Best Shows To Watch If You Liked Cobra Kai

Famous for its fight sequences, Cobra Kai is a light-hearted watch. The action featured primarily martial arts, and if you liked Cobra Kai, we might safely conclude you’re into action-adventure-themed watches. 

It was a stretched part, or let’s say, 34 years afterward, the story of The Karate Kid, and it has a gritty plot.It is a tale featuring neck to neck rivalry between Johnny Lawrence and Danny LaRusso.

Cobra Kai was initially on YouTube Red, from where Netflix purchased it. You can guess its popularity by that. So, here are some similar series of the same fighting knacks an excellent series to binge.

Kingdom (2019-2020) 

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The Kingdom is a show belonging to the dicey genre of horror. It is a Korean original web cum television series from mastermind scriptwriter Kim Eun Hee.

Set in between the 15th and 16th-century Joseon Era, Kingdom portrays how easily the foundation of a huge empire can crumble down and create havoc amongst the people in the wake of a terrifying plague gripping the country. 

The enchanting cinematography of the series needs to be praised as well. 

The way each shot lingers on a scene, giving time for the viewers to appreciate the exquisite landscape of the countryside, villages, cities, and royal palaces is gratifying to a whole new level.

This horror-thriller show is filled with unexpected twists and turns. Also, It is one of the best zombie shows ever.

The Legends of Bruce Lee (2008)

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The Legends of Bruce Lee is a biographic visual account of martial arts expert and actor Bruce Lee. It was released in 2008 and aired up to 50 episodes. 

Directed by Lee Moon-Ki, The Legends of Bruce Lee was watched by more than 400 million viewers only in China.The fights it features are detailed and entertaining.

Rather than spending millions on the budget, they have focussed on acting, the choreography of fight sequences, and the storytelling of the series.

The production of this series was wrapped in only $6.4.

Their adherence to the true-life facts of Bruce Lee is commendable.

The thread of episodic development of Bruce Lee’s phycology of martial arts makes up for the sloppy CGI and stock locations pictures used.

The Umbrella Academy (2019-2022) 

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Umbrella Academy’s premise is of a dysfunctional family of adopted siblings granted supernatural abilities.

This American television series was written by Gerard Way, the same person who wrote the comic of the same name.

Created by Steve Blackman, it showcases the struggles of these siblings involved in accepting individuality of each other while solving the murder mystery of their father’s death.

The Umbrella Academy was produced by Borderline Entertainment.It aired between 2019 to 2022. The sophisticated realism showcased is beautiful.

The best thing about the show is it slowly burns and takes into use every corner of the storyline. 

The Boys (2019-2022)  

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The Boys is a surprisingly amazing show with its fun, violent, black-superhero genre deconstruction. It gives a unordoxical viewpoint on superheroes.

The action sequences it features are jaw-dropping, effing brutal, and sufficiently gory. 

It follows a team of vigilantes called Boys led by Billy Butcher as they look to keep a check on the morally bankrupt superhero team known as ‘the seven’. 

The narrative by writers like Craig Rosenberg, Anslem Richardson, Geoff Aull, and co. is kept in a superhero realm with a social commentary alongside, painting scathing critiques of authoritarianism, the rise of neo-fascism, and the vilification of mainstream media.

It’s dark at times with oedipal things going between Homelander and Madelyn.

It is a devilish parody with a relatable twist on the superhero genre which deserves to be told in this day and age.

Wu Assassin (2019) 

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It is an action-fiction series created by John Wirth and Tony Krantz.

With one season of ten episodes, it showcases the story of Kai Jin and the mystic powers of Wu Xing.

This tale is of Kai against modern criminals with Kai equipped with some supernatural powers and hence called a Wu Assassin the last in his clan.

It is an overall action-thriller with brilliant storytelling however weak CGI.

This is complete in every form a substantial martial arts series with supernatural elements embedded.The setting of the series is San Francisco, Chinatown.

The interwoven Chinese mythological aspect makes it even more interesting.

