Godzilla Vs. Kong Sequel Plot Details, Cast, Director & More Revealed 

Finally, there is more to know about the highly anticipated sequel to the commercially successful  Godzilla vs King, as Warner Bros, recently revealed more details about this Monsterverse film. 

This sequel is apparently going to explore the very origin of this Monsterverse saga. The plot of the film is about Kong and Godzilla joining their powers, uniting together to fight against a common threat coming from Hollow Earth. 

Godzilla vs. Kong sequel is going to dig deep into the origin stories of Skull Island and Titans, which was earlier featured in Kong: Skull Island

The cast for this film was unveiled to be Dan Stevens, who you might know from The Guest or Legion. 

Director Adam Wingard, who helmed earlier Godzilla vs. Kong film, also known for movies like The Guest, The Last Survivors, You’re Next, and more,  returned for this project as well. 

Other new cast members who are going to get featured in Godzilla vs. Kong 2 are Fala Chen, Rachel House, and Alex Ferns. 

Some cast members from earlier movies, such as Brian Tyree, Rebecca Hall, and Kaylee Hottle, will be reprising their roles in this Monsterverse sequel movie. 

So far, there is no confirmation or denial about the involvement of Alexander Skarsgård, who is currently busy with his own projects. 

And with Dan Stevens cast as the lead, it is highly unlikely that Alexander will return. Millie Bobby Brown, who had a significant role in the earlier film, meets the same fate. 

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Here’s an official plot revealed for the Godzilla vs. Kong sequel through Business Wire that reads the following: 

“This latest entry follows up the explosive showdown of Godzilla vs. Kong with an all-new cinematic adventure, pitting the almighty Kong and the fearsome Godzilla against a colossal undiscovered threat hidden within our world, challenging their very existence – and our own. The epic new film will delve further into the histories of these Titans, their origins, and the mysteries of Skull Island and beyond while uncovering the mythic battle that helped forge these extraordinary beings and tied them to humankind forever.”

So, we are going to see another team-up between Kong and Godzilla, only this time much grander and more epic. 

We already have seen a great team-up in Godzilla vs. Kong, where they fought together against MechaGodzilla, a Robo-Godzilla. 

But before this team, as the name suggested, we got to see an epic battle between them where Godzilla was able to subdue Kong into a submission. 

Even though they fight together in the end, there is still bad blood between them which might cause a re-match, and this time Kong might be much more bullish and fierce toward Godzilla. 

As we read the official synopsis, it clearly indicates this film to be going more into the backstory and origin of this Monsterverse mythology revealing exciting mysteries. 

We will certainly get to know more about Kong and Godzilla, Hollow Earth, titans, and much more, making this universe much more detailed. 

There was speculation about the Godzilla vs. Kong 2 plot earlier as it going to be the remake of Son of Kong, but now with the official plot revealed, it was clearly only speculation. 

However, it could have been such an exciting storyline to explore. 

The filming of this sequel is currently going on in Australia, where it is written by Terry Rossio and will hit theatres on March 15, 2024. 

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