Christian Bale On How He Feels About Being An Actor 

Christian Bale, the name in Hollywood needs no introduction, especially when it comes to proving his mettle into acting and performances. 

In a recent GQ interview, he talked about a lot of things including how he is trying to quit Hollywood, how he likes to do things other than films or film-related and more of such stuff. O

Here’s what he said about what he is filming at the moment, and is he someone who feels content to just not work : 

“More than content: fucking ecstatic. I’ve always been bent on “When’s this gonna end? This has to end.” I like doing things that have nothing to do with film. And I find myself very happily not playing dress-up, not pretending to be somebody else for long lengths of time.”

The actor talked about how he likes doing things that are unrelated to the films and wants to have more time when he doesn’t have to pretend to be someone or dress-up. 

On being asked about when he says things like “playing dress-up” it implies that he was not embarrassed to be doing what he is doing at some point of time. 

The Dark Knight actor replied he was indeed flat-out embarrassed and that too for many years. In fact he was mortified. 

He clarified that at that time, he wasn’t under the illusion about the very fact he only felt useful in the world or got attention when he pretended who is not to be. 

Here’s what Bale actually said with ending up saying how doing this interview is a career suicide : 

Oh, no, flat-out embarrassed. Yes, for many years. Actually mortified. You know, I’m under no illusions either about the fact that the only reason I get noticed or feel useful in this world is when I pretend not to be me, right? Which is why doing [interviews] is such a weird thing because I’m like, “Wait a second. This is career suicide, doing this—”

On the host insisting that his this interview is not a career suicide, he admit how he has two minds about this where at one hand, he is more like “yeah, bring it on” and on other hand “eh don’t let this be the reason”. The actor ended up addressing this as a slow death in public. 

Finally, Christian Bale answered on the fact that the host was asking him which is how he feels to be identified as an actor, which he previously dodged with “ I feel embarrassed”. 

The actor who recently showed up in Thor: Love and Thunder marking his debut in MCU as Gorr the God butcher shared more details about how he feels to be an actor. 

He shared that he liked the insanity of the job but the idea of what other people think about what the actor is, is embarrassing to him.  

Here’s his full quote explaining his feeling towards being an actor : 

“I like the insanity of the job itself. I guess it’s the idea of what people think an actor is that’s embarrassing. I mean, how many useful jobs are there, really, in life, where you’re helping other people? Am I just creating more stupid background noise? But the acting itself, I enjoy how ridiculous it is. I love something that you can just go too far with. People are fucking fascinating. I love people, I love watching people, and I get to watch them in a way that would otherwise be perceived as verging on extremely bizarre.”

So, he basically talked about how other jobs out there are so much more important in life, like the jobs involving helping people. 

The American Psycho actor even compared himself as stupid background noise. However, he did say that acting itself is definitely something he enjoys and loves, something with which he can just go too far with. 

Source: GQ
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