Best Adult Animation Movies To Watch On Netflix With Your Office Colleges 

If you are a big fan of animated movies, then you can watch these movies as they are specially made for adults. Sometimes it becomes difficult to find adult animation on social media, but Netflix has many different movies.

Netflix has adult animated movies that you should take advantage of. Even if you plan to watch adult animation with your office colleagues, go further, as it can make your night more exciting. It would be best to have a Netflix subscription and a good internet connection to watch these movies. 

If you are a person you don’t like to go outside, take advantage of Netflix as it can provide horror, comedy, action, suspense, thriller, documentary, and many more. By watching all these movies, you can make your evening horny.

 But remember, you should not watch adult animation in front of small children as it is specially made for adults.

Also, you can plan to watch this movie with your loved partner as they will enjoy the most due to the funny things. Adult animation has dirt scenes and talks that one will like to watch. 

Ghost in the Shell

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This movie was released in 1995, and its running time is 1hr 23Min. Mamoru Oshii directed this movie, an American adult animated neo-noir cyberpunk film. 

The main actors In this movie are Atsuko Tanaka, Akio Ōtsuka, and IemasaKayumi. This movie with the year 2029, when technology has grown with the advancement of cybernetics; cybernetic parts can completely replace human beings. 

With the help of cybernetics, the human brain can access the internet and other networks. Here Motoko Kusanagi was a leader of the assault team for Publicity Security Section 9 of New York City. Also, the foreign country Minister’s interpreter is hijacked by the ghosts so that they can meet VIPs. 

They believed that the perpetrator, Puppet Master, was suspicious, so Kusanagi’s team followed the telephone calls they used to send the virus. But no use as the investigation was going towards its end due to no clue. 

Mary and Max

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This movie was released in 2009, and its running time is 1hr 32Min. Adam Elliot directed this movie, an American stop motion adult animated comedy-drama film. 

The main actors In this movie are Toni Collette, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Eric Bana, and Bethany Whitmore. This movie begins in 1976, when eight-year-old woman Mary Daisy Dinkle was living alone in Mount Waverley, Victoria, Australia. 

Whenever she goes to school, she is teased by her classmates as she has a weird birthmark on her forehead while living with her father, Noel; he was an alcoholic, and her mother, Vera, used to support her. 

Her life was messy at school and home; she was not getting enough love and care. She was only comfortable with her per rooster, Ethel, by giving her good, condensed milk and watching the Smurfs-like cartoon, The Noblets. 

One fine day, she goes to the post office with her mother, Mary Spots, a New York City, where she becomes very excited about Americans and decides to write to them. She decided to write about Max Jerry Horowitz, a forty-four-year-old Jewish atheist. 

Fantastic Planet

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This movie was released in 1973, and its running time is 1hr 12Min. Rene Laloux directed this American experimental adult animated sci-fi fiction film. 

This movie begins with blue humanoid Traags that have to bring human beings from Earth to planet Ygam, where they need to maintain an upgraded society. Tags have having longer life than Ome but the production level is lower. 

One fine day, when mother Om dies to the torture of three Traag children, her small infant is found by Master Sing, who was the king leader of Traag, and his daughter Tiwa, who the infant with them and named Terr. As time passes, Tiwa and Terr become very close to each other. 

Tiwa also loves Terr and used to take care so that no one could hurt him, but her parents have given instructions, which she can pull him in the right direction. Teer one day runs away by stealing Tiwa’s headset. There he found a female Om, who removed his collar and introduced herself. 

Terr teaches them how to use the headset, as Traag is literate and educated. They all lived together for many years with several Oms. He was very happy with them as they were their family and looked like him. 

Fritz the Cat

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This movie was released in 1972, and its running time is 1hr 20Min. Ralph Bakshi directed this movie, an American adult animated black comedy film. 

The main actors In this movie are Skip Hinnant, Rosetta LeNoire, John McCurry, Judy Engles, and Phil Seuling. This movie begins in the 1960s at Washington Square Park in Manhattan, where several hippies were together to perform protest songs. 

A cat named Fritz and his friends meet with other girls. When they saw a group of attractive women walking, Fritz and their friends tried to impress those women by playing music but later, they found that the women were not interested in music as they wanted to stand in the crowd. 

The girl wanted to flirt with the crow, as she wanted to make condescending remarks about black people. Later on, the girls leave him, and Fritz tells them girls that his soul is suffering and invites them to know the truth. They all went to his friend’s room, where they did a weird part together. 

After some time, the other room was also crowded, where Fritz forcefully dragged the girls into the bathroom, and the rest four had an orgy in the bathtub. At the same time, two police officers arrived and raided the party. 

Sausage party

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This movie was released in 2016, and its running time is 1hr 29Min. Conrad Vernon and Greg Tierman directed this American adult computer-animated sex comedy film. 

The main actors In this movie are Michael Cera, James Franco, Salma Hayek, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, Edward Norton, Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, and Kristen Wiig. This movie is specially made for adults, so if you are planning to watch adult animation, you should go with it as it can add sexual experience to your loved ones. 

This movie begins with a grocery store selling sausage, whose name is Frank, who used to dream of living in Big Beyond with his girlfriend Brenda, who was a hot dog bun. The sausage was also having two close friends, Carl and Barry. They both always supported Frank in fulfilling his dreams. 

One day Frank and Brenda were sold to a female shopper. On the way, they returned the jar purchased by Honey Mustard. Also, the shopkeeper warned Big Beyond, but nobody listened except Frank. Before Honey Mustard commits suicide, she tells Frank to go out of the Firewater bottle. 

Frank goes to Brenda, continuously thinking about Honey Mustard’s warning. Frank tells the truth while Brenda, Sammy, and Lavash are brought to the food store. 

