Best 25+ adventure movies on Hulu

If you’re a fan of action, excitement, and high stakes, adventure movies are the perfect genre for you.

From swashbuckling tales of pirates and treasure hunters to epic journeys through magical lands, adventure movies take audiences on unforgettable journeys to the limits of human imagination.

On Hulu, there are a variety of adventure movies to choose from, ranging from classic tales of derring-do to modern blockbusters filled with thrills and excitement.

Whether you’re looking for action-packed adventures, thought-provoking explorations of the human condition, or just a fun escape from reality, Hulu has something for you.

Here we will review of all of the best adventure movies streaming on Hulu to give you the best watch for your next weekend.

Spider-Man 3

Four years after being bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker has recovered after gaining the ability to climb walls. The crowd cheered as he was handed the keys.

Peter feels excellent, has decided to take it to the next level with MJ, and seeks Aunt May’s advice on how to propose to MJ. But this is where things start to fall apart. 

First, MJ was a little nervous about being fired from her job in a Broadway musical. Spider-Man then kisses the cute girl upside down for the newspaper.

On top of that, Peter’s friend Harry has donned the goblin’s high-tech gadget to avenge his father’s death (which Peter mistakenly believes he caused on purpose), and there’s a thief monster turned Sandman who turns out to be the one who killed Peter’s uncle, Ben. 

Also, a manipulative cameraman named Eddie Bullock tries to steal Peter’s work from the Daily Bugle. And another “global” disaster: In space, a tar-black creature (later known as Venom) crashes, hitchhikes on Peter’s scooter, and gets attached to the hero’s costume. 

Red and blue Spiderman costume. The costume turned icy black, and his mind also began to darken. Peter resists the urge to don the booster suit.

But decides it’s the only way to get revenge and fight off the new threat. He also loved the dark transformation he felt.

The Princess

The live-action martial arts movie “The Princess” is most likely another story of a wayward princess who doesn’t want to wait to be rescued. 

It’s the work of a 20th-century studio, and it’s an R-designated killer fight movie with an unnamed princess at the centre of some extreme machismo. 

Delay the reversal, but the regression has a good effect in practice. Finally, the princess rises in handcuffs from the top of the tower. 

She becomes an honourable princess (Joey King) and soon takes the guards with her. A series of flashbacks reveal that she entered into a good marriage. 

Still, in retaliation for bringing groom-to-be Julias (Dominic Cooper, a frequent MCU player who plays Tony Stark’s father Howard) to the altar. Julius takes the royal family, dominates the princess, and marries her to him so he can succeed to the throne. 

However, he did not know that the princess had been trained in hand-to-hand combat since childhood. So while her family fights with swords, the princess must run through the towers to save them.

The supporting cast, especially Princess Lynne’s mysterious assistant teacher (Veronica Ngo, star of Kit’s brilliant 2019 film “Fury”) and Julias Moira’s right-hand man (Orga Kurylenko), are far more interesting than the main characters. 

Rin is a fearsome warrior and an outsider. Their trainer and uncle are among the king’s advisors. But since it’s not her story, we can’t find any information about her background.

However, she became skilled, or how she and her uncle came to be the only standing king (Ed Stoppard) of xenophobia.

Robin Hood

Robin Hood is an adaptable story, but the core is always the same. It’s that the insolent loser fights power on behalf of oppressed citizens. 

This new version from director Otto Bathurst (Butters) captures the legend’s heart but fails in frustration to translate. The film’s frank political resonance and startling coherence suggest it’s deliberately full of modern detail. 

A folk tale for a wide range of modern audiences and more of a sci-fi and fantasy epic than a pieced life “with precision” à la “Barry Lindon”. This one might be special if filmmaking and writing aren’t so mundane. 

Instead, it’s a unique, often boring experience interrupted by knowledge and surprise. Ben Chandler and David James Kelly’s screenplay is a strategy.

The filmmaker seeks to take it to new heights by taking a story spanning centuries and marrying it with modern concepts and language, like Guy Ritchie’s recent attempt to update another former British hero in ‘King Arthur: The Paladin’ – more to say, Kevin Reynolds’ 1991 hit ‘Robin Hood.

 The Prince of Rogue’ It’s a loud, fast, broken production with a bitter punk edge, often mimicking the look and feel of Christopher Yellow’s Batman films, trading vitality for elegance and rife with apparent anachronisms. 

Like in John Wick’s Gunslinger, leather jackets in movie history and battle scenes feature shooters shooting arrows at close range. The opening action sequence in Syria is “Save Private Ryan”. 

And He intermittently sinks while raising the camera ‘Black Hawk Down’ style.” However, the narration of this film is conservative and aggressive. 

