Can’t Get Enough Of Kdramas? Here Are 12 Best One More Than One Season Kdramas To Watch 

Kdramas offer tons of things. However, there is only one flaw. There is mainly one season with certain episodes. This means there will be no more seasons, and those who enjoy watching kdramas have limited episodes to watch. 

Well, if you can’t get enough of this and want more to watch. Some examples broke the mold and were offered with the second season. 

The reason can be the global hit and the high demand from their fans. Certain kdramas received so much Love that studios had to continue their stories and characters, leading to another season. 

Here is the list of the best ones with more than one season that viewers can watch. 

Love Alarm 

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Netflix’s one of the biggest kdramas that rose to its fame was Love Alarm. The series debuted with its first season in 2019.

It became one of the popular webtoon-based stories with its intriguing plot about a cellphone app called Love Alarm.

This Alarm rings when there is someone who is in Love with you within 10 meters of the area. Also shows a number of people who like you but do not reveal the details. 

The first season focuses on Kim Jojo, a high school student with a pretty and intelligent personality. She used to be cheerful.

However, her parent’s death made her life challenging, as living with her aunt is tough. Soon she ends up in a love triangle between popular male student Hwang Sun Oh and his best friend, Lee Hye Yeong. 

The first seasons leave people in suspense about whom Jojo ended, and the second season follows the stories with a proper ending. 

The drama in the story is good, and people liked the first season as the season didn’t have a firm grip on its plot. However, if you want to enjoy a love triangle with school romance, this one’s for you. 

The Penthouse: The War In Life 

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One of the most binge-watched kdrama and popular ones in 2020 and 2021, The Penthouse created a massive buzz with its gripping drama and plot. 

There are three seasons, focusing on the story of a family living in Hera Palace. Each family has the ambition to make their child succeed and do anything to protect them. However, a mysterious girl falls from the penthouse, changing their life forever.  

With each season, the story gets more tangled up. So be ready to get frustrated. However, the drama is enjoyable, with strong characters and a satisfying ending. 

The drama also focuses on the battle between family members to be wealthy, powerful, and prestige, 

Yumi’s Cell 

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If you are just starting to watch Kdramas and not familiar with them, start with this one.

The story is unique and totally different than anything you have ever tried. However, it does have some similarities to Inside Out

The plot focuses on an unseen complex network of cells presented to every human on Earth. This network helps in operating and keeping humans functioning. Also, they work day and night, controlling every action and emotion. 

The first season tells the story of Kim Yoo Mi, who recently had a painful breakup, leading her love cells into a deep coma. The cells are trying to revive the love cell, where Yoo Mi spends her life stuck in the same grind. One day she meets Goo Woong, which sparks life in her love cell. 

This popular drama has three seasons, where two seasons are already available, and you have to wait for season 3. Adapted from a webtoon, the season focuses on Yoo Mi and her journey to find her true Love. 

Let’s Eat 

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The series premiered in 2013, featuring Yoon Doo Joon and Lee Soo Kyung. Let’s Eat received well from its audience since it has a charming cast, a lighthearted atmosphere, and lots of food. 

There are three seasons. However, every season, the story of the Yoon Doo Joon character continues when he meets different people and their beliefs on food. 

The first season shows the story of Lee Soo Kyung, a divorced woman in her early 30s. She lives alone; however, she loves gourmet food.

One day she meets Goo Dae Yong ( played by Yoon Doo Joon), a gourmet who has taken in describing food but is also a liar. 

The season continues the story of Goo Dae Young as he moves to a different building and reunites with Baek Soo Ji. They used to be grade school classmates. 

The third installment follows Goo Dae Yeon, who has fallen into a slump as he reaches his thirties. In order to heal, he decides to revisit foods that he used to love when he was in his twenties.

And in this journey, Lee Ji Woo, who is a former college classmate of his and shares their meals goes with him. 

Welcome To Waikiki 

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To those who enjoy sitcoms, Welcome To Waikiki should be on your list. This drama has the finest comedy with adorable characters. 

The first season offered 20 episodes and debuted in 2018. The story focuses on three young men who run a guest house known as ‘Waikiki’ in Itaewon. 

The business is terrible, and they have no skills to earn money. Surviving to fulfill the dream they have, three young men decide to give their best. However, their plan gets disturbed when they find a baby in their guesthouse and a single mom. 

The first season is filled with laughter and a lot of cuteness. You can enjoy it when you are having a bad day. 

If you want to watch more, there is season 2. However, they have different casts, but it also focuses on the same guests. 

Hello, My Twenties 

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If you are looking for something relatable and entertaining, this one’s for you. This kdrama is light and highlights the things people go through in their twenties. However, any age group can enjoy it as it’s perfect for light kdrama. 

