Best Shows to Watch if you Liked Euphoria

Euphoria is a TV series created by Sam Levinson for HBO. Premiered in 2019, it was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series. This teen show has much more profanity than an adult show. 

The premise has some teens and preteens in high school leading a life full of wild parties, sex, drugs, and other adult and illegal stuff. 

One of the reasons it blew up was its lit camerawork aesthetics, high-end costumes with attached metaphors, and on-point soundtracks. 

Well, if you found Euphoria your go-to comfort series, here are some similar shows with the same balance between exaggeration and realism in terms of sensitive adulthood themes. 

Sex Education 

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Sex education is a three-seasoned drama with one of the goofiest and most realistic portrayals of teen life. 

Blessed with a gripping storyline, it features some gorgeous Penarth, South Wales locations. 

It won’t be enough to thank this Netflix coming-of-age show for showcasing and educating the world on some prudent issues. Made with a median budget, it features a lot of British humor.

The storyline features a boy named Otis, who is the son of a sex therapist who upon the advice of his out-of-league crush Maeve initiates a sex clinic inside the school.

It is a recommended watch that carefully deals with issues like abortion and body image issues, and it runs on a catchy episodic premise.

It stars some lovable characters like Asa Butterfield, Emma Mackey, Nush Gatava, and Tanya Reynolds.

Teenage Bounty Hunters

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It is a 2020 premiered dramedy of a total of one season starring Maddie Philiter, Anjelica Bette Fellini, Kadeem Hardison, and others.

The campus fun strides it has to offer will hold you in with this lovable watch. This extremely satirical and exaggerated show features some great performances.

Teenage Bounty Hunters is about two teenage sisters accidentally bumping into the bounty-hunting profession and how it consequently affects their life dynamics. 

The premise of two teenage girls being bounty hunters seems unnatural at many instances while watching it. It is a cracking addition to the teenage drama catalog of Netflix.


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It is a two-seasoned drama revolving around the story of a teenager finding some connection with two of her classmates in the most unexpected situation. 

It is a pretty decent though cliched teen show. The performances are mediocre. 

It is based on a young adult novel of the same name starring Brianna Hildebrand, Kiana Madeira & Quintessa Swindell. However, the message of glorifying shoplifting was something we didn’t like.

One Of Us Is Lying 

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This 2021-released book adaptation Tv series is quite an entertaining watch. It is based on M. McManus, New York’s novel of the same title. 

This high-school murder mystery stars Annalisa Cochrane, Mariandy Tejada & Jen McLeod.

The tale is of eight kids: a beauty, a school rounder, a Brian, a joker, and a drug dealer getting into detention on the first day of school and each of them has some secret related to the school rounder who later we find gets killed by drinking some allergens.

Each of them is under the needle of suspicion. Many say it to be a disappointing adaptation with a diluted intensity in comparison to the book.

Everything Sucks

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Everything Sucks is a coming-of-age comedy-drama(dramedy) series. The tale includes the story of Luke, a movie buff, and Kate, an unapproachable principal’s daughter.

This 2018-released series dissects themes such as homosexuality, hierarchy, sex, intoxication, and relationship complexities. 

This high-school dramedy has some wild characterization to offer. Sadly, it got canceled after the first season.

This teen-centric mediocre sitcom featured some gems of performances. The 90s setting and episodic cliffhangers are the highlights of the show.

Also the soundtrack of ‘Everything Sucks’ feels like a fresh breath of air. This Netflix show is overall a banger watch.

Heartbreak High 

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It is a brilliant show, showcasing a great character progression. Heartbreak High is on point in its game with Genz’s representation. Also, the autism representation it showcased was applauded by many.

This entertaining watch fiddles around with sex, crude content, and swearing. 

Heartbreak High is similar to Euphoria addressing some serious teen issues. This high-school drama series is a reboot attempt of a show with the same title with a modern touch. It represents three-dimensional characters.

Some good performances come from the stellar cast such as Ayesha Madon, James Majoos, Chloe Hayden, Asher Yasbincek, and Bryn Chapman Parish.

Never Have I Ever 

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Never Have I Ever is a Netflix original teen-drama series. The character evolution it showcases is staggering. It is a typical American “chick-flick” teenage comedy. 

Created by Mindy Kaling & Lang Fisher it is a partially true account of Mindy’s personal adolescence experiences in the Boston area.

This show is pre-decided to have 4 seasons in total aired between 2020 to 2023. It features Maitreys Ramakrishna, Poorna Jagannathan & Darren Barnett as the major leads. This show is a wholesome emotional roller coaster.

Never Have I Ever is set over the grounds of the life of perplexed teenagers and their upside-down love life mainly focusing on Devi, an Indian-American teen dealing with her academics and relations post her father’s death.

