40+ Movies For Hardcore Superhero Fans On Disney+

Since the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s inception, superheroes are no longer obscure.

They are dominating the film industry and for good reasons.

The superhero genre was limited to the comic books industry for a long time.

These fantastic characters are now able to shine on moving pictures.

With the release of many fun and action-packed superhero flicks every year, it becomes difficult to figure out which one is worth your time.

With a Disney+ subscription, you can easily watch these 40+ notable superhero films in the comfort of your home.

The New Mutants

The X-Men franchise has grown humongous throughout the years.

The New Mutants tells a smaller-scale story about a group of children held by a corrupt institution.

It is soaked with horror metaphors and tries to explore a different side of the X-Men Universe.

It feels like a well-written teen psychological horror film at times.

The film does not require you to watch the other X-Men films to understand it, which is always a plus for people just getting introduced to this Franchise.

The New Mutants does not follow the MCU’s tried and tested formula, which might be why it didn’t perform that well at the box office.

But all in all, it is still a fantastic superhero film.

It is not heavily connected to the other X-Men Movies, but it is surely worth a watch if you are a superhero movie buff.

Thor: Ragnarok

This Movie tested what Thor is made up of.

Is he worthy of being worshipped as a god?

Cris Helmsworth proved that he could be a very versatile actor when the script provided him with the opportunity.

In this Movie, thor gets tossed around, walked all over, and gets beaten reasonably often.

But he still rises to the challenge and proves he deserves to be the King of Asgard.

The psychedelic visuals, the cybernetics-inspired setpieces, and the music all culminate to form a thor film we all deserve.

The prequels to Ragnarok were all well and practical, but Thor Ragnarok takes things up to an 11.

The majority of marvel fans still consider Thor: Ragnarok to be the best MCU film ever.

Do not miss this one!

Shang Chi and The Legend Of The Ten Rings

Who doesn’t love a film about mythological dragons and fantasy lands?

Well, Marvel’s experiment to introduce an Asian superhero was a fantastic experience for the fans.

The plot revolves around a powerful artifact named The Ten Rings and his family history.

The Ten Rings are supposed to play a significant role in Marvel phase 5 and 6 movies, and thus Shang Chi is a quintessential watch for all MCU fans.

It’s an action-filled superhero film, and it might just be the best film of Marvel phase 4.

The film never explains the Ten Rings’ origin but shows us its extraordinary powers.

A similar artifact was also introduced in the recent Ms.Marvel tv series.

X Men: Dark Phoenix

The plot being pretty similar to X-Men The Last Stand, Dark phoenix still manages to be a delightful superhero film.

Sophie Turner, as jean grey, knocks it out of the park with her acting skills, and supporting actors are also fun to watch.

Despite the negative reviews that it garnered, X-Men Dark Phoenix is a reasonably exceptional movie.

The action and the visuals are on par with some of the best movies of the decade, and how this film wraps up the X-men universe is both nostalgic and surprising for long-term X-Men fans.

It might not be the best X-Men Movie to date, but the new background story they gave to the phoenix force is well worth the watch.

Fantastic Four (2005)

This Movie is excellent. Many die-hard Fantastic Four fans will disagree but seeing how the 2015 reboot turned out, This 2005 version of the fantastic four still holds up to this date.

The CGI and green screen are well enough for a film released in 2005.

It is a pretty nice superhero flick. The Story is sometimes a bit janky, but the actors bring so much charm to the characters that you immediately forget all its flaws.

And keep in mind the film wants to be campy and delivers on that.

Due to an accident in outer space, one guy turns out to be a human boulder, another has an elastic body, another is a human torch, and one fine lady is now invisible.

Well, what more can you ask from a superhero film?

Dead Pool

This is the origin story of everyone’s favorite superhero-Deadpool.

The witty Ryan Renolds brings his A-game, and well, what can you say?

This Movie is such a blast that you will want to watch it every weekend.

