25+ Must-Watch Animation Movies On Disney+

Animation has allowed the imaginary out-of-the-world ideas of talented film producers to come to fruition.

Both children and adults can watch an Animated film and get something out of it.

Whether it be a moral lesson or a unique and heartfelt story, Animation allows storytelling on a whole different level.

Outside the confines of reality, Animated movies are an excellent way to escape into fantasy lands.

Animation has allowed people to connect in a way that their live-action counterparts could never quite achieve.

Even if you think that Animation is for kids, these movies will improve your perspective.

Let us check out some of the best-animated movies you can enjoy on Disney+ right now.

Aladdin (1992)

Who doesn’t knows the story about Aladdin and the magic lamp?

For 90s kids, Aladdin, the animated Movie, and the Disney animated series are a goldmine of wonders and excitement.

The plot introduces us to the magical land of Agrabah.

A thief from Agrabah fall in love with a princess.

There is a magical flying carpet, a clever monkey, an evil wizard, and a magical lamp that can summon a Djinn to fulfill its owner’s three wishes.

Undoubtedly Aladdin is one of the best Disney animated movies out there.

The film’s best part is the genie and the other supporting characters.

The romance between Aladdin and princess jasmine is bland and silly but still cute.

The Movie is at its best and most enjoyable when it focuses on the magical and supernatural aspects of the story.

The visuals and the Arabic music all compliments the setting of Agrabah and crates a believable atmosphere of intrigue.

Inside Out

Inside Out is an amazing family comedy movie that explores the inner workings of the mind of a young girl named Riley.

The Movie uses the emotions that Riley feels as real characters and brings new dynamics to the plot of this film.

Portraying emotions as real characters was a genius idea, and it pays off well in their interactions with Riley.

The exploration of the human psyche gives this film much more depth.

Just like other Pixar movies, Inside Out is beautifully animated, and the visuals are filled with gorgeously vibrant colors and imaginative rendering.

The character design and the backgrounds are modeled beautifully.

The musical score by Michael Giacchino blends perfectly with the visuals to provide a fun watch for all the fans of animated movies.

Inside Out is a heart-touching melodrama with some great characters and an innovative plot to say the least.

A must-watch for just about anyone one who enjoys a good story.

The Simpson Movie

This is a 2007 animated family comedy film based on the infamous and long-running sitcom “The Simpsons.”

The plot of the Movie is self-contained and can be enjoyed without previous knowledge of the characters.

It is not a problem if you are unfamiliar with or haven’t caught up with The Simpsons animated series.

The story follows Homer as he accidentally pollutes a lake in Springfield.

Soon the crowd blames him for this, and he inevitably has to save the town and his family.

The Simpson movie is something else, and that’s for sure.

The plot has many surprising pop culture easter eggs. It is always fun to watch homer mess things up only to fix it later.

The Simpson narrative is tried and tested, and it delivers on an extremely witty and exciting watch.

The final boss sequence is hilarious and proves to be an epic art masterpiece. All the voice actors of the Simpsons did an amazing job, as always, and the havoc caused in Springfield was extremely enjoyable.

The meta references are sprinkled here and there, and it doesn’t take away from the film’s actual plot.

The Little Mermaid (1989)

Another unforgettable Disney animated classic that will always be at the heart of the fans.

The Little Mermaid tells the story of one of the most cherished Disney princess-Ariel. Ariel has made a deal with an evil witch to meet the love of her life- Eric.

Eric is a human, and Ariel is a Mermaid. They both come from quite different backgrounds, which makes the plot of this film so intriguing.

The message behind the plot is that if we give up on our dreams when times are challenging, then we will never achieve them.

But if we follow our heart and go after the things we love the most then we make the best of our situations.

The core message and beliefs that these Disney films try to convey are at the heart of what makes Disney movies so timeless, and The Little Mermaid is no different.

The visuals make life under the sea feel very lived in, and the voice actors did a tremendous job of bringing the animated characters to life.

The songs, the laughs, and the impacts that The Little Mermaid has on our culture are nothing short of amazing.

With a 93% rotten tomatoes score and 7.6 IMDb, This 1989 film is worth a watch for every animation fan.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas is an immersive fantasy musical film that was released in the year 1993.

Jack is the king of the Halloween town, and he does look the part. He soon discovers the Christmas town and is immediately mesmerized by it.