While modernizing other aspects of the saga, the storyline also dictates the relationship between Robin and John (essentially another sterilized black leader/father figure to a young white man. 

Snakes on a Plane

Some movies may not live up to your expectations. Unfortunately, aeroplane snakes are not one of them. However, what this movie has in its title is precisely what you get. 

But it takes a set-up to explain how hundreds, if not thousands, of hovering, venomous, aggressive reptiles flew in a 747 at an altitude of 35,000 feet before South Pacific Airways Flight 121 took off.

Sean Jones is a relaxed surfer from Hawaii. But when he witnesses the murder of a lawyer by a cold-blooded mob boss, Eddie King. He becomes the man ready to be named. 

FBI agent Neville Prine foils Sean’s attempted murder and convinces him that the only way to survive is to testify against Eddie in Los Angeles. Sean was wagging his tail to board a jumbo jet bound for the mainland. (Okay.)

As Sean and his FBI agents make themselves comfortable, a veritable cast of cartoon characters arrives in their place. But, of course, most people are at home the same way in The Love Ship, Neverland, or the 1970s disaster movies. 

A Paris Hilton-style socialite named Mercedes and a dog named Mary Kate, a bipolar Chihuahua. An obsessive hip-hop star is known as Three G’s and two voluptuous admirers. 

Two boys fly through the sky without their parents. A single mother and her child. Horny couples better book a room than a plane ticket. 

The newlyweds have returned from their honeymoon. A troublesome business tycoon. At this point, you are betting on who will survive and who will not. The film moves as the plane takes off. 

The sustaining detonator released enough snakes to inflict permanent damage on Indy Jones. What’s their point? That Sean never testifies. The first victim died in the bathroom. But it doesn’t take long before chaos explodes. 

Maze Runner: The Death Cure

The Maze Runner: The Death Cure ends the quirky and mediocre teenage dystopian trilogy and ends an entire trend and subgenre of cinema. 

It started as an excellent movie suspension game. Instead, it turned into an increasingly dull franchise. 

But she still made a fortune taking advantage of teenage temper tantrums and daydreams to defeat an obnoxious society run by adults. she didn’t understand. 

Waves of imitators follow one another, each more successful than the last. Some franchises disappear from the cradle and end after the first chapter (end game). 

Others die more slowly (divergent) after several attempts with great success. But not a maze runner. 

With the strength of will and moderate box office earnings, Fox continued the brilliant series to the bittersweet end of the trilogy. When those seemingly endless 2 hours and 20 minutes of average time are finally over, you feel relief.

But the most challenging thing about this trilogy is. And the Maze Runner franchise as a whole is that it’s tedious and redundant without being catastrophically wrong. 

In addition to the wooden tracks, the young actors did their best with the equipment given to them. Still, the more experienced character actors (Patricia Clarkson, Aidan Gillen, Jean-Carlo Esposito, etc.) completed the May contracts and three films. 

Wes Ball, who went from effects artist to the director, at least tried to elevate the material and also delivered a well-crafted action movie. The problem is that investing in the action, the mythology, or the characters is impossible. 

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones reveals that the world we thought we knew exists in a supernatural dimension where the forces of good and evil are constantly at war. 

New York teenager Clary Frey (Lily Collins) has lived everyday life. The mystery turned to panic until her last birthday manifested strange new powers like “sight” – when Clary’s overprotective mother, Joseline (Lena Hayes), disappeared.

On a journey to find her mother, Clary is attacked by a terrifying demon but is saved by Jace (Jamie Campbell Bower). Jace revealed to Clary that she, like her mother, was one of the Shadowhunters chosen to protect the world from demonic forces. 

While exposed, Clary, Jace, and their allies send warriors to fight a secret threat within the Shadowhunters’ organization, finding a powerful amulet known as the Motor Cup.

Of course, acting could be another target of criticism. It’s just that no one can fight a fight of this level with a natural face. As such, viewers often laugh at parts that aren’t interesting at all. 

Plot example: Lily Collins as Clary discovers that she can see things that ordinary people cannot see, like Haley Joel Osment from “The Sixth Sense”. Jamie Campbell Bower) became interested in Clary when he realized Clary’s abilities as a Shadowhunter on a mission to eliminate evil demons. 

However, their introduction soon could have gone better on her birthday. She is rejected trying to enter a dance hall and seeing that.

She is invisible to humans. The demon intervenes for her and allows her to enter.

The Mountain Between Us

The mountain between us is about pragmatic decisions instead of relying on glorified survival drama. 

Trying to put viewers in the shoes of two strangers who must find a way back to civilization after a plane crash, it’s just that. I didn’t know where it was because no one explained why I hadn’t called. 