No kidding, the comedy, the action, and the acting are all top-notch.

Watching Deadpool do his things while teasing his enemies is just priceless.

He constantly breaks the fourth wall, making us feel like we are also an integral part of the film.

It happens very rarely that a superhero movie turns out to be this great.

Another good news for MCU fans is that Deadpool is joining the MCU.

X- Men: The Last Stand

This is the 3rd installment in the initial Fox X-Men movies, and it wraps up the trilogy with major consequences.

Like X-Men Dark Phoenix, this film revolves around the Story of jean grey and the Phoenix force.

Don’t be confused. It’s quite different in its execution, even if the source material is the same.

The Last Stand has the original X-Men charisma and is still a much better film than many recent superhero films.

The Last Stand film is not perfect by any means, but if you are eager for some nonstop badassery, then this would be perfect for you.


Logan is the perfect tribute to the long carrier of Hugh Jackman as everyone’s favorite X-Men character- Logan, aka Wolverine.

Unlike other superhero movies on this list, Logan is not your everyday Movie.

It is a character study of a deeply flawed character, yet it manages to be very emotional and heart-wrenching.

The plot of Logan slowly develops into an epic climax.

The human side of these mutants that we have grown to love is both exciting to watch and sad simultaneously.

The Story is about accepting your family and coming to terms with your past.

A must-watch for movie fanatics.


Eternals is yet another MCU project that explores the new promising aspect of the already-established marvel universe.

An extremely powerful race of beings has been living on the Earth for thousands of years, and yet where were they when Thanos erased half of the life in the universe?

The film tries to answer long-awaited questions that the fans of the MCU had, and it does so with style.

Like many other marvel films, Eternals is not perfect, but it still manages to remain an exciting watch.

It’s a long movie with an exciting, unexpected climax with severe consequences for the future of the MCU.

Thor: Love And Thunder

Taika Waititi returns to direct another thor film, and the fans were extremely excited to see what they will do with the character.

Well, the Movie is not bad by any means, but it does fall short of Thor: Ragnarok.

What made Ragnarok so great was its humor and emotionally rewarding Story, and Love and Thunder also manage to be similar.

Maybe a little too much of it.

The comedy feels overdone and sometimes makes the film feel like a parody.

The antagonist- Gorr the Godbutcher, played by Christian bale- is undoubtedly the film’s best part, but sadly he doesn’t get much to do.

Still with all its flaws, Thor: Love and Thunder is still a fun film to pop out every once in a while.

X-Men: Apocalypse

X-Men: Apocalypse is yet another fine installment in the long-running Fox X-Men Universe, but it still has its flaws.

The Movie has a strange plot narrative, and the character development is not strong.

That said, X-Men Apocalypse is still one of the best superhero films.

The introduction of the first mutant, “Apocalypse,” is pure bliss to watch.

His origin story and the lore surrounding it are just fabulous.

For those of you wondering, Wolverine is not in this film, as he is incarcerated around the time of the plot.

Yet it’s an action-filled film that uses its cast the most.

Avengers: Infinity War

Undoubtedly one of the best superhero films of all time, Avengers: Infinity is Thanos’s Story.

Very rarely do we see a film that emphasizes the story arc of its Villain, and that too with such perfection.

MCU’s weakest link has always been its Villain.

Loki in Avengers 1 was good, and Ultron in Avengers 2 was kinda okay, but all of this changes with the proper introduction of the Mad Titan.

Thanos is not someone to be messed with, and he makes his presence felt in this film.

The plot is brilliantly structured, the action is mesmerizing, and the climax is breathtaking.

Watch this one if you haven’t already.

It is available on disney+ right now!

Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War can be considered an Avengers 2.5 film. It is that good.

What can be better than our favorite superheroes going toe to toe against each other in a big empty airport?

It is a surprisingly deep movie because it explores the consequences of the Avenger’s past actions.

