25 Best shows to watch if you liked ‘the 100’ Series

Fantasy and survival-themed shows never disappoint. If storylines are absent, CGI and visual aestheticism compensate for them.

Well, some masterpieces have them both. Yes, we are pointing over to ‘The 100’, which completed its course of run with its seventh and last episode. 

It showcased how humans had no choice other than to live in Space- after a nuclear apocalypse on Earth. 

Apart from ‘The 100’, there are many other shows in the sci-fi & apocalyptic genre catalog, from which we have hand-picked some series that are closest in feel to The 100. 

Falling skies 

Image Source: PI

Director- Steven Spielberg

Genre- Science fiction

Where to Watch- HBO max, Amazon prime, Vudu, Google Play, Youtube 

A show with a feel-home theme with the 100. Think of a situation where aliens are taking over the world and trying to swipe away humans from the face of the world; scary, right? 

If an alien’s invasion disrupts the order of the world, what would happen? Well, you can watch this fictional series for that. 

So, the post-apocalyptic scenarios are tried to be described through the lens of a bunch of survivors. 

This five-season show has praise-worthy CGI and discusses themes such as sci-fi, aliens invasion & family dynamics in detail. 

Unlike other dramas with a military aspect, this gives a different angle to the military drama sequence. This takes into account lots of dark and sentimental scenes.

The Walking Dead 

Image Source: DB

Director- Greg Nicotero

Genre- Zombie Apocalypse & Horror

Where to Watch- Philo, Pluto Tv, Amazon prime video, Vudu

If you liked 100, there is no chance you won’t fall for the walking dead.

The walking dead is yet another apocalyptic story focusing on the survival antics of a bunch of people. 

Though you might have judged it to be a limited survival account, if yes, then surprise, it’s not. 

The ugly side of humanity taking shape in the zombie apocalypse’s vulnerable situation is the drama’s core. 

This eleven-seasoned 2010 released series shows survival entices due to the zombie outbreak. 


Image Source: Deadline

Director- Bong Joon-Ho

Genre- Thriller Dystopian Fiction

Where to Watch– T.N.T., Sling Tv, HBO max

This series began in 2020 and had a blast from its starting itself. This series is an adaptational account of the graphic novel of the same name. 

You guessed it right; this again is an apocalyptic drama caused due to a bizarre climatic drop.

Our lead, Andre Layton, is in the midst of a train journey stuck between some influential people. 

The Last Ship 

Image Source: IMDb

Director- Hank Steinberg

Genre- Fantasy-Thriller

Where to Watch– Hulu, Prime Video, Google Play Movies

If you still haven’t found a good competition for The 100, the next series we discuss might enchant you. The last ship featured first in 2014, lasting up to four years. 

Again a watch from the post-apocalyptic genre, this is a story encasing a ship to which people have all hope attached with. 

The ship is to cure a disease that has reportedly wiped out a significant fraction of the population. This comes closest to the show The 100 if the series premise is to be considered. 

This five seasons spanned watch has a throwaway narrative for some of the initial episodes. 


Image Source: TG

Director- Jeffrey Jacob Abrams

Genre- Science Fiction

Where to Watch– Hulu, Freevee, Prime Video

Lost is a story of a bunch of teenagers stranded on a deserted island. This survival-themed T.V. series encompasses these teens’ fears, thrills, and emotional breakdowns. 

The mysteries it winds up with will invest you right away. Resealed in the 2000s, this show is an absolute delight. 

It was a coming-of-age story. All the featured characters are unique and somehow interconnected. 

This series showcases the past stories of each character via flashbacks and flash-forwards. 

The show encompasses frequent glimpses of mountains, mystery, and nature. Like other sci-fi shows, this needs to be more paced up. 

The story arc is compelling, and the dialogues are witty. So, it won’t be wrong if we say this show is a gratifying watch and will surely burn a lasting impression on you. 

The Expanse 

Image Source: Space

Director- Jeff Woolnough

Genre- Mystery Fiction

Where to Watch- Prime Video, Youtube 

This sci-fi action series is from 2015. Cynical humor to mislead idealists, there are many things this show unfurls. 

