Captain America 4 : Sam Wilson Will Be Clashing With Thunderbolt Ross  

The Ryan coogler directorial film, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is just at the brink of releasing which will be going to give Marvel’s climax of its phase 4. 

So, the Marvel cinematic universe, Phase IV is basically ending with the Black Panther movie, and with some criticism regarding some hit and miss from latest MCU properties amongst the fans, it feels like bitter-sweet ending. 

However, what’s really gives hope is the future of the MCU with quite a exciting projects to come which might revive the Marvel downfall seen mostly after Avengers:Endgame. 

One of these exciting projects has to be the Captain America’s fourth instalment officially announced by Marvel President Kevin Feige at the San Deigo Comic-Con, titled as Captain America: New World Order. 

This is exciting for way too many reasons. First of all, fans are getting the solo Captain America movie after such a long time where the last one, Captain America: Civil War, the third sequel was released way back. 

Then, since we already know that Steve Roger is no longer Captain America, decide to spend rest of his life in the past with her long-lost love Agent Carter, Sam Wilson was handed the mantle of Captain America. 

Sam Wilson, the friend and known to be The Falcon, so far in the MCU have become Captain America full fledged towards the end of the Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. 

Sadly we didn’t see much as Captain America with new suit and shield and all until the very end of the show. So, the fact that he will back as Captain America playing now the titular role in this movie is a great reason to look forward for. 

You have to acknowledge that fact that his movie is going to be Anthony Mackie’s first full-length feature film as Captain America, and also all to himself as main protagonist. 

Now, an interesting news comes from the Collider where their Editor-in-chief Steve Weintraub went for a interview with one of the producers for the film, Nate Moore, to get some ideas about this final phase 5 movie. 

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If you haven’t watched the Disney+ miniseries The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, make sure you do, at least before this one comes out and for the ones who have watched it, will be enjoying this movie as an continuation of the series. 

So, this movie will be bringing two writers, Dalan Musson and Malcolm Spellman onboard who were also the writers of the show. 

Moreover, then, you will be getting to seem some familiar faces like Danny Ramirez, known for recent record-breaking successful film Top Gun: Maverick, reprising his role as Joaquin Torres. 

Carl Lumbly who was in Men of Honor will also coming back for this movie as Isaiah Bradeley. 

Definitely nothing was revealed regarding the plot of the movie. No surprise there, Marvel has always been meticulous with what information they want to get out, except in the case of No Way Home.( Or might be they intended to!) 

Director of the film Julius Onah does share his excitement regarding the film, and the characteristics of Sam Wlson character and how he will use his military experience to make decisions as Captain America, also exploring his journey. 

Julius Onah shared his enthusiasm about the presenting this powerful character in MCU, saying “I’m really excited to see this man go from a counsellor, as an ex-Army vet, to a Falcon, to Captain America, and bring that set of experiences and that point of view into the decision-making that one has to make, as this incredibly powerful character in the MCU.”

Their interview with Moore, who was the producer of the biggest hits from Marvel Studios such as Black Panther and Captain America: Civil War was asked about his next project in the pipeline. 

The producer’s next project Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is already going to release very soon in early November. He was still was able to share some information about his next ambitious one, which is Captain America: New World Order. 

Here what he shared regarding the update for the Captain America 4 film : 

“Well, look, Sam Wilson’s Captain America, he is going to bring his own team to play. It’s no secret that Samuel Sterns is making his return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is fantastic because Tim Blake Nelson’s the best. Harrison Ford is taking on the role of General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, and to see Sam Wilson and Thunderbolt Ross, which if you remember actually threw him in prison at the end of Civil War because he violated the Sokovia Accords. There’s going to be some natural sparks there, which I think are going to be really fun.”

As we already know that the film is going to take more like a paranoid thriller approach which will be something interesting to see in MCU. 

The premier for the film is set to be in May 2024, so that’s a long time fans have to wait for to see Anthoney Mackie as Captain America, especially him confronting with General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross after the event of the Civil War. 

That will be something of a conflict between these two to enjoy. Especially with the respect to the potential appearance of Ross in the Thunderbolts

Apart from that, what is really interesting about the film is also the difference between Sam Wilson as a hero and Stever Rogers as a hero, or more specifically how they will be different from each other as Captain America. 

It will be fascinating to know how much of Captain America is Steve Rogers and how much is more like this idea, a moniker or a mantle for the nation and patriotic symbol. 

You have to notice differences in how Steve Rogers approaches things and how Sam Wilson. Interestingly, Anthony Mackie did talk about this,as how his character being a hero is different from Steve Rogers’s Captain America. 

He basically talks about the Sam not having a serum, he at most has tech and his experience in the military. Whatever he does, he do as a common man. 

Anthony Mackie quoted “What you have to realize about Sam—he’s a superhero who is not really a superhero. There’s no secret serum. There’s no this or that. I just have wings on my suit that I got from the military. So everything that I do, I do as a common man.”

This makes Captain America now more interesting, if you think harder. We are going to see more of Sam Wilson as Captain America, not Captain America played by Sam Wilson(character) or Anthony Mackie( actor). 

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