They become the only two people in the world, and if so, it’s only a matter of time before they fall in love with Edris Elba’s dream doctor. If that person is your hero. Then all willpower and tension of will are relieved, along with every decision the character makes. 

It is logical. That’s not to say there aren’t bets on The Mountain Between Us, but those bets stem from Ben and Alex’s relationship and how open they can be to each other. 

On the other hand, we know they don’t go away, but each has a different and significant way. Alex thinks they need to move, but Ben needs to be left alone. I think. 

As they begin to move, they face new obstacles. Then there is the question of whether they fall in love with each other.

“The Mountain Between Us” works better as a romance than a survival drama because it doesn’t have many hard choices or near-death experiences that a survival movie needs. 

Anyway, in a movie with just two people (and a dog), one of them doesn’t half die of hypothermia. Relationships are everything, and when Idris Elba plays half a relationship, it’s easy to get involved.

The Requin

The first thing you need to know about “The Requin” is that the name refers to an authentic shark culture. However, no one uses the term in the film. 

The second is that writer-director Le Van Kiet’s 89-minute film takes about an hour for a shark or other sharks to appear. He responds by repeatedly pressing the bait and aim switch cone (sorry, I can’t resist) and the fast forward button.

It’s hard to take anything seriously throughout the film. However, the shark’s achievements have more emotional moments that give depth to the character and his first encounter with a shark.

Which creates a strong sense of suspense. Some CGI downright detracts from the cartoonish, thrilling, and suspenseful scenes until you see them. 

Even so, CGI is indeed forgiven, if for no other reason. What surprised Lek-in the most were the thin sentences, the unconventional tone of the story, and the lack of emotion in the performances.

Year One

Year One was mentally chaotic. Meanwhile, it focuses on stripping a predominantly religious story’s subtle and powerful subtext and finding cheap, terrifying, profane laughs. 

He attacks biblical stories and pagan customs. But, on the other hand, he slanders the faith and ridicules the religious tradition.

However, this film is not atheistic. The god of the Year One, whoever he is, isn’t actually mentioned in the movie, but brands Cain for murder, brings much-needed rain, indirectly answers prayers, and confirms some of the characters’ beliefs.

Personal responsibility is a good thing. It is what the Bible itself teaches. Ironically, however, those who were behind in the first year showed little accountability in storytelling. 

Unaware of the spiritual depth behind the satirical story, they use the pages of Genesis to build a paper boat. 

This story has not existed for thousands of years by chance. Even many people who do not consider themselves believers will recognize the profound influence of biblical stories on art, law, literature, culture, and history. 

This story deserves respect. But digging into the film’s philosophical underpinnings, or lack thereof, gives it way too much faith. 

Year One was more than profane. It was a vulgar and cheap brothel, with more “eh~www” than “haha” from the public. 

Watching that scene was so uncomfortable and uninteresting. So when I finished watching it, the woman next to me turned around and said, “This is the dumbest movie I’ve ever watched that seen.”.

Hitman: Agent 47

Hitman: Agent 47 rebuilds the cinematic universe of the famous and long-running video game series. In this version of the mythology, Agent 47 (Rupert’s friend) is an enigmatic character who lives on the fringes of society and receives a contract from his agent.

Diana (Angela Baby). However, 47’s life becomes complicated when tracking down Dr Litbenko (Kiaran Heinz). The creator of a dysfunctional agent program and the only person capable of rebooting.

Litvinenko has been missing for years, but a twist of fate has catapulted his daughter Katia (Hannah Ware) into the international spotlight, making her the right crossroads for 47-year-old CIA agent John Smith (Zachary Quint) and his rival at Syndicate. 

International. – Evil This group intends to use Litvenko’s research to create their type of unstoppable assassin. After that, the chase reaches Katya and uses her to get Litvinenko, but the girls know each other well and don’t leave quickly. 

But as 47 pursues the career, he begins to see a more critical mission ahead of him. His decision to pursue this new goal makes him just as crucial as Katia. Fortunately, Agent 47 was the mastermind behind the murder.

In its action sequences, hitman: Agent 47 looks like a big-budget Hitman fan movie. (ahem) “a dramatic moment.” Bach’s attempts to use exotic locations, high-level architecture, or stark interiors instead of natural skill and confidence behind the camera are not enough to take the bar and hide his lack of experience. 

Almost every scene in “Agent 47” takes place against some exciting backdrop. But most of those scenes are overlooked because they need to be better edited or filmed.

