Avatar Actor Sam Worthingston Recalls Their First Reaction To James Cameron’s Pitch 

Sam Worthington who is popualry known for playing Jake Sully in the ground-breaking film Avatar recalls his first reaction to the pitch given by the director James Cameron. 

He talks about his inital reaction towards the movie idea where he had no idea how they are going to pull off floating mountains and things that are beyond their inception. 

The Avatar, was the film released in 2009 blew people’s minds in the theatres due to the world-building, VFX and kind of work was put in the movie, and that was almost 13 years ago.

This was the film that revolunarized the approach towards visual effects and motion capture in the cinema, for generations to come. 

Also, even though the visuals of the film was ground-breaking and people were awestruck, the film still never compromised on quality of storytelling or screenplay as well. 

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That’s the reason why the film got nine Academy awards, for best visual effects, cinematography, production design, film editing, sound mixing, original score, sound editing, direction and best film as well. 

As Avatar sequel is already on the ropes to release with a recently launched teaser, the original Avatar film released in 2009 is geared up for a re-release in theatres. 

It is only to imagine what went behind the scenes of the movie, for the technology to make this film but more than that, what was the initial inception of the idea of the film. 

Well, the Avatar star Sam Worthington shared at a recent press conference about his first response towards hearing the pitch from the director James Cameron. And here’s what actor said : 

“Well, when I first read it, there are things like floating mountains, there are things like Thanators, there are things when I have no idea what this man’s talking about. And least of all, I had no idea how we’re gonna do this.My biggest memory is when you’re in that Volume was the sense of playThat’s how we did this thing. It was Jim every day saying, ‘Look, I’m gonna build something and create something that will translate to be the floating mountain, and I need you to jump off it. And I’m gonna have guys coming at you, attacking you, and they’re gonna symbolize, later on, Viperwolves.’ And you just dove in.”

Zoe Saldana, who also has an important role in the film, played Na’vi Local Neytiri and shared her experience. She was relatively new to the industry and was one of the first few roles of her, surely later become even more known with movies like Star Trek and Guardians of the Galaxy. 

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She talked about her experience on the set, in the Volume and played with her imagination to make her acting more real. Here’s what she shared : 

“Every time I would come into this big, sterile, gray Volume that was freezing all the time, and I’m wearing this onesie, there he was with a camera chasing me around. And I got to play, like Sam is saying. I’m telling you that my imagination was never as infinite as when I was there. The last time I remember that was when I was a child.”

Well, the director already announced this to be an ongoing franchise or fictional universe declaring four more sequels to come, that are already signed with 20th Century Fox. 

Recently we know that the second Avatar film’s teaser is already dropped where the movie titled Avatar: The Way of Water

In fact, two sequels including Avatar: The Way of Water and Avatar 3 have already completed their principal filming and are scheduled to be released on December 16, 2022 and December 20, 2024 respectively. 

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