30 Horror Movies that Will Give You Chills

Horror movies can send shivers down your spine. Making them the best to watch with your friends and family. or if you are brave enough watch them alone.

The best horror movies are said to be not the ones that give you jump scares, surely they are fun too but the best part is the kind of thrill and anticipation of fear it gives, right before the moment.

Those horror movies that can keep you awake or hit a nerve are the actual good horrors that you must watch.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the best horror movies of all time.


It is a 2018 film 

running 2 hours and 6 mins. 


Genre – horror, U.S. movies, independent

Director – Ari Aster

Starring- Toni Collette, Alex Wolff, Milly Shapiro, and Gabriel Byrne.

It can be seen on Netflix, google play, movies, T.V., and YouTube.

It is an American psychological horror movie.

This story is about Annie, who lives with her psychiatrist husband, Steve, and their 16-year-old son, peter. After the death of her secretive mother, they discover a terrifying legacy and grapple with an evil force beyond their control.

This movie is ominous and chilling.  


It is a 2017 film 

Two hours and 15 minutes running. 


Genre – horror, thriller, and mystery 

Director -Andres Muschietti 

Starring -Jaeden Martell · Jeremy Ray Taylor · Sophia Lillis · Finn Wolfhard · Chosen Jacobs · Jack Dylan Grazer · Wyatt Oleff · Bill Skarsgård.

You can watch this on prime videos, Netflix, apple tv, and HBO max. 

It is an American horror supernatural movie. 

In 1989 after the disappearance of local kids from their town of Derry in Maine, a group of local bullied kids who were named “the losers’ was united when they all faced terrifying and strange encounters with a shape-shifting demonic entity that returns every 27 years to pray in fear of children. 

So naturally, these kids decided to kill this entity, but how can kids fight with something who knows all their fears? Watch to know more.

The exorcist

It is a 1973 movie 

Running time -2 hours and 2 mins 


Genre- horror and thriller 

Director -William Friedkin 

Starring – Ellen Burstyn · Chris MacNeil; Max von Sydow · Father Merrin; Linda Blair · Regan; Lee J. Cobb · Lt. Kinderman; Kitty Winn · Sharon.

You can watch this on youtube, google play, movies, and T.V. and on amazon prime videos.

The story starts when a visiting actress from Washington, D.C., notices a sudden and dangerous change in the physical appearance and behaviour of her 12-year-old daughter. Even after many attempts, the actress could not improve her daughter’s health. Finally, a frail, elderly priest recognizes the necessity to slow down the power and presence of the old demonic entity.

The conjuring 

 A 2013 movie 

running time of 1 hour and 52 mins.


Genre – horror, and thriller

Director –

Starring – Patrick Wilson · Ed Warren; Vera Farmiga · Lorraine Warren; Ron Livingston · Roger Perron, Lili Taylor · Carolyn Perron; Shanley Caswell · Andrea.

You can watch this on apple tv and Netflix. 

The story is from 1970 and is inspired by a real-life incident. Paranormal investigators and demonologists Lorraine and Ed Warren were summoned to the home of Carolyn and Roger Perron.

This family of 7 had recently shifted into a secluded farmhouse hoping for a new start. Instead, however, they were faced with a supernatural creature. Even though initially there were no problems, the horrifying events started to escalate when the warrens discovered the scary part of the house.

Get out 

This is a 2017 film 

running time of 1 hour 44 mins. 


Genre – Horror/Thriller

Director – Jordan Peele

Starring – Daniel Kaluuya · Chris Washington; Allison Williams · Rose Armitage; Bradley Whitford · Dean Armitage; Catherine Keener · Missy Armitage 

It can be viewed on amazon prime videos and Netflix. 

Chris and his girlfriend Rose had gone to the house of Rose’s parents as Rose invited him to her parent’s house for the weekend.

Initially, Chris thinks of her family’s behaviour as a nervous attempt to deal with their daughter’s interracial relationship. But as the weekend progresses, he discovers more disturbing incidents that lead him to discover the horrific truth he could never imagine.

The vvitch

This is a 2015 film 

running time of 1 hour 32 mins. 


Genre – Horror/Drama 

Director – Robert Eggers

Starring – Anya Taylor-Joy as Thomasin · Ralph Ineson as William · Kate Dickie as Katherine · Harvey Scrimshaw as Caleb · Ellie Grainger as Mercy 

It can be viewed on youtube, google play, movies, T.V., and Amazon Prime videos. 

