Arrowverse Crossover Revisit : Elseworld (Part I)

Before we drown into the recent release of the Arrowverse crossover review, let me remind you of the past four crossover which makes the Elseworlds, the fourth annual Arrowverse crossover.

CW’s own DC television universe is adored by a huge fan club where it includes separate shows such as The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and Constantine.

The very first Arrowverse crossover was ‘ The Flash Vs. Arrow’ where the flash and arrow were against each other. Then there were crossovers like ‘Heroes join forces’, ‘ Invasion’, ‘Crisis of Earth X’ and the recently released ‘Elseworlds’.

Not just that, another mega crossover has been teased at the ending of Elseworlds titled as ‘ Crisis on Infinite Earths ‘. 

Arrow crossover has become an annual thing now where next year will again bringing another mega crossover teased in the ending of the Elseworlds episodes.

This year, Legends of tomorrow guys has been left out from the Arroverse crossover. Well, there was Gotham and Batwoman in the crossover, so we can forgive that. Elseworld is actually the fifth annual crossover which has included Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl. 

Earlier in The Flash, Arrow & Supergirl

At the end of all series The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl, the sequence was added before the Elseworld as a teaser. The sequence has shown  Barry Allen of Earth 90 seems lost the battle and crawling in midst of corpses. Barry Allen of Earth 90 seems to be the last one who survived some tragedy. 

Then, Monitor says to the flash that he has failed. It is clearly depicted that Monitor and the mysterious book he has something to do with this and the upcoming tragic Elseworlds as well. He opened the book of destiny, and the flash ran away. 

John Deegan getting the Book of Destiny 

Doctor John Deegan is introduced who is trying to convince a bunch of intellects about how to increase the human tendencies to become like superheroes and nobody responded to his vision.

He went out and met ‘The Monitor’ who gave him the book of destiny to rewrite the realities. 

The Monitor told him to reshape the world the way he sees it fit. John Deegan got his opportunity to fulfil his vision of achieving control over so-called superhumans on the earth. He was chosen because he has the vision to do it. 

Doctor John Deegan finally opened the book which surely has rewritten the realities causing Elseworlds on the Earth-1. This must be it affecting Oliver Queen and Barry Allen’s lives. Elseworlds’just began. 

Oliver Queen Is the Barry Allen aka The Flash 

Oliver Queen wakes up in the Barry Allen’s apartment, apparently as Barry Allen. Iris kisses her and refers her as Barry. Oliver trying to figure out what is happening but didn’t react much. Well, it seems our superheroes had enough that things don’t surprise them much. Once it established that he is the Barry Allen, the flash. Oliver tried his superspeed and yes, he does possess the power of the flash. 

The moment he knew that he is the flash, the emergency comes along. There was some break-in a factory where the flash is supposed to reach to the save the day. The only issue is the flash is now Oliver Queen.

Iris gave her the ring and he ran to the factor in the superspeed. It is quite interesting to see how he easily adapted the powers of the flash. However, he does get confused about using it in a field. His first instinct was trying to get arrows from his back which wasn’t here this time. 

However, he did learn the feeling of being so fast that everyone and everything else seem to be in freezing time. Well, the Oliver get successful to throw the lightning bolts to those criminals and save the situation.

Cisco from Star Labs is backing him up. Funny Thing, when he first reach to the situation, Oliver being flash said ‘ You have failed the city’ where Cisco replied ‘ I am pretty sure this is not your line.’ 

The Awkwardness of Oliver Queen being the Flash

Oliver pretty much accepted the fact that everybody is considering him as ‘ Barry Allen, the flash’ and turning into a speedster, it seems quite convincing as well.

He felt the awkwardness with the Iris West Allen who is married to the Barry actually. The next was using the flash power in the field. Next is in the Star Labs where everybody is taking him as their Barry Allen, nothing strange. 

Oliver keeps asking for checking for his health status, finding any anomaly or brain damage.

According to him, everything is changed and the best possible thing he can think of is Barry doing some flashpoint thing again as he said ‘ What did you do this time, Barry? ‘ 

Iris, Cisco, Caitlin and Dibney couldn’t find any reason for Barry acting like this. Iris encountered his awkwardness in the morning as well. For them, he is just Barry Allen acting weird far from any possibility of Elseworlds. 

Oliver said he needs to meet someone who can understand his position or situation. He said that he is going to meet Oliver Queen in Star City. 

Barry Allen as Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow

Barry Allen finds himself caught in the middle of training practise fighting to John Diggle. Well, Barry wasn’t too much surprised by the fact that he is the Oliver Queen aka the Green Arrow. Even he seems bit excited about it for a while until he figured out the depth of mess. 

