30 Most Loved Characters from TV History

TV series are always filled with cherishable moments created by some iconic characters. These characters always remain memorable for the viewers.

Some of these characters are highly praised, while some are criticized. But overall, such characters leave a strong impact on our minds.

Here is a list of 30 characters from tv history that viewers love the most. 

Rust Cohle (True Detective 2014 – 2019)

Real Name – Matthew McConaughey

About the Character – Rust Cohle is a fictional character portrayed by Matthew McConaughey in the tv series True Detective.

Rust is a homicide detective for the Louisiana State Police. He has a partner in this field named Martin Hart.

Rust Cohle and Martin Hart have hunted a serial killer in Louisiana for 17 years. He is transferred from working on a regional drug task force to Louisiana State Police. 

About the Actor – Matthew McConaughey is known for starring in romantic comedies, such as – The Wedding Planner, Failure to Launch, We Are Marshall, and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

He has also played a famous role in a thriller named Region of Fire and another role Danny Buck Davidson, in Bernie. Critics highly acclaimed Matthew for his role as Rust Cohle in True Detective. 

Dewey Wilkerson (Malcolm in the Middle 2000 – 2006)

Real Name – Erik Per Sullivan

About the Character – Dewey Wilkerson is the protagonist in Malcolm in the Middle. He is the fourth son of Hal and Lois Wilkerson, who gets tortured or beaten up by his brothers. He beats them up too. But the fact is Dewey loves his brothers. He is neglected and ignored by his parents. Dewey is the most intelligent among his siblings. He looks up to his elder brother Francis as a hero, as he is the only one who does not always beat up on him. 

About the Actor – Erik Per Sullivan, who acts as Dewey Wilkerson in Malcolm in the Middle, is an American former actor. He also played the lead in the movie Christmas with the Kranks. He has played numerous characters in films and on tv. He was the protagonist of the film Mo. He has also voiced Sheldon the Seahorse in the animated film Finding Nemo. 

Olive Snook (Pushing Daisies 2007 – 2009)

Real Name – Kristin Chenoweth

About the Character – Olive Snook is a character from Pushing Daisies who dreams of riding horses. She used to beg her parents for an Arabian stallion when she was young. But her parents told her no, so she took matters into her own hands. She attempted to dig into Arabia and got a stallion in exchange for an ancient dinosaur skeleton. Olive loves singing. Whenever she gets down, she sings a song to boost her spirit. 

About the Actor – Kristin Dawn Chenoweth has played the role of Olive Snook in Pushing Daisies. She is an American actress and singer who won a Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical for her tremendous performance as Sally Brown in You’s a Goodman. She has played many roles in tv series, including Annabeth Schott in The West Wing and Olive Snook in Pushing Daisies. Olive Snook won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. 

Pope Pius Xlll (The Young Pope 2016)

Real Name – Jude Law

About the Character – Pope Pius Xlll is the latest offspring of a great dramatic lineage. He is the protagonist of The Young Pope, who is often considered a miracle worker. He is a would-be saint. He is young and rude. He feeds off gossip. Pope Pius Xlll hides from public view. He occasionally emerges to spew contempt upon his followers who gather in St. Peter’s Square. 

About the Actor – Jude Law or David Jude Heyworth Laws is an English actor who has received a British Academy Film Award, nominations for two Academy Awards, two Tony Awards, and four Golden Globe Awards. He was also praised for his role in Cold Mountain and the romantic comedy The Holiday. He has also received an Honorary Cesar. Jude Law was named a knight of the Order of Arts and Letters by the government of France. 

Penny Hartz (Happy Endings 2011 – 2013)

Real Name – Casey Wilson

About the Character – Penny Hartz is a beautiful character in Happy Endings with white skin and green eyes. She is the social glue of the friend group that includes Jane, Dave, Max, Alex, and Brad. She has wavy and dark brown hair. She dresses casually and wears natural makeup. Penny is always quick to advise Alex and Dave about dating. 

About the Actor – Casey Wilson has starred as Penny Hartz in Happy Endings. She has been twice nominated for the Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for this role. She has starred in other comedies, including Black Monday, The Shrink Next Door, The Hotwives, and Marry Me. Her supporting roles in films include Gone Girl, Julie & Julia, and The Meddler. 