The story is set in 1630, New England. When the family’s youngest son, Samuel, disappeared, panic and despair enveloped the family. The family blames their oldest daughter Thomasin as she was watching Samuel when he disappeared. With the mounting paranoia and suspense, the twin’s Mercy and Jonas suspect Thomasin of witchcraft, testing the clan’s faith, loyalty, and love of each other.


This is a 2019 movie  

Running time of 2 hours and 51 mins  


Genre – Horror/Thriller 

Director – Ari Aster

Starring – Florence Pugh · Dani; Jack Reynor · Christian; Vilhelm Blomgren · Pelle; William Jackson Harper · Josh; Will Poulter · Mark.

It can be viewed on amazon prime videos and apple tv.

The story begins when the couple travels to Sweden to visit a friend’s rural hometown during its fabled midsummer festival. But what begins as an idyllic retreat swiftly develops into an increasingly violent and bizarre competition because of a pagan cult.

The cabin in the woods 

This is a 2012 movie 

running time of 1 hour and 35 mins. 


Genre – Horror/Comedy

Director – Drew Goddard 

Starring – Kristen Connolly · Dana; Chris Hemsworth · Curt; Anna Hutchison · Jules; Fran Kranz · Marty; Jesse Williams · Holden.

It can be viewed on Apple T.V. and Amazon prime videos. 

A group of five college friends arrives at an isolated cabin in the forest as a place to spend their little vacation. Little did they know that this short vacation would turn into a horrifying experience that would affect them throughout their lives.

As time goes by, these boys, one by one, fall victim to backwoods zombies. Two scientists are manipulating this ghoulish goings-on, but even though the body count increases, there is more at work than meets the eye.

The babadook 

This is a 2014 movie

running time of 1 hour and 33 mins. 


Genre – horror and thriller 

Director – Jennifer Kent 

Starring – Essie Davis as Amelia Vanek · Noah Wiseman as Samuel Vanek · Hayley McElhinney as Claire · Daniel Henshall as Robbie · Barbara West as Gracie Roach

It can be viewed on amazon prime videos. 

The story is about an angel mother and her child who falls into the deep well of paranoia when an eerie children’s book named ‘mister babadook’ manifests in their home. As Sam’s father died in a car accident, Amelia and his mother are the only ones to look after him. 

Sam, her only child, is convinced that a monster exists in their house. His strange and erratic behaviour also concerns his single mother, who is in a state and paranoid because of this. 

The ring 

This is a 2002 movie

running time of 1 hour 55 mins. 


Genre – horror and thriller 

Director – Gore Verbinski 

Starring – Naomi Watts · Martin Henderson · David Dorfman · Brian Cox · Jane Alexander · Lindsay Frost · Amber Tamblyn · Rachael Bella.

It can be viewed on amazon prime videos. 

It is like an urban legend, where a video filled with disturbing images plays, and once viewers see it, they will get a phone call telling them that they die exactly seven days after watching the video.

Newspaper reporter Rachel Keller did not believe this story initially, but her views changed as four teenagers died because of a mysterious death in the same week. 

Curiosity gets the best of it, and she watches the video. Now she has seven days to unravel this mystery and save herself.


This is a 2022 movie 

running time of 1 hour and 46 mins. 


Genre – horror and thriller 

Director – Ti West

Staring – Mia Goth as Maxine “Max” Minx and Pearl; Jenna Ortega as Lorraine Day; Brittany Snow as Bobby-Lynne Parker; Scott Mescudi as Jackson Hole

It can be viewed on amazon prime videos, apple tv, google play, movies, and T.V. 

The story is about a group of actors who went to rural Texas to make an adult film under the noses of their reclusive hosts. When the elder couple finds out about this and catches the young guest in the act, the actors find themself in a difficult and desperate fight to save their lives.  


This is a 2015 movie 

running time of 1 hour 33 mins 


Genre -Horror, Mystery & Thriller

Director -Gil Kenan

Starring – Rosemarie DeWitt, Jane Adams, Jared Harris, Nicholas Braun, Sam Rockwell, Kennedi Clements, Susan Heyward and Kyle Catlett 

It can be viewed on prime videos and apple tv. 

