Loki Season 2 : New Footage Released And New Cast Members Announced 

Loki season 2 finally got some fresh footage and new cast member annoucements at the D23 Expo. 

There is so much speculation going around regarding the show, and finally after waiting more than a year, there is some information we started to get about the show. 

New footage leaked, new cast members announced, some plot detail hints coming across different sources and cast and so many rumors. 

Michale Waldron, the writer behind Loki season 2, who also wrote Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, talked about the second season two month ago. 

The writer talked to Deadline, sharing “In creating the show in the first place, the only way it’s worth doing to me is that we can find a new story to tell with this character. It felt like we had new emotional ground to cover with Loki.That’s the only way into season 2. We absolutely found that. It’s a great continuation of that story that feels different from season one and hopefully will subvert expectations.”

And just like that, we are getting some people to talk about season 2 from different sources, all mentioned and explored here to keep you updated. 

Loki Season 2 Trailer 

The Loki Season 2 Trailer hasn’t been released to the public yet but at the D23 Expo, the attendees did grea tto see an exclusive teaser for the Loki Season 2. 

The teaser starts with Loki (Tom Hiddleston) entering a room, it seems like inside TVA where there’s someone reading the TVA Handbook, which we already saw in season 1. 

Even after consistently calling this mysterious guy reading out the book multiple times, “Hello?”, he gets whisked away from some random time looper. 

Next cut on the screen reveals that it is none other than a Loki variant who is reading the TV Handbook. 

After that, there are multiple fast cuts showing some unsettling shots of Loki getting beaten by a time looper. 

Image Source: Gizmodo

Also, there’s a voiceover from Loki himself saying that he has seen “terrible, awful things” throughout his journey of time. 

This exclusive footage also shows some known and unknown Loki show characters such as Slyvie, Hunter B-15 and Mobius as well. 

The teaser shows us Loki trying to warn people about this multiversal war that’s coming, which he learned about in the first season after meeting Kang variant He Who Remains, saying “There’s nothing standing between this world and destruction. War is on the way.”

Almost to the end of this teaser, Loki said to Mobius “I don’t want you to think I’m the bad guy in all of this.” to which Mobius answers “Who says you are?”. And that makes Loki to name every Avenger. 

Interestingly, we started seeing Loki as this morally-standing protagonist now instead of a villain or an anti-hero in this series, however there were indeed moments of heroism from him in MCU movies. 

But still, the teaser hints the audience to not forget the villanious streak Loki has in him even if he is trying to do what’s right. 

Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead are going to be directing most of the episodes in this Loki season, and they are pretty much known for their horror movies, so you might see those elements in the series as well, as can be seen in the teaser itself. 

Loki Season 2 Cast 

Ever since Loki Season 1 ended, Marvel has been giving confirmations on many characters and cast members for the season 2. 

To begin with, the cast you see in the teaser are defintely going to be there. You see Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Owen Wilson as Mobius and Sophia di Martino as Slyvie, as they are reprising their roles in the series. 

Image Source: CB

Then there is Gugu MBatha Raw as Ravonna Renslayer, Mosaku as Hunter B-15, Eugene Cordero as Casey and Wunimi Mosaku as Hunter B-15. 

Recent addition to the cast, actor Ke Huy Quan who recently broke out with the film Everything Everywhere All At Once will also be playing a crucial role in the series, however, not been decided or revealed which one yet. 

Also, according to Deadline, Actor Rafael Casal, known for Blindspotting is added to the cast of Loki Season 2 as a major role. 

Rumours say that he might be playing a major role, perhaps Zaniac, who is a demonic creature hailing from an unknown dark dimension. 

It came from the set photos revealed from the Loki season 2 featuring Casal alongside Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson. However, no official confirmations there about which character he plays. 

Image Source: GT

Sometime ago, Hiddlestone talked to Variety’s Actors on Actors talking about how his character has changed so much over the years. 

Here’s what actor said : 

 “Loki’s changed so much over the years for me.I was cast when I was 29, and I’m 41… Initially, with the wigs and the costume, I was always trying to break out of the mask. Let something honest come through. By the time we got to the series, Loki’s stripped of all the things that are familiar. Immediately, he’s literally stripped and put in a jumpsuit, and his status is gone. Everyone knows who the character is now. Let’s open him up and find new aspects of him and challenge the character to change and grow.”