The chaos and destruction done to the civilians while our superheroes were trying to fight the bad guys were immeasurable, and someone had to pay the price.

We see the difference between Tony’s and Steve’s Ideologies.

Watch the avengers handling political pressure for the first time resulting in the collapse of our favorite team.

X-men Days Of Future Past

A time travel action adventure film involving mutants.

The premise of the Movie is excellent, and the execution is also flawless.

Everyone’s favorite Wolverine finds himself being sent back to his earlier days to stop a pivotal event from happening.

Will he be able to change the past?

The result would be a complete change of the X-Men timeline as we know it.

The premise is extremely great, and the action is jaw-dropping.

Considered to be the best X-Men Movie by many fans, Days of Future Past is a masterpiece that everyone should experience at least once.

The film received praise for its story and action sequences from fans and critics alike.

Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol 2

A visually surprising sequel that is even better than the original film.

With Guardian Of The Galaxy Films, James Gunn caught lightning in a bottle twice.

It has all the characteristics of a great superhero blockbuster.

The characters are fun to watch, and the soundtrack is just stellar.

It also has an interesting plot revolving sound peter quill’s father.

The dialogues are witty, and the action setpieces are flashy and fun to watch.

The dysfunctional dynamics between the characters are the best part of this Franchise.

Another Guardians sequel was announced at D3, and there is also a Guardians of the Galaxy: Holiday special releasing soon.

X2 X-Men United (2003)

Released in 2003, X2 (short for X-Men 2) is a direct sequel to X-Men (2000).

The stakes are bigger this time, and the film overall feels much darker than its prequel.

Somewhat cluttered, X2 is still a solid sequel jam-packed with mutants and their amazing superpowers.

The Movie has lot more characters from the comics, which is always a delight for a die-hard fan.

Inspired by the “God Loves, Man Kills” X-Men Comics. It plays a crucial part in the trilogy.

We get to learn more about Wolverine’s past life.

X2 also brought Nightcrawler to the Big screens, who was dearly missed by the fans in the prequel.

Overall, X2 is a faithful adaptation of the source material and serves well to further the Story of the X-Men.

Fantastic Four: The Rise Of The Silver Surfer

The sequel to the 2005 Fantastic Four introduces us to The Silver Surfer, and by far, that is the best part about this film.

Launce Fishburne’s deep voice perfectly fits the silver surfer’s introverted nature.

The CGI and the character designs are all faithful to the original material made by jack Kirby and stan lee.

Silver Surfer’s story arc is what puts the heart into this film.

Overall the plot is decent, and the action sequences are also exciting.

Watch this to see Chris Evans turn into the Human Torch and go toe to toe with the Silver Surfer.


Antman was a relatively unknown character to the MCU film fans, but that all changed with the release of a solo Antman Film.

The film is still relatively small scale compared to other MCU films like Thor or Iron man.

But Paul Rudd’s performance brought so much fun to this film that it is worth a watch by every superhero movie fan.

The visuals, the sci-fi elements, and the actors are all top-notch.

With the limited amount of stuff, this film does it very well.

With a small cast and no world-ending event, this film still became a blast for MCU fans.

Thor: The Dark World

Thor the dark world learned from its predecessor and tried to improve on many of its aspects.

The film is not as fun as other movies on the list, but it doesn’t need to be.

Not every thor movie can be Ragnarok, and with the release of Thor: Love and Thunder, we saw that too much comedy could be a bad thing.

So in that sense, Thor: The Dark World does its job quite well.

It’s a continuation of Thor’s Journey to becoming worthy of the crown, but this time there is an Infinity stone involved.

The Ether plays a pivotal part in this film, showing how crazy and powerful infinity stones can be.

Watch this for the joy of seeing Thor beat a dark elf to a pulp with the help of his brother Loki.

X Men (2000)

This Movie started it all.

With their film-X Men (2000), Fox reintroduced audiences to the superhero genre long before the marvel cinematic universe even existed.

