10 Movies Like “Thirteen” That You Would Love To Watch

Movies significantly impact our lifestyles, behavior, and thought processes. It is created to bring a mood refreshment for people. But then it depends on oneself if they treat this as a refreshment or make it an addiction.

Youths, the nation’s future, are at that stage of their life where getting manipulated is easy. So it becomes necessary for them to have a better thinking capacity.

In adolescence, people, rather than kids, often go through several different emotions, situations, the wrath of the outer world, lack of self-confidence, societal pressures, etc. During this period, children often make bad and wrong decisions whose consequences are suffered by them and their near and dear ones.

“Thirteen” is a movie with similar issues and a story about a thirteen-year-old girl named Tracy. This movie shows how she gets involved in matters like drugs, sex, thefts, and other social misbehaviors after meeting Evie, her best friend, and how her mother stops her from doing such things.

If you liked “Thirteen” and would like to watch a few more similar kinds of movies and dramas showing how a teenager deals with the challenges that come their way while they grow up and take charge of their lives.

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower (2012)

Director Name: Stephen Chbosky

Genre: Drama

Where to watch: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu

This movie is about a 15-year-old boy, Charlie, who has no experience with the outside world. The film shows how a person has to deal with the outside world while struggling with losing his best friend, his relationship, and his mental illness. Through this movie, we see his journey in his school while making new friends. The movie’s story is complicated because of the ups and downs around him. 

If you have ever struggled during your childhood and high school days to make your own space in the world and be a part of the school groups, you will like this movie and resonate with this. The way the scenes are shown is charming and beautiful to watch, but sometimes it is a bit sad too. Here we also see a few dark topics that are usually not discussed, like homosexuality, drugs, and death.

This movie’s IMDB rating is 7.9/10.

The Edge of Seventeen (2016)

Director Name: Kelly Fremon Craig

Genre: comedy, drama, romance, feel-good

Where to watch: Amazon Prime, Netflix

This movie is about a teen girl who is a high school junior for whom growing up becomes hard with all the situations around her.

While she is struggling with the sudden death of her father, more trouble comes when she finds out that her best friend is dating her own elder brother. 

After this, she starts feeling more alone and felt left out, but only until the arrival of an unexpected friendship with a boy who shows her the other side of life and makes her feel that things might not be as bad as she thinks. If you liked Thirteen, you should take a step ahead and watch this movie today.

This movie’s IMDB rating is 7.3/10.

White Oleander (2002)

Director Name: Peter Kosminsky

Genre: Drama 

Where to watch: Amazon Prime, Netflix

This movie is about a 15-year-old girl, Astrid, who lives with her single mother, Ingrid. Things get messed up when her mother’s boyfriend ditches her, leaving her heartbroken to take revenge, and she poisons him with her favorite flower, White Oleander.

Soon her mother gets arrested, and Astrid has to face the hardships of life while going through the experience of foster homes one after the other. During this time, she experiences love, near-to-death adventures, drugs, addictions, hunger, etc. 

If you liked Thirteen, you should take a step ahead and watch this movie today and see how Astrid fought with the odd situations of her life and how her love helped her mother heal.

This movie’s IMDB rating is 7.1/10.

Girl, Interrupted (1999)

Director Name: James Mangold

Genre: Drama

Where to watch: Netflix, Amazon Prime (UK)

This movie is about a young woman Susanna, who tries to attempt suicide by consuming a bottle of aspirin with a bottle of vodka, after which she is rushed to a psychiatric hospital in Claymoore. In the hospital, she meets and deals with many women admitted there. She spent 18 months in the hospital and was diagnosed with a personality disorder.

In this movie, we see how Susanna deals with the outer world and takes charge of herself after discharge.

The film shows a person’s hardship while battling mental health, abuse, and suicide. If you liked Thirteen, you should surely take a step ahead and watch this movie today, especially if you are a girl and would resonate your life with Susanna. 

This movie’s IMDB rating is 7.3/10.

The Virgin Suicides (1999)

Director Name: Sofia Coppola

Genre: Drama, Romance

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

This movie is an American psychological drama based on the novel The Virgin Suicides. 