He is on a quest to bring Christmas to his town, but this creates complications. This film is a technical masterpiece indeed.

The stop motion technique perfectly suits this film’s setting and provides a fantasy environment that is eerie and dark.

The moral lessons that The Nightmare Before Christmas tries to impart to its audience is what makes it unique and with your time.

The core message is, “You should always be yourself and accept your uniqueness.” The plot has some unique themes, and Oggie Boogie’s song is extremely catchy and unexpected.

The Movie resides somewhere between Halloween horror and Christmas charm. The Nightmare Before Christmas was even nominated for Academy Awards for Best Visual Effects and the Hugo award for best Presentation.

It is an extremely stylistic movie with a great story, and that makes The Nightmare Before Christmas a must-watch.

The Emperor’s New Groove

The Emperor’s New Groove might just be the most underrated Disney movie ever.

It’s a hysterically humorous movie that you don’t quite expect from Walt Disney Animation since it feels more in line with the early Warner Bros. production style.

The plot is hilarious, and it follows a young emperor named Kuzko. As Kuzko transformed into a llama and the fun begins.

Kuzko films himself stranded in the middle of a jungle and tries to regain his throne with the help of an adorable peasant.

The film intentionally breaks the 4th wall on multiple occasions, and if you are familiar with the Deadpool movies, then you know how hilarious it is to follow a protagonist who doesn’t shy away from anything.

The Emperor’s New Groove is considered one of the better 2D comedy films out there and is definitely worth a watch.

With an 84% rotten tomatoes score and an IMDb of 7.4, The Emperor’s New Groove is a joy ride that deserves your time.


Wall-E is a 2008 sci-fi family adventure film that is sure to take you on an emotional rollercoaster.

The best thing about Wall-E is that you can enjoy it even if you’ve grown up, which is something missing in many animated movies these days.

Wall-E is a robot that is tasked with cleaning waste from the earth’s surface. It tells a futuristic story where humans have evolved enough that they have left earth.

The vegetation on earth has been replaced by waste and junk, and there are no trees left on earth anymore.

Wall-E falls in love with another robot, and they go on a journey that will decide the fate of the human species.

The positive thing about Wall-E’s plot is that it can easily cross the cultural barrier as it tells a planetary story.

Wall-E could easily be pegged as an amazing science fiction film, but it has much more to offer. The soundtrack mixes with the visuals to tell a very emotional and heartfelt cohesive story.

With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 95% and an 8.4 IMDb, Wall-E is one of the best-animated movies ever made.


Tangled introduces us to Rapunzel, and she soon becomes one of the most adored Disney princesses of all time. That’s how great this Movie is.

Tangled is a delightful mix of comedy, romance, and fantasy, that culminate into an exciting fairytale.

All the characters in Tangled are adorable and well-fleshed out. The second Lead- Flynn Rider, is a complex and well-rounded character.

He feels much more like real life person than anyone else in the film, and it is great to follow his arc.

He also has a tragic past like Rapunzel, making them both click together perfectly.

Like all the other great animated movies, Tangled also has a core message- it is about finding who you are in life and being true to what you feel inside.

With an 89% Rotten Tomatoes score and a 7.7 IMDb, Tangled is a fresh and relatable fairy tale that you need to watch.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan is a family fantasy film released in the year 1953. It is based on a 1904 play by the same name, and Walt Disney Productions produced it.

Peter Pan and his friend Tinker Bell are on a magical quest against Captain Hook.

Peter Pan is a boy that never grows up because he lives on the magical island of Neverland. The magical island is filled with fairies, mermaids, and crooked pirates.

The lore behind the story is immensely deep and captivating and allows for some great escapism for the mundane.

Although the animation style of Peter Pan is a little dated, the musical score and songs, together with the visuals and a great plot, are enough to take you on a magical ride.

Captain Hook- the antagonist, is one of the much-appreciated classic Disney villains, and for good reasons.

His story arc is handled perfectly, and this provides the film with multiple layers of depth.

Peter Pan is one of the finest Disney classics, with a 79% percent, Rotten Tomatoes score and a 7.3 IMDb score.


Ratatouille is a story about a rat who wants to be the best chef in the world.

The premise sounds obscure, but the way this film portrays this silly concept is praiseworthy.

Animated films are a great visual medium to deal with unordinary concepts like these, and Ratatouille makes the most of its production value.