The story showcases an ecologically devastated state of the earth and moon. And, as the show moves forward, we know that Martians inhabit Mars and belters belong to some other planets. The belters are responsible for mining space minerals essential for humans. 

The setting is set in the 26th century. All three despise each other enough to brood over a nasty civil war. 

You will find cynical dry humor in planetary in the show. 

Despite being a sci-fi show, the plot doesn’t feel overly theatrical. 

The vision of the future depicted is believable but somehow dystopic. 

This 6-season show features 62 episodes in total. 

Due to equally hating the belters, Earth and Mars make an alliance. A biochemical mineral, protomolecule, is also being discussed. 

The Wilds 

Image Source: Variety

Director- Sarah Streicher

Genre- Apocalyptic thriller 

Where to Watch- Prime Video

This coming-of-age show is a survival mystery entices. This two-seasoned drama series was released in 2020 and is the perfect example of perfect filmmaking. 

The episodes have a preachy tone. This series is rife with flashbacks. The themes this series shows are child molestation, statutory rape, mental health, toxic radical feminism, racism, homophobia, trauma & suicide. 

It showcases one of the most brutally honest portrayals of LGBTQ+ teen community experiences ever shown in T.V. history. 

This is an intriguing teen drama on Prime. The relationship dynamic of the characters involved was shown with utmost realism. 

The characters of this show are beautifully threaded. We can conclude The Wilds to be a thought-provoking presentation.


Image Source: EO

Directors- Paul Wesley

Genre- Horror Fiction

Where to Watch- A.B.C., Prime Video, Sling Tv

Shadowhunters is a fantasy masterpiece with additional special side effects.

This 2016 drama has a huge fan base of Shadowfam. Clary Fairchild and Katherine McNamara were brilliant on their part. 

The themes this series discusses are sin, Demons, Angeles, choice, right, wrong, and others. 

The relationship between clary-Jace is heartwarming. The story is about some warriors abolishing all the demons from the face of the earth to establish peace in mankind. 

The characters are mythical and are sometimes too melodramatic. The whole series is a roller coaster of sentiments. The show has been adapted from a book. 

12 Monkeys 

Image Source: WN

Director- Terry Gilliam

Genre- Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy

Where to Watch- Prime Video, Hulu, Vudu

This show is undeniably a fantastic watch. Released in 2015, this features a tale of a man ‘James Cole’ who has returned from a ruinous future to the present. 

The what-if is presented perfectly in the plot of this show. Time travel, in addition to the post-apocalyptic scenarios, is the two pivotal themes of this show. 

It is a nail-biting series showcasing a sci-fi plot. All the characters, Cole, Cassie, Jonas, Ramse & Deacon, are criminally good at their part. 

The show runs in multiple timelines supported by quantum physics. The 12 Monkeys fans claim it downright the most underrated show in T.V. history. 

You’ll never feel the plot being twisted for the sake of the visuals. The upliftment and decay of the characters are exhilarating to watch. The eras this series shows have been depicted with utmost care in the front. 

The Society 

Image Source: Junkee

Director- Marc Webb

Genre- Mystery

Where to watch- Netflix

This 2019 released series will lock you up from the very start. This show involves teenagers talking about a society’s cultural, economic, economic, and political aspects. Relevant to its name, it narrates how a firm s social system will save you in the end. 

It features the society’s individual dynamics and how a single decision would affect each community member.

The character of Allie Pressman beautifully carried Kathryn Newton. The show roams and takes a surfacing view on extreme topics such as domestic abuse, execution, and rationalization, which genuinely portrays a well-done plot line that begs for more after Season One. 

All the minority characters were handled with care. Moreover, the ideas used for escapism by the teens are realistic.


Image Source: NN

Director- Karyn Kusama

Genre- Psychological drama & Horror Fiction

Where to watch– Paramount+, Hulu, Vudu, Prime Video

The plot is of a bunch of girls, some of them from predacious ancestry, getting crash trapped in Ontario. 

Set in the 90s, it is a supernatural occult horror show. The show oscillates between some girls stranded on a deserted island in a 1990s setting and the consequences that the characters bear after two decades.

It is a stellar show with a cutthroat cannibalism theme. This survival subject matter gripping watch from 2021 shows a fast-forward of 25 years.