Batman Beyond (1999-2001) 

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It is certainly one of the most popular animated series ever! Batman Beyond is a very futuristic show where Batman/Bruce Wayne has retired, and 20 years later, a high school student named Terry McGinnis becomes the new Batman.

The troubles of this vigilante from high school to love life are shown in the show in depth. It can be concluded as a refreshing take on the Batman mythos. The stylized animation it features can be better, but still, it’s good than its predecessors.

Batman Beyond roots out the need for the protector of justice in the new age similar to the past. This series is extremely smart and edgy and will amaze one with its level of irony and metaphors. This cyberpunk show dates back to 1999.

The Karate Kid Animated Series  (1989)  

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Dating back to 1989, The Karate Kid animation series is a cult classic, and basically, it takes its root inspiration from the Cobra Kai series.

The tale is of Daniel, Miyagi, and Taki traveling the world in search of an ancient Japanese Talisman, a mystical shrine. The show misses out on a lot if compared with the movie like the tournaments.

Debuted on NBC, it was well-animated if we consider the age it belongs to. This animated show stars Pat Morita, Robert Ito, and Janice Kawaye.

The Book Of Boba Fett (2021-2022) 

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The book of Boba Fett is an action-fiction genre series stretched into only one season.

The main lead Boba is known for his stoic qualities, and the premise is of Boba the bounty hunter fighting over the new crime lord of Jabba the Hutt’s former territory.

It is an American Tv series created by Jon Favreau. It includes one of the best Tatooine monster fight and Ninja-style fight scenes ever shown on Tv. 

The depth of the characters made the show even more special. 

Doctor Who (1963) 

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Doctor Who is a sci-fi genre series in the television series landscape bestowing upon its premise rousing support from both dedicated fans and those who simply enjoy imaginative fiction? 

It is a hybrid of sci-fi, horror, detective story, historical romance, and character study made in a flexible format. An interesting fact about the show is its fanbase has a special title called Whovians. 

It is foremost a children’s series but some deeper themes such as bereavement have been discussed in detail. 

The care that has gone into the production value of this series is also outstanding.The series became a part of many popular pop-culture references. 

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (2013-2020) 

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It is a show of in-total seven seasons with pure entertainment, actions, and nothing else. 

Marvel Agents of Shield stars some amazing actors like Clark Gregg, Brett Dalton, Elizabeth Henstridge, and others. 

The series successfully creates a soulful ambiance with its emotional scenes. It can be said to be a perfect watch for Marvel fans. 

This classic underrated masterpiece has well-crafted action sequences and production details. 

It is an ambitious superhero series with interweaving plots. The VFX of the show is exemplary, and the casting can be concluded as nothing short of perfect. 

Into The Badlands (2015-2019) 

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Into the Badlands is a sublime action series created by Gough and Millar. At the core of the action sequences in this series are martial arts and a lot of swordplays. 

Into the Badlands delivers one of the greatest character arcs ever shown in a Tv series. Also, the narrative is episodic with the core production value being high-end. 

The show has a casting near perfect, and the storyline is set in a futuristic medieval civilization known as the Badlands.

The world in the Badlands realm is under the rule of a feudal system consisting of Barons, Viceroys, regions, and clippers A.K.A. assassins. 

Overall it is an American take on all the fighting shots in dynamic angles with satisfactory grit and blood without having to read subtitles for the story like it is in Hong-Kong based martial art films. 

Ash Vs. Evil Dead (2015-2018)

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It is an American Tv series from the horror-comedy genre released in 2015. The show was canceled after three seasons in total. Though it is announced to make an animated comeback.

This supernatural action series is a dark comedy. Ash vs. Evil Dead’s storyline is intended to take watchers over a hilarious, old-charming, and evil-demolishing ride with the freaking howdy journey of Ashley Joana Williams/Ashley Slashey from being a slacker to deadites demolisher.