The plot is interesting enough and the voice acting, the visuals, and the dialogues are all perfect. The theme is basically about a human being or a Rat finding his dream and being true to it.

The Ending of Ratatouille very nicely wraps up this nostalgic story, and the moral lessons that this film tries to impart to its audience are pure gold.

Ratatouille is a hero’s journey toward the realization of his dreams, making this film so enduring and relatable.

It is a nostalgia-filled story about an underdog who must prove worth it.

With an impressive Rotten Tomatoes score of 91% and an IMDb score of 8.1, Ratatouille might just be a perfect movie for all dreamers and believers.


A movie that wants to teach us the importance of embracing our true nature, Frozen is an animation masterpiece.

Using the latest production techniques Disney Productions were able to craft yet another visually mesmerizing computer Animated fairy tale.

The story follows Anna who is on a quest to find his sister Elsa.

Accompanying Anna on her quest is an Iceman and her reindeer and some other magical creatures.

His sister Elsa has the power to convert any person or object into ice, and this power is pivotal to the narrative.

Walt Disney productions once against proved that they were the king of Animation as Frozen was adored and loved by fans upon its initial release.

With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 90% and a 7.4 IMDb score, Frozen is an amazing film that you can watch right now on Disney+.


Moana is yet another interesting Computer Animated family adventure film by Walt Disney.

What makes Moana a great film is its epic quest-driven plot. This nostalgic quest-type story follows a girl who feels destined for more than a quiet life.

She eventually fulfills her long-awaited destiny as she goes on a mission to save the world and become the hero that she always wanted to be.

Her journey is awe-inspiring to watch, and the Animation is second to none.

Unlike many other Disney films, the film doesn’t have a love angle, as Moana is capable of holding her own.

The self-reliance portrayed by the lead is not just inspiration but makes for a compelling story arc.

The soundtrack of Moana is also on par with other Disney classics.

Moana also manages to break the standard stereotype portrayed in these types of movies; for that reason alone, Moana is worth a watch.

With a stellar 95% Rotten Tomatoes score and a 7.6 IMDb score, Moana provides a relatable lead character that could be a role model for young kids around the world.

Toy Story 2

Who doesn’t knows about the Toy Story franchise?

With its inception in 1995, Toy Story has managed to be a cultural icon and a visual masterpiece. And The sequel to Toy Story manages to be even better than the original.

Release in 1999. Toy Story 2 further explores the lives of our two favorite action figures- Woody and Buzz Lightyear.

Buzzy is nowhere to be found as evil, and a selfish Toy collector abducts him.

Now it is up to Buzzy and his friends to find and rescue Woody from the hands of the Toy Collector.

Toy Story 2 is one of those rarest sequels that outshines the original, and that is no small feat to accomplish.

Toy Story 1 pioneered the now famous Computer Animated Film genre, and it gets all the props in the world for that.

The sequel is equally inventive and tells a heartfelt story that anyone, regardless of age, can enjoy.

With an unbelievable Rotten Tomatoes score of 100% and an IMDb of 7.9, Toy Story is there amongst the best Computer Animated ever made.

The Lion King (1994)

Another animated Family Drama film from Walt Disney Productions that managed to make this list.

The Lion King was released in 1994 and followed the life of a lion cub named Simba.

After his father is killed by his uncle, “Scar,” Simba is forced to leave his promised land and live as a recluse in the wilderness of the jungle.

There Simba finds his two infamous friends-Timon and Pumba. The characters of Timon and Pumba might be the best-supporting characters ever.

Both of them are extremely funny and witty to watch and their famous song is something to experience.

The main plot revolves around sound Simba growing up to talk back about his rightful position as the jungle king.

All the character’s motivations are well fleshed out and The Lion King is indeed an animated film that resonates with adults and kids alike.

The Lion King might just be the most outstanding Disney achievement and right from the beginning, the film captivates its audience with Simba’s amazing quest.

With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 93% and an IMDb of 8.5, The Lion King is a nostalgic trip that explores a protagonist overcoming life’s challenges.


Zootopia is a witty animated family adventure flick from the year 2016.

Produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, Zootopia explores the life of a rookie officer in the Zootopia police department.

As the name suggests, Zootopia revolves around characters that you would typically find inside a zoo.

Only animated films can take on the daunting task of making animals feel like real characters, and Zootopia does just that.

It is a highly original, surprising, and refreshing tale about the concept of stereotypes and prejudice.