It is a dark and gritty take on the mutants, but at times it does feel campy in a fun way.

It is much more restrained and reflective for a superhero flick, which can be a good thing.

It establishes Wolverine and many other X-Men characters, and it does so with style.

The best part is that they didn’t use the yellow comic book uniform.

Seeing a wolverine walking around killing foes in a tight yellow spandex would have been weird.

Captain America The First Avenger

One of the best marvel films that use the entire scope of its runtime to inspire us.

It revolves around core values and principles that a man should aspire to demonstrate.

They used CGI to make Chris Evans look small and skinny, which still worked.

The film manages to fortify the character of steve rogers both physically and morally.

The plot revolves around the 2nd world war and the tesseract that instantly made this an interesting watch for Marvel fans.

This film goes to prove that Captain America is the best Avenger.

Iron Man 3

A satisfactory conclusion to the iron man trilogy.

Iron Man 3 is a thrilling roller coaster filled with ups and down.

It explores the psyche of Iron Man, Aka Tony Stark.

Tony has, over the years, developed severe anxiety and is now coming face to face with these issues.

All this while a terrorist tries to kill him and everything he loves.

Iron Man 3 is much more funny and witty than its prequel.

It also feels like a detective film at times, and the Christmas setting gives this film an awesome visual appeal.

Many Iron man suits get destroyed left and right for a gratifying climax.

Black Widow

Fans of the MCU were eagerly waiting for the first solo adventure of Natasha Romanoff, Aka The Black Widow.

Her death in Avengers: Endgame was shocking to Marvel fans, and it looked like we might never get to see Scarlett Johansson return to the MCU.

But the phase 4 slate of the MCU surprised everyone with the Inclusion of a Black Widow film.

This film is an homage to Romanoff’s carrier and shows a strong emotional context to her sacrifice.

It’s a spy thriller film and is jam-packed with action sequences.

It introduces the Taskmaster in an epic finale and pays a well-deserved homage to Scarlett Johnson’s MCU carrier.

Doctor Strange

Unlike other superheroes who deal with petty criminals, Dr. Strange deals with the creatures and energies of other realms.

The best part about this film is its mind-bending psychedelic visual effects and sound design.

Benedict Cumberbatch plays Dr. Stephen Strange, a former surgeon.

He is now tasked with the responsibility to stop the destruction of the Earth by an evil intergalactic being-Dormammu.

The Time Stone also appeared as the eye of Aggamoto, and this infinity stone plays a pivotal role in the Story.

The climax of this film is unlike any other MCU film, and this makes Dr. Stange a must-watch for all the fans of the superhero genre.

Sky High (2005)

Sky High is a fun Teenage superhero film that deals with the consequences of social hierarchy amongst superheroes.

It’s a fun family adventure-style film that acknowledges that superheroes are also flawed.

They are not perfect beings with superpowers. They have their mental issues, traumas, and fears that they need to come face to face with.

The Story is about several freshmen in a superhero high school named Sky High.

The acting is nice, and the plot is simplistic yet enjoyable.

The visuals and plot twists are extremely interesting and setups a believable universe where superheroes exist.

Iron Man

Iron Man is the film that kickstarted the marvel cinematic universe Aka The MCU.

Without it, there would have been no MCU, and Iron Man deserves all the praise in the world.

It is amazing to see how much the MCU has grown since its inception in 2008.

Iron Man stars Robert Downing Jr as Tony stark- a genius billionaire philanthropist who has created a suit of armor.

The CGI, the action sequences, and the humor in this film are still better than in many recent Marvel films.

It was a great introduction to the Iron Man character, and almost every aspect of the film worked.

The final battle is a little bit cliche, but still comparing it to other superhero films, it still comes out on top.

The Avengers

The Avengers is jam-packed with action sequences and witty, emotional, smart, and filled with popcorn fun.

The chemistry between the lead characters, such as Captain America, Thor, Iron man, and others, works perfectly.