Carlton Banks (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 1990 – 1996)

Real Name – Alfonso Ribeiro

About the Character – Carlton Banks is a character in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. This Character has been praised for portraying a complex and sympathetic foil. Carlton is an affluent teenager who attends a private school in Los Angeles. He wears button-down collared shirts and sweaters. This Character has an arc of personal growth throughout the series. He has layers to prevent himself from being a snob. 

About the Actor – Alfonso Ribeiro plays the role of Carlton Banks in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. This is his most prominent role. He is also popular for his role as Alfonso Spears in Silver Spoons and Maxwell Stanton in In The House. Alfonso is the current host of America’s Funniest Home Videos. He has also hosted the GSN game show Catch 21. 

Lucy Ricardo (I Love Lucy 1951 – 1957)

Real Name – Lucille Ball

About the Character – Lucy Ricardo, the protagonist of I Love Lucy, is a housewife. But she had a zeal for performance from an early age. She was involved in her high school drama program and played the role of Juliet in Romeo and Juliet. In her school band, she played saxophone. Though a housewife, Lucy constantly waits for a big break in show business. Lucy is married to Ricky Ricardo. She wants to appear in her husband’s nightclub act. 

About the Actor, – Lucille Ball is famous for her role as Lucy Ricardo in I Love Lucy. Her career began as a model. She was nominated for thirteen Primetime Emmy Awards and won them five times. She was also a recipient of the Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award. She earned many honors, including the Women in Film Crystal Award, the Television Hall of Fame, the Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Governor’s Award. 

Mary Richards (The Mary Tyler Moore Show 1970 – 1977)

Real Name – Mary Tyler Moore

About the Character – Mary Richards, a fictional character in The Mary Tyler Moore Show, was born in Roseburg, Minnesota. She is the only child of Walter and Dottie Richards. She has been engaged to Bill, a medical student, but has left him after realizing that he would never want to get married. Mary also bonds with Bess, the precocious daughter of Phyllis. She has applied for a secretarial job at WJM – TV. 

About the Actor – Mary Tyler Moore is best known for her roles in The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. These shows helped her define a new vision of American womanhood. She has won seven Primetime Emmy Awards and three Golden Globe Awards. Mary Tyler Moore has been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in Ordinary People. 

Michael Scott (The Office 2005 – 2013)

Real Name – Steve Carell

About the Character – Michael Gary Scott is the protagonist of The Office. Steve Carell portrays the Character. Michael is the regional manager of the Scranton, Pennsylvania branch of a paper company, Dunder Mifflin Inc. he temporarily leaves the company and forms his own paper company with Pam Beesly and Ryan Howard. He shares a co – managerial position with Jim Halpert. Later, he proposes to HR representative Holly Flax and moves to Colorado to care for her aging parents. 

About the Actor – Steve Carell has played the role of Michael Scott in The Office. Carell also worked as a producer, writer, and director. For The Office, he has achieved the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Television Series Musical or Comedy. Steve has starred in numerous comedy films, such as – Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, The 40 – Year – Old Virgin, Evan Almighty, Get Smart, Date Night, Crazy, Stupid, Love, etc. Life Magazine has recognized him as “America’s Funniest Man.” 

Maeve (Westworld 2016 – 2022)

Real Name – Thandiwe Newton

About the Character – Maeve Millay, a fictional character in Westworld, is played by Thandiwe Newton. She is one of the most prominent characters in this tv series and acts as the madam of Sweetwater, the largest town in Westworld. She becomes aware of the fact that her life has been a lie. She recalls memories of raising a daughter before she was killed. She wakes up within Mesa and coerces Felix to alter her programming to make her more intelligent. She befriends Hector and Armistice to help protect her. Felix helps her leave the Westworld park. 

About the Actor – Thandiwe Newton is a British actress known for starring in Beloved, Mission: Impossible 2, Shade, The Chronicles of Riddick, Crash, The Pursuit of Happiness, W., 2012, For Colored Girls, Solo: A Star Wars Story, etc. Newton has played the role of madam Maeve Millay in Westworld. She has received many awards, including a Primetime Emmy Award and a British Academy Film Award. She has been nominated for two Golden Globe Awards. 