Zootopia’s world is filled with anthropomorphic animals that are a blast to watch. Even their day-to-day struggles feel well-written and witty.

The Animation is highly vibrant and top-notch. Disney steps outs of its comfort zone with this risky and ambitious plot and manages to make it work despite that.

The characters are entertaining to watch, and the sound design also makes the world more lived in.

With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 98% and an IMDb of 8, Zootopia is a strange yet entertaining watch for all the fans of computer-animated films.

Toy Story

Toy Story is the Movie that put Pixar and Steve Jobs as the face of Computer-Animation. The first film that Pixar produced for a mass audience, and the Movie is a gem.

The plot introduces us to Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and their other action-figure friends. Their owner is a young boy named Andy.

Buzz Lightyear thinks he is an actual spaceman, which makes things quite interesting. The plot explore Buzz’s relationship with woody and the other toys as he slowly learns to trust them.

The story is the main star of Toy Story just like any other Pixar project. For a film made over two decades ago, computer animation still holds up and has a certain charm.

Since it was Pixar’s first project, there are a few janky parts in the visual department but that can be expected for a movie that is trying to push the limits of technology.

With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 100% and an IMDb of 8.3, Toy Story is how you start an enduring franchise and establish a new medium of movie making.


Mulan is a 1998 animated family adventure film by Walt Disney feature animation.

Young Mulan is in conflict as he learns that her father must join the army to fight against the invaders. Willingly, she poses as a man and replaces her father in the military.

Mulan has a solid, well-written story with hints of humor, making it so compelling to watch. All the supporting characters also feel like real human beings with real motivations.

The Action sequences are all also well done and the songs are so catchy that you might find yourself humming them even after the film is over.

If you are a fan of movies that explore ancient times or even if you are a Disney fan, Mulan is a must-watch for you.

With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 86% and an IMDb of 7.6, Mulan is a classic tale of courage and standing up against all odds. 


Up wants to impart the message to us all: no one is ever too old to go for an adventure.

Released in 2009, Up is a computer-animated family adventure drama that anyone can enjoy.

It tells a story about an old widower and his adventure in his flying house after the sudden death of his wife.

Up is a tearjerker for sure, and you can expect to feel very emotional while watching this amazing flick, but all for good reasons.

This film shows us what good Animation with a compelling and heartfelt story can accomplish. The characters feel like real humans and are well-fleshed out.

One of the side characters is particularly hilarious to watch, so be on the lookout for the young boy that irritates our old adventurer to the core.

Their dynamics are what makes his Movie what it is- A masterpiece.

With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 98% and an IMDb of 8.3, Up is definitely worth watching multiple times.

Beauty And The Beast (1991)

Released in 1991, The Movie Beauty And The Beast is most definitely the crowning jewel of Disney’s renaissance.

Maybe even better than some older Dinsey movies, Beauty And The Best is a fairy tale that has one of the most compelling storylines.

The Animation blends well with the Computer Generated scenes to provide us with a grander and more immersive experience.

The film explores the concept of reverse fairy tales meaning that the prince is not charming from the start (He is one hell of a Beast, actually).

And the Girl has to save the Guy and not the other way around as we are so accustomed to seeing in other fairy tale adventures.

If that doesn’t interest you, then there are magical characters that are equally hilarious to watch.

With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 94% and an IMDb score of 8 out of 10, Beauty And The Best is most definitely a quintessential watch for any Disney or animation fan.


The Title Song of Colo, “Remember Me,” is the best song ever to debut in a film. The song also won the film a well deserve Grammy for its inclusion.

With that out of the way, Coco is one of the most genuine and expertly written computer-animated films released in recent years.

It is such a joy to watch the Protagonist (Miguel) explore his family’s past and heritage.

He learns so much about life and even about death as this expertly explores the concept of the afterlife.

It teaches us the importance of loving and accepting our family members and doing our best for them.

It also teaches us to respect our deceased as they once had dreams that their death might have been abducted.

Coco is one of the best-animated films released in recent years, with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 97% and an IMDb of 8.4.

Big Hero 6

If you are in the mood for some light-hearted action adventure family drama, don’t forget to check out Big Hero 6.

Big Hero is a computer-animated family adventure film released in the year 2014. It follows the life of a young robotics genius- Hiro Hamada.

Hiro is on a quest to avenge his brother’s death. On this quest, Hiro is accompanied by a healthcare provider robot.