Tom Hiddleston plays the antagonist, and he nails it as the mischievous Norse god Loki.

Loki is one of the better MCU villains. Most MCU films suffer from a good villain and seeing a well-fleshed villain such as Thanos, and Loki is always fun.

Comic books fans couldn’t have asked for more. This was the first time we saw our favorite superheroes unite as a team to fight evil.

The Incredibles (2004)

The Incredibles has some of the most compelling and memorable superheroes.

The family element of the film brings unique dynamics to the superhero genre.

The classic Pixar animation added the flare and style needed for a good animated film.

The Incredibles might just be the best-animated superhero film ever made.

An amazing musical score is composed by Michael Giacchino for this film, and it adds a layer of brevity to the action sequences.

The Incredibles is, all in all, a perfect superhero movie that you can watch with your family.

Avengers: Endgame

The biggest reason Avengers: Endgame worked was due to the Emotion weight that this Movie carried for the fans of the MCU.

The death of some of our favorite characters was shocking and heart-wrenching.

Seeing all the superheroes united together and captain America finally saying the word “Avengers Assemble” is a joy to watch.

Since the inception of the MCU in 2008, it was all building up to this major crossover event

and it paid off big time.

If you watched it on the big screen, you know how crazy the audience went when captain America finally Lifted Thor’s Mjolnir.

Words are not enough to express Avengers: Endgame’s impact on the Fans.

Guardians Of The Galaxy

One of the funniest, most witty, and most charismatic marvel projects, Guardians of the galaxy may have reinvented the superhero genre.

James Gunn took some fairly unknown characters and made them everyone’s favorite, and that’s no small feat to accomplish.

The characters are the life of this film, and the conversation they have with each other is hilarious to watch.

Filled with one-liners and over-the-top action sequences, Guardians Of The Galaxy is one of the best Movies we got from the MCU.

It is a visual treat to watch, and the music choice is strange yet extremely effective in portraying the film’s vibe.

Black Panther

Black Panther made history when it garnered 3 Oscars.

No one expects a superhero film to win the Oscars, let alone get nominated.

The race and gender-conscious costumes and design are one of the biggest reasons this film gets so much praise.

The plot is great, and the late Chadwick Boseman portrayed the character of Tchalla extremely well.

Sadly he passed away and is dearly missed in the sequel: Wakanda Forever.

The action sequences are janky at best, and the climax is decent.

It might not be the best superhero film the massive cultural impact of this film is sure to be appreciated.

Fantastic 4 (2015)

Not the best film on this list, not even close.

Still, Fantastic Four (2015) is an ambitious project that tries to do a lot with its character and manages to provide a decent time.

Die-hard superhero fans might consider watching it once for the sake of it.

It is a reboot of Fantastic 4 (2005) and is much darker in tone and execution, which might be the reason for its downfall.

If you like darker tone DC-Universe type movies, then you might find a lot to enjoy in this film.

But the general public might not enjoy this film because of its poor execution and stylistic choices.

Still, it deserves mention for its special effects and some action sequences.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Expertly crafted action scenes and the suspenseful plot line make Captain America: The Winter Soldier a perfect watch for a superhero movie buff.

The quieter parts of the film are also very well done and provide relief from the constant action and chase sequences.

This Movie learned from what worked in the first Captain America film and introduced many new elements, making it undoubtedly the best Captain America film in the trilogy.

Excellently directed, it is the best sequel that the first Avenger deserved.

Chris Evans as steve rogers is as fun to watch as ever, and Black Widow also gets a chance to shine. 

Iron Man 2

Being a direct sequel to Iron Man, This film has great action setpieces, humor, and a compelling villain.

Iron Man 2 is in no way better than the original, but it still has charm.

The plot is messy at times, but the arc with tony stark figuring out a way to cure his illness is still interesting.

The Iron Man Suit is killing Tony, and he has his back against the wall.