Image Source: IMDb

Director- César Charlone

Genre- Science Fiction

Where to watch- Netflix

This 2016 show is built over the premise of a futuristic Portuguese-Brazilian sci-fi teleseries.

3% is a four-season drama questioning the very idea of only a small percentage of(see the 3%) of the population being ahead in terms of facilities and quality of life the rest. 

The story revolves around a utopian place called offshore and everyone desiring to go there. 


Image Source: TVI

Director- Joss Whedon

Genre- Space fiction

Where to watch- Prime Video, Hulu, Vudu

It depicts the world that came from a universal civil war held 500 years back. The pivotal fight is with the flesh-feeders mongrels that live on the fringes of the universe.

Though the futuristic windows showcase is not very convincing. Despite its massive cult following, this show has only one season under its belt. 


Image Source: DG

Director- Carlton Cuse & Ryan J. Condal

Genre- Horror-Fantasy

Where to watch- Prime Video

This show will get you reeled if you are a fan of The 100. It stars Josh Holloway as Will Bowman, Sarah Wayne Callies as Katie Bowman & Peter Jacobson as Alan Snyder.

It is an American sci-fi series from 2016. It features a realistic and believable fallout & alien invasion with minimum reliance upon CGI.

The narrative forms around the struggles and politics of a post-apocalyptic society. 

The human colony from the future travels back in time to save its planet from the destruction it has come near to. 

Battlestar Galactica 

Image Source: Syfy

Director- Michael Rymer 

Genre- Sci-fi

Where to watch- Peacock

Battlestar Galactica was released in 2004 and was a coming-of-age show. The story of Battlestar Galactica is one of a kind, laced up with a vast knowledge of the art of war. 

There are well-orchestrated action-packed scenes in the show that are refreshing and satisfying to watch.

Though apart from the brilliant inclusion of tech, it’s mysticism and religion over armor.

It brought up many theological queries. The dark drama and space battle is an absolute luxury to watch.

The show is created by Ronald D. Moore as an adaptation of the 1978’s T.V. series by Gien A. Larson of the same title.

The cast of Battlestar Galactica included Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Jamie Bamber, and others.


Image Source: TI

Director- Hugh Hudson 

Genre- Adventure & Science-fiction

Where to watch- Tubi, Vudu, Prime Video 

Revolution is a 2012 released sci-fi show featuring semi-paranormal elements and is a binge-worthy watch.

In Revolution, the narrative grows as the electrical blackout happens and the military takes over the government. It follows up many gruesome deaths as an aftereffect of military dictatorship. 

Abrams and Kripke are great storytellers. The production and C.G. effects are just brilliant.

It showcases a scientist creating a nanoparticle that is outspread in unchecked numbers creating A.I which can then control humans. The most loved part is the what-if factor it has.It can be said to be a fantastic apocalypse T.V. series.


Image Source: Variety

Director- Edward Zwick 

Genre-  Action, and Fiction 

Where to watch- Prime Video, Vudu, Youtube 

This shows that 2013 still can beat many modern abominations. Each character the narrative features is multi-layered. 

The various cultures/races it gives Space to are fully fledged portrayed. 

The interaction between various alien races and native humans is fascinating and credible. Defiance is named after the valley it is set in.

The town of Defiance is like an old western set in the future on a surreal post-apocalyptic earth. 

The value brings onwards is that love and cooperation can overcome bigotry. The protagonist and significant heroes are fighting against all odds and rivalries.

A fantastic low-budget show with flowy writing and amazing actors. 


Image Source: Amazon

Director- Alex Graves 

Genre- Supernatural fiction 

Where to watch- Prime Video, Vudu, HBO max

It is a sci-fi genre series featuring enough comic relief from time to time. 

The storyline of Fringe is grounded in reality despite being stretched into possibilities of the future.

Walter, played by John Noble, steals the show. The overarching mysteries make it fanatically intriguing.

The character’s progressions with every passing episode give it the perfect side plots one could have asked for. 

The series circumvents the idea of parallel universes and mind expansions entertainingly. The dialogues constructed give a psychological aspect to loss and trauma.

A particularly charming tidbit in the series is the interdimensional science experiments.