After all, Hitman: Agent 47 is the second installment that needs to take the chance to turn one of those highly adaptable video games into a satisfying cinematic experience. The difficulty of why The Punisher, as an animated film, never fully appeared on screen despite numerous attempts by the popular game’s base character (a highly accomplished killer) is almost more interesting than the movie itself. 

However, if Hitman: Agent 47 is any indication, Hollywood studios still need to crack the source code, so expect future waves of developer-focused game movies to offer something better.

Planet of the Apes

Planet of the Apes is one of the fastest and most timeless sci-fi movies of all time and one of the genre’s most cynical and ultimately depressing entries. 

We tend to minimize this aspect. However, donning a gorilla costume releases the tension and transforms Franklin Schaffner’s 1968 masterpiece into subversive entertainment full of action and suspense. These elements are essential to a film that not only eliminates the prejudice and confrontation of the 1960s. 

But also the inequality or disadvantage we experience almost 50 years later. Planet of the Apes is full of social commentary, with perhaps the most notable subtext exploring the civil rights movement. 

This film contrasts sharply with another famous movie, King Kong, which features a primate, or rather a large one. Nevertheless, the 1933 film is excellent. 

But it also has a disturbing subtext about white men being afraid of black people (African Americans are portrayed as apes, a species less evolved than white men; they are the target of racist stereotypes). Planet of the Apes reverses this metaphor by making inhabited apes racist white people and treating white men and women as secondary species.

The movie is unforgiving and looks like a velvet-gloved Tekken. It takes 30 minutes for the monkeys to show up. 

So the film’s first quarter is about the astronauts walking through a barren desert and seeing Tyler as a colossal jerk. In a sci-fi action movie, the leading man is usually the protagonist. 

Still, besides his will to save Nova, Taylor has nowhere to be heroic (the sexual motives outweigh his affection for an innocent and beautiful woman). And Lucius. After holding Tyler, he still acted like an idiot.

Additionally, he revealed that Stewart would be the “new watch” of the crew, so she was brought in for breeding. Again, it delivers the voice of realism. Planet of the Apes admits what it says isn’t clean, but it has to be said.

Vacation Friends

Vacation Friends is a brand of comedy, and three laughs are pretty far between pitiful laughs. Vacation Friends developed the film over six years. 

Between the five famous writers who deciphered the script, all the cheerfulness was washed away, replaced by the usual mischievous attitude of the odd couple. If an actor does what he can to make something look like.

Marcus and Emily (Lil’ Lel Hauri and Yvonne Ozzy) play the role of a simple and sober couple, freewheeling for couples addicted to dating without rules, and Ron and Kyra (John Cena and Meredith Hagner). 

They are forced to spend a week on vacation. But, unfortunately, when her room is destroyed (Ron and Keira). The last couple’s lack of inhibitions makes them crazy in the real world but intelligent in the resort world. 

So, Marcus and Emily are keen to overcome their first personality clash and embrace the carefree atmosphere. It might be suitable for one of those big laughs (with a high-angle boat crash). 

However, most of their time in Mexico is spent watching actors in edits, so you should take advantage of this cheap idea. You will have a great time. I am delighted. 

The rest will depend on what Ron and Kira say to prove the lack of a filte. Juxtaposed with cheerful Cinnamon and Hagner smileys with nervous Howley and Orgy, the poster sums up precisely what the film sells. 

It’s about how much you like the first two songs to someone shaking or saying something inappropriate with the “I never have!” atmosphere. One pair is weird, the other more strict. 

The Smurfs 

When it premiered from 1981 to 1989, “The Smurfs” was a staple of our childhoods.

Many fans will consider the Smurfs animated series a childhood (or children’s) classic. However, while the iconic 1980s show established characters in American pop culture, the tiny Smurfs of Smurf Village has been around for over 20 years thanks to Belgian creator Peyo, who also spawned a black-and-white animated film titled “The Smurfs”. 

For those unfamiliar with the basic premise of The Smurfs as drawn in The Smurfs Live-Action Adventure. The story follows the six-person protagonist of The Smurfs, who awkwardly takes a wrong turn during an attack by the evil wizard Gargamel ( Hank Azaria). 

Wrongly sent from a fantasy world to the real New York City. After that, the group of Smurfs meets Patrick Winslow (Neil Patrick Harris), who hates being a father, and his wife, Grace (Jema Mays). 

Promotion under the pressure of a fierce businessman. Gargamel and his sinister cat, Azrael, show up in the Big Apple and try to help Papas Murph assemble the tools the Winslows will need to regain their family before the portal house can reopen Smurfs Village.

Pil’s Adventures 

While this movie is packed with comedy and action. There are still plenty of profound moments and lessons about kindness, loyalty, and honesty. 