The Inclusion of Nick Fury and other Shield agents is always a wonderful welcome.

The biggest downfall of Irom Man 2 might be that it tries to set up the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Avengers: Age Of Ultron

The second outing of our favorite group of superheroes was a strange one.

Age Of Ultron has an amazing premise but falls short in some aspects.

Still, it is a fun time for marvel fans because it is always fun to watch the OG avengers fighting evil together.

The problem arises with its Villain- Ultron.

Ultron’s story arc feels rushed, and his motives are unrelatable at best.

This is a classic issue with MCU movies, but this Movie still manages to shine mostly due to the characters’ dynamics.

Even Hawk Eye gets to do a lot this time around.


The Norse God’s first introduction to the MCU was a bittersweet experience for superhero movie fans.

Thor shows us to Asgard’s magical land, along with the almighty Odin, Loki, and the other Asgardians.

It is a nice superhero film exploring Thor on Earth’s life after becoming unworthy of wielding Mjolnir.

He is on a quest to prove to his father that he is capable of being a worthy king, and along the way, he manages to make some friends on Earth.

It setups the cosmic side of the MCU quite well, and for that reason alone, it is worth a watch.

X-Men: First Class

A soft reboot of the X-Men franchise, X-Men First Class, builds a bright future for our mutant friends.

It introduces a fresh cast and setups their story ark for further X-Men projects.

First Class is an immersive, fun, and stylish superhero film that promises an exciting future for the characters that we have grown to love.

It has a retro vibe that distinguishes it from all the other X-Men Films.

Sometimes it feels like a spy thriller, and other times it brings exciting Action setpieces.

A must-watch for all the fans of the classic X-Men comics.

Dead Pool 2

A violent and profane sequel to the original Deadpool.

Deadpool 2 accomplished everything its predecessor did and surpassed it on many levels.

The introduction of the futuristic Cabel was a fun piece of the plot, and as always, Ryan Renolds kills it as Deadpool.

It is hilarious and filled with witty dialogues, as expected, but it also manages to have some emotional resonance to the plot.

Deadpool 2 manages to be a breath of fresh air in the world of generic copy-and-paste film ideas.

It has some of the best Meta jokes in movies, making Deadpool a must-watch for every superhero fan.

Captain Marvel

Probably the most comfortable and easygoing film from Marvel.

Captain Marvel has a unique premise, and Bree Larson is a delight to watch as Miss Marvel.

The Story introduces us to the Skrulls and the Kree.

The Skrulls will play a major role in the upcoming Marvel series- Secret Invasion.

So if you haven’t watched Captain Marvel, you might have to before watching The Secret Invasion.

It is another superhero origin story, and we have seen it a million times. Still, Captain Marvel does something exceptional with its characters, making it a must-watch for all MCU fans.

Incredibles 2

An Incredibly well-animated sequel to the original Incredibles Film.

Incredibles 2 is the direct sequel and continues the Story of everyone’s beloved superhero family.

Ambitious and jam-packed with action and humor, Incredibles 2 is an amazing movie.

It is not just a good sequel but is better than the original.

The 2004 original was a great movie; you can watch both movies one after the other for maximum immersion.

The Inclusion of a new superhero, Jack-Jack, was much appreciated by the fans and gave the Movie new dynamics to play off with.

Ant-Man And The Wasp

Another ideal popcorn flick by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Antman, and the Wasp, is the perfect escapism for any movie lover.

It is brimming with energy, and the concept of the quantum world is further explored in the film.

Thus, the sequel setups the seeds for Avengers: Endgame time travel shenanigans.

Scott must once again become the Antman to stop the Villain, but The Wasp is here to accompany him this time.

Hank Pym gets much more limelight in this film, and the Villain is also decently fleshed out.

The visuals on the quantum world are extremely spectacular, and the choreography is well done, especially towards the later half of the film.

Antman and the Wasp is a fun-filled superhero film to watch with friends.

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