Arrowverse’s John Diggle Actor David Ramsey Teases Green Lantern Arc Continuation, Even Green Arrow?

Actor David Ramsey is popularly known for playing John Diggle in Arrowverse, primarily the sidekick to Green Arrow in Arrow TV show. 

He recently talked about the potential continuation of the Green Lantern arc featuring him as a Green Lantern. 

Arrowverse has its great run but with the end of the show Arrow with the epic crossover finale episodes bringing almost everyone in CW DC universe together with even great cameos. 

Since then, it has been a little dull, and with multiple cancellations this year, the overall franchise has been shaken up. 

When the last Arrowverse crossover event happened in Crisis on Infinite Earths, it has been clearly shown that all the worlds have been collapsed to one now, named Earth-Prime including Superman & Lois. 

But now the season 2 finale revealed that their world is in a completely different place than Arrowverse, as they are living on entirely different earth altogether. 

One of the biggest takeaways from the Arrowverse crisis finale and Arrow finale episode was the extention of this unexpected turn towards John Diggle becoming Green Lantern. 

And fans got too excited for this Green Lanntern entry in the Arrowverse and that too through John Diggle. 

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But even after teasing it over and over again as John Diggle making apperenaces in almost every Arrowverse series, it came to a sudden end in The Flash Season 8 without bringing to the desired conclusion. 

So, for almost two years, John Diggle refused to take on this invitation with his alien box he received to start his new superhero cosmic adventure. 

And this idea was completely thrown away in The Flash season 8 when Eobard Thawn helped him to just simply reject the invitation and get over with it, and he threw it where it disintegrated. 

So that’s came to be this conclusion after teasing it for episodes across different Arroverse series with David Ramsay’s cameos hinting at the Green Lantern storyline. 

However, after this new reveal in Superman & Lois that they exist on an entirely different earth, and not on Earth-Prime, David Ramsey supposedly is playing a different version of Diggle in the Arrowverse. 

So one can assume that despite what happened with Earth-Prime John Diggle in The Flash rejecting the Green Lantern mantle, there is still a chance of this new version of Diggle to become Green Lantern, on this new Earth. 

Fortunately, we did get something from the David Ramsey himself while chatting to The Direct about the potential Green Lantern storyline, here’s what he said : 

“It’s not resolved. Eric [Wallace] called me, showrunner of The Flash, and he had a pitch for me to end the saga, the Green Lantern Saga, within the Arrowverse. And the reason why he did is because the Arrowverse was ending, right? It’s gonna end with Flash and all the other shows would go. And we knew, not at the time, I knew but you didn’t know yet, that Todd [Helbing] was going to reveal in Superman & Lois that the Superman & Lois-verse, if you will, exists on another planet, on a different Earth, and these characters are still alive. And the idea is perhaps there’s a world where we can explore the Flash, or maybe just Barry Allen. Maybe he is Flash, maybe he isn’t. Is Oliver Queen alive? Maybe he is. Maybe the ring is still there.”

David Ramsey really made this new reveal more exciting than you might expecte it to be. He talked about this new Superman & Lois-Verse can be a place where characters we saw in Earth-Prime also exist here. 

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So that’s mean, we might see all new versions of The Flash, John Diggle and even Oliver Queen. And more importantly, he said that maybe the ring will still be there. 

Did he just hint that the new universe is going to introduce a new version of John Diggle as Green Lantern, and in fact bring back Oliver Queen aka Arrow. 

Well, so far, his comments are still more like a theory that you can extrapolate but it certainly can be the hint to what’s coming to Arroverse. 

Because at one hand, you also need to think about why the makers of the show went with this new reveal. What plot changes it is supposed to make in the show, and otherwise in this new universe. 

So far we only can hope but it is still not enough on basis of David Ramsey comments. 

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