Dan Harmon Explains The Biggest ‘Rick And Morty’ Twist In Season 6

Rick and Morty season 6 just premiered, with its first episode already making buzz due to its biggest twist reveal. And the co-creator of this adult animated show came forward to discuss this. 

This twist reveal is about how Morty’s original grandfather was the mastermind behind the killing of Rick’s wife and daughters, who himself came from a world where almost all human being were transformed into these Cronenberg-like monsters. 

The season 6 premiere reveals a lot about its backstory of Rick. It shares Rick’s original universe and what led him to the conquest that we see today. 

So, Rick’s backstory has been quite mysterious, but now with this episode, ‘Solaricks’, we get the whole picture. 

So far, we believe that Rick might have just fled from his universe to hunt an alternative self, the person responsible for his wife Diane and daughter Beth’s murder, but this episode reveals that wasn’t the case at all. 

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The premier shows the destruction of the trans-dimensional citadel of Ricks, where Rick and Morty got stranded in space without having a working portal gun to escape. 

When they return to Earth, then the revelation occurs to them that the original grandfather was to blame for Rick’s family death. 

Recently, Dan Harmon, the co-creator of the show, talked about how they linked this connection between Morty and Rick. 

He also walked about they can keep track of all these multiple timelines, alternative realities, and sub-plots; here is what he said

“Well, a lot of times I’m very much at the mercy of younger writers who are actually fans of the show, and I trust them to keep track better than I can. But we’ll have lots of confusing conversations and it was very late in the game when I realized, oh, based on the conversation we’re having right now, it almost sounds like Cronenberg World may, in fact, have been the home of the Original Rick that we’re talking about, which means that he’s actually Morty’s grandfather. And we were a good halfway through writing this story when I realized that. But it’s a committee thing keeping track of this stuff. I wouldn’t trust one person to do it.”

This was indeed the biggest twist in the series, and that too is what is most likely to impact the series in upcoming episodes. 

What was interesting to know is that the idea of this twist which seems to be very well integrated into the story finding its source way back came to them very late in the planning of this season. 

This twist actually goes as much back as it changes the future of these characters and the world, so it challenges the very premise of the show.  

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So, landing this twist very gracefully, the credit goes to Dan Harmon and the writers of the show for sure. 

The good news for the Rick and Morty fans is how the structure of the show is changed to what fan prefers and has been mostly in earlier seasons. 

So, Rick and Morty season 6 and others to come are going to be structured as mixing one or two ‘episodic’ episodes with many impactful and storyline-related canon entries. 

In an interview before the premiere of the season with Polygon, Show creators Harmon and Roiland talked about the structure of this season in detail. 

Here’s an excerpt from the talk that will give you a better picture of what they have to say about the structure of the show : 

Harmon: “It might be a return to a season 3 ratio of canon to one-off energy. And more importantly, the relationship between [that and the other seasons]. Maybe if season 5 might have felt a little bit more like almost a compulsive aversion to canon, and then a big episode at the end that promised all of it. And then season 6 is like, Yeah, moving forward, we’re going to continue to try to hit that ratio the right way, as opposed to like, either compulsively avoiding it or indulging in it.”

Roiland: “We’ve always seen the show being able to live in both [worlds] if we’re careful. We could say, Fuck it, let’s go full serialized, fuck it. […] But I just feel like it would — I don’t know if it would be good. It’s almost like an Oreo cookie. And you’re just eating the shit in the middle and then you’re throwing away [the rest]. You kind of need both things… You want to have the consequences and the realism that we have with our characters. But then, because it’s animated, you want to keep them the same… With sci-fi, and also multiverse, you can get away with almost anything.”

Apart from this, it also has been confirmed that Evil Morty won’t be coming back for quite some time in the same interview by Harmon. 

Also, this season might be going to put Rick as an antagonist for the show focusing more on his conflicted morality and nature. 

It will be interesting to see how this big twist changes the show and impact the storyline in upcoming episodes of season 6. 

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