The story begins with strange and creepy happenings in a Californian family -the feelings – Steve, Diana, teenaged Dana, eight-year-old Robbie, and five-year-old Carol Ann.

The problem starts when the ghost communicates with them through the television set. Even though it is initially playful and fun, it turns into an unexpected menace when Carol Ann goes missing and the parents trunks to an exorcist for help.


This is a 1979 movie 

running time of 1 hour 57 mins 


Genre -Sci-Fi, Horror

Director -Ridley Scott

Starring – Dallas · Sigourney Weaver. Ripley; Lambert · Harry Dean Stanton. Brett; Kane · Ian Holm. Ash ; Parker · Bolaji Badejo. Alien; Mother (voice) 

It can be viewed on google play movies, Apple T.V. and Youtube.

The story takes place in deep space when the crew of a commercial starship, Nostromo, is awakened from their sleep in cryo-sleep capsules halfway to their destination because of a distress call from an unknown alien vessel.

The problem begins when these crew members notice eggs inside the alien ship. A creature inside the egg attaches itself to one of the crews, which causes him to fall into a coma.

The Blair witch project 

This is a 1999 movie 

running time of 1 hour 21 mins  


Genre -horror and found footage

Director -Adam Wingard

Staring – Daniel Myrick; Eduardo Sánchez · Gregg Hale; Robin Cowie · Heather Donahue · Michael Williams · Joshua Leonard · Neal Fredericks.

It can be viewed on prime videos, youtube, google play, movies and apple T.V.

The story is about three film students who go to a small town to collect document footage about Blair witch, a legendary local murderer. 

During their stay there, they interview townspeople and gather clues to support the tale’s veracity. However, this project takes a horrifying turn when these students lose their way in the woods and hear scary sounds.


This is a 2019 movie 

running time of 2 hours and 1 min


Genre -horror and thriller 

Director -Jordan Peele

Staring – Lupita Nyong’o · Adelaide Wilson; Winston Duke · Gabe Wilson; Elisabeth Moss · Kitty Tyler; Tim Heidecker · Josh Tyler; Shahadi Wright Joseph 

It can be viewed on youtube, google movies and apple T.V.

Adelaide Wilson returns to her childhood beach house with her husband, son, and daughter. Because of the traumatic experience from her past, Adelaide grew increasingly concerned that bad things would happen soon. 

Her fear came to the truth when four masked strangers came to their house, forcing Wilsons to fight for survival. Unfortunately, it goes downhill when the attackers remove their masks, and they look exactly like each family member.


This is a 2022 movie

running time of 1 hour 51 mins 


Genre – horror and found footage 

Director -Kevin Ko

Staring – Hsuan-yen Tsai · Li Ruo-nan; Sin-Ting Huang · Dodo; Ying-Hsuan Kao · Hsieh Chi-ming; Sean Lin · Chen Li-tung; Ching-Yu Wen · Chen Chen-yuan

It can be viewed on Netflix. 

The story is about Li Ronan and her daughter. Six years ago, Li Ronan broke a religious taboo. Unfortunately, because of breaking the religious taboo, she got cursed, which also affected her daughter. Her daughter is her everything, and she must protect her from the consequences of her actions.

The unholy 

This is a 2021 movie 

 running time of 1 hour 39 mins 


Genre – horror and mystery

Director -Evan Spiliotopoulos

Starring -Jeffrey Dean Morgan · Gerry Fenn; Cricket Brown · Alice; William Sadler · Father Hagan; Katie Aselton · Natalie Gates; Cary Elwes · Bishop Gyles.

It can be viewed on amazon prime videos, sony Liv, youtube and google play movies.

A village girl gains power that heals the sick after a supposed visitation from Virgin Mary. As the words spread of this miracle, people flock to experience and witness this miracle. A disgraced journalist visits this small town in New England to investigate.

 This story takes a thrilling turn when strange incidents happen, making them wonder if the miracles happen because of any demonic presence.

Orphan: first kill  

This is a 2022 movie  

running time of 1 hour 39 mins. 


Genre – horror and thriller 

Director -William Brent Bell

Staring – Alex Mace; Hal Sadoff; Ethan Erwin; James Tomlinson · Isabelle Fuhrman · Rossif Sutherland · Hiro Kanagawa; Matthew Finlan; Julia Stiles.

audience can view it on prime videos. 