The show was much-loved for its unadulterated look at Indian culture. Many of the gay side storylines were shown in a positive light in this show.

Also, the love triangle between the characters keeps getting evident with every passing episode.

13 Reasons Why 

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This four-season drama is a phenomenal watch with a cast including Dylan Minnette, Alisha Boe, Katherina Langford, Brandon Flynn, Christian Navaro, and Justin Prentice. This 2017 drama has a great narration from Ani(Grace Saif). 

It was painted with many critical accusations for the fact that issues of severe importance & sensitivity like suicide, bullying, and rape didn’t get the expected projection.

Though the best thing about the show is, it doesn’t hold back like other shows from the fear of becoming too controversial. 

In the show, modern teenager issues are dealt with intricately. Also, the series takes over mental health as one of the major factors that makes it a must-watch adolescent series.


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Genera+ion is a story of teen love struggles bound in a GenZ narrative. It is a mediocre teen drama with self-absorbed fictional characters. 

Furthermore, Genera+ion features coming of age & queer-absorbed fictional characters.

This teen Tv series has a lot of dark themes discussed in depth. The show made its mark with a worthy cast and compelling storytelling. 

Genera+ion has a great take-off and a mediocre plotline afterward. Every character shown is a free soul, complex enough to often misinterpret. Basically, it fleshes out the conflicts of teenage life in a pretty good manner. 

We Are Who We Are 

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We are who we are is a 2020 reason show that feels like a spirited awakening. It can be concluded as a playful, poetic, elegant & careful pile of emotions. 

The primary emotions shining relentlessly are despair & sadness through its outstanding performances. 

It is a trendsetter Tv series where the character of Luca is a real representative of how teenagers are in the real world-awkward, insecure, and confused about their identity. 

It is a slow-burning coming-of-age story that is set on an American base in a small town in Italy. The series follows the lives of two teenagers Fraser & Caitlin, who are set out on a path of self-discovery and acceptance of who and what they are. 


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Skam is a Norwegian Tv series created, developed, and written by Julie Andem.It has four seasons and has a total of 43 episodes. 

This critically acclaimed teen show was released in 2015 that had a practical approach to European youth. 

The show amalgamates both an interesting plot for all seasons and well-written characters. 

All of its characters are captivating in portraying themes of sexism, homophobia, racism, and mental illness. 

Fair to say it’s probably the only show ever that succeeded in portraying coming of age, friendship, love, relationship, family, religion, mental health, and much more in an interesting way, without too much clutter or cliche or stereotypes. 

Language is not a barrier to enjoying this emotionally, politically, and romantically awesome series.

I am Not Okay with this 

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I Am Not Okay With This is a dark teen comedy. It is a decent watch. Released in 2020 this teenage series has a character named Syd as its main character, who is a quirky girl dealing with real teenage issues like anxiety, puberty, and sexual confusion.

Syd’s powers can be interpreted as a metaphor for the depression that many teens struggle with. 

The style of the show is well-defined and feels like the 70s/80s, even though certain facts in the show put it post-90s. 

The characters are great and believable set in a background of gorgeous small-town USA scenery. The realness of the performances delivered makes it an extremely refreshing show. 


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Elite is a 2018, six-seasoned drama. It is a provocative, bold, and daring teen series but has a serious tone, unlike the others from this genre.

It is an enthralling European Spanish show featuring themes like humor, crime, jealousy, friendship, romance, thriller, and love triangles.

The cast and performances of Elite are top-notch. Apart from that the detailing of characters is another alluring factor about the show as well. 

The first season is particularly good with some deeper points of view on social criticism, racism, gender-related discussions, and generational conflicts. 

The twists to the season’s whodunit were well-done. This series gives food to thought particularly if our societies will be governed by people who have so many skeletons in the closets. 


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It is a 2022-released series that everyone can identify with. The battle between what you don’t want to do and what you are willing to do to find a way where you want to be.

Losing who you are along the way and trying to find your way back to the person you used to be. The series is about a broken home and finding love in other people due to the lack of love by people who were supposed to love you. 

Moreover, Mood is the kind of show that expresses toxicity in such a profound way that makes you feel so comfortable. 

It’s about a girl who wants to make it in the music industry and falls into the darker side of being a social media influencer. 

The Mood is an empowering female lead tale dealing with many disturbing and sensitive issues. This show is based on a play called Superhoe.

Freaks and Geeks 

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It is a 1999-released drama that was canceled after the first season.  It is a fine example of a balance between drama-comedy. 

The themes imbibed and performance made flat-out shine in this cult classic dramedy. The story of the show is about a bunch of kids in McKinley high school in 1980 finding their way.

This coming-of-age show showcases the journey of these kids while finding themselves with the help of their friends.