Dylan Maxwell (American Vandal 2017 – 2018)

Real Name – Jimmy Tatro

About the Character – Dylan Maxwell is a Hanover High School student who acts as the class clown rather than studying. It is a major character in American Vandal. He is accused of drawing dicks on the whiteboard every day. Dylan spends his class time videoing himself playing pranks. He has a group of friends known as The Wayback Boys. Along with this group, Dylan makes a series of YouTube prank videos. 

About the Actor – James Richard Tatro or Jimmy Tatro has played the role of Dylan Maxwell in American Vandal. He is a digital creator and star of the YouTube channel LifeAccordingToJimmy. He writes, produces, and directs video sketches with his friend, Christian A. Pierce. Jimmy has appeared in Grown Ups 2, 22 Jump Street, Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thailand, Stuber, etc. 

Jack Bauer (24 2001 – 2010)

Real Name – Kiefer Sutherland

About the Character – Jack Bauer is portrayed as a character with various capacities in the show 24. He has completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from the University of California and a Master of Science degree in Criminology and Law from the same University. He is a member of the Counter Terrorist Unit in Los Angeles who works with the FBI. He is the most capable agent of CTU. 

About the Actor – Kiefer Sutherland has starred in the role of Jack Bauer in the drama series 24. He has won this role’s Emmy and Golden Globe awards. The role of Jack Bauer also brings two Screen Actors Guild Awards and two Satellite Awards to him. His other films are – Stand by Me, The Lost Boys, Young Guns, Flatliners, A Few Gooden, The Three Musketeers, A Time to Kill, etc. 

Valerie Cherish (The Comeback 2005 – 2014)

Real Name – Lisa Kudrow

About the Character – Valerie Cherish is the central figure of The Comeback. She is also the star of I’m It!, where she is portrayed as a young superstar attorney named Becky. Valerie, in the first season, is shown as Aunt Sassy. Then she agrees to chronicle her return to the tv series on a companion reality television series, The Comeback. She is cast as a fictionalized version of herself in a series, Seeing Red. 

About the Actor – Lisa Kudrow has gained international fame for her role as Phoebe Buffay in Friends. This series earned her Primetime Emmy Award, Screen Actors Guild Award, and Satellite and American Comedy Awards. Lisa has produced, written, and starred in the comedy series, The Comeback. For this series, Lisa has been nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. 

HoDruse (House 2004 – 2012)

Real Name – Hugh Laurie

About the Character – Dr. House is the titular protagonist of the American medical drama House. Sherlock Holmes partially influences this Character. The Character, Dr. House, has been described as a misanthrope, cynic, narcissist, and curmudgeon. This Character has unorthodox diagnostic approaches as well as radical therapeutic motives. He features stalwart rationality, which has resulted in many conflicts between him and his colleagues. 

About the Actor – James Hugh Calum Laurie first gained recognition for the comedy series A Bit of Fry & Laurie. He has appeared in two series of the period comedy Blackadder alongside Rowan Atkinson. He has starred as Dr. Gregory House in the drama series House, for which he has received two Golden Globe Awards and many other accolades. Hugh Laurie has been enlisted in the 2011 Guinness World Records as the most-watched leading man on television. 

Marcia Brady (The Brady Bunch 1969 – 1974)

Real Name – Maureen McCormick

About the Character – Marcia Brady lives with her two younger sisters, Jan and Cindy, three stepbrothers, Greg, Peter, and Bobby, and her mother and stepfather in Los Angeles. This Character is shown as a prototypical sunny blonde, the oldest girl in the family. So she starts to break away from her siblings and wants to enjoy her own space. She is a high school student with a perfect attitude. She always wants to be the class president and the lead in the school play. 

About the Actor – Maureen Denise McCormick, who played the role of Marcia Brady, is an American actress. She has appeared in The Amanda Show and The Idolmaker. She ventured into stage acting in different roles during the 1980s and 1990s. She has also worked as a recording artist, but for a very short period of time. Despite achieving superb success in The Brady Bunch, Maureen has to do a lot of struggles in her life. 

Don Draper (Mad Men 2007 – 2015)

Real Name – Jon Hamm

About the Character – Don Draper, or Donald Francis Draper, is a fictional character in Mad Men. He is the protagonist of this TV show, which Jon Hamm portrays. Don Draper is a creative director of the fictional Manhattan advertising firm Sterling Cooper. Then he became a founding partner at a new firm, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Draper Daniels, a creative director at Leo Burnett advertising agency in Chicago, partially influences this Character. This Character is quite cynical and egotistic. 

