thriller 

Director- Joel Coen

Where to watch – Netflix.

An arrogant, chain-smoking barber extorts his wife’s boss and lover for cash to invest in laundry detergent, but his scheme backfires spectacularly. 

It’s a story of suspected adultery, extortion, foul play, death, Sacramento city slickers, racist insults, faked war heroics, shaved legs, a gamine piano player, aliens, and Heisenberg’s quantum weirdness. Ed Crane works as a hairdresser in his in-store.

Excellent music, imagery, acting, and screenplay. Not many films have all these elements work so nicely together. 

This story is both lovely and dark. Where it lacks color, it compensates for it with complex characters and an overarching commercial theme that can engross any viewer. 

Although the idea developed slowly, it was nonetheless profoundly profound. 

The routine crashed, as usual, making you feel bad. 

The Man Who Never Was is a classic that honors classics and endures through the ages.

Pearl Harbor 

Genre – War drama

Director-  Michael Bay 

Where to watch –  Disney

A historical tale laced with passion and conflict. The plot centers on two best friends for life and a stunning nurse embroiled in the horror of a notorious Sunday morning. 

The classic love story, Earl Harbor, takes place during a war that makes everything more complicated. 

Rafe and Danny, boyhood pals who later became Army Air Corps flyers and met Evelyn, a Navy nurse, are the catalysts for everything. 

Rafe hooks up with Evelyn after falling head over heels for her.

The attack on the American naval base by the Japanese and the subsequent U.S. response are the subjects of Pearl Harbor. 

It contributes to the narrative without being offensive and gives Pearl Harbor an intriguing new spin. Still heavily rooted in history, it pays beautiful homage to Pearl Harbor. 

The action sequences are packed tightly, and the photography is stunning. 

Even though the retribution was different from what occurred, it still worked with the plot.

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