Esther escapes from her mental hospital. After her escape, she travels to America by impersonating a wealthy family’s missing daughter. An unexpected twist pits her against a mother who will protect her family at all costs.


This is a 2021 movie  

running time of 2 hours and 9 min 


Genre – horror and mystery

Director -Vishal Furia

Staring – Nushrat Bharucha · Sakshi; Mita Vashisht · Bhanno Devi; Saurabh Goyal · Hemant; Pallavi Ajay · Rani; Gracy Goswami · Small Girl.

It can be viewed on Netflix.  

Menat and Sakshi, a happily married couple, were forced to move out of their original house when loan sharks threatened them. After they escaped, they sought refuge in a remote house on their drive. She was pregnant and stayed home while her husband went to the city for a job.

Friend Request

This is a 2016 movie 

running time of 1 hour 32 mins 


Genre – horror and thriller 

Director -Simon Verhoeven

Starring – Alycia Debnam-Carey · Laura; William Moseley · Brit Morgan · Olivia; Brooke Markham · Isabel.

It can be viewed on Netflix.

The story begins with Laura, a popular student who, out of sympathy, accepts a friend request from Maria, her classmate who was also an outcast.

The story takes a horrifying turn when Laura decides to unfriend Marina. Marina takes her life. A disturbing and mysterious video appears on her profile of Laura causing her contacts to dwindle slowly. Things become worse as her friends suddenly die one by one. Laura now must find a way to stop it before it is too late.


This is a 2018 movie 

running time of 2 hours 32 mins 


Genre – horror and thriller 

Director -Luca Guadagnino

Staring – Chloë Grace Moretz · Patricia ; Tilda Swinton · Dr. Klemperer ; Doris Hick · Frau Sesame ; Malgorzata Bela · Susie’s Mother ; Dakota Johnson · Susie.

It can be viewed on prime videos. 

This story is about a young American dancer Susie Bannion who arrives in Berlin for an audition in the world-renowned Helena Markos Dance Co . This story is set in the 1970s. She is chosen for the role of a lead dancer, and the woman she replaces accuses the company’s female directors of witchcraft. 

A psychotherapist and a member of the troupe help her uncover the dark and sinister secret as they venture into the chamber of the studio’s hidden underground. 

The invisible man 

This is a 2020 movie 

running time of 2 hours and 5 mins. 


Genre – horror and thriller 

Director -Leigh Whannell

Starring -Elisabeth Moss · Aldis Hodge · Storm Reid · Harriet Dyer · Michael Dorman · Oliver Jackson-Cohen.

It can be viewed on prime videos. 

The story begins with a crazy scientist who first stages his suicide and then uses his power to become invisible to stalk and disturb his ex-girlfriend.

Even after a lot of convincing, the police do not believe the girl’s story, so she decides to fight back against this crazy scientist.

The evil dead 

This is a 1981 movie 

running time of 1 hour 25 mins 


Genre – horror and fantasy

Director -Lee Cronin

Starring -Jane Levy · Mia; Shiloh Fernandez · David; Jessica Lucas · Olivia; Lou Taylor Pucci · Eric; Elizabeth Blackmore · Natalie.

audience  can view it on prime videos. 

Ashley Williams, his girlfriend, and his three friends went to the woods for a fun night away. There they come across an old book called the Necronomicon, whose text awakens the dead when they are read aloud.

These friends release a flood of evil and now have to fight for their life or have become the evil dead themself. Ash watches his friends getting possessed one by one and has to make a serious and difficult choice before daybreak to save his and his friends’ lives. This is the first among Sam Raimi’s Trilogy.

Night of the living dead

This is a 1968 movie 

running time of 1 hour 36 mins 


Genre – horror and sci-fi

Director -George A. Romero

Starring -Tony Todd · Ben; Patricia Tallman · Barbara; Tom Towles · Harry Cooper; McKee Anderson · Helen Cooper; William Butler · Tom.

It can be viewed on prime videos and PLEX. 

The film focuses on five college students who decide to spend their vacation in an isolated cabin in the woods. While spending their vacation in the remote cabin, they come across a book and an audio tape. After they read it, a very powerful demon is unleashed, and they will have to fight to save their lives.

