Guillermo del toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities Review – A Horror Masterpiece

Guillermo del Toro tried his hands on the horror anthology genre, and this Oscar Award-winning director made a masterpiece for horror fans that is indeed filled with curiosity.

Like “Alfred Hitchcock presents- a horror anthology television series,” Guillermo del Torro finds a group of directors capable of telling stories in a spooky and surreal mannerism.

Each episode starts with Guillermo introducing the audience to the theme and the episode’s name which pulls the viewer directly into the supernatural world of these stories.

Since it’s an anthology horror series, each episode tells a different and unique story with different characters.

As you might expect, some episodes are purely spooky, and some segments fall along the lines of psychological horror.

Guillermo del Toro’s cabinet of curiosities manages to tell a unique and scary narrative throughout the Series.

Some episodes might become instant cult classics, while others might be on the line of a decent horror experience. But still, all the episodes are delightful.

Guillermo del Toro hired 8 different directors with distinct production styles to tackle these nightmarish stories.

The monster designs and the practical effects are incredibly effective and provide us with a surreal and almost spine-chilling experience.

Some highly skilled directors are joining him in his ventures, such as David prior(Director of The Empty Man) and Jeniffer Kent ( Director of The Babadook).

Each Director brings their style of production and storytelling but manages to keep Guillermo’s signature method of churning practical effects and fairy tale vibes.

Lot 36

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The first episode is aptly named “Lot 36”. It is directed by Guillermo Navarro, the cinematographer of Pan’s Labyrinth. 

The episode follows a military veteran chased by loan sharks and earns his living by selling the contents of abandoned units.

But this particular unit (Lot 36) is filled with ancient relics used for satanic rituals, and the story slowly delves deeper into the mythology of this old relic.

The climax is built up for a spooky and morally satisfying payoff.

Graveyard Rats

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The second episode is called “Graveyard Rats,” As you may have guessed, it revolves around the horror of rats and tight spaces.

It is a claustrophobic tale about a gravedigger who finds himself knee-deep in trouble because he lusted for money.

It is a story that wants to tell us a lesson or two about humanity and how lousy karma follows the evildoers.

The monster design and the atmosphere of this episode is incredibly spooky and provides a fun time for all those who love short horror stories.

The Autopsy

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Episode no 3- The Autopsy might be the best episode as far as the intrigue and story are concerned.

It is a genius take on alien invasion and explains how extraterrestrial species might operate and eventually dominate humankind.

The mystery and the intrigue that finally resolves into a satisfying climax are worth watching for every horror fan.

Unlike other episodes, The Autopsy feels much more like a detective story than a simple horror story.

But make no mistake, the climax is equally horrifying and will leave you questioning what just happened.

The Outside

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The Outside is the fourth episode in this horror anthology series, and it follows a young woman with a severe inferiority complex. She is pretty strange and socially awkward.

She obsesses over her colleagues’ lives and wants to be a part of them.

The story tells us how our lives are affected by the content we consume.

It is even more impactful because of today’s internet-driven society.

We consume all types of content throughout the day without even thinking about how it might be affecting our mental health.

The story explains this concept in a rather bizarre way. Our protagonist is hypnotized by a television commercial claiming that their product (Alo Glo) can make her look elite, and the horror begins.

It is filled with body horror and psychotic imagery, but the climax is well worth the watch.

Pickman’s Model

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Pickman’s Model is yet another masterpiece; it follows a young art student.

He meets a rather strange and mysterious fellow painter named Pickman.

Pickman’s mysterious paintings give our protagonist a severe headache, to say the least.

Then pickman disappears and reappears after many years and starts causing havoc in the life of our protagonist.

Filled with satanic and mind-numbing art, Pickman’s model is a scary tale that uses the fear of the dark to its advantage.

Dreams in the Witch House

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Dreams in the Witch House stars Rupert grunt (Ron from harry potter movies) on a quest to learn about the afterlife.

His twin sister died at a young age, and he stopped pursuing his dream of becoming a great piano player because of the emotional trauma.

Many years later, he has joined a group that investigates paranormal activities and finds himself in a plot revolving around a cursed Witch who is adamant about killing him.

Will he survive this crisis? 

Watch this episode of the cabinet of curiosities to find out!

The Viewing

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The viewing is also one of the standouts of the Series. The camera work, the lighting, and the use of music take you on an intriguing journey.

The suspense of the script and the cinematography add to the horror of this episode.

A group of wealthy and accomplished folks is invited to a luxurious get-together with a mysterious and vibrant person.

They drink and smoke and enjoy for a while with him until the secret is finally revealed.

What is the mysterious man hiding?

Watch this episode of Cabin of curiosities to learn more about the mystery.

The Murmuring

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The Murmuring is the series’ final episode, and it is, well, somewhat scary but thought-provoking.

Nancy and her husband present their fact-finding to their friends.

They are studying the patterns created by the flocks of birds(Murmuring).

They are incredibly enthusiastic about their findings, but the couple is mourning due to the loss of a loved one.

Later nancy starts experiencing some supernatural events, creating a further gap in their relationship. 

With a bittersweet ending, the murmuring is a slow burner and might not be for everyone.

Overall it is an interesting character study mixed with supernatural elements that carry the episode.

The Good

Cabinet of curiosities is an ambitious project filled with strange and mysterious stories that revolve around the supernatural.

The practical effects and cinematography are even better than in many high-budget horror movies.

The monsters and creatures all look spooky and provide for some great horror sequences.

Each director brings a unique style of storytelling that keeps the Series fresh, with each new episode revolving around an entirely different topic.

Some of the episodes are pure gold and might go on to become a regular amongst horror fans.

It is perfect for late-night viewings!

The Bad

Some of the episodes are just not that great.

Keep in mind no episode is terrible in any regard. Just some are better and have better payoffs than others.

Since it’s an anthology horror series, some of the episodes need to work better in tandem with the overall tone of the Series.


For what it’s worth, Cabinets of curiosity is a must-watch for fans of this genre.

It’s a masterpiece, and nothing less can be expected from an oscar winning director.

At times the stories feel a little inconsistent, but the overall experience that this horror anthology series provides is nothing less than spectacular.

Where to watch “Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities.”

You can watch this masterpiece horror anthology series on Netflix right now!

If you are a fan of anthology horror series, you might thoroughly enjoy Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of curiosities.

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