The VFX of the show is top-notch and keeps one on the edge of their seat. The show also has grey zombie genre factors into it, and as it develops, it does grow on you.

Chucky (2021-2023)

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Chucky is a slasher series with dark humor elements imbibed. With two seasons in total, Chucky is created by Don Mancini.

The series showcases Chucky, a doll committing murders in a quiet city in the United States.

The series premiered in 2021, and it narrates the journey of Charles Lee Ray/Chucky’s evolution from a normal kid to the most notorious serial killer in Hackensack. 

Alongside Chucky’s journey, tidbits of its owner Jake Wheeler getting drowned in case of murders caused by Chucky are also shown.

The series was released four years after Cult of Chucky.It stars Zackary Arthur, Bjorgvin Arnarson, Alyvia Alyn Lind, and Teo Briones.

Stranger Things (2016-2022)

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It is a thoroughly absorbing mystery series. The eighties’ production details could have been a bit better than shown in the series. 

The unquestioned quality and tension buildup is common in both the first and second seasons. 

The show begins with a child being lost in another dimension and his mother is naturally out of her mind with worry.

While another character a girl named Eleven is kept discreet by a group of boys. Who often have paranoid encounters with monsters. Well, the success of the show owes majorly to its terrific writing and casting. 

It is a Netflix original, with one of the most impressive productions. A few minutes into streaming and the series becomes downright dark and strange. 

The other elements of aliens and lab experiments are equally exhilarating. Also, Stranger Things is one of the few shows which have very few downsides. 

Z Nation (2014-2018)

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Z-Nation is a five-season series with a top-notch cast and storyline enriched with realism. The Black humor incorporated into the series is its most compelling part. 

The show is majorly slow-paced featuring DJ Qualls in the center. It was refreshing to see black female Lieutenant Roberta Warren played by Kellita Smith in the lead in the show. 

Another interesting fact about the show is, it has a keen sense of humor and some amazing one-liners. 

You’ll get some of the most genuine goosebumps while going through the show. 

Z-Nation is a reimagining of a Zombie cult filled with crazy ideas, good production, and fascinating performance. The series was aired on Syfy and has a total of five seasons. 

Fight World (2018)

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Fight World is a documentary series created by Frank Grillo. This beautifully stylized series explores the human soul through the language of fighting. 

One of the most liked aspects of the show is its way of dealing with the sole idea of dealing with astounding forms of fighting. 

The series uncovers an honest viewpoint on trust, faith, traditions, and determination. Majorly human characteristics and features are being dealt with in the show. The initials of the series have boxing at its core. 

The series takes a fresh dig at the ancient history of martial arts and the cultures behind the fighters. The show does a noble job of broadening people’s perspectives on religious views. 

Saved By the Bell (1989-1993) 

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Saved by the Bell is a 90s king sitcom. It was a fun show with teens and pre-teens as their primary audience. Many high school issues and situations were handled in this show pretty well. 

Every character in the show was lively and lovable in their way. Like Zack, the smooth talker, and Kelly, the desiring cheerleader. 

It was a spin-off series of ‘Good Morning, Miss Bliss.’ The soul of the story of the show was a group of high school students dealing with their ups and downs. 

Saved by the Bell bagged about six awards.This American sitcom was featured on the NBC network first. The feel of the show made it a decently popular and memorable show.

Glow (2017-2018) 

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Glow is one of Netflix’s newest additions to their ever so growing library. Set in the 80s when many females struggle to get a big-time job, the show explores the behind-the-scenes of wrestling while looking into the life of an actress in the 80s. 

This comedy-drama takes a dig at female friendship quite beautifully. All women featured are empowering each other. Their dynamism is brilliant and inspirational. 

The story arc of the series is unique, and the flow from episode to episode is perfect. 

In the show, two girlfriends somehow got into something which led to the breaking of their friendship. The cast of Glow is notably talented. 

Some episodes are downright charming and feel as if an ultimate homage to the 80s. Sadly the show has been derailed from Netflix after three happening seasons. 

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