Best Shows to watch if you liked Peaky Blinders

It’s heartbreaking to admit that Peaky Blinders bid us adieu with the ninth episode.

Though not to worry, they’re about to return in movies with the same gritty plots & creative ventures.

But how to overcome cravings for Tommy Shelby’s screen presence and longings for murder mysteries akin to this popular series until the comeback of Peakyverse? 

We’re together in this, so why not watch something equally interesting while the wait ends? Some shows feel similar to the long-loved show ‘Peaks Blinders.’


Source: Netflix

It is a 2012 Aired drama packed with three seasons. This has a fantastic cast to start, going on with the excellent soundtrack of the title song being praised the most. 

A subtly slow narrative progression with side characters only helping wheel the lead.   A pretty entertaining watch, more like a comedic alternative sequel to Sopranos. 

Beautiful Norwegian scenarios & culture the show has on the platter to show. The disposition of the actors is convincing and has black comedy at its best. 

Broadwalk Empire

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A drama aired in 2010 on HBO showcasing Enoch Thompson, a treasurer who invites unintentional interest from the federal government because of its connections.

Set in a lawless Atlantic city, how things move onward from the prohibition act applied. Enoch, the lead, has ways with influential politicians and deadly gangsters. 

Deutschland 83

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Characterization at its best, this is a 2015 released show with a great storyline trajectory. 

The tension pace up with every moving episode. The soundtrack sets the mood for the show. 

The premise showcases the frightening winding up of the Cold War situation. It is an interwoven narrative with a spy plot.

An authentic show with a marvelous portrayal of the era concerned. 


This enthralling show has many modern as well as classic sensibilities involved. 

A good watch with captivating acting and plots. Jeff Daniels as Frank Griffin is too good. 

The bloodshed fights are realistic and have some heart-tugging moments involved. 

The plot has society and the familial community at the center. It includes themes such as integrity, love, loss, tragedy, and others shown in the face of moral conflict. 

Set in the 1880s, the revenge plot line where to safeguard himself, Roy ( against whom a bunch of outlaws plots the revenge) takes shelter in La Belle, a town full of women. 

The dialogues it includes seem partly poetic. Apart from the main plot, the story has a subplot of the father’s son relation in the background. 

The Aliens 

Image Source: Channel 4

A two-season drama premiered on Netflix. An intriguing thriller from 2020 features 19th-century America.

 The set-up is unbelievably akin to realism—a masterfully crafted tale as an adaptation of a book by Caleb Carr. 

The story dates back to New York in 1886, dealing with extreme poverty and gruesome killers. 

The lead Kreizler studies the murderers in depth to understand what makes a murderer a murderer. 


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An American series based in the 1800s, upon the lawless town of the old west, ‘Deadwood.’ 

A show where the story is driven by power, hunger, and miseries involved. The show aired in 2004, with gritty, Wild West themes. 

This three-season series has a fan base of its own. A gold mining town that people approach to get rich is in the center of the plotline. 

A masterpiece that premiered on HBO, this show restores the authentic feel and has seemingly the most simple sets and costumes you’ll ever see.

The moral vacuum of characters & misery portrayed is near to perfection.

This 3-season watch demonstrates the fall of humans from lust for money and power in the chaotic setting of Deadwood.


A drama-mystery genre tv series involving Adventurer James Keziah Delaney returning to get hands-on with his father’s legacy in London after a time-slot of 10 years from Africa in 1814. 

He inherits Nootka sound, left of his father’s shipping empire, situated on the west coast, which interests East India Company, the US government & British government due to its location on the border of the US and Canada. 

As the War situation is brooding between Britain and America, they are lurking over this piece of land at any cost, even if it demands the death of James as well.

 Being an adventurer, James has expertise in survival skills, including fighting skills.A compelling watch with an authentic historical backdrop and negotiations of the past. 

This series is no less than a trip to the authentic Anglo-American war.

Carnival Row 

Image Source: IMDb

An imaginative chronicle structured on a fantasy front of mystical beings, with amazing visuals to relish. 

Other characters also add worthy angles to the plotline. 

Other themes such as Black magic, racism, Gothicism, redemption & politics are also highlighted throughout. 

Carnival row could also be rightly said to be a fantasy adventure love story. The chemistry between Cara and Ornaldo is steaming & confidant.

The twist involved was somehow obvious. The CGI is absolutely flawless, with a what-if plot as toppings. 

The volatile world of Victorian industrialists interacting with the realm of magical fantasy is thrilling to watch.

Set in the Victorian era, thus unwinds themes from the same. In addition, it has relevant costumes of the age, which adds to the realism. A show in which there is no looking back once you dive in. 

Ripper Street

Image Source: BBC

If murder mysteries interest you, this might deserve a space on your watchlist. 

An English thriller BBC visceral series similar to Peaky Blinders, where two detectives, Edmund Reid, and Bennet Drake, ladder up to investigate a post-ripper murder mystery based in London. 

In doing so, they get a step closer to the stealthy gruesome side of London they didn’t know before. 

One of the most real-like depictions of villains you’ll probably witness. The characters are laid bare for you to dissect. 

The socio-political dynamism of Whitechapel of Victorian England is shown as well.

 This show perfectly combines rich performance and lavish historical sets of the 80s to get you stone-cold hooked right from the start. 

Breaking Bad

Source: Netflix

Who wouldn’t like to watch a passionate anti-hero development from a timid chemistry high school teacher? 

To say this is a binge-worthy show is an understatement. Well acted & wrote characters and a fantastic plot. 

This is an emotional & impactful series. The show showcases the underachieving struggles of a middle-class family where the lead, Walter White, a flawed charismatic genius, falls to become meth-kingpin Heisenberg. 

The character’s initials are much more relatable. Stretched to 62 episodes, it is one of the most-rated watches on IMDB. 

The show has many witty dialogues and heart-wrenching pathos. In addition, the texture of dark humor in characterization is visible.

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