Heavy Metal 2000

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This movie was released in 2000, and its running time is 1hr 28Min. Michael Lemire and Michael Coldeway directed this Canadian adult animated science fiction movie. 

The main actors In this movie are Michael Ironside, Julie Strain, and Billy Idol. This movie begins with Arakacians, an evil race; that has found a location where space-time leaks a fluid. Heavy Metal 2000 is based on adult scenes, so watch this movie to make your night horny with your loved ones. 

This fluid can easily be transmitted to anyone’s body if they consume it, as the Arakacians have built their empire, which was also known as the universe for centuries. But they vanished as the freedom fighters sealed the chamber. 

The space crewman named Tyler and his colleague accidentally find the key. When Tyler touches the key, he becomes insane as he is not in a position to stand straight. Later, he kills his partner and takes the ship, along he was killing everyone in which Dr. Schechter, Germain, and Pilot Lambert were safe. 

Walking Life

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This movie was released in 2001, and its running time is 1hr 39Min. Richard Linklater directed this movie, an American experimental adult animated film. 

The main actor In this movie is Wiley Wiggins. This movie begins with an unnamed man who lives an ethereal life that lacks the transitions between regular events.

He keeps participating in philosophical debates, including other people’s problems, such as metaphysics, social philosophy, and free will. 

In other scenes, it doesn’t have the protagonist’s presence as they used to focus on a group of people or couple who like to be involved in different topics. This film also shows existentialism, Situationist politics, and post-humanity. 

Usually, the protagonist suddenly realizes that he is living a unique dream broken by false awakenings. He was a very active onlooker, as it changes during the chat when he sees a woman passing nearby him. 

As she greets him and tries to share her impressive ideas, he again reminds himself that she is an image of his dream. If he wants to start a conversation with those dream characters, they all begin to disappear, and he gets trapped in his dream. 


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This movie was released in 2015, and its running time is 1hr 30Min. Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson directed this American experimental adult animated psychological comedy-drama film. 

The main actors In this movie are David Thewlis, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Tom Noonan. This movie begins in 2005, when a middle-aged person who works in customer service and is a motivational speaker, Michael Stone, goes to Cincinnati to promote his latest book in the hotel. 

Also, he feels different from others as he has an identical face and voice; his son and wife are included. 

Michael also tries to practice his talk in the Fregoli hotel, but he keeps thinking about the angry letter received by an old flame Bella, who left it without explaining. However, he met her in the hotel bar, as she was still upset. 

Michael visits a children’s toy store, where he mistakenly chooses an adult toy. He wanted to gift his son, but he soon realized the mistake. The next day, they heard a sweet female voice when Michael was taking a shower. He immediately runs from the room so that he can find the owner. 

Heavy traffic

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This movie was released in 1973, and its running time is 1hr 20Min. Ralph Bakshi directed this movie, an American experimental adult animated film. 

The main actors In this movie are Joseph Kaufmann, Beverly Hope Atkinson, Frank Dekova, Terri Haven, and Mary Dean Lauria. This movie begins with a 22-year-old boy named Michael Corleone playing pinball in New York City as he is asked psychological questions. 

Later, Michael begins to see things as scenes and transmits into a dangerous New York neighborhood. Michael’s father was an Italian naked Angelo Corleone, and he was struggling with Mafioso as he was continuously cheating on him. 

The couple was very aggressive as they tried to kill each other whenever they got the chance. Carole doesn’t want to get involved with his plan, so she tells a lie that she wants to stay with Michael. Carole and Michael had a beautiful bond with each other. 


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This movie was released in 2021, and its running time is 1hr 30Min. Jonas Poher Rasmussen directed this movie, an American adult animated documentary film. 

In this movie, we can see Amin discussing their life as a teenager. Here Jonas is making an animated movie on Amin’s life as Amin doesn’t want to share his personal life story with anyone, including his boyfriend, Kasper.

 Amin wanted to marry him, but due to some reasons, they canceled the plan. Due to this, Amin has to go through trauma and distance himself from Kasper in the United States. Amin also shares the story of his best friend Kabul, his mother Tahera, sisters Fahima and Sabia, and older brother Saif. 

His father was not having much value as he was sent to jail after the outbreak of the Soviet-Afghan War. However, his brother Saif was forced to run away from the police as he was always involved in the fighting. 

It’s such a beautiful day

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This movie was released in 2012, and its running time is 1hr 2Min. Don Hertzfeldt directed this movie, an American experimental adult animated film. 

The main actors in this movie are Dan Hertzfeldt and Sara Cushman. This movie begins with a young man named Bill, whose daily routine and dreams are to see onscreen several screen windows. Later, Bill suffers from an unnamed disease that seriously affects his life. 

Bill also goes to meetings with her ex-girlfriend, who has been recently sent to the clinic due to his condition. Due to this disease, he started hallucinating and became sicker. But Bill’s mother used to take care of him as she loved him very much. 

Bill was immediately taken to the hospital because his health condition was unstable, and doctors also confused him. Bill’s doctor tells his mother that he is not going to die. After some days, Bill started going to his office as he was feeling better than previous. 


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This movie was released in 2007, and its running time is 1hr 36Min. Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud directed this American adult biographical animated drama film. 

The main actors In this movie are Catherine Deneuve and Chiara Mastroianni. This movie began in 1979 when the Iranian Revolution was going on against the Shah of Iran, and Marji’spoot’s family tried to participate, but she was not selected. 

One day, Marji’s uncle Anoosh comes to meet home for dinner with his family as he was released from jail after nine years. His uncle inspires Marji by telling the story of the government. Marji’s financial condition is not proper as she wanted to improve; also, they were upset by Islamic fundamentalists. 

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