About the Actor – Jon Hamm or Jonathan Daniel Hamm is an American actor who is best known for the role of Don Draper in the tv series Mad Men. He has won the Primetime Emmy Award for acting in and producing Mad Men. He is also seen in A Young Doctor’s Notebook, Black Mirror, Good Omens, and Legion. Jon Hamm is also popular for his leading roles in Stolen (2010) or Million Dollar Arm (2016) and his supporting roles in The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) or The Town (2010).

Eleven (Stranger Things 2021 – 2022)

Real Name – Millie Bobby Brown

About the Character – Eleven is the protagonist of the horror drama series Stranger Things. Millie Bobby Brown primarily portrays this Character. E. T. influences this Character. It is such a character with psychokinetic and telepathic abilities. When Eleven uses these extrasensory abilities, she becomes weakened, and her nose bleeds. She is the daughter of Teresa Ives.  

About the Actor – Millie Bobby Brown is a British actress and producer. She gained huge popularity after playing the role of Eleven in Stranger Things. She has been nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards for this role. Millie Bobby Brown has also starred in the film Godzilla and its sequels. Not only these, but Brown has also been featured in the Time 100 list of the world’s most influential people. 

Lafayette Reynolds (True Blood 2008 – 2014)

Real Name – Nelsan Ellis

About the Character – Lafayette Reynolds is a fictional character from the novel, The Southern Vampire Mysteries”, written by Charlaine Harris. The TV series, True Blood is based on this novel, where Nelsan Ellis plays the role of Lafayette Reynolds. This vibrant Character lives in Louisiana, the Southeastern town of Bon Temps. Lafayette is a flamboyant homosexual who divides his time between various occupations. 

About the Actor – Nelsan Ellis is an American actor. He is also a playwright. His acting career began in the early 2000s when he played a role in a short film named Lost. He acted in the television film series Warm Springs and The Inside. Nelsan has achieved praise from critics for his portrayal of Lafayette Reynolds in True Blood. For this Character, he has won a Satellite Award from the International Press Academy and many other awards. 

Jack McFarland (Will & Grace 1998 – 2020)

Real Name – Sean Hayes

About the Character – Jack McFarland, a fictional character in the American tv series, Will & Grace, is the best friend of Will Truman. Jack is considered a “camp” gay man who is very mercurial. He changes careers rapidly from a waiter to an acting teacher to a surfer and a backup dancer for Jennifer Lopez. He considers all his relationships serious. His Character is unashamedly vain and self-absorbed. 

About the Actor – Sean Patrick Hayes, who played the role of Jack McFarland in Will & Grace, is an American actor and producer. Sean has achieved a Primetime Emmy Award for this role, four SAG Awards, and an American Comedy Award. He runs the television production company Hazy Mills Productions, which produces Grimm, Hot in Cleveland, The Soul Man, etc. Sean is largely known for his work on Broadway. 

Hannah Horvath (Girls 2012 – 2017)

Real Name – Lena Dunham

About the Character – Hannah Horvath lives in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. She moved there after she graduated from Oberlin College. At this college, she met her best friends, Marnie and Jessa. She is an unemployed aspiring writer. She writes for the advertising wing of a magazine. When her parents stop supporting her financially, she tries to hold onto some real job. But she does not have enough work ethic, which prevents her from carrying on a job. She faced a mental breakdown when she got a deal to publish an e-book of essays. 

About the Actor – Lena Dunham, who played the role of Hannah Horvath, is an American actress cum director cum producer. She is renowned for this particular Character in the tv series, Girls. She has received several Primetime Emmy Award nominations and two Golden Globe Awards for this Character. Lena Dunham has become the first woman to win the Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directing – Comedy Series. 

Noho Hank (Barry 2018 – present)

Real Name – Anthony Carrigan

About the Character – NoHo Hank is the protagonist of the tv series Barry. Anthony Carrigan portrays this Character. Hank is portrayed as a member of the Chechen mob in Los Angeles. He initially served as Goran Pazar’s right-hand man. Later, he assumes leadership. Though he is involved with the Mafia, NoHo Hank is a positive and lively character. He does not present himself as menacing or violent but as naive. 