You can’t miss it without it. So these plot points are removed, and the focus shifts to the friendships between Pill, Clover, Ziggler, and Roland as they fight together to save the city. 

Adventures of Pil have great action. Pil is a very acrobatic child, with a clever animation sequence of climbing, jumping, and running. 

The characters all have unique facial designs and silhouettes, always the hallmark of excellent anime design. Alak is a little street girl who lives in the streets of the medieval city of Rocambruck with her three domesticated weasels. 

She survived on food stolen from the evil regent Tristan Castle. One day, Al disguised himself as a princess to hide from the guards. There, she embarks on crazy, crazy adventures with Clover, a giant guard who considers himself an aristocrat, and Ridgeline, a crazed young clown. 

The shell must save Roland, the rightful heir to the accursed throne. This adventure turns the kingdom upside down and tells Al there is something noble in all of us. 

Pill Adventure A good movie starts with Pill Adventure. This movie is on August 11, 2021 Animation, Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Family movie genres, and uplifting genres. 

This movie is made by several companies that make zero-budget movies. It is the best movie of all time. French 3 Cinema, SND, and TAT Productions collaborate with production France, Pierre Tessier, Enrique Carbarid, Casey Chase, Paul Born, Julian Clampon, Gaultier Batué, Barbara Tissier, Emmanuel Kurtir Laurent were fascinated. 


The ’80s action icon needed to step up his game in the ’90s to give him muscles, guns, corpses, and stuff. So on the surface, a cliffhanger is nothing more than muscles, guns, and corpses in various places. 

Still, this setting defines a big action adventure that includes the critical, loose, unyielding scenes on the hill—villains wrapped in memorable landscapes and animated action films, each more than the last.

The cliffhanger causes excellent tragedy as it enters dark territory in the opening prologue. The reckless hero returns to face friends and ex-lovers threatened by a terrorist group by dropping a treasure chest. Traceable money along the way.

It’s a pretty simple premise, but it does allow for enough spine to fight the meat of the action scenes, plus Die Hard two director Renny Harlin (a script by Shane Black makes a great Long Kiss Good Night, but crossfade b-movie Oblivion) ​​and John Reese. In addition, it features the game’s cast, including Go, Michael Rooker, and Janine Turner. 

Cliffhangers have always been strangely underrated in Stallone’s filmography. He is related to Rambo and Rocky. The best climbing/mountain action game in history.

Drive Angry 

Drive Angry keeps its promises. It’s an over-the-top “B” movie that is satisfying on every level. The film is essentially a revenge film, but it adds a layer of “supernatural” to it, giving it texture. 

Cage is one of the few actors who could make it big by appearing in such a film. It fits perfectly and gives a convincing side to this strange but entertaining film. 

So yes ! Drive Angry captures what we love about Cage; even if missing, it makes for a fun and entertaining film. For the first time, the film presents Milton (Cage), an evil man who escapes from the harshest prison. Hell! is to save. 

King brainwashes and ends up killing Milton’s daughter and kidnaps his daughter. He will sacrifice himself to unleash Hell on Earth. Milton asks Piper (Amber Hard) for help. 

Piper (Amber Hard) is a sexy, tough waitress with a charger from 1969 demanding a refund. Together, the two lead Jonah and his legions of followers to rescue Milton’s granddaughter before the sacrificial ceremony begins under a full moon. 

While a supernatural agent named “Accountant” (William Fichtner) is sent to bring Milton back. In hell. Milton and Piper must escape the accountant and find Jonah to save the baby before it’s too late.

Edge of the World 

In Michael Haussman’s Edge of the World, Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays British explorer Sir James Brooke. Lately, I’ve been able to get out of that aggressive mindset. 

He arrived on the island of Borneo in 1839 not to conquer it but to assimilate its culture. Her goal was, above all, to get involved in local politics and even local women.

The Adventurer is the archetypal decision complainer, but Myers plays him well. You know the type: the world-weary messenger who begins to question his commitment to the imperialist regime he represents and yearns for something new. 

He has seen too much and done too much. The idea of ​​a bland, hassle-free lifestyle that sparked him in the first place sounds like the only second act that brings him some peace. 

Anyone who has seen “The Last Samurai” or similar will know this. In this era of demolition of statues of historical figures deemed “problematic”,. It is difficult to make this kind of film. 

As an adventurer, you should take it with a grain of salt for its honesty and straightforwardness. Still, it’s an old-fashioned, idealized explorer style, and Myers captures that in it. 

He has just enough bravery to make up for the fact that he is tired of being seen and heard in his responsibilities at the vanguard of British colonialism. Tired of the barbarism you saw inside. 

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