Image Source: YT

Director- Stephen Karam

Genre- Science Fiction 

Where to watch- Prime Video, Vudu

This fantastic show from 2015 features a robust, intriguing plot and organic character development. The show is high on the dramatic scale.

The backbone of the narrative is synthetic technology and sensitive issues & envisioning the philosophical implications of A.I., hybridization, and consciousness transference technology on society.

The characters’ actions have been explained with a humanizing perspective. The entire screenplay is captivating though the editing may sometimes feel jarring. It is a saga of humanity.

It could be described as the perfect antidote for Westworld withdrawal.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 

Image Source: TVG

Director- Jeffrey Mace

Genre- science fiction 

Where to watch- Disney+, Prime Video, Vudu

It is a sci-fi series that premiered in 2013. It is a seven-season long show featuring actors like Clark Gregg, Chole Bennet, Iain De Caestecker, Ming-Na Wen & Brett Dalton.

The series has some underlying reference to the MCU. The detailing done throughout is at its best, and the VFX used is exemplary.

It is incredible to watch team members, despite being poles apart, working in a symphony to save the world.

The plot has natural progressions and substance in the already established singular fictional universe. 

In A.O.S., the character arcs will put you in awe. It features things like alternate realities and time travels. 

Altered Carbon 

Image Source: IMDb

Director- Miguel Sapochnik

Genre- Cyberpunk

Where to watch- Netflix, Vudu, Prime Video

The Altered Carbon is a narrative of selfish human nature and the quest for eternal life. 

It showcases a futuristic scenario where humans have achieved conditional immortality, and people can be killed only by destroying their devices. 

The protagonist is a soldier/detective trying to solve a wealthy man’s murder mystery. As the story develops, it places the strategic ambiguity very well.

The props and CGI make the idea of Earth 250 years ahead pretty realistic. Some recurring themes in the show are religion, technology, politics, nature & roman empire. 

The high production shapes it as one of the most visually compelling shows. This is a series from the cyberpunk genre and has got a lot in common with the 100.

The action sequences are beautifully executed. This series will leave you with deep philosophical questions about dystopian future concepts. 

Lost in Space 

Image Source: Inverse

Director- Stephen Hopkins

Genre- Science fiction 

Where to watch- Hulu, Vudu, Prime Video

Lost in Space is an adventure-drama show featuring the struggles of the Robinson family on an icy alien planet. This 2018-2021 run show is a good watch.

It has a lot of sci-fi elements, which are convincing to some extent. The CGI employed is impressive though the dysfunctional family’s bickering seems a bit stupid.

The characters throughout the series were preoccupied with their complexities more than with the mission of colonizing.

The Magicians 

Image Source: Polygon

Director- John Scott

Genre- Fantasy

Where to watch- Netflix, Vudu

This series, created by Sera Gamble, features magic, fantasy, adventure, and similar themes.

The storytelling will hook you from the very beginning. This 2015 premiered show has five seasons to date. It’s better if you have read ‘Magicians’ by Lev Grossman as it is based on it. 

It has everything from magic and wit to romance & intelligent connections. The story is a rip-off of Harry Potter, where an alienated boy goes to a magic school. 

It is the own universe of Quentin, the reluctant hero, which perfectly fits into the epic magic world with many others.

The magician’s emotional, truthful, excruciating experience, terrific satire, situational noises, and campy music make it a perfect binge-watch. 

Nancy Drew 

Image Source: TSF

Director- Andrew Fleming

Genre- Mystery-comedy

Where to watch- The Cw, HBO Max, Vudu

This 2015 supernatural mystery is a mystery novel adaptation series. The story involves teenagers’ social lives interspersed with Nancy sticking into police matters to solve mysteries. 

Circumferencing themes for teens, most content is sexual so step back if you can’t handle that. The interactions of the characters are juvenile. Not a teen fiction as it is portrayed in the book.

It is a detective series featuring a quaint seaside town with a classic class structure, hate of parents, supernatural elements & artificial forces to the plot of sex scenes.

The chemistry and overall character dynamic are flat & one-dimensional, which explains the hate and ratings it got. This series features stars like Kennedy McMann, Leah Lewis & Maddison Jaizani.

Featured Image Source: EW

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