About the Actor – Anthony Carrigan is an American actor nominated twice for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in Barry. Apart from NoHo Hank, Anthony Carrigan is also renowned for playing the role of Tyler Davies in the tv series, The Forgotten, Victor Zsasz in Gotham, and Dennis Caleb McCoy in Bill & Ted Face the Music. Carrigan has had an autoimmune disease, alopecia areata, that causes hair loss. And now, he is known for his lack of hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes. But he has incorporated this lacking successfully into his career. 

Bill Adama (Battlestar Galactica 2004 – 2010)

Real Name – Edward James Olmos

About the Character – Bill Adama is one of the protagonists in the tv series Battlestar Galactica. Edward James Olmos portrays Bill. The Character of Bill Adama is a reimagining of Commander Adama from the 1978 Battlestar Galactica series. He is a middle-aged weary, and battle-hardened man. He demonstrates a powerful character throughout this tv series. He protects humanity against the Cylon threat. Adama leads the ship to victory and successfully defeats the opponents. 

The Actor, – Edward James Olmos, is best – known for his role as Bill Adama in Battlestar Galactica. Apart from this, he is also popularly known for the roles of Lieutenant Martin Castillo in Miami Vice, Jaime Escalante in Stand and Deliver, Detective Gaff in Blade Runner, etc. He won the Primetime Emmy Award in 1985 for Outstanding Supporting Actor in Miami Vice. He has been nominated for a Golden Globe Award and the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role in Stand and Delivers. 

Castiel (Supernatural 2005 – 2020)

Real Name – Misha Collins

About the Character – Castiel is a fictional character in the tv series, Supernatural, an American fantasy series. Misha Collins plays this Character. Castiel is an Angel of the Lord who first appears in the fourth season of this series. He is used to introducing the theme of Christian theology. Castiel brings Dean Winchester back from Hell. He has a friendship with Dean and his brother, Sam. He frequently helps them win their battles against demons. He has a lot of supernatural abilities, such as the ability to kill demons. 

About the Actor – Misha Collins is an American actor who is best known for the role of Castiel that he played in Supernatural. He was raised in a poor, homeless, and irreligious family. His film career includes roles in Girl, Interrupted; Finding Home; Karla; and Loot. Besides the tv series Supernatural, Misha is also known for shows like Legacy, Charmed, NYPD Blue, 24, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, ER, Monk, and Timeless. 

Santana Lopez (Glee 2009 – 2015)

Real Name – Naya Rivera

About the Character – Santana Lopez is a minor antagonist in the comedy-drama series Glee. Naya Rivera portrays this Character. Santana is a sidekick to Quinn Fabray in the first episode of this series. She is introduced as one of the three most popular cheerleaders at William McKinley High School. She joins the glee club of the school and soon starts spying on it for Sue Sylvester, a cheerleading team coach. Later, Santana becomes sympathetic to the other members of the glee club. Santana has many romantic relationships. 

About the Actor – Naya Marie Rivera has been largely recognized for her work on the popular comedy-drama series Glee as Santana Lopez. This role helps her achieve a Screen Actors Guild Award, a SAG Award, an ALMA Award, and nominations for two Grammy Awards. She first appeared in national television commercials. She is a nominee for the Young Artist Award at the age of five for her role as Hillary Winston in The Royal Family.  

Willow Rosenberg (Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1997 – 2003)

Real Name – Alyson Hannigan

About the Character – The Character of Willow Rosenberg in the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer has been developed by Joss Whedon. Alyson Hannigan portrays the role throughout the series. Willow plays an integral role within the Scooby Gang. This gang supports Buffy Summers, a teenager gifted with superhuman abilities. Buffy can defeat vampires, demons, and other evil spirits with supernatural powers. 

About the Actor – Alyson Hannigan started her career at the age of four with appearances in commercials. She moved to Hollywood at the age of 11. Her acting career started with supporting roles in comedy films, such as – Impure Thoughts and My Stepmother is an Alien. Her television career started with the series Free Spirit. Her breakout role is Willow Rosenberg in the supernatural drama series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 

Rose Nylund (The Golden Girls 1985 – 1992)

Real Name – Betty White

About the Character – Rose Nylund is a character from The Golden Girls. She is the protagonist in this series who lives in Miami with Blanche, Dorothy, and Sophia. She is a widow who works as a volunteer to help people in her spare time at various organizations around the town. Her husband Charlie died while they were having sex. She also loves playing music and fixing things around the house. 