Rosemary’s Baby

This is a 1968 movie 

Running time of 1 hour 31 mins 


Genre -horror and drama

Director – Sam O’Steen, Roman Polanski

Starring – John Cassavetes · Guy Woodhouse; Sidney Blackmer · Roman Castevet; Mia Farrow · Rosemary Woodhouse;

It can be viewed on prime videos and apple tv. 

This story begins when a young wife realizes that her unborn might not be of this world. She and her struggling actor husband move into an apartment building in New York City with an ominous reputation. Their neighbours are also odd, and when Rosemary finally becomes pregnant, she is very much isolated, and the horrifying truth is only revealed after she gives birth.


This is a 1978 movie 

 running time of 1 hour 31 mins 


Genre – horror and thriller 

Director -John Carpenter

Starring – Donald Pleasence · Jamie Lee Curtis · Nancy Kyes · P.J. Soles · Charles Cyphers · Kyle Richards · Brian Andrews · John Michael Graham.

It can be viewed on prime videos. The film is set in 1963 when a six-year-old Micheal Myers brutally murdered his sister, who was 17 years at that time .after the court case, and he was sentenced and locked in jail for 15 years.

While he was transferred for the court date, 21-year-old Micheal Myers managed to escape and steal a car to escape and returned to his quiet hometown of Haddonfield looking for his next victim. 


This is a 2014 movie 

running time of 1 hour 43 mins


Genre – horror and thriller 

Director -James Wan

Starring Cary Elwes · Dr Lawrence Gordon, Leigh Whannell · Adam Faulkner-Stanheight; 

Danny Glover · Detective David Tapp; Ken Leung · Detective Steven Sing.

It can be viewed on prime videos. 

The film is about photographer Adam Stanheight and oncologist Lawrence Gordoncwho gain consciousness but is chained to pipes at either end of a dirty washroom.

These two men realized they were trapped by a sadistic serial killer nicknamed jigsaw and had to complete a perverse puzzle. The story also shows flashbacks of the previous victims. All this happens while Dr Gordon’s wife and daughter are forced to see his torture via a closed-circuit video.

A nightmare on elm street 

This is a 1984 movie

running time of 1 hour 31 mins 


Genre – horror and slasher 

Director -Wes Craven

Starring -Heather Langenkamp as Nancy Thompson; John Saxon as Lt. Donald “Don” Thompson; Robert Englund as Fred “Freddy” Krueger 

It can be viewed on Apple T.V.

In this film, several midwestern teenagers fall prey to Freddy Krueger, a midnight manager. He is disfigured and preys on the dreams of teenagers while killing them in reality.

After investing in this supernatural phenomenon, Nancy figures out that the dark secret kept by her and her friend might be a solution to this mystery. But can Nancy and her boyfriend solve this problem before it’s too late?

The shining

This is a 1980 movie 

running time of 2 hours 24 mins 


Genre – horror and mystery

Director -Stanley Kubrick

Starring – Jack Nicholson · Jack Torrance; Shelley Duvall · Wendy Torrance; Danny Lloyd · Danny Torrance; Scatman Crothers · Dick Hallorann; Barry Nelson.

It can be viewed on prime videos, youtube, google play and apple tv. 

Jack Torrance becomes a winter caretaker at an isolated hotel in Colorado in hopes of curing his writer’s block.

He settles there with his wife and son, plagued by psychic premonitions. But, unfortunately, Jack’s writing does not help, and Danny’s vision becomes more disturbing.

Later, Jack discovers the dark secret of the hotel and begins to unravel into a maniac who is hell-bent on destroying his family.

The visit 

This is a 2015 movie 

running time of 1 hour 34 mins


Genre – horror and thriller 

Director -M. Night Shyamalan

Starring -Olivia DeJonge · Becca; Ed Oxenbould · Tyler; Deanna Dunagan · Nana; Peter McRobbie · Pop Pop; Kathryn Hahn · Mom.

It can be viewed on prime videos, apple T.V., youtube and google play.   

Becca and her younger brother Tyler bid goodbye to their mother and journey deep into Pennsylvania farm country to meet their maternal grandparents for the first time.

They are welcomed by nana and pop pop. Everything seems fine until they notice increasingly strange behaviour from a charming couple. Once they discover the truth, they question whether they will return home.

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