Before he could react to it or think upon it, John Diggle asked him to back him up in the mission for Argus where some illegal activity is going on in the Glades. Barry Allen gets to suit up as Green Arrow for the first time and on the mission as well. 

Barry handled it quite well, however, he does get cold feet but as he donnes the traits of Green Arrow, he shot few arrows to save the day and catch the bad guys until Oliver as the flash showed up. Finally, the wronged superheroes in Elseworld meets.  

Convincing The ‘Team Flash’ about the Elseworlds situation 

Barry and Oliver impersonating each other’s identity according to others tried to convince the ‘Team Flash’ about the Elseworlds.

Apparently, they are not convinced by the fact. Caitlin tried to diagnose any kind of signs about the effect but it wasn’t. Barry as Oliver tried to convince Iris but she is adamant on her perception and so the others. 

Barry asked Oliver ( who is now Barry for others) to talk with Iris and try to convince her. Oliver tried to convince Iris that there is a possibility about what they saying so she should consider it at least. Iris notified about Oliver Queen’s life is defined by anger, pain and vengeance and she is lucky to have Barry by her side. 

Iris didn’t convince at all and she made Oliver unconscious where Dibney knocked out Barry. Next, when they woke up they find themselves in the Star Labs Meta-cell. Oliver told Barry to dislocate his thumb joint, so he can get rid of the cuffs.

Then, he disarmed the meta dampeners in the cell. Now, Barry teaches Oliver to phase them out from the cell and he did it. This was the way how they accepted each other’s capabilities and learnt from each other as well. 

They decided to go for Earth-38 where Supergirl will help them. Also, they can know whether other Earths are affected or not with Elseworlds. But they have to find the vibe tech to go the Earth 38 which Iris had.

Barry convinced Iris that he is the Barry Allen she always believed in when they first met and every other time as well. Iris took her chance and let them go. 

Earth- 38 

They get to Earth-38 wherein Kent Farm, there was Clark Kent ( Superman), Kara Danvers ( Supergirl) and first time introduced Lois Lane as well. They all were having a break from the city. Oliver and Barry found out that for Kara, they are still who they are, it is unchanged. They explained the situations to them. 

Oliver and Barry decided to learn each other capabilities as they were going to fight against something with each other’s power. Apparently, the scene has been repeated wherein ‘ The Flash vs. Arrow’ Oliver shot Barry with arrows in his back and the same thing happened here with Oliver, which pissed him off.  

Both got into an argument where Oliver was pissed off due to how lightly Barry is taking his skills.

He tried to provoke Barry by saying some strong words against him. He also ran to him but Barry dodged saying that if he had his powers, then he must know how to use it.

But after a time Oliver came to Barry and confessed. He said that seeing him using his powers at so much ease and fun where he had to lose someone every time he evolved, was making him tense. Barry also realised that they have to embrace each other motivations to use their powers.

Barry has to channel the darkness to use arrow’s focus and strength whereas Oliver needs to forget everything when he runs and has fun with his powers.

Cisco came to the Earth-38 and said that they believe on them and now there is a robot who is trying to kill metas in the Central city. 

Team Elseworlds Against  A.M.A.Z.O

With the help of Cisco, Sherloque, Caitlin, Iris and Dibney, the team Elseworlds as Flash, Green Arrow, Supergirl and Superman fight against the evil robot A.M.A.Z.O who can copy the powers of meta by scanning them.

Since it has been tough to defeat the A.M.A.Z.O as he keeps coming back and indestructible. He also copied the powers of the Flash, Superman and Supergirl as well. 

Team Flash came up with the plan that as it is a robot, it can be shut down by the infiltrating his system with a virus. Cisco made a device to shut down the robot which he gave to Green Arrow ( Barry Allen) to the struct with. Rest of them are trying to capture him for a while so he can be struck down. While making a shot at A.M.A.Z.O, Barry seems to channel his darkness to drive conviction in his shot which troubled Iris for a while. 

Supergirl, The Flash ( Oliver Queen) and Superman were trying to hold the A.M.A.Z.O at a place so Barry can have good shot at it. Barry shot him in the eye which worked and the robot got dismantled. 

We are going to Gotham City

After defeating A.M.A.Z.O, Team flash was trying to figure out how to undo this Elseworld, Cisco mentioned his vibe about seeing a man ( Monitor) and a book of destiny as well. He makes Oliver and Barry see that vision too, where Oliver draw what he saw. He decided that they are going to Gotham city as they saw ‘ Wayne’ Building in the picture. 

At last, the Batwoman was shown on the building in the Gotham city. The next will be continued in the Arrow Season 7 Episode 9.

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