About the Actor – Betty White was an American actress and comedian. She is a pioneer of early television. She had a television career of almost seven decades. She is probably the first actress to work in front of and behind the camera. She was the first woman to produce a sitcom titled Life with Elizabeth. Her appearances in The Bold and the Beautiful, Boston Legal, and The Carol Burnett Show are still acclaimed by viewers. 

Fonzie (Happy Days 1974 – 1984)

Real Name – Henry Winkler

About the Character – Fonzie was initially a secondary character in the American sitcom Happy Days but soon became the protagonist. Such a character is considered to be the epitome of cool and a sex symbol. Fonzie is a stereotypical greaser who is frequently seen on his motorcycle. He wears a leather jacket. His grandmother Nussbaum calls him “Skippy.” Fonzie is very much devoted to his grandmother. 

About the Actor – Henry Winkler has gotten fame after doing Fonzie’s role in Happy Days. He has done so many distinguished roles that include Arthur Himby in Scream, Coach Klein in The Waterboy, Barry Zuckerkorn in Arrested Development, Eddie R. Lawson in Royal Pains, Dr. Saperstein in Parks and Recreation, Fritz in Monsters at Work, Stanley Yelnats all in Holes, Uncle Joe in The French Dispatch, Al Pratt in Black Adam, and Gene Cousineau in Barry. 

Paris Geller (Gilmore Girls 2000 – 2007)

Real Name – Liza Weil

About the Character – Paris Geller or Paris Eustace Geller is a fictional character from the tv series Gilmore Girls, where she is introduced as an ambitious high-school student who belongs to a wealthy family. Her nanny almost entirely raises Paris. She can go to any extreme to get what she desires. She gets very disappointed if she does not succeed in getting a high grade or achieving a life goal. The Character of Paris Geller is a stark contrast to the Character, Rory Gilmore, in this series. 

 About the Actor – Liza Rebecca Weil is an American actress who has played the role of Paris Geller in Gilmore Girls. She has also played some other popular roles, including White House aide Amanda Tanner in Scandal and Bonnie Winterbottom in How to Get Away with Murder. Liza Rebecca has begun recurring as FBI agent Katherine Russo in another series, The Cleaning Lady. 

Tony Soprano (The Sopranos 1999 – 2007)

Real Name – James Gandolfini

About the Character – Tony Soprano is the antagonist in the tv series The Sopranos. James Gandolfini plays this Character. Tony Soprano is a member of the Italian – American Mafia. He also acts as the boss of his North Jersey crime family. While in the first season of this series, Tony is shown as a caporegime who serves as acting underboss for Giacomo Aprile, in the next season, he is promoted to street boss. Tony Soprano has to struggle to balance the conflicting needs of his actual family throughout the series. 

About the Actor – James Joseph Gandolfini plays the role of an Italian – American Mafia, Tony Soprano, in the TV series The Sopranos. He has achieved three Primetime Emmy Awards, five Screen Actors Guild Awards, and a Golden Globe Award for this role. He has done many other notable roles, apart from Tony Soprano. These include Lieutenant Bobby Dougherty in Crimson Tide, Colonel Winter in The Last Castle, and Mayor of New York in The Taking of Pelham. 

Olivia Pope (Scandal 2012 – 2018)

Real Name – Kerry Washington

About the Character – Olivia Pope’s Character is more or less based on Judy Smith, who was the Deputy Press Secretary of George H. W. Bush. In this TV series, Olivia Pope is shown as a revered fixer who helps Fitzgerald Grant, who is the President of the United States, win office. She is a former lawyer and White House, aide. She can think fast and do things with effectiveness. She has a secret affair with the President. Olivia Pope is a groundbreaking role played by a black woman, Kerry Washington, on American network television. 

About the Actor – Kerry Washington is an African – American actress cum film director. She is best known for the role of Olivia Pope in the series Scandal. For this role, she has been twice nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series and once for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Television Series Drama. Kerry is also known for her roles in Ray, the film series Fantastic Four, Mr. And Mrs. Smith, Confirmation, Django Unchained, Little Fires Everywhere, Cars 3, and The Last King of Scotland. 

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