Tom Hiddleston talked about how even though people would want his character to mend his ways completely but the giving the choice to the character to choose whether he wants to give in to his old ways or be better, makes Loki, Loki, also makes the character interesting to play.

Tom further goes on explaining the character detail of the Loki, and how he sees it : 

“I understand the audience sees good in Loki — they want him to get past his internal and external obstacles.They want him to repair that relationship with his brother and step into the hero that he can be. He realizes, ‘Actually, I can choose my path and choose to do the right thing. Or I choose, at least, not to repeat the same old tricks that I repeated over and over in a cycle of trust and betrayal.’ It’s exciting to retain all the characteristics that make Loki, Loki, and at the same time play a slightly different music within him.”

The story of the Loki Season 2 is most likely to be picked up from where we left it in Loki season 1. 

There are chances that we are going to see more variants of Loki in season 2 or more of the earlier versions shown in the first season such as Kid Loki and Throg ( Frog Thor). 

As per rumours from Greatphase, Loki Season 2 might be introducing another superhero team called Squadron Supreme. 

If you look at the comics, they come from a parallel reality, another earth called Earth-Squadron to Earth 616 on which the Marvel cinematic universe as we know  plays out.

There are lesser-known superheroes in this team such as Doctor Spectrum, Power Princess, Nighthawk and Hyperion.

Chances are there could be some A-list ator playing the character Hyperion, and even others.  According to MCU leaaker CineStealth, Henry Cavil, known for playing Superman, has signed the role to play Hyperion.  

Loki Season 2 Plot

Well, to begin with, the story will continue right from the first season ended. After Loki and Slyvie fight over the decision to kill He Who Remains, Slyvie throws Loki to a portal and kills He Who Remains. 

Loki ran to the TVA explaining Morbius about the multiversal war and everything only to find out that this is an entirely new reality he is in, and also found Kang’s giant statue in the TVA. 

Image Source: GR

Plot details, overall for Loki Season 2 is not revealed or even hinted upon which is what Marvel does to keep the curiosity and excitmenet build up. 

But according to Marvel leaker Greatphase, just what we are going to see in Ant-man and the wasp: Quantumunia, Loki season 2 will continue exploring the multiverse in the marvel cinematic universe.

So, far we did get some hints from Loki cast, like Gugu Mbatha-Raw on talk show with Jimmy Fallon, said  “Because my character deals with time and the TVA, being back in that world, it’s like no time has passed”

Or Tom Hiddleson himself told Marvel.com only saying that they will be full of surprises in the next season whereas the directors Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson hinted to ComicBook.com that audiences should expect something new and fresh. 

The writer Waldron told Hero Nation Podcast from Deadline that season 2 will be exploring Loki’s emotional side “It felt like we had new emotional ground to cover with Loki. That’s the only way into season 2. We absolutely found that. It’s a great continuation of that story that feels different from season one and hopefully will subvert expectations.”

Hiddleston also commented about Loki’s journey to redemption which also might be explored in season 2 as part of the plot. 

He talked with Variety about his character arc which might be part of Loki Season 2 plot “I understand the audience sees good in Loki – they want him to get past his internal and external obstacles.They want him to repair that relationship with his brother and step into the hero that he can be.” 

Image Source: CS

Former showrunner Kate Herron showed her interest to see more story from the supporting cast, like Hunter B-15, an interesting character. 

She told Variety “I was like, we shouldn’t see her memories [as part of episode 4]. It’s a character that thought they had power and realizes they have no power. It felt really powerful to at least give her some power in that scenario. The memories are private. They’re hers. Also, as a fan, I’m like, ‘Oh my God, who is she?!’”

Also, when Di Martino who plays Slyvie asked about the plot of season 2, she told Elle Magazine “I don’t know anything about season 2. I don’t know how far it’s going to be removed from what happened at the end of series 1. I don’t know if she will have changed again by the time we see her again. I don’t know where she’ll be, what headspace she’ll be in. I assume she’ll fundamentally still be the same character, but the multiverse makes even [that] a little bit complicated.”

Sources: Deadline | Comicbook | Marvel.com | Greatphase | CineStealth | Variety 
Featured Image Source: GFR

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