Hugh Jackman Will Be Returning As Wolverine In Deadpool 3, Both Debut In MCU

So finally, it is happening! For the third installment, Deadpool, at last after so many hints over the years and some more apparent recently, finally going to join the MCU. 

And it is indeed a befitting time when more and more characters are introduced in MCU starting from the craze begin with Charlie Cox’s Daredevil or much recent Patrick Stewart’s Professior X from the X-men

But it is not just that he is joining the MCU but also the recent development that Hugh Jackman will be also joining his third installment, making him the part of MCU as well. 

So, Ryan Reynolds who plays the character of Wade Wilson aka Deadpool announced the very important detail, that is the new cast addition and also a major plot detail for his third Deadpool movie. 

He teased the idea of bringing the major X-men Wolverine into the third Deadpool movie in a video he released on his Youtube Channel, on Tuesday and further teased it on Wednesday.

He shared the video on his twitter as well with caption saying “Hard keeping my mouth sewn shut about this one.” Just so you know this was the reference to the end of the X-men Origins : Wolverine film scene where his character shows up as Deadpool with sewn-shut mouth.

In this short video, Ryan Reynolds lightly apologized for missing the D23 Expo Event and announced that they are working quite hard on the third Deadpool movie. 

And then the most of the video is basically a fun behind-the-scenes video footage of him finding the plot of the movie, and also saying his character’s “first appearance in MCU has to feel special”. 

It was basically mocking a motivational style behind-the-scenes kind of videos regarding movies with a lot of Ryan Reynolds footage in Deadpool costume, writing, reading and exercising and all, with the end saying “I have nothing”. 

But then, he says” But i have one idea” followed by “ Hey Hugh, you want to play Wolverine one more time” and then we see Hugh Jackman in the background, walking up stairs saying “Yeah, sure”. 

Rest, ending of the video was a “Coming Hughn” banner, as a sly twist on “Coming Soon” closing with a deadpool circular logo with Wolverine clawed. 

The first two Deadpool movies happened in the Non-MCU continuity along the lines with all those X-men movies previously owned by Fox. 

However, when Disney acquired Fox in 2019, obviously it opened the floodgates to all those Fox marvel properties into MCU including X-men and Deadpool. 

After that, even though the writers of Deadpool 3 promised that Deadpool will be swearing and foul mouth despite him working into a family-friendly MCU. 

And when it comes to Hugh Jackman’s character Logan aka Wolverine, he was killed off in 2017-released movie Logan, so how he will be in Deadpool 3. 

Well, there was another video from Ryan Reynolds, and this one was along with Hugh Jackman, both talking to camera, sharing “details” of the upcoming movie, and their duo.

So, here Reynolds explained that Logan indeed die in that movie which took place in future whereas the Logan who show up in Deadpool 3 will be from past or just before that. 

In this video, they basically also went on explaining the plot of the movie or so we thought. Check out the tweet yourself! 

He posted this video on twitter with caption “Quick explainer video that tackles.. 1) Timeline questions, 2) Logan canon, 3) MCU FAQ, 4) Whether we can do this all day or not”.

So, both Reynolds and Jackman are sitting on the couch together sharing how Logan movie where he dies took place in 2029 which doesn’t get changed in Deadpool 3 with appearance of Logan before that time. 

And as they move on sharing more details about the plot of the movie, 1984’s Wham classic Wake Me Up Before You Go Go tunes in, muting their voice and only showing their actions, revealing nothing to us. 

When the songs cut down, only we can hear both guys thanking Marvel Studios President Kevin Fiege. 

 However, their actions of Jackman clawing into Reynolds head and all does show that there will be a huge action sequence between them where Deadpool is going to survive the nasty claw attack of Wolverine. 

We know that Marvel Studios is trying to get their all Marvel properties into the common sharing universe, MCU. 

And they have been trying to introduce X-men into MCU where Deadpool who is apparently a mutant himself is better linked to X-men universe. 

Apart from that, Deadpool is also known to be breaking the fourth wall and being meta on the screen as if his character knows he is in the movie just like his comics counterpart. 

In the Fox universe where X-men exist, the concept of multiverse is established as different realities are created due to time-travel or a character changing the time. 

Other way around, MCU is exploring the multiversal theme heavily, pretty much the theme of this phase and apparently phases to come. 

So due to this multiversal realities, Wolverine who will meet Deadpool could be from any reality or any point at the multiple realities, hence not changing his fate of dying in 2029 year, as shown in movie Logan. 

Source: Ryan Reynolds Twitter Profile 
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