Five women who were in their twenties started to live as strangers in a house called ‘Belle Epoque .’They all are different in their personality and beliefs. At first, they find it challenging to live, but as time goes by, they develop strong friendships. 

Both seasons tell the stories of these five girls. And how they navigate their lives with the help of their friends and get the best out of it. 

However, in season 2, one of the friends decides to move out, and the house welcomes its new tenant, forming new stories and relationships. 

The plot also deals with different sensitive situations, giving depth to the story and characters, 

There is a light romance but focuses on the girls’ friendship and talks about different situations like pursuing dreams, finding a job, college, friendship, etc. 


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This drama is best for those who enjoy watching thrillers, as the series offers intriguing stories in every episode. The series debuted in 2017 with one season, season 2 in 2018, and in 2019, they released season 3. 

Voice focuses on a Team called Golden Time responsible for answering and dispatching police to emergency calls on 911.

The first season focuses on Moo Jin Hyuk, who is a famous detective. However, his wife died while he was at work, which filled him with guilt.

Years later, he met Kang Kwon Joo, a profiler with acute hearing skills. Both team up to chase the serial killer and solve other cases. 

The success of the first season encouraged to release of another one. However, the makers kept some of their characters with slight changes, and the story tied to the first season. 

Season 3 offers more dark and twisted stories than the previous two seasons. 

Vampire Prosecutor 

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To those who love the concept of vampires, you can try watching this kdrama. Even though vampires are a popular trope, it’s challenging to find them in kdrama.

This series focuses on Prosecutor Min Tae Yeon, who got bitten by someone, which turned him into a vampire.

But to balance his righteous prosecutor life, he drinks blood from dead people and focuses on solving the cases while keeping his secret safe. 

The first season focuses on the cases in different episodes. The second season also highlights the history of vampires. 

This kdrama may give you a similar vibe as iZombie. But here he is, not eating the brains of dead people. 

Chief Of Staff 

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This kdrama is excellent for those who enjoy watching drama and politics with light romance. Chief Of Staff offers you two seasons with a mind-blowing story and strong characters. 

The story follows Jang Tae Joon and Kang Sun Young. After graduating from Korean National Police University and becoming a former detective, Jang Tae Joon gets addicted to power, leading him to work in the National Assembly.

Well, now he is chief with cold-blooded decisiveness, excellent intuition, and a strong desire to win.  

Kang Sun is a first-year lawyer selected through proportional representation and worked as a spokesperson for the party. She also hosted a Tv program about current affairs and worked as a lawyer before becoming a lawmaker. 

Both seasons focus on what it takes to be the most influential person and how people fiercely struggle for survival. You can enjoy the politics and drama as both seasons are great. 

Dr. Romantic 

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Dr. Romantic debuted with its first season in 2016. The series was a commercial hit. Dr. Romantic is an interesting and gripping medical kdrama that perfectly balances romance and drama.

The plot focuses on Kim Sa Bu, who used to be a famous surgeon, but one day he left all his fame and started to live in seclusion. He starts to work as a neighborhood doctor and goes by Teacher Kim or Romantic Doctor. 

Well, the first season tells the story of Yoo Seo Jung, a passionate surgeon haunted by the mistakes she made in the past. On the other hand, Kang Dong Joo, who lived a poor life while growing up, decided to seek success by helping VIP patients. 

However, they both met Teacher Kim, who changed their life and way of looking at life. 

The season continues the story of Teacher Kim but with two new different doctors. The season introduces a new storyline, focusing on Cha Eun Jae, who is talented yet gets nauseous when performing surgery, and See Woo Jin, who would do anything in order to earn money. 

Well, there is going to be season 3 soon with the same cast as season 2. 

Hospital Playlist 

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One of the most popular kdramas on Netflix in 2020 and 2021, Hospital Playlist made its name by offering strong characters, excellent performance, and an emotionally driven plot. 

The story focuses on five friends and their journey who have been together since medical school and have a band. They all work in the same hospital, where they have to balance the demanding and exhausting professional life and life. 

With an excellent portrayal of the real challenges of doctors and how the characters navigate their personal life, This kdrama is a must-watch.

The story also has emotional and heart-touching scenes. Not just that, with great friendship and comforting characters, this one is a great watch. 


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If you are into crime thrillers, Stranger is for you to watch. With each episode, the series leaves the people wanting more. The Stranger has three seasons, where two are available to watch.  

A prosecutor known for piercing intelligence and logic, Hwang Shi Mok lacks social skills and empathy.

Well, that happened because of a brain surgery that he had to undergo when he was a kid to curb his temper. He is uptight and refuses to do anything that corrupts him. One day he meets Lieutenant Han Yeo Jin at a crime scene.

They both join forces to fight against the corruption that is rooted deep in the prosecutor’s office and solve cases. 

Well, season 2 focuses on the tension between the prosecutor and police to get control over the investigation, which is fascinating to watch. 

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