Together with his friends, he forms a team of technologically superior superheroes. The narrative doesn’t shy away from mature themes and deals with an equally inspiring story.

The visuals and Animation of Big Hero 6 are also much improved than its predecessors. Big Hero Six has flaws, but it is a perfect movie to watch with your family.

With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 90% and an IMDb score of 7.8, Big Hero 6 is indeed a fun time.

The Incredibles 

Are you a fan of classic superhero stories?

Well, The Incredibles is a classic computer-animated superhero story about a family that uses their powers to fight together against evil.

The visual style and the themes covered in this film are timeless and enduring making The Incredibles extremely rewatchable.

The fun vibe that the voice actor brings to the characters is enduring and helps flesh out the characters well.

The unique thing about the Incredibles is their shared universe.

Even before Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Incredibles introduced us to a universe where superheroes and civilians coexist harmoniously.

Including Frostzone, Elasticgirl, and many other superheroes, Incredibles is a watch for any superhero fan.

The Incredibles has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 97% and an IMDb of 8.

The Incredibles 2

Just like its predecessor, The Incredibles 2 is a masterpiece. The Movie has flaws, but it captures the original’s fun vibes.

Incredibles 2 is a direct follow-up to The Incredibles but with a twist. This time instead of Mr. Incredible, We see Elastic Girl on a quest to stop evil.

The change in dynamics, where Mr. Incredibles is taking care of their young kid-JackJack and Helen Parr is out fighting criminals was a welcome surprise.

The film has amazing visual sequences and witty one-liners.

The plot is not particularly original, but the family dynamics turned this Movie into yet another quintessential superhero film.

With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 93% and an IMDb of 7.6, The Incredibles 2 is a time with family.

Turning Red

Turning Red is a 2022 animated film that follows the life of a 13 years old girl who is torn between growing up and staying her mother’s obedient daughter.

There is also an element of fantasy in the story. Whenever our protagonist gets overly excited she turns into a giant red panda. For real!

The premise is quite strange in itself, and the story allows for some hilarious and fun sequences to play off between the daughter and her mother.

It is a witty coming-of-age tale that deals with puberty and a family’s reconciliation.

With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 95% and an IMDb score of 7 out of 10, Turning Red is quickly becoming a cult classic amongst animation lovers. 

Hercules (1997)

Another Disney animation renaissance movie, Hercules, follows the life of a greek demigod.

Hercules is half human and half god, and this makes him incredibly powerful and robust.

If you are into stories that uncover ancient legends and entertainingly present them then Hercules has got you covered.

It combines some new speculations with ancient greek mythologies to form an interesting journey about a hero finding his place in this world.

The plot is fast-paced and witty with its characters.

Know as the strongest mortal, Hercules’s story explores his bravery and courage and teaches him how to be humble.

Hercules has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 84% and an IMDb of 7.3.

Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo is yet another amazing computer-animated film from Pixar that managed to make it to this list.

Although produced by Pixar Studios, it was released worldwide in 2003 by Walt Disney Pictures.

Nemo is a young clownfish that has a deformed fin on the right side. They refer to this as the “luck fin” in the Movie.

The story follows Nemo’s father, Merlin, on a quest to protect his son after he gets abducted from the great barrier reef.

It is almost 2 decades from its initial release, but the visuals still hold up. The story is beautiful, and the musical score by Thomas Newman suits the Movie perfectly.

The Deep sea looks beautiful, and the scene with the dentist and his aquarium is just flawless.

With a Rotten Tomatoes Rating of 99% and an IMDb score of 8.2, Finding Nemo is a quintessential watch for every animation movie lover.

Raya And The Last Dragon

Raya And The Last Dragon is a beautifully animated fantasy family adventure film produced by Walt Disney Animation.

The film follows the life of Raya, a warrior who is on a quest to find a dragon. Hoping to bring her father back and banish the evil spirits, she is ready to restore the dragon gem.

The lore is heavily inspired by southeastern Asian tradition and culture.

Every shot inside Raya and The Last Dragon is vivid and detailed, which fills the screen with charisma.

The visual design feels more like a live-action movie, and the musical score fits the theme of the film well.

With a Rotton Tomatoes rating of 74% and an IMDb score of 7.3, Raya and The Last Dragon is a thrilling and heartwarming movie that you can enjoy with your family.

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