Basically, the whole show centers on two siblings, their families, and their friends. Each episode tends to focus on one or both of the teens despite their differences. It is created by Paul Feig and produced by Judd Apatow.  

Degrassi: The Next Generation 

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Released in 2006 Degrassi: The Next Generation was the first among the series to have a transgender character. 

It showcases themes like abortion, & rape storylines, eating disorders, suicide, and addiction all diced in a compelling form smoothly. It is a suitable teen dramatic classic. 

The plotline it has shows friendship as a theme in depth. The demonstrated situations in the series are something any child can go through. 

It takes a brushstroke view of all aspects of one’s high school life. It discusses the lives of preteens and teens from the Degrassi community school. 

Unlike teen shows full of overhyped stereotypes it actually has some elements to deal with. 

The End of the Fucking World 

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It is a two-season drama addressing some burning questions and a perfect ending. This light crazy comic show was released in 2017. It is like a teenage angst road movie. 

The characters of this adult-themed show are surreal at their parts taking viewers on an inward and downward inescapable maelstrom of a tale that is thought-provoking.

The protagonists of the series have tragically inevitable fates and a few minutes into you’ll already find yourself caring for them.

One of the main reasons for the engagement and entertainment of the series is the lead performance. 


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It is a 2007-released British teen drama. Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain create skins and follow the lives of a group of teenagers. It stars actors like Nicholas Hoult, Hannah Murray, Larissa Wilson, and others. 

It’s a teen drama but not a teen-only drama. It is a well-constructed show, consistently good from beginning to end. 

The flaws in the character make it very interesting. The characters are unique but are united in their way of hedonic lifestyle. 

Skins are successful in showcasing the more human side of today’s teens and also in remaining older folks that even they were young once. 

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 

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This English Tv series has an occult premise centering around the protagonist Sabrina, who is half witch and half mortal. 

Talented actress Kurman Shipka plays Sabrina’s Character. It stars an amazing cast, each of whom seems like a compelling and passionate actor.

It’s a journey where Sabrina realizes she has a lot of teenage issues to deal with. 

Based on the Archie comic it is a reboot of “Sabrina the teenage witch Tv” by Netflix with a gothic, dark & gloomy setting. 

It is lighthearted entertainment about a teen witch, her goofy cats, notorious aunts, and lots of teenage issues. 

One should be prepared to witness a dark lord, cannibalism, hell, Satanism, demons, witches, and monsters. 

Netflix shows are known for their cinematic experiences, which this one also has. Overall it’s a visually enthralling binge-watch-worthy series. 


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The Industry is a 2020-released drama series featuring an intriguing tale of traders and banters knocking into the financial world after the 2008 collapse.

From the creator Mickey Down and Konard Ray, it has business talk sprinkled over its 40 mins running time. 

The Industry is a Tv show with modern themes with some minor plot holes. The industry is an exciting and gritty dramatization of the banking sector.

It is a visceral and over-the-top, yet surprisingly believable, portrayal of the graduate placements/summer internship program in banking. 

The storyline and motives are exactly what one would expect from a drama about young bankers in London. 

Veronica Mars 

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Created by Rob Thomas, Veronica Mars is a four-season series. This show talks about real problems and hardships that any relationship suffers from and how to deal with them and learn from them.

This show takes account of political, educational, and social happenings of American society in the early 2000s.

The Veronica/Logan ship is something that keeps the viewers hooked through the rejoicing of the highs and hurt of the lows of the story.

The lead character Veronica Mars is a strong & inspiring character. This is a great colossal entertainment and murder mystery.


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Insecure is a comedy genre teen series that any woman in her 30s or more can relate to. 

In the show, the story focuses on how choices made in terms of career, while growing up, friendship, love, and other realms of life come together, and their overall effects are shown as being dependable and impacted by one another. 

This incredibly creative show has a strong cast and production value. The show is a racy tribulation in the life of a modern-day African-American woman. 

The protagonists are two best friends Issa and Molly, both in their late 20s. The show moves forward with both of them introspecting their lives within the chaos of California. 

This short series explores several social and racial issues that relate to contemporary Black experiences. 

Big Little Lies 

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Big Little Lies is an American Tv series created and written by David E. Kelly. The show was aired on HBO in 2017 where you get to see two seasons of it.

It has its origin from the book written by Laine Moriarty that familiarized us with a flavor of thriller, humor, and truth, about everyday life. 

It is overall a well-connected series that hundred and ten percent belongs to the binge-able category. 

It is a gripping and thought-provoking series from the thriller genre that deals with several less-talked dark topics.

The beauty of this series lies in its simplistic storyline. With a stellar cast, this beautifully written off story captures the spirit of the women of suburbia. 

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