This movie shows the story of the five Lison sisters from an upper-middle-class family. When the younger sister tries to attempt suicide, all the sisters face scrutiny by their religious protective parents.

Because of this, the couple gets their daughters to withdraw from school, and all five of them start feeling isolated and depressed. 

We come across a group of young boys who live in their neighborhood and are fascinated by the Lison sisters.

This movie shows the struggle of the Lisbon sisters while dealing with their health issues, both mentally and psychologically.

If you are looking for movies like Thirteen, we recommend you check out this fantastic piece.

This movie’s IMDB rating is 7.2/10.

Kids (1995)

Director Name: Larry Clark

Genre: Drama

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

Here is another excellent movie on the list that shows the darker side of teenage life. This movie is an American drama directed by Larry Clark. It revolves around a group of teen friends showing their teenage lifestyle, living like there’s no tomorrow. This movie shows the group’s journey as they travel around New York while enjoying and doing fun activities like skating, smoking, consuming alcohol, and discovering sex. 

In this movie, there is a character named Telly who is aware of his being HIV positive, but still, he decides to have sex to spread it. It is a terrific movie with good dialogue and brilliant performances.

This movie’s IMDB rating is 2.5/5.

Havoc (2005)

Director Name: Barbara Kopple

Genre:  crime, drama

Where to watch: Amazon prime (UK), Amazon prime

This movie is an intense and rebellious sort of movie. In this movie, two teenagers from a wealthy family get caught up in the city’s nightlife, get involved in a deal with a group of drug dealers, and later on face dire and dangerous consequences. In this drama, we see how a detective fight with underworld criminals to save a politician’s son while revealing deep dark secrets of corruption. 

This movie also shows the hardships faced by a teenager. If you liked Thirteen, you should take a step ahead and watch this movie today; enjoy the film’s intensity, uncover the deep dark secrets of city nightlife, and see how the teenagers deal with harsh situations.

This movie’s IMDB rating is 6.6/10.

Fish Tank (2009)

Director Name: Andrea Arnold

Genre: Drama

Where to watch: Amazon Prime (UK), Netflix

Here is a British drama showing Mia, an aggressive, socially isolated 15-year-old girl living with her mother and little sister. Mia has been suspended from school and is aimlessly spending her days. Her mother’s boyfriend helps her find out about her interest in dancing, which creates a bond between them. 

This movie shows how things get upside down when her mother brings her new boyfriend and about MIa’s relationship with him. If you liked Thirteen, you should take a step ahead and watch this movie today and see how Mia started her new journey with dancing under the guidance of her mother’s boyfriend.

This movie’s IMDB rating is 7.3/10.

Juno (2007)

Director Name: Jason Reitman

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Where to watch: Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime (UK), Hulu

This movie is an American comedy-drama about Juno, a 16-year-old junior in Minnesota who protects herself from the outer world’s wrath. She thinks of giving up her baby for adoption outside an abortion clinic. Slowly, things change as after meeting the adoptive couple, she gets more involved in her baby’s adoptive parents’ lives than she had thought. 

Still, things changed because of her unplanned pregnancy and showed the subsequent related events. The movie is a heartwarming, funny, and humorful movie; watch it and enjoy it with your family.

This movie’s IMDB rating is 7.5/10.

Mean girls (2004)

Director Name: Mark Waters

Genre: Comedy

Where to watch: Amazon Prime (UK), Netflix

Here is an American comedy film about Cady Heron, a 16-year-old girl who joins a new school and becomes friends with Janis and Damian. She quickly realizes that she does not fit in with the other girls.

 Cady’s friends warn Cady to stay away from Plastics, a group of A-list girls formed by Regina George, but things get worse when she makes a mistake and falls in love with her ex-boyfriend, Aaron. This movie was released in 2004 and instantly became the talk of the town. It is a hilarious movie, and teen girls might resonate with Cady. If you like comedy movies and are up to seeing some girl fight over a boy, go watch this out.

This movie’s IMDB rating is 7.1/10.

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